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trip with the GODS

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1: The first day I went on a cruise to Spain and Dionysus. | The first day I went on a cruise to Spain. There was a huge party in the ship and the host of the party was Dionysus and he was pointing at the ocean. When I looked at the water I saw Poseidon making water figures and huge waves! While Poseidon was making the waves figures Dionysus lit fireworks and shot them at the waves so the waves turned into different colors. Best first day ever!

2: Full of fun, danger and new adventures! | . .

3: On the second day when I was in Spain I saw hades messing with some people and setting them on fire. I told him to stop because I didn't like what he was doing and he started shooting fire balls at me and after a couple fire balls he disappeared. Next thing I know Hermes is flying over my shoulder. "I'll get you to the underworld!" he said and before I knew it we where flying down the earth and somehow we ended up in the underworld. "Know be very quiet we don't want wake the Cerberus." Hermes whispered in to my ear. "O" Hermes cut me off and put his finger over my lip. "Shh". Instead of saying anything this time I just nodded. We tiptoed to where hades was and he was talking to people in the underworld. "Cool-aidisha I will not bring you back from the dead just be Quiet!" Hades yelled. I whispered to myself "What kind of name is Cool-aidisha?" Hades turned around after I said that and when he saw me he yelled Cerberus. The Cerberus immediately woke up and growled at Hermes and I. Hermes turned to Hades and said "Well we have to get going so my friend will get you back later." Then Hermes turned to me and said "You can get him back later but right now we have to not get eaten by the Cerberus." Then Hermes quickly grabbed my shirt and we flew up. The Cerberus jumped but he missed us and we kept flying. When I saw the sun I knew we were safe. Best second day ever!

4: The next day I woke up and there was a flying object in my room. "Um can I help you?" I asked the creature. "No but I can help you." The creature answered. I thought I was dreaming until the creature came up to me and slapped me across the face. "What! Your real!?" "Yes I am Eros and I'm here to help you." I stared at him wondering what he was and what he meant by helping me. "I'm Cupid and I'm here to help you with love." "Wait why?" I asked but he was in a rush."No more questions just come with me." He commanded. Then Cupid grabbed my hand and flew out of the window and the next thing I know I'm flying over and away from Spain. "Where are we going?!" I yelled at Eros. "We are headed to the city of love Paris,France!" "Why?" "To find you your true love." We got to France around twelve o clock p.m. and immediately Cupid pulled out his bow and arrow and asked me which girl he should shoot with his arrow. "I don't know. Why are we doing this?" "To find your true love." "I can do that on my own." "Oh. Then there's no point in doing this" "Thats what I'm saying." Then Cupid started to fly away. "Hey! Where are you going?!" "I'm going to see how Hephaestus is doing." " Hephaestus? Take me with you." I extended

5: my arms and Cupid came back, grabbed me and we were in the sky again. After about 20 minutes in the air we landed on an island. "Hephaestus?! Hephaestus are you here?!" "Looks like he's not here." I told Cupid. But I spoke to soon because the next thing I know Hephaestus comes out of the forest like he's been hiding. "Cupid how have you been?" "I'm doing great Hephaestus how about you?" "I'm ok, the project is going well." "The project?" I asked. "Yes I'm making a beautiful gift for my wife." Hephaestus answered. "Oh,cool." "I do all my work up there." Hephaestus pointed to a volcano. "I use fire to forge things." He said. "Can I see what your working on?" I asked him. "No you might ruin the surprise." "So, I think we should get going but your doing good Hephaestus if you keep it up you'll finish in a week." Cupid turned to me and said "Lets go." "Where are we going now." "Back to Spain." Cupid dropped me off at the entrance of my hotel at nine o clock I got in my room and fell asleep. Best third day ever!

6: Hephaestus & Cupid best third day ever!

8: The next day I woke up but I wasn't in my room. I was in some tent with two people looking at me. "Where am I? What am I doing here? Who are you?" The man looking at me answered "I am Ares and this is Athena." "Ares and Athena! Wait what am I doing here?!" "You are to help us win this dreadful war against the evil swag monsters." "So what am I supposed to do?" "You are supposed to lead the army into the last battle and win it for us, the gods, and the world." "Um okay as long as I don't get hurt." Athena then passed me a parer with the new strategy and what to do as the leader while Ares went to go talk to his men. In my head I thought that Ares was being a coward and thats why I'm here. Ares came inside the tent and said it was time to go and win the war. I went out on the battlefield and did my job. As the swag monsters came charging at us I put my hand up and said "I am the sweg master and the creator of sweave!" Instantly the swag monsters backed away and retreated. "We won the war!" Athena said. "Yes! Victory!" Yelled Ares. They both came up to me and thanked me for my work. Then Athena brought me back to my hotel in Spain and told me if I ever needed something pray to her. Best fourth day ever!

10: The last day of my vacation there was a problem in the sky. When I woke up it was nine thirty and the sun had not risen. "Thats weird." I said and when I turned around to go eat breakfast there was someone standing by the door. "Who are you?" "No more questions." He said cutting me off."I am Apollo and I have come to you to give you a gift for destroying the swag monsters." Apollo then told me that I could ride in his chariot to make the sun rise. I accepted his offer under one circumstance and that was that I would not burn near the sun. He said he would protect me and off we went to go put the sun in the sky. Apollo's chariot is pulled by horses and its mostly made for one person but the two of us could fit. Then Apollo asked Zeus if he could make it rain but just on me so I didn't burn close to the sun. Zeus said yes and we were ready. The entire ride I got soaked but it was worth it because I got to see the sun rise in Apollo's chariot. When we landed there was someone waiting for us at the bottom. "Excuse me who are you?" I asked the man. "Who am I? I am Zeus the one that just protected you from getting burned. I am here to give you this." Then Zeus pulled out a pure gold medal that said hero. "Its for what you did in the war." He told me. "Wow, thanks." I replied. "Your cruise ship already left." "What!" "Don't worry I will call Hermes to escort you yo your house." In less than twenty minutes I was flying

11: with Hermes and in less than forty minutes I was at my house. I thanked Hermes and went inside my house. Best vacation ever!

12: Summer is here | SUMMER FUN IS traveling with the gods!

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18: back to | . .

19: Let's learn and grow! | SCHOOL DAYS



23: GIVE THANKS! | "A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues." Cicero


26: of the year

27: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. | James lost his first tooth | We got a puppy! | Visiting Grandma and Gramps | Our vacation to Mexico | Billy rode a bike | the kids learned how to ski | Dad got a promotion | James started first grade | Billy is in preschool | Mom started a jewelry business | 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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