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Travel the World

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FC: The Adventures of a Group And one girl's AHmazing Experience...

1: First picture of Poland, and of the trip | We're in Poland Baby! | Poland

2: 1st stop: Sobibor This place was considered a "death camp", due to the fact that Jews came here and were murdered in a matter of hours. This camp is especially important because one of the largest revolts of the Holocaust occurred here. 320 Jews stood up against the enemy, and although only 48 survived, they were finally free.

3: And so the Pilgrims begin their journey, as they take the mile walk through the woods; the same path the Jews took to their deaths. The ingenious Nazis tricked them and the rest of the world; no one knew what was going on in these depths.

4: A grave of ashes | The Names of the Shtetl's

5: Monuments

6: How can a place filled with such horrible history so beautiful?

7: So the Pilgrims ventured on to a little house; Matan's great uncle's old house in the town of Hrubieszow. Out of 8,000, only 300 Jews survived during the war. It was very special to be sharing such an important time with our Rosh. | The House

8: There, a presentation took place. | After seeing the house, Group 6 went to a memorial that Matan's Uncle built in order to commemorate those who perished. Beneath this soil are (were) the bodies of many Jewish People.

9: Each piece of the stone is from a grave of someone lost. Because none of these Jews were able to reach the Holy Land, each Pilgrim was given soil to spread above the "grave". For 10 minutes we thought; about ourselves, our families, the survivors, the deceased.

10: Next stop...Maidonek. The Pilgrims started their journey as Sheryl, their tour guide, led them down stairs. This part of the monument was to put the visitors in the Jews' places; to make them feel as if they were decreasing in power.

11: The monument at Maidonek: no one understands it. It's up to everyone to interpret. | This is the "White House", where the Nazis would perform their scientific experiments, especially on small children.

12: The gas showers... Step 1: Undress Step 2: Place clothes in a spot you will "remember" Step 3: Death

13: What disturbed us.greatly...was the fact that the Polish people continue to have picnics and stroll through the camp... It is scary to think that they either have no idea what occurred here, or even worse, that they don't care. | On the outside... looking in

14: The one red shoe...

15: The Bunkers... They are much smaller than they look

16: The largest monument of them all... | A pit for the bodies

17: What lies inside this magnificent stone | THEIR ASHES (above, a glimpse of light... in my eyes...hope)

18: Beneath the trees Is where they hid Beneath the trees Is where I stood

20: They continued on to a cemetery... | Each pilgrim chose a face on the Israeli flag... a face of a child who perished, and they kept that picture.

21: For the Children... | For my girl We make a stop, at a cemetery. The bodies of the children their bodies underneath me their bodies. I hold the picture of a girl under my bracelet. She is beautiful, she smiles, she is dead She was helpless. Only 3 made it out. Only 3 The sculpture is of a broken Jewish star. | 1 girl; she doesn't understand, why she survived. I hold this girl in my hand I hold her tight. 42 innocent were killed I sit above them they are still equal to me but I sit above them. So much despair They were young They were broken They will live, I will make sure of it.

22: There was a pharmacy in the ghetto. A man sacrificed his life to sneak food and medicine to the Jews in the ghetto; our eyes, he was a hero. | Our 1st group picture!!!

24: And was time for Auschwitz , We were ready! 1st stop: Birkenau- the death camp... | Because of Sheryl, we were able to pray Shaharit in the Nazi Guard tower. It was one of the most emotional experiences of our lives!

26: On the ground I could only see my shadow On the ground I could only see their shadows | I walk arm in arm with Jamie, We cry together The Jews went on the train, into the camp, but we were walking back out.... WE were walking back out for them.

27: The gas showers at Auschwitz, They burned most of them to try not to leave any evidence... It didn't work

28: As we reached the picture museum, each person went around to find a picture that stood out to him or her, one they could relate to, one that touched them. I chose this reminded me of a picture taken of me as a baby. People should never forget; they were people too, they were just like us. | Resemblance?

29: We went to a real bunker, And there Sheryl told another very sad tale: A man was lying with his son. He had saved one piece of bread under his pillow so that he could have it for the next day, so that he would not starve. He woke up the next morning to find his bread missing. He became hysterical; who would have taken his bread? He looked around. His son was sleeping, the piece of bread in his hands. The man committed suicide... If his son was suffering so much that he must steal from his own father, the man had no more will to live. | This was on the side of their bunker

30: Aushwitz 1 was next, A parallel universe | This is the gate entrance

31: This was closer to a "typical" museum, but definitely not typical: There were thousands of shoes, thousands of pots, prosthetic limbs, dolls, tallits, glasses. They were all taken from the Jews.

33: Original wall from labor camp | Famous Cemetery | "Never say it is the end of the road" ---->

34: There was a special man. He ran an orphanage; some were Jewish, some were not. When the Jewish children were taken by the Nazis, the entire orphanage went with them. If some were going down, they were all going down together. Another hero of the Holocaust.

35: Some Extra photos of Poland | Polish people are crazy... | Gen Dobry! (Oh those Poles and their weddings)

36: Warsaw Ghetto Photos of Jewish People during the Holocaust, cover the windows of the apartments. Their memories live on.

37: The last of them: Treblinka | 900,000 killed in 13 months 17,000 stones to represent the Shtetls (towns) Subgroup Chen performs a ceremony

38: BUT WE WERE FINALLY OFF TO ISRAEL!!!! | So we bid a sad goodbye to dear Sheryl, sad day... | Fun in the Airport...and on the plane!!!

39: DA BOYSSSS | Israel; could it really be? | Sweat Sisters | Kiss the Jerusalem stone, tradition!

40: I led the 1st Shaharit in Israel; one of the most amazing experiences of my life! | Sunset over the Old City, Too gorgeous to describe.

41: And so we arrived at Beit Nativ (Base), later referred to as our "home" | Group Chen traveled to a little park; we drank tea; we were at peace

42: s | At THE Park

43: Our 1st trip to the Kotel My 1st trip to the Kotel | Putting the notes in the wall

44: Ruins of the 1st Temple We came back later in the trip... For Yom Hazikaron | I'm not walking on sunshine I'm walking on history

46: And there lies Michael Levin. We sang Hatikvah, for him, for Israel, for the lone soldiers. There was so much on his grave to commemorate him; so many at his funeral to celebrate him | We went to a Gravesite, for the Greatest | Golda Meir | Theodor Herzl

47: I'm on a tank! | Them Crazy Rabbis! na nah nahma nahman

49: Archaeological Dig

50: It's a camel! It's a donkey! It's Zaquiqua!

51: DEM BEDOWINS | Our tent oh the tent

52: The adventure up Masada... and down

53: Praying on Masada | VICTORIOUS

54: Ein Gedi

55: Pit Stop! | Off to the Aquarium!

56: Yes...that's a fish


58: Ben Gurion's House... Such a modest man

59: Oh the things you will find at Ben's Grave Site...

61: Aircraft Museum | I'm in a plaaaane


63: We're group 6, and we're hot stuff! We will win...we're YAROK! So good luck, to all of you, cuz you know, we're the best! Ta, Ta, Ta, Talkin' bout Ya, Ya, rok, we're gonna win this thing, fo, fo sho, cuz we've got the very best Ru, Ruach, and we're the very best K, vu, tzah HA HA EVENT Jerusalem is really hoooot because group 6 is here. The man on the moon is getting scaaared, because we fly so high. He'll be saying "oh Hashem this group will win they're mean green fighting machines" and we'll be saying: "Oh Hashem we sweat so much, we're feeling hot and sticky" It makes us say oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh GO YAROK!

64: We're only gonna win, win, win, win, HA event, because we are the greatest group there's ever been! We're like a family there's no way we can lose! So take a good look judges you know how we do! We are Yaarok We are group 6, We love Israel, and SELUJ! Group 6 is gonna run HA event Hey, ey ey ey ey ey Ey ey ey ey ey Hey, ey ey ey ey ey, We're gonna run HA event (Stefan move)

65: I could only do it, because they motivated me, I didn't believe I could do it, but they were there to support me I did it

67: An amazing group of cooks= an amazing pot of food | The Amazing start to an Amazing outdoor experience! | Group YISHAIIIIIII


69: Desert Experience... One to Remember

70: The end of the 8 mile Journey


73: Strong | Army Strong

74: As we overlook the Sea... and the Baha'i Gardens

75: Ride that Donkey! | Wow, we picked a real dud...

76: Another Hike Day / Rory-Alex Twin Day

77: Group 6 gives back: HAMA (Humans and Animals in Mutual Assistance) | We were able to feed 720 families with the food we picked

78: A flag...that's more than just a flag

79: Hikes, Dead Sea, Beach, more water, more beauty

81: Bus Rides + a little Group Chen

82: THE Official Alex and Jamie ALBUM... too many to fit

83: And they sang around a campfire

84: Speulonking | And there they signed the Declaration | Somewhere over a hill a land lies Somewhere over a hill a girl cries Somewhere over a beautiful, green hill, is home Somewhere over a hill, stands history. Somewhere over a hill you cannot comprehend how much this place withstands seeking refuge seeking safety seeking peace. | Somewhere over a hill is home. Somewhere over a hill is history Somewhere over a hill lies Jerusalem stone lies Israel? Lies Israel. Somewhere over a hill it feels like home it feels united THIS IS THE LAND

85: A tree for Grandpa Joe

86: When Day turns to NIGHT

87: Come home safe Gilad Shalit

88: Down a dark, scary hallway lies room 308...

89: The last photo shoot....

92: Last moments at the Kotel, the Kotel

93: Yad Vashem But after visiting the real camps, it wasn't the same...

94: TALENT SHOW!!! | Yael, Bri, and Alex present "A Whole New World" | Brad and Alex present.. "Anyone Else But You" | DA BOYSSS present "Bye, Bye, Bye" | Jamie, Thomas, and Alex present... "Shabooty Con Clave"

95: Matan's Shoe | Thou shalt not pass to the Arab Side

96: AIRPORT...and plane | 1st Day | Final Moments

97: ZE STAFF | There was....Noah | Chen | Yishai | MATAN, the leader | AND ROXY

98: Group 6 Altogether One BIG Happy Family | Israel. How can I describe your beauty? Israel. How can I explain, how much you mean to me? Glorious. Pure. Adventurous

99: And so they bid goodbye to each other | but they knew, in their hearts, that this was not goodbye. | Please take me back again

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