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Vintage Wedding

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S: Made By Taylor Keyes.

FC: We Didn't Start the Fire

1: Harry Truman *Harry Truman was the 33rd president of the United States. Major events that happened during his term include Atomic Bombs Dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945) End of World War II (1945) United Nations Created (1945) Nuremburg Trials (1945-1946) Truman Doctrine (1947) Taft-Hartley Act (1947)

2: Doris Day Doris Day is an American actress and singer who toured with Les Brown. She made her first movie in 1948 | Red China Red China was when communist took control of China. Red china entered the Korean war in the 1950's | Johnnie Ray Johnnie Ray was a partially deaf singer. His song Cry was a number 1 hit.

3: South Pacific South Pacific was a popular brodway show. They also turned it into a hit movie. | Walter Winchell walter winchell was one of the best gossip reporters. His review could kill a reputation.

4: THE END........OF THE YEAR 1949 :) | Joe DiMaggio Joe DiMaggio was a baseball player for the New York Yankees. He set a record for hitting safely in 56 games straight

5: Studebaker The Studebaker was a very popular car in the 1950s. Many people argued that it looked like it was driving backwards. | Joe McCarthy Joe McCarthy was a senator from Wisconsin. He was well known for his interrogation skills. | Richard Nixon Richard Nixon was a member of the house of california who was very involved. he eventualy became vice president and then president

6: Television Television was invented in the late 1940s early 1950s. Most large cities had one channel. | North Korea North Korea was established as a communist country. They invaded South Korea starting the Korean war. | South Korea South Korea was invaded by North Korea after they split. This started the Korean war and the US was on the side of South Korea.

7: END OF 1950 | Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe was a well known movie star. She later died of unknown causes.

8: Rosenbergs | H-bomb The H-bomb is short for hydrogen bomb. It was much more powerful than the atomic bomb. | Rosenbergs The Rosenbers were a couple who were arrested and exicuted. They were guilty of selling information about the atomic bomb to the Soviets.

9: Sugar Ray Sugar Ray was a middle weight boxing champion. He was considered to be the best in the world. | Panmunjom Panmunjom is located in Korea. It is where negotiations between the United Nations and the Communist North Koreans to end the Korean War happened

10: Brando Marlon Brando was a top movie actor. He was famous for his brooding and mumbling acting style.

11: The Catcher in the Rye The Catcher in the Rye was a popular book among teens. It represented their attitudes and feelings. | The King and I The King and I was a popular Broadway play. It was later turned into a movie. | END OF 1951

12: Eisenhower Dwight D. Eisenhower was a Supreme Commander in World War II who later became a popular president. "I like Ike" was the motto of his followers.

13: Vaccine The vaccine to the disease polio was discovered by Jonas Salk. In 1952 it was distributed to the world. | England's Got a New Queen On February 6, 1952, Queen Elizabeth 2 became Queen of England after the death of her father, King George 6. Her coronation didn't take place until June 2, 1953.

14: Liberace Liberace was a popular pianist and entertainer, who had his own TV show. He was known for wearing sequined tuxedos | Marciano Rocky Marciano was the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. When he retired, he was undefeated.

15: END OF 1952 | Santayana good-bye Santayana was a philosopher. He died in 1952

17: Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union. He was a harsh leader who had millions of people killed or sent to labor camps. | Malenkov was a Soviet politician and Communist Party leader. He became leader of the USSR for a short 2 years after Stalin's death.

18: Nasser Nasser was the second President of Egypt. He was considered one of the influential Arab leaders in history.

19: Prokofiev Prokofiev was a famous composer from the Ukraine. He died in 1953. | Rockafeller Rockafeller became Governor of Arkansas. He was said to be a great influence on President Bill Clinton.

20: Campeanella Roy Campanella was the all-star catcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team. His career was cut short by a paralyzing car accident. | Communist Bloc Communist bloc was made up of USSR and their satellite countries. It was formed in 1953.

21: END OF 1953

22: Roy Cohn Roy Cohn was the advisor to Senator Joseph McCarthy. He advised him during the McCarthy Hearings on Communists in the movie industry and government.

23: Juan Peron Juan Peron was a popular leader in Argentina. He was first elected in 1946 and then elected again later | Toscanini Toscanini was a world-famous conductor. He was considered to have been one of the greatest classical conductors of all time.

24: Dacron Dacron was new wonder-material. It hit the market in 1954 . | Dien Bien Phu Falls The French lose control over what is now known as Vietnam. This happened after the fall of the city Dien Bien Phu

25: Rock Around The Clock Bill Haley and the Comets came out with what was considered the first rock-and-roll hit. The song was Rock Around the Clock and was the theme music for the popular movie Blackboard Jungle. | END OF 1954

26: Einstein Albert Einstein developed the Theory of Relativity in 1903. He died in 1955.

27: James Dean James Dean was a movie star who became a symbol of young people. He decided to drive his new 1955 Porsche Spyder California to enter in a sports car race and died when his car got hit.

28: Brooklyns Got a Winning Team In 1955 the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team finally won the World Series over the New York Yankees. They later moved to Los Angeles. | Davy Crodkett Davy Crockett was a highly popular TV series. Later a novelty song by that title became the number-1 hit for a short time.

29: Peter Pan Peter Pan was a top Broadway play. Starring in it was Mary Martin, who flew through the air as Peter Pan.

30: Elvis Presley Singer Elvis Presley became a national phenomenon with number 1 hit songs. He was called "Elvis the Pelvis" because of the way he shook his hips while dancing.

31: Disneyland Disneyland opened in 1955 in California. It was developed by Walt Disney and it was based on his cartoon characters. | END OF 1955

32: Bardot Brigitte Bardot was a French "sex-kitten" movie star. She was very popular | Budapest In Budapest, Hungary anti-communist riots took place. Many people (mostly students) were arrested by the Soviets. | Alabama In Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white person and was arrested. This led to the Montgomery Bus .

33: Khrushchev Khrushchev was the leader of the Soviet Union. He became leader after Stalin died. | Princess Grace Actress Grace Kelly left Hollywood to marry a prince. She then received the title of Princess Grace.

34: Peyton Place The book Peyton Place became the number-1 best-seller. Teens loved it

35: Trouble in the Suez Nasser gained control of the Suez canal. They retreated after the US almost got involved | END OF 1956

36: Little Rock In Little Rock, Arkansas African American students enrolled in an all white school. Governor Faubus believed black and whites should be segregated and tried to stop them. | Pasternak Pasternak was a Russian poet and writer. He is best known for his monumental novel on Soviet Russia.

37: Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle was a baseball player for the New York Yankee team. He could bat both left- and right-handed

39: Kerouac Kerouac was the author of the best-selling book On the Road. He became a serious alcoholic and died at an early age.

40: Sputnik Sputnik was the name of the first satellite sent into space by the USSR. It launched the race to get a man on the moon

41: Zhou Enlai Zhou EnLai Foreign Minister of the People's Republic. He was largely responsible for the re-establishment of contacts with the West. | Bridge on the River Kwai The Bridge on the River Kwai was Academy Award winning movie. It was about a World War II Japanese prisoner-of-war camp. END OF 1957

42: Lebanon President Eisenhower ordered the Marines into Lebanon at the request of the Lebanese President. He need them to help stop riots that were occurring in the country. | Charles de Gaulle Charles de Gaulle was the leader of France. He returned to power as the leader in 1958.

43: California baseball The Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team moved to Los Angeles Dodgers. The New York Giants also moved but to San Francisco.

44: Starkweather homicide Charles Starkweather was a serial killer. Starkweather and his girlfriend were captured and executed.

45: Children of Thalidomide Thalidomide was a medication to help pregnant mothers deal with morning sickness. children of the women who took the drug while pregnant were born with severe deformities. | END OF 1958

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