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Wes & Kevin

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S: Kevin & Wes

BC: To get in touch with us, please contact Adoptions of Wisconsin: 1-866-ADOPTWI (1-866-236-7894)

FC: Kevin & Wes | Love Commitment Honesty

1: Your courage in making an adoption plan is an act of love that we deeply respect, and we assembled this book to give you a clear look at our potential as adoptive parents. It would be our great honor to help your child reach their full potential - to learn with them, to teach them, to listen, to hug, to laugh, and to love forever. | Kevin | Wes

2: Our St0ry | When we met, we lived in California about 30 miles apart. Kevin was working and living in San Jose, and Wes was earning his Ph.D. at Berkeley. Our friends helped to set us up online, and we were actually introduced by instant messages! | After a month of emails, chats, and phone calls, we were finally brave enough to meet in person. On our first date, we drove for hours through the countryside – talking, sharing our histories, learning about each other, telling jokes, and just enjoying each other's company. Our connection was immediate!

3: Over time, our love took shape. Even though we lived miles apart, we spent every weekend together by traveling back and forth. We visited each other's families, and we started taking vacations together. It became clear that this was a partnership meant to be. In 2007, we were married among our closest friends at a cabin near Lake Tahoe. | Today, we have a close, gentle relationship built on mutual trust and a deep appreciation for each other. We have our individual personalities (Kevin still hasn't learned to love okra the same way Wes does, and Wes still needs Kevin's help to pick out clothes that match!), but we always know how to make our partner laugh, and we each bring something special to the relationship. We can sometimes finish each other's sentences, and we know how to speak volumes to each other with just one look. | After finishing school, we moved to Madison to build a life together. We love the mix of city life and family-oriented neighborhoods here, and we absolutely love the four seasons (even winter!) Our free time is spent working around the home, socializing with our friends, and pursuing hobbies. Wes loves photography and is learning how to play the piano. Kevin loves music and enjoys traveling.

4: About Kevin (in Wes's words) | As cheesy as it sounds, the phrase “you complete me” really does apply when I think about what Kevin means to me. In so many ways, his personality is the perfect balance to mine, and I couldn't dream of a better partner in life. He continues to surprise me with his steady nature, and I am always thankful for his love and support. Kevin loves music. I can't seem to remember the words to a song I hear on the radio a million times, but Kevin can sing the lyrics to 80s songs that other people have never heard. Sometimes, when he hears a particular song on the radio, he'll pause, look off for a moment, and then shout “Junior year of high school! I was living in Austin, TX, and I remember hearing this song for the first time when I was riding in the car with my sister.” It's amazing. Over the past 10 years, Kevin has been my rock. No matter what is going on in our lives, Kevin is always a voice of support and unconditional love. Our wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life, and I feel closer to him every day. Kevin really is my best friend, my partner, and my true love. | Snorkeling in Hawaii | Our nephew, Dante, loves Kevin

5: He's also one of the most calm, rational people I've ever known. When we talk about the future, he always has this easy confidence that we will find our best way forward. I think he gets that from his parents – Kevin's family is an honest, practical group that is always upbeat and always puts each other first. Kevin has a playful side, too. He loves amusement parks! When we visit theme parks, Kevin will make sure to ride every roller coaster (sometimes more than once), and there's nothing he loves more than running through a park with our nephews who are now old enough to ride the big coasters. I know that Kevin will be an awesome dad. He relates so well to all of our nephews and nieces, and it's a blast to see him play with our friend's children. We have a 12-year-old nephew who is into engineering and roller coasters, and Kevin will talk to him for hours about theme parks and roller coasters all around the world! With our younger nephews, he will sit on the floor with them and build Lego towers all afternoon! There is no question that he'll be a patient, steady influence in any child's life, and love is going to be the cornerstone of that relationship. I can't wait to share the parenting adventure with Kevin! | Kevin (and our nephew Parker) loves roller coasters | Hiking the Swiss Alps | With our nephews | Kevin's sister and her son

6: About Wes (in Kevin's words) | Wes is the most kind and caring person I have ever known. When we first met, I was impressed with how selfless he was. He was always concerned with the well-being of those around him. Ten years later, Wes’ compassion continues to amaze me. Whether it's opening doors for strangers, repeatedly checking to ensure guests in our home are comfortable, or traveling hundreds of miles to care for a sick family member, Wes can always be counted on to provide the kind of thoughtful, loving support to all of those who meet him. As long as I've known Wes, he has always looked for new things to try. New foods, new hobbies, and new challenges. A self-described “band nerd” in school (he was a drum major in high school), he continues his music education today by learning to play the piano. It's a challenge that he clearly enjoys, as he looks forward to his weekly lessons and practices as often as he can. Sometimes he is frustrated by difficult arrangements, but that's what drives him to continually work harder until he finally gets it. Wes loves to spend quiet time reading, and shares the knowledge he gains from it with others. He enjoys engaging in thought- provoking conversations with friends, encouraging them to think and see the world differently than they may have previously. His enthusiasm for trying various cuisines from around the world has certainly opened my mind (and taste buds) to new options. | Goofing off at a friend's house | Wes is working hard to learn the piano

7: One of the things I enjoy most is watching Wes when he is around children. The time we spend with our nephews, niece, and our friends’ children is treasured and brings with it such joy. Within minutes of arriving, Wes is sure to be engaged in a game of hide-and-seek, building with Legos, or learning all about action figures or dolls. When the time comes for reading books prior to bed, Wes has mastered the tongue-twisting ways of Dr. Seuss’ stories. He has become the storyteller of choice among children and adults alike. He's going to be a great father! | Photography is one of Wes's loves | Hiking a glacier in Iceland | Pancakes with our nephew | Holding our infant niece | Trying to read Dr. Seuss

8: Why we chose adoption... | We have known for a long time that we wanted to parent a child. Each of our sisters have kids of their own, and spending time with our niece and nephews is a favorite part of any family visit. We both adore playing with them, reading them stories, playing imagination, and hearing about their lives at school and with friends. | One of the things we are most excited about when we think of building a family is the chance to build a loving, secure, and open environment for everyone in our home. We know that there is a lot we can teach a child, and we also know that there is a huge amount that we can learn from a child. | Storytime! | Learning to crawl with our niece | Rocking a new friend to sleep | Our nephews when they were little | Crawling with our niece

9: ...and our Promise as Adoptive Parents | Being silly with the toddlers | Meeting our friend Sylvie for the first time | As adoptive parents, we promise to... ...Love them unconditionally. Forever. ...Offer them a safe, warm home ...Honor their heritage ...Share their adoption story with them ...Play with them ...Teach love and respect for everyone ...To lead by example in all aspects of life ...Foster responsibility and honesty ...Encourage them to speak their mind ...Instill a love for learning ...Help them pursue their dreams We will do everything we can to help them grow into successful, happy adults. We recognize the benefits of openness in our relationship with you, the birth parent. We are open to sharing pictures, messages, and visits a few times each year if everyone is comfortable with that arrangement. Most of all, we are ready to love your child completely and do everything in our ability to help them reach their highest potential!

10: WEST KRABI COAST | November 10 | Kevin's Family | Kevin is the youngest of three children, and he comes from a pretty tight-knit group. Kevin's parents, Nick and Linda, have been married for more than 40 years and live together in Texas. They still live in the same house where all three of their children were raised. Kevin is very close to his parents, and we get to see them several times each year. Kevin's dad, Nick, always keeps busy with projects around the house and with his HUGE vegetable garden. Linda, Kevin's mom, is dedicated to her church community and loves spending time with her grandchildren. Kevin has two older sisters (Michelle and Angela) and three nephews (Harris, Parker, and Dante). Nick (Kevin's dad) is adopted. He was born in Italy, but his parents died when he was young. A distant cousin adopted Nick when he was 12 years old, and he moved to America in the 1950s. Nick's sister and brother moved to Australia. So we have family all around the world! This is a family that loves to travel! We have taken huge family trips to visit relatives in Europe and in Australia. Whenever we travel together, whether its in the Land Down Under or in Kevin's childhood home, we have a great time. We cook together, share meals, play dominoes, tell jokes, watch movies, and play together. We also get to watch several performances of plays written by the kids. Kevin's family is incredibly supportive about welcoming another child into the fold. Any child that joins our family is going to be immediately welcomed into a big group of cousins, aunts, uncles, and extended family. They're also going to have some of the greatest adoptive grandparents any child could ask for!

11: Wes's family is smaller than Kevin's, but they love each other deeply, too. Wes's mom, Martha, lives in Virginia, where she's a school teacher. Wes has a brother, Josh, and a sister, Ashley. Ashley has two kids: our nephew Bronson and our niece Carsen. Getting together with Wes's family is always a high-energy affair. Our nephew, Bronson, is an active, inquisitive five-year old who is constantly on the move. Every time we're together, our time is spent imagining that we are super heroes, putting together puzzles, or talking about all the exciting things he's learned at school. Carsen, our niece, is 18-months old, and it's so much fun to see her personality develop and to see how much her older brother is protective of his “little sis.” Wes and his mom are really close and talk on the phone several times each week. Martha has been a steady force in Wes's life, and she's been an amazing example of a parent dedicated to her children's well-being. She is a quiet and reserved woman who loves her circle of friends and a great mystery novel. Now, Martha's love and attention is focused on her grandchildren. She is always on video-calls with the kids, and she loves finding unique toys and outfits for them. She is eagerly awaiting an expansion to our family! At our family gatherings, we spend time playing with the kids and reminiscing about the past. We love to cook our traditional southern food meals, share stories, and just enjoy each other's company. It's always a fun time, and we know that our adoptive child will quickly become a integral part of our clan! | Wes's Family

12: It's all about the love! | When a child joins our family, they're getting a lot more than just Wes and Kevin. They're getting a large, tight-knit group of family and friends that will ALL support us with love and compassion for years and years to come.

14: We own our home in Madison's Nakoma neighborhood. It is a warm, inviting place with lots of room for children to play! Wes loves spending time working on the flowers, and he's also built a garden that produces fresh vegetables for us each year. Our home is surrounded by tall oak and maple trees that provide shade in the summer and beautiful colors for us in the fall. Our neighborhood is a short walk from the best schools in the city (with big playgrounds), and we are a very short walk from the UW Arboretum - where we can explore miles of wooded trails filled with birds, wildflowers, and animals. There are many children living on our street, and our neighbor is a kindergarten teacher of 30 years who loves kids. Every year, we have block parties where everyone's family gets together to hang out. Everyone that we know here is excited about having even more kids in the neighborhood! | Our Home

16: Words from our family... | When Michelle was pregnant, Kevin and Wes asked us many questions. Not obvious questions like "How many diapers do you change in a day?", but real questions. Thoughtful questions. They asked us how our lives were changing, how our relationship was changing, what it was really like to shift from two people to three. For a long time, Kevin and Wes have been thinking about what it means to become a real family. Harris and Parker are close to their uncles and are always excited when we see them. Neither of the boys can remember a time when their uncles were not involved in their lives. Kevin and Wes are great uncles because they take real interest in what the boys do, who they are, and who they are becoming. They are great uncles because they understand that the boys are making their own lives - not just living the lives we try to give them - and they put real energy into keeping their nephews’ lives full of curiosity, exploration, and fun. They are great uncles because they aren't interested in "telling" their nephews what they should take an interest in, they let the boys lead the way and then get behind them 100 percent. This is why they are going to be great dads. This attention, this love, this commitment - this is what Kevin and Wes are going to give to their own child. And we couldn't be more excited to see it happen! | Michelle, Robb, Harris, and Parker

17: When my brother, Wes, told me that he and Kevin wanted to become parents and asked for words of support, I was the first to sign up! As uncles, Wes and Kevin have experienced some of our parenting joys. I have watched as Wes has calmed the cries of my baby girl and cuddled her sweetly to sleep in the safety of his arms. We've watched Kevin patiently teach Bronson new family games. They immediately envelop our children with comfort and love, and they exude a reassuring confidence with our kids. I can't wait for the day when their love and affection can be spread to my future niece or nephew. They are caring, deliberate, patient, and ready to bring a child into their lives. Wes and Kevin will be excellent parents! They can ride through the unexpected events that come in any child's life, and they will fill a child's heart with enough love to ignite the sun. There isn't a more loving family to welcome a child. | Ashley, Dirk, Bronson, and Carsen

18: We've known Wes and Kevin for ten years, and we can't think of a couple more prepared or more excited to raise a child. Wes is energetic, always ready to try new things, and he is one of the best teachers I have ever known. He'll put all that energy into raising a well-rounded child. Kevin is amazingly patient, meticulously organized, and has one of the sharpest senses of humor. He will be the rock on which their family is built. They have a relationship built on respect, communication, and desire to be a family. Now that we have two daughters (ages 3 years and 6 months), Wes and Kevin are our preferred babysitters – their good judgment will keep our girls safe and happy. Our 3-year-old also prefers them as babysitters because Wes and Kevin are always willing to play, color, and read with her. Wesley and Kevin have a relationship that is based on respect, strong communication skills, and a desire to be a family. We think Wes and Kevin will be wonderful parents who are both responsible and fun. We are greatly looking forward to our families growing together in the coming years. | Support From Friends | Brian, Laura, Jocelyn, and Sylvia

19: Wes is one of my very best friends. We met more than 15 years ago, and I met Kevin soon after they began dating. I was extremely thankful when Wes stood next to me at my wedding and I was thrilled to stand next to Wes at his wedding to Kevin. Wes and Kevin are true partners. They balance, comfort, support and love each other. Lifting up Kevin and Wes are their close families and their network of friends they've cultivated through many years. Together they face any challenges that come their way. The most important thing I can tell you is that I would entrust my child to Wes and Kevin. I know that any child whose path leads to Wes and Kevin will be truly blessed. As parents, Wes and Kevin will show their children how to do everything from tying a shoe to researching the solar system. They will guide them through tough situations and allow them to be the person they are. Above all, their children will be cherished, encouraged, adored, and truly loved. Wes and I have had many conversations about children and parenting. He does not make decisions lightly and I know he and Kevin have approached this entire process with thought and perseverance. Mainly they have approached it through love - and they have a lot of love to share! | Jen and Ryan | At the park opera with Jocelyn | Being silly in Hawaii

20: We hope that our profile has given you an idea of our lives, our personalities, and our potential as adoptive parents. Your path to adoption is an incredibly loving act, and we promise to do everything we can to honor that commitment by being the best adoptive parents that we can be. | Thank you!

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