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Vintage Wedding

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S: Our Wedding

BC: Quest for Immortality

FC: Quest for Immortality | Allison J.

1: Allison J. | Quest for Immortality | page 1

2: I was walking in a dark forest when I saw a dark looking apple tree. I looked into the dark leaves and saw a golden apple shining. I climbed the tree and picked it off it's stem. It fell to the ground, I jumped down and took a bite. Thunder sounded, lighten flashed, a huge glowing man floated above my head. "Who has eaten the apple of immortality?!" He said in a booming | page 2

3: page 3 | voice. "I have, who are you?" I said "I am Hades ruler of the underworld. You have eaten the apple so I will make you a goddess. But first you have to perform 2 tasks." He gave me a scroll and disappeared | 1.a ring from the minotaur 2. scale from the Hedra

4: While I was walking and reading I saw a olive tree. An old women was standing next to it. Fog sallowed her up, lighten flashed, then it was all over. Instead of the old women it was a huge glowing women with a helmet and a spare. "Who are you?" I asked. "I am Athen goddess of wisdom in battle." "Do you want me to go on another journey?" I asked "No, I'm here to help you. Pick a golden olive if in need of my help." Then she disappeared | page 4

5: page 5 | warning!!!!!! the minotaur is a VERY dangerous animal | I entered the lair, the maze of caves in witch the minotaur lives. Torches lit the way toward the throne. There were Signs saying "Turn Around!" or "Stay Away!". The minotaur sat in the dim light. Half man half bull he was taller then 2 times my size. "Excuse me minotaur, but can I have the ring on your nose?" "Ha ha ha ha!" He laughed. "I only do favors to people who make it though my maze."

6: page 6 | I took my golden string out and tied it around a column. With torch in one hand and string in other I headed off in the dark maze. Cobwebs were everywhere. The deeper I got the more cold I got and the maze was starting to get more confusing. Forks in the path, zig zagging, and gates blocking exits. I saw a small olive tree and picked off the golden olive. Athen was standing beside the olive tree. She touched the

7: page 7 | small, weak tree and it grew all the way to the roof. "You asked for my help." "Yes, do you know the way out?" I asked"Follow your path then make a left." She disappeared. I kept walking then there was a fork in the path. I made a left, in the distance I saw an open gate. I ran out the gate and in front of me was the angry minotaur. "You weren't spouse to make it out!" He yelled. "I made it though the maze now give me your ring." He took out his ring and gave it to me.

8: page 8 | I arrived at Posidens temple. Water was all the way around the temple. Stepping stones were place to hop to the temple. I entered the temple and stepped on a trap. The whole temple was drowning! The Hedra came into the temple. 6 heads against 1. I bonked one on the head. then the next, then the next water was even higher. Finely they were all knocked out, I took one of there lose scales.

9: page 9 | "Take me to Hades" I said to an old man who was paddling the row boat across the river of lava. A palace came up in the distance. I walked into the big palace doors. Hades was waiting for me by the table in the middle of the room. "Do you have the items?" He asked. "Yes now can I become a goddess?" He took the items away from me. "I'll make you a goddess when I'm dead, witch will never happen!"

10: page 10 | I poofed back into the dark forest next to the olive tree. I picked the golden olive off. Athen appeared "Hades is going to take over the world!" She yelled. "What?" "He was using you to get the objects! You have to tell my father and his bother, Posieden. My bother Herclues can help you."

11: page 11 | The water was cold as Herclues and I swam toward the underwater kingdom. We reached the palace and when we went inside, no water. "Posieden I need your help." "I can't leave my palace but here is my trident."

12: page 12 | " Zeus help me." "I can't leave the heavens but here are lighten bolts." We were headed down Mount Olympics when I saw a snake. "I can smash that snake easily." Said Herclues. He reached down and Medusa popped out.She turned him to stone.

13: page 13 | "Hades!" I yelled he waled out from the throne room. "You think you can stop me?!!" I put 3 lighten bolts in the trident and zapped him. It took me about 30 bolts before he said "I give! I give!" | The End

14: About the | Author | Allison loves animals. She also loves writing. She is 10 years old. She loves leaning about Greek mythology. That's why she wrote this book. Her hobby is writing and goofing off. thank you for reading. | page 14

15: warning minotaur is very dangerous animal

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