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Through the Eyes of a True Fan and More

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Through the Eyes of a True Fan and More - Page Text Content

FC: Through the Eyes of a True Fan and More By: Zach Boriack

1: Through the Eyes of a True Fan and More Zach Boriack 8th Hour 5/14/10

2: Table of Contents Page 1.......Things I Like Page 2.......Things I Dislike Page 3-4....Room Sweet Room Page 5-6....Personal Metaphors Page 7.......The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse Page 8.......Flashback Page 9.......Picture This Page 10.....One Medium Suitcase Page 11......How to get a Bone Bruise Page 12......Extraordinary Pet

3: Prologue | The title of this book is, "Through the Eyes of a Fan and More". I am of fan of many thing such as, the NBA, NFL, basketball, football, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Texas Longhorns, Vince Young, and the San Antonio Spurs. The "more" part pertains to everything else about me like my favorite things to do and to eat. This book was written through my eyes, so that you could see the many interesting components of my life.

4: A Letter of Introduction | My name is Zach Boriack. I am 14 years old and go to school at Lutheran High. I love technology and thus I have all the latest things I can get. I have and Ipod touch and a PalmPre. I love animals, video games, and sleep. I have a brother and a sister and a mom and a dad. I also have three dogs, six cats, and a turtle. I like sports, but football is my favorite. Along with football, I have a favorite team: the Texas Longhorns. I also like basketball, rooting for the Thunder.

6: Things I Like

7: Things I Dislike

8: Room Sweet Room | Brown, black, burnt orange and gray It's my favorite room, I must say Black wood and stainless steel How did I get this good of a deal Pictures, posters, and pennants too All of my winning longhorns, Woo-Hoo! But I can't forget my turtle, Tank And my very first piggy bank Theres also a cork board and a little hoop But this room, is not a cramped chicken coop It's my room, my space, my haven There is joy every time I awaken Being surrounded by the things i like, Every night, after each day's big hike I sleep with comfort feeling secure It the best place in the house I'm sure Because it's my room

10: Personal | 1). Animal - I am a koala 2). Car - I am a Mazarati 3). Article of Clothing - I am cargo shorts 4). Day of the Week - I am Friday 5). Food - I am chicken 6). Color - I am orange 7). Movie - I am Cloverfield 8). Fragrance - I am cinnamon 9). Type of Building - I am a mansion 10). Plant - I am a peach tree

11: Metaphors | 11). Musical Instrument - I am bongos 12). Geometric Shape - I am a cylinder 13). Piece of Furniture - I am a bed 14). Song - I am Day n Night 15). Season of the Year - I am spring 16). Television Character - I am Shaggy 17). Cartoon or Comic Character - I am a Smurf 18). Appliance of Machinery - I am a recorder 19). Natural Phenomenon - I am a tornado 20). Word - I am dramatic

12: The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse | I would have been on time to your class, but I misplaced my pencil. But then I saw it! It was rolling down the street. The problem was that I could not catch it. So, I dropped my backpack to lighten the load. I chased my pencil to the busy highway, but then it was run over by a semi. So, I had to walk back and get my backpack, hoping to make it to class. As I was coming, back to get my backpack, I realized it wasn't there! So, I looked all around the school, but couldn't find it. Just then, I heard it - the zippers clanking. I ran toward the noise, but on the way I was chased by aliens. After I had defeated them with my broken pencil, I saw my backpack in the middle of the field! As I was running to get it, a vulture swept it up and dropped it in the Mustang River. Then, I had to break off a tree branch and ride it down the stampeding river. I finally caught up to my soaked backpack. I picked up, but then realized I was lost! I had a long conversation with a rabbit, but finally it agreed to show me the way. It only took me to Babcock though. I still had to walk another four miles down Babcock to get to school. When I got there, I came to your room. And that's why I was late.

13: Flashback | My Schlitterbahn trip Exciting, painful, funny And a broken tooth Birthday cake and friends A memorable event The tooth wasn't mine

14: Picture This | Identification: http://perifericbiennial.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/money_art_05.jpg | This piece of art has two main components, money and a dog. To me, this picture can be responded to two ways. The first way says that there is a dog who is cared for. He is especially pampered, thus the money, and he gets all the love. The other way says that he is cheated out in his life. The money surrounding him is only ones. It could say that he only gets the minimum, barely enough food and no love at all.

15: In one medium suitcase, I would take mainly the things I live with, like my phone, Ipod, etcetera. I would pack some books, entertainment devices like 20Q, my laptop, a bunch of my clothes, all of my gaming systems, and a bunch of money. These things are what I use most. It is what I live with and what I do in my spare time. If there were other options besides one suitcase, I would choose one of the two. I would either bring a credit card that never “ran out” or I would use more suitcases. If I had the endless credit card, I would be set to wherever I go. I could buy all that I needed, like food, clothing, a house, and a car and I could do whatever I want. In the other option, I would pack everything that is in my room. I could also use carriers to take all my pets and I could take my family and friends. For me, it is too hard to choose specific things. I like all that I have. I wouldn't take only a few things. | One Medium Suitcase

16: How to get a Bone Bruise | Step 1; Have a bad day at school by being tired. Step 2: After your long exhausting day, go to your two hour spring training for football. Step 3: After your hard practice, race out with your dad to your brothers practice. Step 4: At your brothers practice, don't help with it, but instead do your homework. Step 5: Decide you can't do your homework because it's to windy. Step 6: Start watching their practice but don't join. Step 7: Finally, you can give into helping with their practice by returning some kickoffs. But don't join until the last play. Step 8: Then you can receive the kickoff, and be mobbed by the team without your own pads. Step 9: Then you'll feel your finger hurt and see it get huge the next day. Step 10: Decide you've had enough pain, and ask to go to the doctor. Step11: At the doctor, wait a while, get it x-rayed, and get a fun but annoying splint. Step 12: Ask what it is then, if it's not broken. He'll tell you it's a bone bruise, meaning if it were hit any harder it would fracture. Then he'll tell you to ice it every night, which is really fun!

17: Extraordinary Pet | My extraordinary pet is a cat. His name is Brock and he is an award-winning British Shorthair. He is big and bulky, weighing about 12 pounds. He sits like a seal, but is very muscular. When, he runs, he gallops. His face is round and it makes me laugh every time I see it. He is pretty fast and also very soft and thick-coated. When he meows, which is rare, you would think it would be masculine. It is not, it is higher-pitched than my female cats. The things that make him extraordinary are his charm, his loyalty and love, his overall look, and his femininity.

18: http://personal.georgiasouthern.edu/~emoran12/TexasLonghorns.jpg http://fwie.fw.vt.edu/VHS/reptiles/turtles/red-eared-slider/red-eared.JPG http://www.assetsoflife.com/The-Cat-Place/Cat%20Images/British_Cream.1.jpg http://www.makeuseof.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/ipod_touch_114b.png http://www.rvbatonrouge.com/Tailgating/FootballHelmet.JPG | Picture Citations

19: The End!

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