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Virginia History

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FC: Virginia History Created by: Sarah

1: Three ships named The Susan Constant, The Discovery, and Godspeed landed in Jamestown in 1607!

2: The English came to Jamestown for several reasons... 1 Defense against enemies from sea and land. 2 Jamestown had good drinking water.

3: 3. Jamestown had deep enough water to dock. 4.They thought that there was gold and silver.

4: The hardships at Jamestown... | 1. The diseases at Jamestown. 2.Indian attacks.

5: 3. To find clean water. 4. There is no food.

6: The important people in Jamestown are ... | Pocahontas,John Rolfe,Captain John Smith

7: Chief Powhatan | Christopher Newport.

8: 1619 Government began The King of England granted charters.

9: Slaves were labeled to work 5 to 7 years.They made tobacco grow.

10: The American Revolution.

11: The French and Indian war was between the French and Indians and Great Britain.The British debt nearly doubled.

12: The King of England made the colonist pay for the war.He did not want to make His country pay.So He taxed the colonist.

13: That is where the Sugar Act,Stamp Act,and the Townshend Act came in.

14: Patriots are people who fight to pertect their famliy. For example George Washingtonwas a patriot.

15: The king of England taxed all goods and so they were called the Boston Massacre,and Boston Tea Party.

16: The Sons of liberty and the colonist are going against king George the 3,Lord Cornwallis in the American Revolution.

18: George Washington lead the fight for freedom and was the Commander of the Continental Army.Patrick Henry gave the famous speech " Give Me Liberty or Give me Death".Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.

20: Slaves were divided in the war.The slaves were promised there freedom if they fight for them.James Lafayette was a spy for Continental Army.

21: The woman took care of the farms and made cloths for the soldiers.

22: The battle of the Great Bridge was the first battle of the American Revolution.Paul Revere warned the minutemen that the British were coming to make people pay taxes.It was located 7 miles south of Norfolk, Virginia.The Battle of Saratoga was when Thomas Jefferson asked the French to fight with them and they they said yes.

23: The battle of Lexington and Concord was telling the British that the colonist were willing to fight for their freedom.

24: The battle of Yorktown was the last battle of the American Revolution.Lord Cornwallis surrendered to the colonist at Yorktown that is why they call it the Battle of Yorktown.

25: / | The Signing of theTreaty of Paris ended the American Revolution.

26: George Washington was the Chief of the Continental Army.He was the first President in the U.S.. He was called the "Father of are Country' and the leader of the Constitution Convention. James Madison was a great compromiser and note taker.They call him "The Father of the Constitution.

27: Thomas Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence and The Virgina Statue of Religious Freedom. | George Mason wrote Virgina Declaration of Rights.Which influenced the Bill of Rights.

29: The Executive Branch is when they carry out laws.The governor would work in this branch. The Legislative Branch makes the laws, the people who write are... | The General Assembly,Senate,and House of Delegates.The Judicial Branch decides if laws have been broken.( Judges,Lawyers,courts.)

30: The farmers moved South because the tobacco took all of the minerals out of the ground.The farmers could not plant any other plants.when they moved south the people took their traditions ideas,and cultutres with them

31: An abolitionist is someone who is against slavery.A example of a abolitionist is Harriet Tubman.She saved over 300 slaves in 19 trips.What is amazing that she kept going back and forth North to South.

32: Nat Turner and John Brown were very mean people. Nat Turner killed nearly 60 men,woman,and children on plantations. John Brown led a raid on U.S. Amory to get guns to slaves to lead a slave rebellion.

33: The Northern states had machines [industrialized] and the South had farmers and slaves [Agricultural.]

34: A conflict grew between the eastern part of V.A. that wanted slaves and the west part that didn't.That disagreement lead to the creation of West V.A. in 1863.

35: Abe Lincoln hated slavery and did not want it to spread in other states.He came Pres. in 1860.After, that seven states seeded and formed the Confederate States of America.

36: The Union had Abraham Lincoln and General Uylsses S. Grant. | They fought to end slavery in all states.

37: The Confederacy had Jefferson Davis,Robert E. Lee,J.E.B. Stuart,and Stonewall Jackson. | They fought for slaves.

38: The Civil War had alot of battles witch include Fort Sumter, Battle of Bull Run[ July of 1861],USS Monitor vs USS Merrimack[March of 1862],Battle of Fredericksburg[De-cember of 1862],The Seig of Petersburg[1864-1865.

39: At Appomattox Court House General Lee surrenderd his army to General Grant. After Jefferson Davis was captured.

40: After the Civil War the time Reconstruction had started.After the Civil War ended V.A.was distroid.Banks were closed,4 million slaves that needed home and jobs.The South's Confederate bills were useless after the war.

41: In 1865 Freedman's Bureau was created. This company helped pour white farmers and freed slaves.They provided food,cloths,meds.,and schools.Then sharecropping got it's name.Sharecropping is when farmers 'paid' slaves with their harvest and somtimes they would give a peice of land to the slaves and the farmer s would get some of their harvest.

42: The slaves rites were taken away after the Reconstruction.This made it almost immposible to vote.'Jim Crow' laws had a lot to do with this.They had to pay poll taxes and take a test to vote.African-Americans were forced to use separate drinking fountains,public schools,and were not allowed to sit together on buses,trains,or restaurants.

43: Segregation usually means the separation based on race or religion. Discrimination means an unfair difference of other people that they can't help. .Prejudices means negative opinion about people without proof. Jim Crow laws established the separation between the black and white people.

44: After the Reconstruction was over V.A began to come back together.As more people traveled the cities in V.A. had more people,businesses,and factories.Then the need for better roads increased.Railroads exspanded businesses,people,and factories.The railroads made small towns into cities and railroad centers would transport clothing and furniture.Other parts of Virginia became industries they started to do coal deposits that were discovered in Tazewell County after the Civil War and in nearby counties.Farming and tobacco came back after the effects of the Civil War and again became a important V.A. industry.

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