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Virginia History

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FC: Virginia History created by Braxton

1: Three ships came to Jamestown in 1607 | The ships were called the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery

2: They thought the water was deep for docking.

3: They thought they would find gold and silver.

4: Jamestown all most failed because Ct.John Smith left Jamestown.

5: Half of Jamestown burned down.

6: This is Ct. John Smith, helped the settlers in Jamestown survive because of his leadership.

7: Christopher Newport was the first to find Jamestown.

8: The first government meeting was held in 1619 in the Virginia House of Burgesses.

9: In 1620 women came to start families in Jamestown.


11: W | French & Indian War The French and British fought for colonial domination in North America. The British had to find a way to pay for the expensive war, so the colonist were taxed.

12: The Sugar Act was passed in 1764. The British taxed sugar, wine and other imports. The Stamp Act was passed in 1765. The British taxed stamps, paper, newspapers and legal documents.

13: The Townshend Act was passed 1767 it taxed all English imports such as paint, tea, glass,paper and lead.

14: Boston Tea party was in 1773. Patriots called the Sons of Liberty dressed as Indians and dumped 342 crates of tea into Boston Harbor.

15: The Boston Massacre was on March 5, 1770. A street fight broke out between a patriotic mob and the British soldiers. The colonists did not like the British in their city. Five colonists were killed during the fight by the Red Coats.

16: The British flag was flown by the loyalist, who remained loyal to King George III. Lord Cornwallis was in charge of the British troops.

17: This is the American flag and it was flown by the Patriots. The Patriots were made up of colonists who hated the British and their taxes, such as the Sons of Liberty and the Minute Men.

18: There were many important Patriots during the American Revolution. | James A. Lafayette was an enslaved African who served in the Continental Army and was spy for the Americans/ Patriots. | George Washington was Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. He won the battle that ended the war.

19: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. | Jack Jouett rode his horse to warn Thomas Jefferson and the Virginia legislature the British were coming to arrest them. They escaped from the Red Coats. | Paul Revere warned everyone in the village that the "British are coming, the British are coming." This was important for the battles of Lexington and Concord. | Ben Franklin convinced the French to help the Americans fight the British. | Patrick Henry inspired patriots and spoke about taxation without representation. He gave the famous speech where he stated, "give me liberty or give me death."

20: American Indians fought in the American Revolution for the American's and the British because both sides promised them land and privacy. | Africans fought in the American Revolution for the American's and the British because both sides promised them their freedom. More Africans fought for the Americans than the British.

21: The women supported the troops. They made clothes for the soldiers, farmed, cooked and took care of the wounded.

22: Battle of Lexington and Concord The first battles of the American Revolution. The English found out the American's would fight for their freedom. This battle was fought in Massachusetts.

23: Battle of Saratoga Fought in New York, this battle is a turning point of the war because the French joined forces with the American's. | Battle of Great Bridge The battle was fought in Virginia near Norfolk. This battle scared away Lord Dunmore and the British government ruling the colony.

24: Battle of Yorktown The Continental Army, lead by George Washington, with the help of the French Navy kept the British from helping General Cornwallis. This fierce battle cut off Cornwallis from the British Navy and lead the British leader to surrender to George Washington. This victory brought the end of the war.

25: The Treaty of Paris ended the war of the American Revolution

26: George Washington was commander and chief of the Continental Army, "Father of our Country', 1st president of the US, and leader of the Constitutional Convention.

27: James Madison was know as a great note taker, good compromiser, and "Father of the Constitution."

28: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom.

29: George mason wrote The Virginia Declaration of rights and Influenced the bill of rights.

30: The three branches of Virginia's state government.

31: The Executive Branch carries out the laws. Headed by the Governor. The General Assembly is the Legislative Branch of the Virginia government that makes state laws. It is divided into two parts: Senate and House of Delegates. The Judicial Branch is the state's court system. It decides cases about people accused of breaking the law and whether or not a law agrees with Virginia's Constitution.

32: Virginians move West & South after the American Revolution in search of better farm land.

33: Tobacco farming drained the minerals in the soil, causing many farmers to look to the west and deep south for new land to farm. Virginians migrated into western territories looking for large areas of land and new opportunities. As Virginians moved, they took their traditions, ideas, and cultures with them.

34: Harriet Tubman saved 300 slaves so they could be free and she never lost a slave.

35: John brown wanted slaves to have guns so the slave owners hung him.

36: He was a slave and killed 60 men,women,and children. Plus he killed his owner.

37: Abraham Lincoln was an abolitionist because he did not like slavery.

38: THE Civil WAR

39: The north and the south had long fights about if we should have slaves or not.

40: west virginia was made after in the war so west virginia was made.

41: Abe Lincoln opposed slaves and some states broke away from the north and some staed on the north.

42: the Union had more ever thing like men for the war and railroads and states.

43: the Confederacy had trained men for the war but they lost the war.

44: the battle of bull Run was the being of the war on 1861. the battle was fought to a draw on 1862. The battle of Fredericksburg was on winter 1862. The battle of Petersburg took 1864 - 1865.

45: this is Appomattox court house this is where the south give up the war.

46: After Reconstruction the south made Jim crow laws so it would make it hard for blacks to vote and be in the congress.

47: When Ade Lincoln was killed the south and the north started to grew bigger. they bad things happen one is the south are making bad laws and the south are killing inset blacks.

48: During Reconstruction 4 Million freed slaves and poor people from the south they all need homes,clothing,food,and jobs. that was called sharecropping.

49: freedman's Bureau is where freed slaves did to live it provide mashine,food,and shellter.

50: this is want it looked like in 1877 after Reconstruction and then the congress made Jim crow laws were made to make it hard for slaves to vote. also made black codes.

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