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Virginia History

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S: Virgina History by Libbie Closter

FC: Virginia History created by Libbie

1: Jamestown 1607 | The name of the ships were the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and the Discovery

2: The English came to Jamestown hoping to find gold and silver!

3: They also picked Jamestown because they thought there was plenty of clean water and food! Jamestown was a great location because large ships could dock.

4: There were many hardships at Jamestown including The Powhatan Indians attacked.

5: People were dieing because of diseases like the measles.

6: John Smith was a brave leader. Pocahontas wanted peace between Indians and English. Chief Powhatan wanted no peace at first.

7: The house of burgesses is like a place were people have a conversation it's kind of like the government making laws. also the King of England makes charters.

8: There was always a battle between the Indians and the English.

9: They took a lot of Africans and used them as slaves.

10: American Revolution

11: This is battle between the British vs. French and Indians. The British made the colonist pay for the war when they went aginst them.

12: TAXES The British made the colonist pay for the Sugar act, Stamp act, and the Townshend act.

14: At the Boston tea party the colonist dressed like Indians and dumped all the tea into the ocean

15: These patriots love there country.

16: Most of the British were loyalist and loyalist are people who respect their king. The kings name is King Gorge the 111 and another leader is Lord Cornwallis.

17: This is an American flag. | This is a British flag. | This is a French flag.

18: James A. Lafayette was an African slave that earned his freedom and became a spy for the colonist. Patrick Henry gave a famous saying give me liberty or give me death. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.

19: Jack Jouett was kind of like Paul Revere I mean he went and told everyone that the British were coming. Paul Revere got on his horse and and told all the minute men the British are coming the British are coming. | Gorge Washington was the leader of the American colonist.

20: The African and American Indians were divided in war.

21: The women took care of the sick or hurt. They make clothes for the colonist and they farm for food for all the men.

22: The battle of Lexington and concord was the first battle that the colonist and the British.

23: The battle of Great Bridge was the first battle in Virgina.

24: The Battle of Yorktown was the last battle when Lord Cornwallis surrendered and thats when the Colonist WON!!!


26: This is the first president of the USA and we call him the father of our country.

27: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.


29: The Legislative Branch is when a group make some laws and give them to the Executive Branch. The Executive Branch is were the governor picks witch law he likes or dislikes. The Judicial Branch is were they decide if the laws have been broken or not.

30: Farmers planted Tobacco and sold it but after three to two years they have to move west and deep south for better soil and minerals.

31: Harriet Tubman was a slave. She escaped from slavery and went back and fourth on the under ground railroad saving 300 slaves (friends and family).

32: Nat Turner also hated slavery. He killed over 60 men, women, and kids for having slaves work for them. | John Brown hated slavery.He went on a boat with lots of guns and he was going to stop slavery but he got caught and hung.

33: Divided Nation! Union (North) and Confederacy (South). South wanted slavery and North opposed slavery. South farmed and North used machines and factories.

34: There was a conflict between the Eastern Counties of VA. Then West Virginia seceded from the Union.

35: Not a lot of people wanted Abe. Lincoln to be president. So once he became president some states seceded from the Union. | Abe. Lincoln opposed slavery. Abe. Lincoln and Ulysses Grant were on the Union side together.

36: UNION Abe Lincoln and Ulysses Grant were on the union side. Abe was the president of the Union and Grant was a general of the Union.

37: CONFEDERACY | Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederacy. | Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House.

38: Battles Battle of Bull Run - July 1861 Battle of Monitor and Merrimack - March 1862 Battle of Fredericksburg - December 1862 The Siege of Petersburg - 1864-1865

39: Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House so the Union (North) won. NO SLAVES!!!


41: Over 4 million slaves need homes, food, and jobs. Banks are closed, South money had no value, and homes, rail roads, and crops were destroyed.

42: Freed men's Bureau is a government agency that provided food, schools, and medical care. Sharecropping was a thing that if a freed slave needed a place to stay the owner would let he/she stay, but they had to plant some crops and it wasn't fair when the freed slave had to give up half the crops.

43: Freedom to freed slaves were taken away after reconstruction. The "Jim Crow"laws effected freed slaves (African Americans). Everything between Blacks and Whites had to be separated. The things that had to be separated were Different schools, sides of buses, water fountains, and more.

44: SEGREGATION A separation of people based on religion. | PREJUDICES Opinions without any proof. | DISCRIMINATION An unfair treatment of people. JIM CROW LAWS Laws that established segregation or separation of races.

45: After the Civil war advances in industry, technology, and transportation were key factors. As more people traveled, VA's citys grew with more people, businesses, and factories. Rail roads were a key to the expansion of

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