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Twilight Book Project

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FC: Twilight

1: By: Stephine Meyer Book project By: Delsin Figueroa

3: My name is Isabella Swan but I like to be called Bella. I live in Phoenix, AZ and i'm 17 (or 16 not sure which one) years old. I live with my mom but I go to Forks to live with dad in Summer. This time i'm going to have school at Forks. I then went on the plane to Seattle but when i make it there im gonna have to take a other flight to Port Angeles and then it will be a hour drive to Forks.

4: When I made it to Port Angeles my dad gave me a one-arm hug. I was planning on buying a car when I made it to Forks because I didn't want to drive everywhere with a police car and if i did it would cause the traffic to slow down. He then mentioned that he already bought a car, well a truck, for me but I was thinking he got it for free but i still thanked him. When we made it to Forks mostley everything was green. We then made it to Charlies (dad) house which was the same 2 story house and he showed me the truck, I thanked him again and he was embarresed. Charlie left me to unpack my stuff. I spent most of my sleep crying, thinking of being in a new school.

6: I woke up and got ready for school. My dad wished me good luck in school during breakfeast, I thanked him. My dad was the first one to leave, I didn't want to be at school early but I couldn't stay in the house any longer, so I was on my way to school. It was raining, of course. I parked my car in front of the office building and went inside. The office was small, behind the counter was a red-haired women. "Can i help you," she said while looking up. "I'm Isabella Swan," I informed her. She looked through a pile of documents till she found mine. "Here's your scedule and a map of the school grounds," she said while showing me the sheets. She then went over my classes and showed me the best route for each class.

8: When she was done I went back to my truck and drove to the group of buildings for my first class. When I got my truck parked I turned my truck off right away, so it wouldn't cause any attention. I looked at my map and tried to memorize it with the routes. I then got out of the car and headed to the building with a big "3" on it. I opened the classroom door and headed to the teacher and handed him a slip. He looked at my name and sent me to the back of the room with a empty desk without introducing me to the class. He gave me a reading list which had "Bronte, Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Faulkner" written on it, I already read them all. The bell rang and I headed for my next class "Government, with Jefferson" which was in building six. When I got out I met someone called Eric. He got my jacket for me and walked me to building six. While our way to building six we started talking. "So, this is a lot different than Phoenix, huh?" Eric asked. "Very," I answered.

10: "It doesn't rain much there, does it?" "Three or four times a year." "Wow, what must that be like?" he wondered. "Sunny," I told him "You don't look very tan." "My mother is part albino." He studied my face and I signed. He wished me good luck when we got to the door, I smiled at him and went inside. The rest of the morning passed by with the same fashion. Expect for Trigonometry, Mr. Varner (the teacher of this class), was the only one that made me introduce myself in front of the class. I blushed and tripped over my boot while walking to my seat. A girl from Trig and Spanish (I couldn't remember her name), walked with me to lunch. She was talking about the teachers on the way and I didn't try to keep up.

12: We sat on a table with some of her friends, which she introduced me to. I turned my head to a corner of the lunchroom and I saw five students, none of them touched anything on there tray and weren't talking to each other at all. There were three guys and two girls. One guy was big and muscular with dark, curly hair. The second guy was taller, leaner, still muscular with honey blond hair. The last guy was lanky, less bulky, with untidy, bronze-colored hair and looked more boyish. The first girl was taller than the other one, she had a beautiful figure and had golden hair. The short girl was thin with deep black hair that was cropped short. They were all pale, paler than me, they had dark hair with dark shadows under them. I couldn't decide which one was more beautiful, the perfect blond girl or the bronze-haired boy.

14: I asked the girl from Spanish class who they were. "Who are they?" I asked. She turned her head to the corner to see what I meant. "That's Emmett, Edward, and Alice Cullen, the other two are Rosalie and Jasper Hale; they all live together with Dr. Cullen and his wife." she answerd. I just then remembered the girls name, Jessica. We then had a long talk about the Cullens. I didn't want to be late to class, one of Jessica's friend, Angela, had the same class as me which was Biology 2. So we walked to the next class together.When Angela walked in she went to her seat and she already had a partner. The only seat empty I saw was next to Edward Cullen. I gave my slip to the teacher and then he handed me a book and told me to sit by Edward.

16: I noticed that Edward tried to get as far away from me as possile while in Biology 2. The bell rang and Edward was out of the door before anyone could get off there seat. My next class was Gym. I met someone else who was called Mike. He had Gym next also so we walked together, he supplied most of the conversation while our way there. When I got in I headed to the locker room, but the coach didn't make me change today, he let me watch for today. School ended and I headed to the office to give the signed slips back.

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