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We didnt Start the fire 1962

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We didnt Start the fire 1962 - Page Text Content

S: By Remberto Uzcategui

FC: We Didn't Start The Fire | 1962

1: We Didn't Start The Fire Billy Joel

2: Lawrence of Arabia Lawrence of Arabia was an epic movie from 1962 and the film is one of the first epic/war movies. Before this movie was made, the movies were based on dramas about English life. This movie is so famous because Lawrence the main character,was a mysterious one. He was not really understood even at the end of the movie. Lawrence's political views in the movie are more relevant than his adventures in the desert. The film overwhelms with its images of the desert and men at war. Lawrence, in the movie was,raped by the Turks and he described it in his memoirs as “the citadel of my integrity”. Also this movie was not filmed in a studio.It was filmed in a desert and that is why it is one of its kind. David Lean did a very good job directing the movie Lawrence of Arabia.

3: Liston Beats Patterson: Sonny Liston better known as the Big Bear, was a boxer born on May 8, 1932 but there is some uncertainly about his birth year. Liston was a son of an alcoholic. Liston, at the age of 13, left to live with an aunt in St. Louis Missouri in St. Louis Liston quickly had problems with the local police. Liston was famous because he was a mean looking booker that struck fear in the hearts of his opponents. Liston beats Patterson was a really famous fight because everybody said that no one could beat Floyd Patterson but Sonny Liston did it. He did what everybody said was impossible. The fight was going to be held in New York but the New York Boxing commission denied them to fight because of Sonny Liston's criminal record. So the fight was moved to Comiskey Park, Chicago, Illinois Sonny Liston beats Patterson in the first round knocking him down.

4: Ole Miss Ole Miss Campus in Oxford, It all started when James Meredith submitted his application to the University of Mississippi, known as Ole Miss. James was a student at Jackson State College, an all black school. When James made his application to Ole Miss it was denied or not accepted. Then he sents other applications and the same thing happened so he thought maybe they were denying it because of his skin color. After more than a year in the courts discussing what was going on, the United States Supreme Court was in favor with James Meredith. The University of Mississippi was ordered to allow James on the Campus. Ole Miss students began to protest and General Robert Kennedy sent 500 United States Marshals, border guards and Prison Guards to the University to hold peace. The guards were instructed not to fire on the crowd. They were only allowed to use tear gas. The people protesting were more than 2,000 and they rioted against the guards. Because of this President John F Kennedy sent 16,000 Guard troops to the campus. At the end of the riot many people were injured including guards. James attended his first day of class at Ole Miss on October 1st, 1962 with an escort of federal officials.

5: John Glenn John Glenn born 18th of July, 1921 in Ohio. During his early years, John Glen liked science but he went on to study engineering. After graduating he went to study in a naval school. Then he joined the marines and he went to WWII. After that he moved to Texas where he was a flying instructor. After some years, John was selected as a Project Mercury astronaut in 1962 and was assigned to the NASA space task group in Langley research center. When the space task group moved to Houston it was with the NASA spacecraft center. February 20, 1962 John Glenn was blasted to the sky and piloted the Mercury Atlas 6 on the first orbital mission of the United States. John in the mission completed three orbits of the earth and the total duration of the whole mission was 4 hours, 55 minutes and 23 seconds. He was the first American and third person to orbit the Earth..

6: British Beatlemenia Guitarist John Lennon formed the “skiffle” group The Quarrymen with some Liverpool school friends in March 1957. Paul McCartney joined as a guitarist after he and Lennon met that July. When McCartney, in turn, invited George Harrison to watch the group the following February, he joined the group as lead guitarist. By 1960, Lennon's friends left the group, he begun to studie at the Liverpool College of Art and the three guitarists were playing rock and roll when they could get a drummer and after some time waiting they got a drummer. Joining on in January, Lennon's student suggested changing the band name to The Beatles because of something to do with Buddy Holly and The Crickets. The Beatles was something that the British industry had never seen. The Beatles, before going to United States of America, started in Liverpool where they started playing in a bar and the Beatles always played in that bar. The Beatle manic were like crazy fans and they invented myths.

7: Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson was born January 31st, 1919, in Georgia and he was the first African American Major League Baseball player of the modern era. They say that Jackie Robinson broke the baseball color line when he was with the Brooklyn Dodgers in the year of 1947. He was the first black man to play in the major league baseball since the 1880s. He was really important in bringing an end to the racial segregation in Major league Baseball. Before him African Americans needed to play in a special league called the Negro League for six decades. Jackie Robinson was a person who really contributed significantly to the civil rights movement, and he helped a lot in making a change in the major league Baseball. After being so helpful with all the things he did, Jackie Robinson died October 24th, 1972. I think that he did a great job in helping with the civil rights movement.

8: John Steinbeck John Steinbeck was born February 27, 1902 in California and he was an American writer and he wrote the Pulitzer Prize winning novel for 1939 He was a really important writer because he wrote a total of twenty seven books including sixteen novels, six collections of short stories. John when he was little he worked in nearby ranches near his town and he helped the migrants that were working in the ranch with John Steinbeck, John did went to school and he graduated for Salinas high school and he attended Stanford University, John In 1962 received the Nobel surprise for literature and this was his best year. I think that John worked really well all his years so that he could win all the prizes that he won.

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10: We didn't Start The Fire Questions 1.When was the movie Lawrence of Arabia 2.Why didn't the New York boxing commission let the fight to be held in New York? 3.What day was the first day of school of James Meredith? 4.How much did the mission lasted? 5.Who suggested the Beatles to change their name to the Beatles? 6.Why was Jackie so important? 7.How many books did John write?

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