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Westward Expansion

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FC: By Ivy Hickerson

1: Ideas of the Westward Expansion | A factory system was established which brought manufacturing steps together to make goods more efficiently.

2: The first census, or official count of a population, was taken in 1790 and showed that there was about four million people in the United States.

3: Interchangeable parts were made identical to machine parts and could quickly be put together to make a product.

4: Natural Geographic features of the Westward Expansion | Roads were made across the new territory reaching to the west coast making travel easier.

5: Canals were made to make transporting goods and traveling easier.

6: River Travel | River travel was far more comfortable than road travel and they could load most of their goods on river barges.

7: Social Events during the Westward Expansion | America attempted to make peace with their mother country, Britain. They signed treaties with each other setting boundaries on the land.

8: America signed many peace treaties, including with Britain, Mexico, Spain, and the Native American tribes.

9: The Alamo was a very important battle fought between the Americans and the Mexicans for the territory now known as Texas.

10: Political events during the Westward Expansion

11: President Jackson played a very important role in the Westward Expansion. He gained a lot of land for the U..S. and signed many treaties. However, he also betrayed many of the people and countries he signed these treaties with, only so he could get more and more land..

12: The Whigs Party was a dominant political party in the U.S. at this time. They came to power when William Harrison was elected as president.

13: James Monroe was also a very important person during this time period. He issued the Monroe Doctrine, which said that they would oppose any new colonies started but would not interfere with ones already started.

14: Economics during the Westward Expansion | Tariffs are a fee that merchants have to pay when they import goods. It became a huge debate, as it started to test the national governments powers.

15: War Against the Banks! | President Jackson fought against the Bank of the United States. The bank controlled most of the country's money supply. The bank's president as everything that Jackson didn't like. He felt that the bank as unconstitutional.

16: The Panic of 1837 This was the start of a very severe depression for our country. It was a time when land values dropped, investments decreased, and banks failed.

17: TRAIL OF TEARS | The Trail of Tears is a very important cultural piece in our history. President Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, which stated they must leave the boundaries of the U.S. and live on the lands west of it. They were extremely sad about leaving behind their homeland and they wept for it, which is why it is called the Trail of Tears. They were treated very poorly while they were forced to move.

18: The Mormon religion first became big when these settlers went to Utah and founded a church. The Mormons ended up settling by the Great Salt Lake. The Mormons had many conflicts with federal officials and war almost broke out.

19: The Americans adopted a new sport to play in their pastime, lacrosse.

20: The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney. The cotton gin was a machine built to remove the seeds from cotton quicker and more efficiently.It was very helpful when the cotton industry boomed. | Technology during the Westward expansion

21: The water frame was invented to spin thread. The power loom wove thread into cloth. Both of these inventions made it easier to perform the many steps in making cloth. It saved time and money.

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