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Turning Point

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S: Turning Point

FC: Turning Point By:John Maldonado Krug 2a

1: On Wednesday October the 15, Joe. Walks into his doctor's office for his blood test he had done last week. Joe is over thinking ever thing thinking the worst because when he as a kid hid dad passed away from cancer and hes afraid that he has it too. He waits in room three for his doctor.

2: His doctor walks in and says “good morning Joe how are you?” Joe replys saying “im good thank how are you Dr.Ward?” Dr.Ward replys with a frown on his face saying “I’m good but I have bad news joe you blood work came back it is said you have Brain Cancer.” Joe walks out of the room, slides down the wall and starts to cry

3: Dr.Ward walks out to come talk to him. Joe not being able to believing what he just heard and starts to freak out “NO! This cant be happening to me i'm only 27 and I’m totally healthy I had my whole life planed out I was going to get a job be a social worker, go to the Olympics have a family and die old not young! This is not in my plan.” | Dr.Ward trys to claim joe down and tells him “joe this is a 50/50 chance for both way if you do chemo the chance of you beating it is higher.” “Ok when can I start?” Joe asked Dr.Ward holding back the pain and tears in his eyes. “Tomorrow.” Dr.Ward tells him

4: Joe walks out of the doctors office and gets into his car. He gets out his phone and calls his best friend Anthony and tells him very thing from the good mornings to finding out he has brain cancer and finally to staring chemo tomorrow. | Joe gets home and gets the mail and he receives a letter , Joe opens it and it says he has been invited to the U.S. open for the Olympics. He replys back to accept the offer to go to the U.S. open.Because he's not going to let the cancer stop him.

5: It’s been six and a half months since joe found out he has Brain Cancer. He makes the U.S. team and he feels fine and he gets a call from Dr.Ward to tell him to come back for a talk he does and he sits ther and waits and Dr.Ward walks in and says “we're going to skip the hellos this morning last time you came in we did another blood test and the cancer has spread fast and I would say you have about three years left to life.” | Joe didn’t say anything and just left and went to see his dad.

6: Joe siting next to his dads grave and starts talking " Papa que es lo que hego. Tengo tanto mideo que no quiero morir todavia y no es lo mismo que morir." Joe just being angry at everything looks up and starts saying "Cress que esto es gracloso muchachote. Primero te llevas ami padre y ahora te quieres llevar a mi..." | suddenly joe hears " Solo quieso a jose y todo va estar bien." with tears in his eyes Joe says" Papa Papa is that you please help me i need you please." He sits there and crys because the voice brings back painful memories of losing his father.

7: Joe being shocked what he just heard he gets up and walks to his car and go home. to get ready for the Olympics. | The next day Dr.Ward calls Joe trying to convinces him to not go and try chemo again. Joe tells him he's not stopping chemo and that he will do it over there and hes not giving up on his dream." Dr.Ward told Joe" Fine i hope you have i good time and when the U.S. gold.

8: it's 5:30 in the morning and Joe is on his way Rio for the Olympics he gets his ticket and is waiting for the plane to bored, when he gets a phone call from his best friend Anthony. "Hey Anthony, whats up?" Joe ask him and Anthony told him "Turn around." Joe not really getting why Anthony is telling him to turn around but he dose so anyways and sees Anthony standing there. | Joe says "Anthony what are you doing here? Anthony tells him "I took the time of to be with my best friend and watch him win gold Joe being so happy says "Ok then lets get on the plane.

9: Joe has been training for a couple of months.It's almost time for the Olympics. He feels weak but he doesn't want to quit, he has come to far to just quit and go home. thanks to Anthony, Joe wouldn't be able to do this. Thanks to Anthony, Joe can win because he know he has is back so encase Joe decides to quit Anthony will be there to talk him out of quiting. | it's time for Joe's first round and he nervous because the dude he's going against is a foot taller and 30 pounds heavier. Joe is 150 and the weight class is 140-195 and doesn't want to lose he wants to win. Kick after kick, punch after punch and the three rounds are over and Joe wins 40-35 and Joe makes it to the second round

10: Joe has one more round and if he wins, he goes to the finals.But this opponent is tough and always tying the match. he troughs a whip to Joe's face. Joe gets out of the way, gets in one more kick in and the time runs out. Joe's thinks he lost by one kick but he wins by one kick. Joe is so happy he made it to the finals but feels so weak after this last match and the next one is in a couple of hours he got a full day between match's last time | Joe has five minuets before his next and final match. He tells Anthony" I don't think i can do this." Anthony tells him "Joe you can do this I know you can you can beat him just believe." When Anthony side that it made Joe think back to when he heard the voice say "Solo quieso a jose y todo va estar bien." Joe gets up and tells Anthony" I can do this." Anthony replies back with a smile and yells" Then go win us that gold!

11: Joe is tired and down by 10 points and there are only 2:00 minuets left in the final round and he hears " it is gone win and after get married to that girl you have been in love with for the past 2 and a half years." and suddenly Joe feels ten time stronger and faster. Joe looks and see he has a minute left. | Joe kicks and kicks there is 10 seconds left and Joe runs and jump side kicks right on the side of the head. the timer goes off and it is taking them a minute to figure out who wins and then a referee runs over and yells into a mic and yells Joe Rivera is the winner of the 2016 flyweight Taekwondo sparring division

12: it's been a couple of months since Joe returned from Rio and goes for another check up with Dr.Ward. So Joe walks in to room 4 and waits a couple of minutes until Dr.Ward walks in they exchange hellos and how are yous. Dr.Ward tell Joe "I don't know how but your cancer has just vanished completely i ran 4 test to make sure the machine wasn't broken and there wasn't one trace of the cancer in you body anymore." Joe tells him " i know its gone." Dr.Ward isn't really understanding and ask him "how did you know this isn't making any since the last time took a blood test i showed enough cancer cells in your body that by now you should be on bed rest 24/7 how is this possible? Joe tells Dr.Ward with a smile on is face" Because i just believed." Dr.ward still isn't understanding this miracle that has happened to Joe and he asked him "you just believed?"

13: So Joe goes on and tells Dr.Ward about the voices and how he felt when he heard the voice the during the final match. Dr.Ward tells him "I'm just happy you didn't die." "Me too." Joe replied with a smile and laugh. "Well theres nothing more to do here so i guess this good bye." Dr.Ward tells him As they shake hands Joe says "Goodbye Dr.Ward." Dr.Ward replies "Goodbye Joe." Joe leaves the doctors office to go see his dad again | He lays the flowers down and says "Thanks Dad you put hope in me again thank you." He gets up, walks to his car and leaves to go see hid bride to be. on his way home he hears "Your welcome son I love you." Joe tells his dad back as hes pulling up to his house " i love you too dad love you too."

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  • Title: Turning Point
  • Joe's life is changed for ever when he goes in for his appointment with his doctor and he thinks all hope is gone something goes on his head and telling him to think other wise.
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