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Thoughts to Japan

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Thoughts to Japan - Page Text Content

BC: We will help!! After the natural disasters that occurred in japan, our school ACS will do everything in our reach to help

FC: Thoughts for Japan | Ma

1: Contents: Original Haiku poems 2,3,4: Madelyn 5,6,7: Ksenia 8,9,10: Annalise 11,12,13: Kennedy 14,15,16: Hayley 17,18,19: Kendra 20,21,22: Saori 23,24,25: Genevieve 26,27,28: Ben 29,30,31: Matt 32,33,34: Eden 35,36,37: Jacob 38,39,40: Nicole 41,42,43: Aakshi 44: Best Wishes | Haiku Poetry

2: Introduction: In the past couple days we have been working on arts and literature for the Japanese that are effected by the natural disasters. We have been making paper cranes which represent hope and peace. We have read a book called Sadaku; and the thousand paper cranes. This book is about a Japanese girl that loved running and she was invited to compete n a relay race. While she was running she got dizzy and fainted, she thought that this was normal. Later, she found out that she had leukemia from radiation. The book his about her struggle between life and death. There is a legend that if a sick person makes 100 aper cranes that she will be granted a wish which she will use to get better. She struggles to make the 1000 and unforunatly only gets to 644 and she does not make it. This is a true story. We have made about 100 cranes and put them all over the school because we hope the people affected by the disasters will find hope and peace.

4: Haiku Poetry Earthquake strikes again Japan covered in water Hope is underneath Plants and trees growing Japan brewing peace and hope All people dreaming People wish and dream Seeing green grass and blue sky Whole world stops and stares

5: Listen to the sound I hear nothing but the wind. Wind is full of peace Disasters escaped, people are devastated. They will not be back Peace is back for now. Disasters will strike again We will be ready Spring is coming now Everybody is cheerful Peace reigns forever

7: : | Sakura: The flowers blossom And the whole world comes to life. Nothing else needed The Disaster: The water is rough Harming or leaving alive. Death is way too close Life: Given and taken Nothing can break the cycle. It's your decision

8: The Bird: It is the envoy They're sent to show the danger That's when the life ends The End: The break of living, The end is the period. The end is nothing.

10: Haiku Poetry: From old to many news, Crashing and flowing through town, and gaining new hope. Seeing old to new, and gaining new hope from others, rebuilding to new. ACS is here to help, We can guide, help to show new. Let us show you hope.

11: Continued of Haiku Poetry: | To much hurting pain, no one is there to give hope, thats what we are for! Loosing family and friends, watching the waves kill your town hoping for more hope.. Washing and crashing, the sound of killing hope, as you wish for hope.

13: The cold Blue hits land And wipes out everything in its path but there is still hope What was once silent Now cries of hurt and suffer Life is often hard Losing life and hope Gaining oppurtunities And new creations

14: Don't give up on hope Hope is always there hiding When you think not Never let life fail When you think life is too hard Hope is always there Seasons are different With sun, moon, Green grass, white snow Difference is great

16: Nature is growing People are playing around Animals are happy | Winter is over The sun is shining today Spring is coming soon

17: Hope is in the air THe children are hopeful now Adults are joyful | Cheerful people play Happiness is all around us And we will survive

19: Water lilies are dancing Flowers blooming now Peace is everywhere | Tsunamis break schools Earthquakes hurting people bad People disappeared | Happy Children running Painful disasters struck fast Babies crying loud

20: Japan is crying Others are very happy What is happening? | Animals grazing People rebuilding houses Peace is back for now | Sun is shining bright Spring is very warm and cold But Autumn is fun

22: Tsunamis worst thing. They can break everything Even families | I'm very lonely Lost my friends and my family. Where is my future? | Our hearts are broken. Make our faces very happy and calm Pink cheerful cherry blossom | Endure the earthquake. Grow with a very small green bud From the beginning

23: Really destroyed towns Keep Japanese beautiful Traditional cities | Under the warm sun. Work together to clean Japan Greet very hot summer!

25: The future is bright. Sun will come out from the clouds Water washes home. | Mother Earth is clean Blossoms bloom in the sunshine. Mistakes are let off.

26: Lots of lives were lost No one will be forgotten. Lets rebuild our lives. | It was once peaceful Before it was in ruins. Peace will come again.

28: When disaster shows Everything changes Things that I once knew When there's an earthquake, A nuclear reactor, Has safety issues.

29: Hurt, pain and screaming Family and friends dieing Being washed away | All things beautiful Love, peace and tranquilitie Replaced with trouble | The water has come Killing and hurting my friends Washing me away

30: Hope Future is undimmed. The sun is ready to shine Hurt washes away. Rebuilding The past is now gone. Never forget your loved ones Search to rebuild life. Nature Spring is approaching Dandelions jumping out. Grass as wet as dew

33: The greedy water Took away the people's lives Help was then needed. | Living life is right. Earthquakes can hurt or kill you. That's when God decides

34: Blossoms look pretty They're meant to look beautiful Not to be destroyed | Japanese people Have been surviving throughout And now they need help

36: We hope you enjoyed reading our book. The whole of our school was involved in this and we want as many people as possible to participate in supporting Japan after the massive disaster. We need everybody to help because together we can help Japan

37: Hope... | Help... | Support...

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