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We Didn't Start The Fire

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S: We Didn't Start The Fire

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1: We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel MixBook by: Alberto Mascarenas

2: In 1902 ideas changed about youth in the world, when a Scottish play writer wrote the Little White Bird, where now famous character Peter Pan was featured. This was Peter Pans first appearance in novels. The original novel kept changing until finally it became Peter Pan and Wendy. M. Barrie’s book was such a hit that Walt Disney adapted it into a movie for young children. As the child who never grew up Peter Pan inspired people to not grow up and that youth is important. However what no one ever suspected was that this cartoon movie would not only be a rapid selling hit but it would also change society. This movie made being young something desirable, something that you would want to hold on for as long as you can. Now the youth were no longer looked upon as immature but as an icon of beauty.

4: James Dean was an extremely famous actor in 1955, after a few movies teenage girls were obsessed with him. He was the heartthrob of many girls; he was Mr. Perfect for everyone. He made three movies in his acting career; Rebel without a Cause, East of Eden and Giant where the movies. He was between films when he died. He drove a Porsche 550 Spyder that was later nicknamed ‘Little Bastard’. One time he went to a restaurant and he met Alex Guiness, James asked him if he wanted to ride his Spyder, to which Alex responded “If you get in that car you will be found dead in it by this time next week. Surprisingly exactly seven days late in September 23 1955 he James found himself in a tragic car accident that killed him. All teenager girls went haywire when they found out about his death, their hearts shattered when they found out that their ‘love’ died. He was later buried back in Fairmount Indiana, his hometown. People still grieve for his death, not only because of his looks but because he was a great actor too.

6: In 1956 Walt Disney had done a lot of thinking and had finally decided that it was time to find a place where kids and families could enjoy themselves. Someplace where they could have fun in family rides but also enjoy exhilaration rides full of adrenaline. He knew what it was like sitting at home bored to death with nothing to do. In fact the only fun rides at that time would have been carnivals and they only cam a few days a year and never stayed for more than a week. So in Anaheim, California he decided to put all his fantasies into one place. He decided to use the already adored Mickey Mouse as one of the main characters because of something that happened to him as a kid. When Walt was a kid and he was in a forest he spotted and owl hunting a mouse and then devouring it, this all happened right in front of his eyes, he could never forget that innocent mouse and that is why he decided to use Mickey Mouse as his star.

8: The year was 1955, after losing two World Series against the Yankees. Year after Year the Brooklyn Dodgers had gotten to the finals then lost against the Yankees. This year looked like yet another year of the same story. The Dodgers had once again reached the finals but they were expected to lose once again. The day came when they had to face their rivals once more in the Yankee stadium. However they were about to loses yet again when Yogi Berra a Yankee that usually bats to the right decide to trick the Dodgers by hitting it to the their left. The left fielder Sand Amoros was more to the right than usual considering Yogis usual performance but Sandy knew he had to try to reach it or he would regret it. In turn Amoros made a desperate run all the way to the end of the left field, when it seemed inevitable that he would lose the ball, he caught it, and won the game for the dodgers.

10: Albert Einstein is a very distinguished scientist that has won Nobel Prices and has contributed to science greatly. He was born in Ulm, in Württemberg in 1879. He was in Germany during WWII and since he was already working on an atomic bomb with a group of scientist, his greatest fear was what would happen if Hitler got hold of a weapon as powerful as an atomic bomb. To protect the world he wrote a letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the current president of the United States of America to see if they could get him out of Germany. Mr. Roosevelt was able to get the scientist out safely but he also needed help from them. He told them that if they helped him with building and atomic bomb the war would come to an end sooner and more people would be saved. In the end Albert Einstein and his group of scientist did finish helping with the atomic bomb code name, ‘The Manhattan Project’. Albert later confessed that even though the bomb did end the war, he would have been happier if it had nothing to do with him. In the end this great genius died in 1955.

12: Quiz | 1. Which book did Peter Pan originally come from? a. The Little White Bird b. Tales for Kids c. The Encyclopedia of Art d. Peter Pan in Never Land 2. Who predicted James death? a. Ms. Bartosz b. Alex Guiness c. Sponge Bob d. His mother 3.What was Walts main reason for Disney Land a. He needed the money b. He wanted fame c. He wanted fun rides in one place d. He was tortured until he did it

13: 4. Why did Amoros have to run so much? a. He thought the ball would go to the right b. He enjoyed running c. He had not been paying attention d. He was being attacked by aliens 5. What did Albert Einstein regret? a. Escaping Germany b. Not making and atomic bomb for Hitler c. Helping with the atomic bomb d. Not bing a ninja instead of a scientist

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