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To kill a mocking bird

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BC: Scout learned the most from Atticus throughout the book because he tells what to do to Scout and he has power over her. For example, Atticus taught her to behave well by not fighting back to others when they make fun of Atticus. Also, Atticus taught Scout how to read, behave herself, and lots of things that father should do. He sometimes was a little ACRIMONIOUS to her but he was a good father. | I believe that Scout learned racism the most throughout the book because she had seen an innocent black man getting accused for the crime that he didn't do and was not AQUITTAL because he was found guilty. She was part of the trial because her dad, Atticus Finch was a lawyer of Tom Robinson. | She learned the most from the trial of Tom Robinson and the Ewells because she was actually seeing the real life of racism in such a young age. Even though the book doesn't really talk about Scout understanding everything about the trial, but she probably learned more about the racism at that time period and understood Ewells' SUPRIOUS facts. | Conclusion

FC: Life of Me | Jae Park | December 3rd 2002 - August 24th 2009 November 21st 1930's to November 1930's

1: My Summer

4: Town where I grew up | One of the important landmark was living in an apartment because it is very different than living in an house. Also, another important landmark was Lake Park. This is the biggest man-made lake that many people come to visit. There is also the famous Musical Fountain that attracts people. This was an important landmark because my family went there every weekend and spend fun times together. | The town where I grew up was Ilsan, South Korea. Ilsan was a rich part of South Korea so the environment was very clean and people there were very nice. Everyone lived in an apartment because the land is so small but we have a big population. So we have to build buildings upwards unlike America. That's why I had about 60 neighbors and they were all nice because most of them were aged over 50's who loved children so it was very safe too.

5: Two Current Events. | In April 30th, 2004, Musical Fountain was built. It is still one of the most famous architect in Korea and many people still go there to listen and see the Musical Fountain. | In September 11th, 2001, bombing of World Trade Center that caused 2,752 people. The worst terrorism ever in U.S. history that caused many people and many country to panic.

6: The town where Scout grew up | Boo Radley's house | Scout grew up in Maycomb where she had many strange neighbors. For example Boo Radley, who haven't come out of his house for years kept Scout and her brother Jem interested for a long time. Also, there were others like Ms. Maudie, Ms. Stephenie and other weird but friendly neighbors. It was unsafe in Maycomb because Mr. Ewell hurts Scout and Jem. The environment is also pretty dirty because the town Maycomb is old and is also small. Also there was racism going on during that time and blacks hated whites and whites hated blacks. | One of the important landmark for Scout was Boo Radley's house because this house gave many interesting ideas to Scout and Jem. Also another important landmark is

7: Two Current Events

8: My Tough Time/Life Changing Memory Both negative and positive. | I had to leave all my friends behind, and had to change the way I lived. The hardest thing was speaking English. I was sometimes INDIGNANT towards my parents for brining me to America but I knew they wanted me to have better EDIFICATION. | Coming to America was one of the toughest thing that I had to go through in my life because I had to leave everything behind. That's why when I heard the news of moving to America, and I got MELANCHOLY reaction and also was APOPLECTIC. Even though it was tough, I get to try new things and got to make new friends. | Sad

9: After I came to America, I was very nervous and thought I would never be able to learn English. In my opinion, school was much easier than Korea, but English was my problem. I've changed to a lively kid from a shy kid because every single time I tried to talk to someone, I thought they might laugh inside that I can't speak English well. | Coming to America was also a hard thing for my family too especially for my dad. He needed to find a job and it was really difficult to find one with his skill of English. After I came to America, our family really got closer by spending more times together and having a family time at night like playing board games or card games. | Excited | Nervous

10: Scout's Tough Time/Life Changing Memory Negative Her Dad, Atticus Finch, becoming the lawyer of Tom Robinson. | Judge Taylor told Atticus to be the lawyer of Tom Robinson. Atticus is taking the job from hi own VOLITION and people started calling bad names to Finch family. In school, kids make fun of Scout's dad and she feels bad every time when people make fun of Atticus. Scout also was afraid about Bob threatening Atticus and he might EXPUNGE him. Some people treats Finches like a FERAL. | Scared | Worried

11: Since after the trial, people did stop calling Finches bad names and Scout was feeling better because she thought that Bob Ewell was just bluffing about hurting her dad. | Back then, lots of people were racist which was a bad thing for Atticus and his family because they are white but are protecting black. | In page 98, Scout said, "A nigger-lover. I ain't very sure what it means, but the way Francis said it-tell you one thing right now, Uncle Jack, I'll be-I swear before God if I'll sit there and let him say somethin' about Atticus." This really shows Scout that She really cares about Atticus and proves that she gets angry when somebody calls bad name to Atticus. | Angry

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