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S: Seasons of Change

FC: Welcome To Thailand | Jaleen Curtis

1: The flag of Thailand consists of five horizontal stripes. The top and bottom are equal-sized red stripes, the middle stripe is blue which is lined above and below by equal-sized white stripes. The blue stripe is double the size of the other four.

2: Strict Religion&Ambition | The monk to the left of the picture guides the students through meditation, prayer, and also the etiquette that the are expected to display when in the temple. The monk also helps to teach the students how to “revere the Buddha”. | This is a display of the religious education in Thailand.

3: This picture displays the Queen of Thailand. Because the King and Queen of Thailand are looked up to as a great source of pride and ambition, so they are displayed all throughout the country. | Throughout Bangkok, billboards and alters display the king and queen's picture.

4: Fun & Games | This picture displays a group of boys in a tribe village playing takro. Takro is a common game around Thailand. | They say it is a cross between soccer, volleyball, kung fu, and gymnastics

5: This is an ice cream vendor in the rural area of Thailand. The school children in uniforms wear a different colored shirt every day. This color is to pay respect for the king of Thailand | Even when buying ice cream on a nice day, they are paying respect to the king

6: These two performers are showing the techniques of Thai fighting. | This form of fighting is considered a form of art and a form of combat.

7: Young men and women dress up in traditional dress for the dance. They dance in a circle, dancing to the beat of a drum and other instruments. | “Karen” women preform a traditional dohn dance, surrounding a fire. It is done at festivals and large events.

8: Amazing Landmarks | This is the Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of the Dawn. | The walls of the building contain thousands of bits of porcelain and glazed ceramic tiles.

9: This vicious statue stands at one of the entries to the temple grounds at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

10: Living and Lifestyle | This is a vendor who is selling dried fish at a meat market. The fish usually comes from the Chao Phraya River or from the Gulf of Thailand.

11: This picture above shows a Tuk Tuk, a motorized rickshaw. A form of transportation in Thailand | This is the home of a ethnic Karen family. It is a Bamboo house. MAde of bamboo, the home is higher off of the ground so that their livestock can live under the home.

12: Thailand's Top Reinsurer Expects Second Year of Flood Losses | The country's leading reinsurer is hit by higher provisions from flooding last year that have pushed up insurance premiums for natural disasters. The total cost came to approximately $325-455 million. Standard & Poor's downgraded Thai Re to reflect its risk exposure to last year's floods, because those floods severely affected seven industrial estates in central Thailand and caused supply disruptions for the global auto and electronic sectors.

13: "Thailand is seen as a high-risk country after being low-risk for many years, and risk premiums have jumped more than two-fold. Natural catastrophes may occur once in 100 years, but human error can happen at any time," Surachai |

14: This is a Thailand artifact of A demon-faced dance mask with gold and painted mirror work, vessels made for the Thai court and nobility in the kilns of China it is a treasure from Thailand which are being displayed at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

15: Thai Clothing | The traditional Thailand clothing is still worn in Thailand today. These clothes are frequently used for festivities and performances as well as to celebrate holidays. Thailand clothes are also worn during key events such as engagements and weddings and always for traditional Thai dancing.

16: Roadside Explosion Kills 4 Soldiers in Thailand’s Violence-prone South | In the Ru So district of Thailand a patrol unit of five soldiers were traveling down a road in a rural area, in a pickup truck. When four of the soldiers were killed and the other severely wounded. They died from a bomb detonated near them. The killers have been targeting civilians, businesses, and state symbols like the government officials of soldiers.

17: "Nearly 5,000 people have been killed in Thailand’s three southernmost provinces since an Islamist insurgency erupted in 2004." |

18: "This scheme will alleviate economic problems and will create up to two million jobs by the end of 2012" -Korn Chatikavanij

19: Thailand to Borrow US $22.9b for stimulus | A few years agoThailand's cabinet endorsed plans to borrow 800 billion baht which is 22 billion US dollars. It was said that it was to fund a stimulus package of 1.4 trillion baht.They are using new foundations to boost the chances of economic recovery.

20: Police Seize More Than 200 Animals at Private Zoo in Thailand’s Largest Wildlife Bust | In Bangkok more than 200 animals were seized from a private zoo in Thailand's largest wildlife bust recently. The animals seized were non-native species, that were most likely going to be smuggled elsewhere or sold domestically. All of the keepers were detained because they did not have permits to have the animals in their custody.

21: Five tigers, 13 white lions, three pumas, three kangaroos, four flamingos, two crowned cranes, 66 marmosets, two orangutans and two red pandas were all seized from the location.

22: A Network of Terror

23: Thailand: Iranians Planned to Attack Israelis | Israeli officials bumped up accusations that Iran was launching covert attack plots, They said that sticky bombs found in a Thai house rented by Iranians were similar to devices used against Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia. It was said by the soldiers and police in Thailand that the Iranians who were arrested after accidentally exploding their rented home in Bangkok were prove to be plotting to attack Israeli diplomats. The bombs that they recovered from the house were the same ones found last week being used against the Israeli Embassy targets in India and Georgia.

24: This food is called Tom Yum Goong also known as spicy shrimp soup. This common Thai food is a blend of fragrant lemongrass, chilli, galangal, lime leaves, shallots, lime juice and fish sauce shapes this classic soup, giving it its legendary herbal kick. It is also including fresh prawns and straw mushrooms give it the bold taste. A flexible dish that can fit within any meal, there is distinctive smell that you can smell floating around Thailand. It also has a sour-spicy-hot taste that is very common in Thailand.

25: Thailand Cuisine

26: Thailand's Jewelry | This is an elegant hand made mala that has a series of graduated Paua Shell center stones in a macramé necklace. This necklace has alternating Pink and Maroon Pearl beads.

27: In Thailand the form of currency that they use is called the Thai baht. It was originated from the traditional unit of mass.

28: Pentagon Papers (1971) | Beginning on June 13, 1971, The New York Times published a series of top-secret papers from the Department of Defense concerning U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Leaked to Times reporter Neil Sheehan by former Pentagon official Daniel Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers were an internal study of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War and the evolution of that involvement. The study found that the administrations of U.S. presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson authorized a massive military buildup in Vietnam while they were publicly promising a gradual removal of troops. That evidence of deceiving the public on such an important issue and on such a large scale brought the federal government into serious disrepute and caused a tremendous public outcry. The public outrage over the Pentagon Papers resulted in a national loss of confidence in the federal government and spurred President Richard Nixon to attempt to end U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Below is an excerpt of the papers.

29: Fourteen Part Message (1941) | Throughout the late 1930s and early 1940s, the U.S. and Japanese governments conducted tenuous negotiations with one another over the situation in the Far East. The United States increasingly came to fear Japan's growing territorial ambitions, while the Japanese resented U.S. influence in the region. On November 26, 1941, the U.S. government drafted a document outlining for the Japanese its policies in regard to the Far East and the Pacific. In response, the Japanese government compiled a rebuttal document regarding its views of relations with the United States. Delivered to the U.S. government on the morning of December 7, 1941, the Japanese document became known as the Fourteen Part Message. At the time they received the document, U.S. officials had no idea that the Japanese had launched a surprise attack against the U.S. naval installation at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

30: Hirabayashi v. United States (1943) | In this controversial opinion, the Supreme Court decided that a law establishing a curfew during wartime for those of Japanese ancestry was constitutional because of military necessity. The case arose during World War II when military necessity was used as an excuse to limit the freedom of movement of Japanese Americans. It was one of several challenges to these laws.

32: Dear Mom, I have been having a good time here in Thailand. I feel like I have been here for years how well I have adapted to the culture but I look at the calendar and it has only been a month. I wake up in the morning to little children getting ready for school and chickens crowing. When I wake up in the morning I help the family that I am living with, with chores, it is something that the kids and teenagers are used to doing everyday when they get up in the morning. I sit by the front door and look out and see the kids lining up in their bright yellow shirts. I learned that the color of the shirt is to pay respects to the king. One of the boys that I live with is in middle school, his grandmother told him she would rather him stay home with her rather than move on to high school. In Thailand, the children have a choice weather to finish school or stop at middle school. After the kids got out of school I began a project that I was assigned with some of the other Peace Corps students.

33: In this country they have a big issue with poaching, habitat loss, and an industry that sells wild animals as pets. So while we are here we will be education many of the citizens on the importance of conserving their wildlife. I was also luck to get here at the time they were preparing for, The Ghost Festival. It is a festival that they have every summer(May, June, or July). It is the first day of a three-day Buddhist merit-making holiday. The festival is held in a small town called Dan Sai. The people who participate in the festival dress up like ghosts and monsters wearing huge masks made from carved coconut-tree trunks, topped with a wicker-work sticky-rice steamer. The Procession is marked by a lot of music and dancing, it kind of reminds me of the Mummers Parade. As much as I love it here, I do miss being at home. I love the exotic culture, but I would love to come home and have some pizza. It is so much different here than it is in the United States. The people her speak, eat, and sleep in different ways than we do. I miss you and love you and I will be heading home soon. Love, Jaleen

34: Dear Ryan , I wish you could have came on this trip to Thailand with me. I know you would have enjoyed yourself. When the younger kids aren’t at school, or helping around the house, they are outside playing sports or games. I know before I left you to me to write you and tell you what they do in the free time. Well, they play a lot of sports we play. They play soccer, volleyball, and a game that combines both in one, it’s pretty fun. They even play rugby and gold! I have been doing work in this yard/garden. We do things like plant trees and weed gardens, but I feel like everywhere I look there are mountains of fire ants. Anytime I take a step I have to watch to be sure I am not going to fall in to one of them. I think there are more vicious insects out here than in America. But I cant say the insects are more vicious than their water is. In Thailand I learned that they had dangerously polluted water. This elderly woman told me how a few years back, they did not even have enough water per person.

35: The inconsumable water was a result of increasing untreated domestic sewage, industrial wastewater and solid hazardous wastes. In the Gulf of Thailand, the water is primarily polluted by domestic waste water, it gets even more polluted by waste from industry and tourism. No going in the water for me! It wasn’t even only in the Gulf where the water is polluted, high pollution levels were found at the mouths of the Chao Phraya, Tha Chin, Pak Panang, Pattand and the Ranong rivers. Coastal water quality in most areas is within acceptable standards, but I will still pass on going swimming in these waters. In some places the water pollution is so obvious that you can see it. To add to thepolluted water, it is causing any marine life to start dying off and gaining high mercury levels, which could really hit this eco-system hard in a few years. But other than the water, the food and the people are a great time. I couldn’t have chosen a better location for this trip. Be home soon! See You soon, Jaleen

36: Dear Donte , I think this is the first letter I am writing that I am beginning to feel home sick. But I do not want to write a sad letter so I will tell you about how great my (almost) last week here has been. I have done a lot of exploring of the city and the streets of Thailand. I have notice around every corner, an on so many borders, there are pictures of their leaders. I have learned here that they take great pride in their leaders and they enjoy to show respect for them on a regular basis. I also found my new favorite Thai food, it is called Tom Yam Kung, or in English, spicy shrimp soup. That soup it probably one of the best soups that I have ever tasted. It is so spicy with a tangy Thai flavor. I wish I could bring it home, I will have to get the recipe before I leave. They eat a lot of curry and spicy foods here, I know you would have a great time. As I walk down the Thailand city streets, I seen theses men dressed in orange robes, with no shoes on, and bald heads. Every time people walk past this man they give him foods, and he doesn't even say thank you or make eye contact, he blesses them and keeps it moving. I learned from the city that when they do that, they are paying respect to his (Buddha) image they are promising him that they will do their best to be good.

37: A man told me that 95 percent of Thailand follow the Buddhist religion. An awesome sport that they participate in is bull racing. The buffalo's are put on a 427 foot strip to spring down. It is pure entertainment to watch the bulls who do not want to cooperate and would rather play in the dirt. The announcers excitedly narrate the spectacle, poking fun at the people who can't stay on their buffalo's, poking fun at them. To go with the bull racing there is also a buffalo beauty pageant, a Miss Farmer beauty contest and a comic buffalo costume contest. I told you the people in Thailand knew how to have a good time. This event is strictly to have fun and a good time, oh yea, and a grand prize of 5,000 baht which is $114 in US dollars, and the runners-up win farm equipment. But after all of the fun and games my friend took me to this huge barren field, when I ask her why she brought me here, she told me that this used to be a huge green forested area. She told me people in Thailand preformed a lot of slash and burn agriculture. She said that even though the government prohibited logging, the deforestation rates have dropped. She said she can still feel the impacts of deforestation in her community. I wish I could do something to help, but she said that part has to be left up to the government. I have had an amazing time here but I can not wait to come home and see you. Love and Miss You, Jaleen

38: Works Consulted & Annotations

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