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FC: Virginia project By Jake Logue

1: The Coastal Plain runs from north to south along the Atlantic Ocean. The Coastal Plain Region is an area of low, flat land that lies along an ocean. Its often called the Tidewater because of the flow of water up and down the coastal inlets and bays as the tide moves in and out. The Atlantic Coastal Plain is divided into a mainland in the west and a peninsula, called the Eastern Shore, by Chesapeake Bay. Many people live in the Coastal Plain because they work on the water fishing.

2: The Piedmont Region is west of the Coastal Plain Region along the lower part of the mountains. It is Virginia's largest geographical region. The Piedmont Region is made up of rolling hills. The word Piedmont means “foot of the mountain”. The Piedmont is a good region for farming because it is in the southern part of Virginia where the weather is warmer and the soil is fertile. Farmers raise animals for money like cows for milk.

3: The Blue Ridge Mountains start in Pennsylvania and end in Georgia. It is located west of the Piedmont Region. The region consists of a long narrow string of thick forested mountains. Its does not have many cities but if you go south to Roanoke there are museums and a children's zoo. It has the highest peaks in the state of Virginia. Hogs like to take naps on the Blue Ridge Mountains. Its an area known for growing corn and potatoes because the temperature is warm and the soil is fertile.

4: The Valley and Ridge is west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is the most rugged area of the state. The Valley and Ridge is an awesome place to grow apples and other fruit because it is fertile which means it is great for farming. The Valley and Ridge is made up of many rocky peaks separated by several lowland valleys like the Shenandoah Valley. Its name comes from an Indian word meaning daughter of the stars. There is an old song named Shenandoah.

5: The Appalachian Plateau is the smallest region in Virginia, with the smallest city of Norton. The Appalachian Mountains are like a backbone in the eastern United States because they run from the top of the state to the bottom. They have important minerals like coal and Zinc. Coal is mined and used for power and industry. Zinc is mined to produce iron and rubber. They also grow tobacco in the region.

6: The forest is big and green. Forests at one time covered most of Virginia. Indians hunted in the forests for food like for deer, rabbit, fox and turtles. The Virginia forest has changed by people cutting down trees and clearing land to build villages. Forest Miller is one of the forests in Virginia, it is important because it has renewable resources like wood and seeds.

7: Virginia has an abundance of freshwater due to the annual rainfall of over 42 inches. The rainfall provides about 79,800 million gallons of freshwater per day. . We have less freshwater now because people are polluting the water so the fish are dying and there aren't enough for people to catch for food. There is a lot of wildlife that lives in freshwater lakes like bass, ducks and cranes. Fairfax Lake is an example of a lake in Virginia.

8: There are many caves and caverns in Virginia. Calvin Cave it is a well known cave because it is located next to a monument. Caverns are underground caves. Luray Caverns is the largest cavern in the eastern USA Some of the most spectacular creations were formed in Spiders and beetles live in these caves and caverns because it is dark and cold. Bats live in and around and eat the bugs and beetles that live there.

9: Virginia’s natural resources, water, coal, timber, and soil, play an important role for humans, plants and animals. We cannot survive without water. Coal is important because it gives us energy and technology without it we could not be able to have computers and fuel. Timber, also known as wood, is a big part in our lives it helps us build houses and other forms of shelter. Soil is another imported part in our lives because it gives us vegetables and other food to eat. It is important to care for our natural resources so they are around for us to use in our everyday lives. There are several major pollutants that affect our waterways. This makes management of natural resources and pollution prevention challenging. By taking better care and not polluting our water then it would be safer for humans, fish and other animals. We can also conserve water by not using as much when we brush our teeth or wash dishes. The way to save coal is to find different energy sources such as wind power or water power. We can save timber by using fewer trees and plant more seeds to grow more trees. Pollutants also affect the soil and the crops the farmers produce. If the farmers cannot grow crops then the animals and humans will go hungry. The natural resource I choose is water because it is very important to the ecosystem. It is important because every living thing needs it to stay alive. Water is probably the most important natural resource on Earth. In fact, we could only live for a few days without drinking water. We also need water to grow plants and care for animals, brush our teeth, flush the toilet. It is important for everyone to save, or conserve, water so that there is enough for everyone. That is why I picked water!

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