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S: Unemployment - by Chad Hopkins

FC: Unemployment | http://www.globalpost.com/photo/5714854/unemployment-rates-worldwide Date unknown, photographer unknown

1: The photo from the cover page is just a small example of the unemployment problem that we currently suffer, not only in the U.S, but the rest of the world as well. People are willing to work, and with briefcase in hand, they are ready to take whatever may come their way. | The unemployment issue has always haunted our economy, whether it be the Great Depression, or our most recent recession, it's continued to hurt the pockets of every American and it's sad to say that this is a problem that isn't going away, it may get worse before we see any improvement. I decided to choose this issue because not only do I see it as an issue, I have had first hand experience with it at one time too. Although the economy and the unemployment rate are at "okay" levels, we are still trying to recover from the financial disaster that took the headlines some four years ago. We have been in a rebuilding process for a long time, and it's hard to say when exactly we will be at a stable level in the economy. I want to cover the issues of unemployment, as well as certain controversies such as people not wanting to return to work and not doing so and continuing to collect a check.

2: We can see the frustration and how upset this man is as he waits to fill out his unemployment papers. It's not only a stressful situation, but it also emotionally draining to all that have to do this. http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2011/09/no-new-jobs-created-in-august-unemployment-rate-stuck-at-91/244477/ -Date unknown, photographer unknown-

3: In January 2011, the unemployment rate for the U.S was at a staggering 9.8%, the highest that we have ever seen. Although the economy was recovering, jobs were still being lost and cutbacks continued. The average between 1948 and 2012 was around 5.79%, so we saw the national average almost double. There has been improvements and in July 2012, the number was at 8.1%. In Oklahoma, we continued to have a 4.9% unemployment rate! That ranks us as the 4th state with the lowest unemployment, with Nebraska, North and South Dakota leading the way. | But will this number continue to decrease, or are we at a break before it gets even worse? It's hard to tell, because although more jobs are being created, factories and other businesses continue to close their doors. Technology is paving the way for new jobs, but it's shutting out the old ones since going digital is the future of this country. I don't see a difference at occurring. If the old jobs are non-existant and are replaced with newer technologies and new jobs, nothing new has been created? It balances out, and there is no growth.

4: The unemployment issue has also made us feel very unsecure about our jobs. Nothing is a sure thing anymore, and that's a sad reality that we must deal with. I was laid off from my job over three years ago, right around the beginning stages of the recession, but I was lucky enough to find a job about a month later. It was a tough situation to be in, because what do you do about bills? How do you live? Will you make enough to live a normal life or continue to move on, such as moving out, getting married, or starting a family? It's creating a paranoia that is almost unavoidable. | Any job at this point seems like it could be absolete at some time. I worked at a video store after I was laid off, and within my first 6 months, my store was closing. I was able to transfer to another store, and then to another one 3 months later. I stayed there for most of my time there before transferring out and eventually quitting. The shocking thing was, the store I stayed at made most of the money in the district, and there was no possible way for it to close, right? It is now closed, and that gave me the biggest knot in my stomach because it again proves that no one and no business is safe. Granted, it's an industry that is struggling, but it's proof that big corporations can falter.

5: It's still fairly common to see long lines like this occur when many people are gunning for the same job, or any job. They are always dressed as nice as possible in case there is a chance at an interview on the spot. http://dailycaller.com/2011/05/16/black-unemployment-racism-or-personal-responsibilty/ -Date and photographer unknown-

6: The unemployment checks have always been a touchy subject. You are able to get checks every week that you are unemployed, where they will pay you a certain percentage of what you once made, and they will continue to do so until you have either found a job, or until you are matching what you once made. That isn't always the case, because some people like to live off of that check, are they are okay with not having to work. But what do you do when your unemployment runs out? That's when the extension comes into play, which was implemented by President Obama which helped out the unemployed, but the motivation to go and find a job went down. You are required to look for two jobs every week to remain eligible, but I know that people were looking for jobs that they were not qualified for. | People that were doing such a thing kept the unemployment rate higher than it should've been, which in turn makes the economy hurt even more. But if you did get a job, you could still collect. I was full time at my old job before being laid off, and once I got my new job, I was part time so they were still able to pay me a percentage to make up for the difference. It was nice to have, but I was still able to collect, even two years later after being laid off. It was an interesting situation, because I was required to attend a class about searching for jobs, even though I continued to tell them I had a job already. Things like this are what will keep our national deficit so high, but that's for a later discussion.

7: Many young people have reverted to standing anywhere, holding signs to let them know that they are available and they can only hope that someone may spot them, and hopefully give them a shot. Most people are willing to do anything and work whatever an employer wants them to, even if they don't like it. http://www.mscareergirl.com/2010/04/05/how-8-months-of-unemployment-turned-out-to-be-a-blessing-in-disguise/ -Photographer/date unknown-

8: No matter what we do, this unemployment issue is not going away. People will continue to be laid off, fired, and quit, but that's something that we will have to deal with. It's an issue that comes up during elections and each president will approach it differently. It's an odd economy and we have to make proper adjustments, but eventually we will all recover and maybe we will feel safe and secure with the jobs we have. Until then, all that we can do is wait.

9: This unemployment line taken during the Great Depression has shown us that unemployment isn't avoidable and that several generations have had to go through similar problems and wait in even longer lines that we have. A sad fact is that only a hand full of these people may be selected to work, which will cause other employment lines to become even longer. http://currentemployment.net/2009/08/unemployment-hearings-no-lawyer-required/ -Photographer/date unknown-

10: This woman shows us that this country is willing to end this employment drought and that we are willing, and ready to take to the workforce. http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/The-Vote/2011/1209/How-GOP-made-its-unemployment-benefits-plan-palatable-for-conservatives -date/photographer unknown-

11: I have picked the Conflict theory for this project because I see the unemployment area as a negative area completely, and this is an ever changing class that no matter what we do, the problem won't go away. Things will continue to go up in value and price, yet, salaries and jobs are always being cut and wages are not going up, but being lowered while the cost of living increases. I see most of this stuff in a negative light and I have a hard time seeing anything improving. Will America actually return to work or will certain people continue to "work the system" and not do so, hurting our numbers and our economy as a whole?

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