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Weird Short Stories From The Mind of Logan

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BC: All I can say is wow I just wrote that!!

FC: Weird Short Stories From The Mind Of Logan Kober

1: This first story is of a group of friends who ventured into the dark woods at night looking for adventure. What they found was something they thought was fake, and something they thought only lived on the big screen. So, they found themselves in THE CLASH OF THE BEASTS | It was a dark, summer night, when Mike, Trey, Logan, Matt, Justin, Austin, and Gabe decided to go exploring the unknown woods of their property. It was 11 o'clock at night and the boys slowly opened the door to the basement and left the house. Armed with flashlights, pocketknives, and somehow, a taser, the teens explored the forest. Suddenly, Logan heard a long, deep howl in the distance, and Mike decided to the boys should explore the source of the sound. As usual, chickens Trey and Anderson wanted to head home and not worry about this, but they were forced to walk with there friends in search of terror. When the boys reached a clearing, the noticed wolves scattering and lasers going off, so of course they took cover behind a fallen tree. What they saw amazed them, it was a real life Predator, hunting a pack of werewolves. After this disturbing scene, Gabe and Horton decided to sneak back home but stopped dead in their tracks when a 7 foot behemoth wolf stood in front of them. Horton let out a bloodcurdling scream and was smacked into the tree by the massive paw of his attacker, while Gabe sprinted to his comrades in seek of help. The wolf was closing in when they heard a yelp and the wolf dropped to the ground, with a giant, eroded hole in his stomach. Predator killed one, and he knew the boys were present. The boys decided it would be a good time to run!!!! They took off down the trail, they were pretty sure they lost the alien hunter when another werewolf pounced on Logan.

2: The boy screamed for help, as his brave friend Michael smacked the beast with a giant stick. It hollered and kicked Mike into a tree, with claw marks across his body, and their friend Logan, lying on the ground scratched all over, muttered the word," run". The remaining four took off only to be greeted by the bloodthirsty monster that injured their friends. Trey and Anderson manned up and stabbed the creature with silver pocket knives until it stopped breathing. Although 2 werewolves had been killed, 4 more still roamed the forest, along with a Predator, hungry for some killing. The boys found a cave on the edge of the property and took shelter. Little did they know, the beasts were waiting to attack.

3: After several minutes, a headstrong werewolf sprinted towards the boys, no longer able to contain his blood lust. Seconds before their demise, Predator dropped from the trees and drove his claws through the werewolf's neck, leaving him to die. Outraged, the remaining wolves attacked the fiendish monster who killed their brother. Meanwhile, Gabe, Trey, Anderson, and Justin decided they had nothing to lose and charged the battling creatures. Justin leaped on a werewolf's back, stabbing his sternum until his face was scratched and he was flung at a tree. As the werewolf went to finish off Justin, two boys stood over Justin ready to fight to the death for their friend. It was Trey and Anderson! The beast charged the teens and received silver to the face and abdomen, he dropped dead to the feet off his conquerers. Meanwhile, Gabe lay clawed up on the ground, thanks to a wolf.

4: Predator tossed a dead canine beast at the remaining boys, while the last remaining werewolf gave them the mark of the wolf. The beast stood over them and let out a monstrous roar, as Predator ripped his spine out, leaving the beast to crumble to the forest floor. Just when you thought Predator won, seven new werewolves emerged from the darkness. Who other than the boys, who if you remember, were all scratched by werewolves, which turns them into one if you didn't know. Logan lead the new attack on the alien suppressor and the new wolves slaughtered the beast with ease.

5: The new monsters wondered home, and as the sun came up, they returned to their original form. Everyone stared at each other in awe, and decided this was a good thing. From that day on, the boys were the new werewolf force in Emmaus, and they weren't leaving for a long time to come, for they had plans for some unfortunate teenagers. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahaha!!!!


7: My next story is not as scary, but is messed up in its own way. It involves a feud between, I can't believe I'm saying this but, rasta sheep and the Keebler elves, you know the ones who make cookies. Well here is The Genocide | We start this story off with Rasta Roger, Rasta Bob, and Rasta Steve Washington who were wondering the desert when they came along one of their ancestors skeletons. Now let me tell you about the rasta sheep genocide. Long ago, rasta sheep and the Keebler elves lived in harmony, until an evil dictator forced the elves to eradicate the sheep. His name was Baker Stalin. He wiped out the entire race of rasta sheep...or so he thought. A small group of renegade sheep managed to survive but now, only Rasta Roger, Rasta Bob, and Rasta Steve Washington remained. They were trained by the best to be merciless killers, and so they decided they would avenge their ancestors. Now you're probably wondering why the sheep were in the desert. Well you see, it was really the Keebler forest, but it was disguised as a desert to hide the Rasta Sheep infirmary. The sheep knew a friend was there, waiting to help them in there conquest. When they got to the underground bunker, they met their long time friend, Dr. Silent Claws, a cat ninja bent on helping the sheep kill the elf force.

8: Dr. Silent Claws handed the Rasta Sheep grenades, throwing knives, Desert Eagles, M-16's, and 12 gauge pump shotguns. With all their supplies ready, they board an invisible helicopter, so they can make their invasion of the Keebler elves trees undetected. When they arrive at the Keebler base, Dr. Silent Claws and Rasta Bob headed to the west tree, aka headquarters, while Rasta Steve Washington and Rasta Roger headed to the hanger to destroy the Cookie choppers. First they needed a distraction, so Rasta Bob went pyro on some trees and he quickly reunited with Dr. Claws. On their way to the headquarters, the two spot the leader of the elves, Alfonso Cream. They slowly creep up behind him and Dr. Claws bonks him on the head and uses him as a hostage.

9: Meanwhile, Rastas Steve and Roger bomb the hanger, and engage several hundred elves in a firefight. Roger bombs the heck out of the demented cookie makers while Steve goes to town with his M-16. They quickly make a break for the headquarters and team up with their squad mates. They enter the main room, and Roger shotgun blasts some elves while Steve rushes to the camp intercom to tell the camp their leader is in their captivity. Meanwhile, Bob wields the door shut and rigs knives outside the door the kill any elves ready to attack.

10: The sheep decide to make a mad dash to the copter. Dr. Claws kills Alfonso Cream and joins his fluffy companions. They fire shots into the crowd and enter the chopper. And as they leave, Dr. Claws brings in the big guns and nukes the stupid lil North Pole rejects. The cat and sheep celebrate their victory with beer, wine, and tons of food. But let it be known that the elf force was not dead yet.

11: THE END!

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