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Toy Story 3

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FC: Toy Story 3 Hero's Journey Project By: Samantha Grovenburg Hr. 2

1: Table of Contents 1. Ordinary World 2.Call to Adventure 3.Refusal to the Call 4.Meeting with the Mentor 5.Crossing the First Threshold 6.Tests, Allies, Enemies 7.Approach 8.Ordeal 9.Reward 10.The Road Back 11.Resurrection 12.Return With Elixir

2: The ordinary world for Woody is being in Andy's room. Where Andy can play with Woody, Buzz, and the other toys. Even though Andy hasn't played with them in a little while, Woody has made a plan to get Andy to play with them. Woody's plan is to sneak Andy's cell phone into the toy box and call it with another cell phone already in the box. This plan sadly fails, and while Andy's mom is telling him he has to get rid of some old things. Andy's mom looks into the toy and asks him what he'd want to do with Woody, Buzz, and the others. Andy's reply it that no one would want those old toys and that they are just junk.

3: The call to adventure is when Andy's mom thinks that the black bag in the hall way is trash. Woody tries to save them from the garbage truck. Even though Woody gets to the curb to late he notices that his friends are already running for the garage. once he gets to the garage he tries to explain the Andy's mom made a mistake, and that Andy was putting them in the attic. Dean set on the idea that Andy was throwing them away everyone climbs into the box marked Sunny side. Trying one last time to tell them it was a mistake, Andy's mom closes the trunk door and drives away to bring the toys to Sunny side daycare.

4: The refusal to the call is after arriving at Sunny side daycare Woody tries to get everyone to go back to Andy because they are Andy's toys. Sadly Woody can't convince the others that is was a mistake, and since he can't convince them Woody tries to get back home on his own. After getting to the roof of the daycare Woody sees a kite and uses it to glide through the air over the wall of the play ground. He makes it over with no one seeing him only to touch ground and be brought back high in the sky by a gust of wind. The kite begins to fall and bend into itself so it no longer is any help to Woody. Woody falls back to the ground an lands in a tree were he gets his string stuck and the little girl Bonny finds him and brings him home.

5: Woody's meeting with his mentor is at Bonnie's house just before he is leaves to get back to Andy he tells the others there toy that if you ever get to Sunny side to tell the toys there that Woody made it home. Bonnie's toy Dolly asks Woody how did he escape which shocks Woody. Another one of Bonnie's toys Chuckles the clown tell woody about how the day care is more like a prison.

6: The crossing of the first threshold is when Woody finally talks to the telephone toy. This separates the ordinary world from the special world. It's no longer about him getting home its about getting everyone else out and safe with Andy.

7: The tests that Woody goes through is trying to get back home to Andy, and to get out of Sunny side daycare. Woody's allies are Bonnie's toys that tell him about Lots O', and the telephone that tells Woody about the monkey that watches the cameras. The only real enemy in the movie is Lots O' Hugging Bear he runs the daycare after dark.

8: The approach is when Andy's toys get trapped in the garbage truck. At this point they all try and work together to stay safe until the garbage is dumped and they can make their way back home.

9: The ordeal is when they make it past the garbage composer. Rex thinks he sees the end of the tunnel, but really it i a fire made to burn all the trash. Lots O' the bear sees the stop button so Woody and Buzz help him up on to the latter so he can stop the belt. Lots O' looks back at them then walks away with out pressing the button. Everyone tries to stay away from the fire then they give in. Woody keeps trying then Buzz gives him his hand and Woody and everyone closes their eyes and wait.

10: The reward is finally getting out of Sunny side. Woody gets back home to Andy where he wanted to be all along.

11: The road back is when the toys get scooped out of the inferno. Woody regains his hope and has faith again that they will get home after all.

12: The resurrection is at the end when Woody realizes that the attic is not the best place for his friends. Woody jumps out of the box and writes Andy a note about donating the toys to Bonnie.

13: Woody and the others are now with bonnie and watch and Andy drives away to college. | The return with the elixir is knowing the he should stay with his friends. Andy is growing up and he knows that it's time to let go.

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