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time travelers wife

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BC: By Sue Bae

1: Title: It is called Memories because Henry goes to the past, and in his memories most of the time, he barely ever goes to the future, so it's like a little memory book for him. It shows all the things that he has done in his life. Pictures of couples: The book is in the perspective of Henry and Clare, who end up married. It describes there thoughts, as well as how they meet each other. They also talk about couple stuff, like any other couple would Clock: Henry is a time traveler and goes back in time as different ages and different time periods of his life. Most of the time he time travels when he is stressed or just randomly sometimes, since he can't control it. He has tried many drugs to slow down the receivers in his body that make him time travel, but he still ends up time traveling.

2: Friday September 23rd,1997

3: Calendar: Henry writes down a date for Clare, telling her thats the next time he'll be there. That way she'll lay out clothes for him on that day. This is because when he first meets her he is stark naked, so he doesn't want that to happen again. Girl in garden: Clare is 6 and in her garden practicing her penmanship when she first encounters Henry. He is hiding in the bush because he has no clothes, so she thinks he is someone else. But after he explains that he is not clothed and why he was there, she stopped throwing her shoe at him. She doesn't believe him at first though, but once he poofs away and returns to his time period, things change. Title: That is the date that Clare meets Henry for the first time. She is 6 while Henry is 36

4: Saturday, October 26th, 1991

5: Title: That is the first day Henry meets Clare. He is 28 while she is 20. Library: Henry works at the library, where Clare encounters him. This allows him to meet her for the first time. Even though he has no clue what is going on, she knows exactly who he is and almost anything there is to know about him. This is because of the older Henry that visited her when she was younger. Date picture: They go on a date later on at night to catch up on things. While Henry has no clue who she is, she has been waiting to meet him while he was in present day all her life. Till that day she has been anticipating there first meeting. His future self even told her to go to the specific restaurant. Diary: While they are on a date, Clare explains everything to Henry, who is lost on everything. She tells him stuff like how alcohol is bad for him, since it makes him time travel more, and how they were meant to meet up.

6: May 14, 1983

7: Title: It is the day that Clare goes to the sleepover. she is 12 years old Sleepover: Clare goes to Mary's birthday sleepover. Which is where they play games and talk about what normal 12 year old girls would talk about, like gossiping. Fairytale: When Clare sees Henry in her back yard again, the day after the sleepover, she thinks that he is just a fairy tale, and too good to be true, since time traveling doesn't seem real. This came up because she had been thinking about it for such a long time. Ouiji board: During the sleepover, some girls use the ouiji board, including Clare. This is where she finds out that she is going to be married to Henry, but doesn't realize it, since she thinks its just the ouiji board, and its just making up stuff.

8: June 5th,1987

9: Title: The day that Clare gets her license to drive, and she goes to Ruth party with Henry. Party Hats: Ruth is throwing a party, so Clare goes and brings Henry along. But instead of introducing him to everybody, she leaves him in the car, having the intentions to leave early, and spend time with him. Curtains: Henry however reveals to Helen, Clare's friend, that he is Clare's boyfriend. This shows that Clare is not what everybody thought she was. Car: While Clare is driving to Ruth's party with Henry, he reveals that he doesn't want to drive, in case he time travels in the middle of it. Also because he has experienced a horrible and tragic car accident when he was a child.

10: November 30,1991 December 14,1991

11: Title: They are the days that Henry meet Clare's friends and Gomez finds out about Henry being a time traveler. Dinner: Henry goes over to Clare's apartment and meets her friends Gomez and Charisse. They talk to each other and get to know each other as well Food: Since Clare and her friends don't know how to cook, Henry takes over and cooks them a really good dinner, that impresses them. Caution sign: Gomez tries to warn Clare of Henry being a 'bad guy', when Clare knows why Gomez and explains everything, even though he doesn't believe her. Colored skinny jeans: Gomez finds Henry beating up his friend in weird clothes. Henry explains to him what is going on and how he is a time traveler, over dinner. At first Gomez doesn't believe him, until Henry poofs away.

12: December 24 - 26, 1991

13: Title: The days that Henry and Clare go visit Clare's parents house for the holidays. John an Kate plus 8: Clare takes Henry back to her home for the holiday break, to meet her family. They find out more about Henry, and Clare shows him all the places his older self and her would hang out. Church: Clare and Henry as well as her family go to church for a catholic mass, like every year.There they see Alicia perform her cello, and Henry disappears for a moment to time travel back into Chicago. Snowy picture: Clare takes Henry to her house for Christmas break. He experiences there annual turkey feast as well as her parents and her siblings and other Christmas traditions.

14: May 9,1992

15: Title: It is the day that Henry goes to his fathers house uninvited, which is not something he usually does. Dream catcher: Since Henry's dad can't play his violin anymore, due to some nerve issues, his dreams are crushed. He has nothing since his wife died and now he can't do something he loves. Emerald ring: Henry goes to his dads house to retriever his mothers ring, so he can purpose to Clare. Zipped up smiley: Since Henry's dad can't time travel, he can't experience his wife's presence like Henry does. But he is still happy with that, since he knows she is still around some where. Check: Henry ends up paying for his fathers rent, since his dad has been out of it and not in good condition, and has missed two months of his rent. Messy room: Since Henry's dad has lost it and gone back to being an alcoholic, his whole house has been messy, since nobody there is there to help him out and keep him on track. Grinch: It shows what Henry's dad has become after finding out he couldn't play music anymore, since his dream and his life has been pretty much been taken away from him.

16: October 23,1993

17: Title: It is the day that Henry and Clare get married to each other. The day that Clare had been waiting for since she was young. Pile of clothes: Every time Henry time travels, he leaves his clothes behind, as well as everything else, and shows up in a different time naked. And during the wedding, he ended up time traveling, but luckily his older self took over for him. Married couple: Clare and Henry finally get ready, preparing the whole day. However even though they don't like the idea of the whole big ceremony, they go through with it anyways because Clare's father is paying for it. But the next day, they just end up eloping, having Gomez and Charisse as witnesses. They officially become married.

18: December 31, 2006

19: Title: It is the day that Alba, Henry and Clare throw a New Years party at their house. Flowers & Coffin: Henry sees his life flashing before his eyes, because he knows he is going to die. He tells everybody he's not sure when he really knows. He dies in the living room in front of everybody. Clock with confetti: They are all celebrating New Years at Henry and Clare's house. Henry had invited them all so Clare wouldn't be alone when he died.

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