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FC: Vietnam

1: Flag | The flag of Vietnam was adopted on November 30, 1955. The red symbolizes luck, happiness and the revolution and the struggle for liberty. The yellow symbolizes royalty. The star represents ideas of socialists. I think that Vietnam is a proud country and it flag symbolizes its pride.

2: Religion | The constitution of Vietnam guarantees freedom of religion, but it hasn't fully set in there are many different types of religions such as Buddhism, Catholic and Christianity are practiced in Vietnam. I think that it is a good thing that there is freedom in religion in Vietnam.

3: Currency | Vietnam uses the dong as currency. One U.S. dollar is equal to 21008 dongs. The Vietnamese dong is very reflective of its culture. It is because it has many cultural designs printed onto the currency. I think that the currency of a country tells the most about the country because it usually has cultural designs or things of importance on it.

4: Trivia | Land mines and traps from the Vietnam war are still being found today. Some of them are found in an unlucky way. | The official name of Vietnam is The Socialist Republic of Vietnam. | In Vietnamese schools children are called by gongs instead of bells.

5: Language | The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese. There are still minor ethnicities that speak other languages in their home. Vietnamese is a monosyllabic language. A monosyllabic language is basically were every word is one syllable. Words like thanh which means fresh, and nien which means years to make thanh nien which means youth. Here are some phrases and their English translation: chao buoi toi, which is good evening; tam biet, which is good bye. I think that the Language of a country gives it personality.

6: Economics | I don't think that Vietnam has a very good economy. The citizens basically have to find jobs or die of malnutrition because they have no money to buy food with. They don't have any imports that I could find and the way of making money is agriculture and selling the food they grow. In my opinion, Vietnam doesn't have a good economy. It just doesn't work.

7: Current Issues | One of the current is disability issues. The main causes of disabilities are congenital, disease, war consequences, work accidents and traffic accidents. I think that disabilities suck especially since the Vietnamese health care sucks now.

8: Music | Luu Huu Phuoc | The only type of music that I could find that the people in Vietnam mostly listen to is “synthetic” music. One of the most popular musicians in Vietnam is Luu Huu Phuoc. i think that music is a great way a country can express itself.

9: Art | Vietnam is mostly known for their mosaics and wood carving art. One good example of a mosaic is a memorial mosaic of the Mai Lai massacre during the Vietnam War in which American troops killed many Vietnamese civilians. It shows an American helicopter representing the crew of that helicopter who didn't kill civilians but instead tried to save them. I really like this mosaic of the Mai Lai Massacre, because it shows that soldiers care about the civilians of the enemy.

10: Government | Vietnam has a communist government. Right now the government of Vietnam is stable at the moment. The President of Vietnam is Nguyen Minh Triet, since 27 June 2006 and the Vice President is Nguyen Thi Doan, since 25 July 2007. I thought that it was funny that Vietnam has a president and vice president just like us. | Nguyen Minh Triet | Nguyen Thi Doan

11: Food | People in Vietnam usually have 2-3 meals a day with lunch being the most important. Fast food is also considered a delicacy. Traditionally the wife does the cooking. A family meal at home is a good thing. I think that it is a good thing that the family eats together.

12: Family Life | The regular size of a Vietnamese consists of 4+ people. Only the men have jobs in Vietnam, the woman take care of the kids and do housework. The role of children in Vietnam are just to stay home, go outside, and go to school. Children are disciplined into being completely obedient to their older siblings. This culture isn't much different to other cultures i have seen before. I do like the idea, of children being completely obedient to older siblings.

13: Dress | People in Vietnam dress in their own modern cloths. This style they dress in looks like traditional clothing to us. The traditional clothing look slightly different. I think that its weird how they dress because everyone else in the world is dressing more modern.

14: History | The time line for WW2 to The Vietnam War and all in between events above. I think that Vietnam has a lot of historical happenings. | 1955 Ho Chi Minh declares independence in Hanoi. | 1940 Japan invades Indochina | 1940 Ho Chi Minh takes power | 1959 military operations begin as well as Ho Chi Minh trail | 1976 Socialist Republic of Vietnam is officially proclaimed | 1960 Viet Cong formed | 1961 President Kennedy sends military aid to South Vietnam | 1975 Viet Cong troops enter Saigon | 1973 U.S. military withdraw | 1959 Major Dale Buis and Master Sergeant Chester M. Ovnand are he first American soldiers to die in Vietnam War.

15: Climate | Vietnam has a tropical climate. Its temperatures range between 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. the amount of rainfall can be up to 300mm. I think that Vietnam would be a cool vacation spot because of the warm temperatures.

16: Vietnam has a very mountainous terrain that rice terraces are often built on. There are also a lot of rivers from the rain in Vietnam. I think that there would be a lot of hiking to do if you were doing on a vacation to Vietnam. There would probably be a lot of white water rafting and boat rides in order to get to point A to point B. | Geography

17: There are 3 types of buildings in Vietnam: city, shanty and huts. The city ones are in the city, the shanty ones are the outside of the city, and the huts are in the hills and forest. I think i would be a cool experience to live in a hut for like a month. Just to see how lucky you are. | Architecture

18: Gestures/Manners | Appropriate Gestures: nodding bowing smiling Inappropriate Gestures: Frowning pointing at someone while talking to someone patting someones back

19: Info. Technology | There are only about 6-9 radio channels in Vietnam. There are about 154 million cell phones in Vietnam. There are only 23 million internet users in Vietnam. I think that Vietnam's lower to middle class have less technology access.

20: Global Contributions | The only global contribution that Vietnam did that I could find was that they made a biogas that could cut down on waste. I think that its great that Vietnam did something for the world sorta. Thats about all they did

21: Traditions/Holidays | The main holiday celebrated in Vietnam is he lunar new year which is celebrated in late January to early February. In this holiday everyone considers themselves one year older. Before this one week event houses are cleaned, graves are refurbished and relationships are mended. I think that this is a cool holiday, except for the part where they consider themselves one year older thats just weird.

22: Demographics | The literacy rate of Vietnam is 94% Vietnam has a age expectancy of 74 years. Median age: 27.8 years Population 83,936,464 This tells me that the total health of the country is very good.

23: Education | In Vietnam school is required until age 11. School for kids starts at 3 years old. Schools in Vietnam can be very large or very small. Classes are basically the same in Vietnam as in America. I think that Vietnam schooling starts too early.

24: Entertainment | People In Vietnam enjoy sports such as tennis and badminton. Martial arts such as tae kwon doe and wushu are also things that they do for entertainment. They also do chess. I think that people in Vietnam are very active.

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