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What is an american

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1: The first reading basically gives the idea that there are many nationalities that come to america. Once they get to america they are american. The reading describes the "good" things such as roads and orchards. It also goes into the idea of the social ladder. One of the main parts discussed was the farmer. The farmer needs to fight and work for his meaning in the dictionary, meaning to be remembered or someone they must work hard. The readong then says at church you have a mixture of all social classes. This is what freedom is, the freedom to do what you want, which is the right of an american. The article then goes to talk about those who live by the sea. In my opinon this is a part of the article to give the idea that the living is different depending on the location. One of the parts of this reading that caught my attention was the part about the religion. It gave the idea that there are many different aspects of religion and that they will end up mixed. This is because we are free to belive in what we want as americans. The overall feeling of this reading is that of explaining the base of what it is to be an american. Through the social system and religion.

2: The second reading shows a timeline of the american. The rest of the world realizes the american is going to shape what everyone else around the world does. The article goes from this to using the power for good. The americans were "responding". Through donating. This proved that americans can learn from their power.

3: The third article talks about what the world thinks of america. The world thinks the future has pasted us. An the bad part about that is we belive what they say. According to this article an american believes in justice and dignity of man

4: The fourth article was about in Pakistan a man offered a reward for a dead american. So a writer took the time to explain what an american is. He basically described an american as any nationality even pakistani. They can also believe in any religion. They just need to be from the nation who wrote the declaration of independence, america.

5: This article tells about what an american needs other than living in america basiclly, such as an american realizes life takes risks. Americans also seek americans also want personal liberty, to live as you think that you should.

6: This article has quotes from different presidential canidates. The one that stuck out the most was the one saying that they will become americans when we stop hitting one for english followed by 2 other language options.

7: The speech he gave was very different than what i thought i wuld hear. The best part was the ending when he said that the parents need to take control even though they may not see their work pay off in the future. This statement is very true. It is the parents as well as the childrens repsonsibility to keep creativity alive.

8: The first reading told of the rights to americans such as every man is equal. The reading then contiues to say about the way the king of Britain did everything wrong. I agree with all the rights listed in the beginning but no so much bashing the king of britain.

9: This reading was basically just the constitution. As most americans would say i do not agree with it all. Mainly that congress can collect taxes. I agree with taxes but there is no limit on the amount they can ask for.

10: The next reading describes the coming abouts of the bill of rights. I liked this because it was the americans telling the government what they want. I piclked this picture because you would think it would be a bill of rights but this pick makes you assume that it says that.

11: This reading was about all the different types of sources. I feel that this was important because there are so many fakes and sources that willnot be useful out there these days. I chose to describe the visual source in my picture.

12: This reading is also about the sources and what to use as a source. It gives some other ideas than the other reading. And describes some other useful sources.

13: The reading was also on sources such as primary texts. The reading also gave a long list of what to consider a primary text which is very helpful. It also gave a good question and answer section.

14: This last reading confused me but I think the point was times have changed. Throughout the reading many people said it isnt hwat it used to be or it has changed. This is showing that everything changes with time. Also it gave the example of a tradition and the people just accepted it and did nothing to change it. The killing of the people is wrong.

15: This reading gave and showed the correct way to get information during an interview. This was done on information and would help u sgain information bout a topic that we would see in the classroom.

16: This reading gave a very in depth look at surverying. It gave examples of the questions we would be asking on the survey and then a short description under it. The first step was to figure out what exactly we were going to be surverying.

17: This reading was very interesting because it told of a man who repsected americans for what they did in his country. And the writer related it to iraq, and the thought of what effect will we leave on the people in iraq. Will they offer us a drink when they offer us a drink??

18: The last readin described a party and then said how you would expect them to be rich and have a king. But they were regular "Folk". It then goes to defend as being just folk and that they didnt kno any better.

19: Americans are not stupid but really are just lazy. Americans have the knowledge and the opprotunity but do not always use what they are given

20: America's education services do not stack up to those of international countries. They have a different outlook on the importance of education. When it comes to education the other countries are very serious.

21: Many people buy unecessary objects and services such as birthday parties and segways as seen in the picture. Although unecessary it is that persons money and they can dow ith it what they please.

22: Many american students graduate with a degree. After all the years of schooling, many often do not feel like using it and getting a good job. I do not blame them and can not really argue with their decision.

23: In the article or spoiled kids there are many typos espcially in the first paragraph. Therefore i do not consider it very credible as a source.

24: Many students wear pajamas to class. Some see this as lazy. It is not, the students should not be judged by what they wear but by what they do in the class room. As most are taught a book should not be judged by its cover.

25: Many say that america has a lazy future. By the looks of it this is true. America becomes lazier as the years go on.

26: Britons think that America is vulgar. This may be true in some ways but the question must be asked to those saying it. If america is so bad etc, then why do people risk thier lives and families to come here?

27: It seems like americas image gets worse every year, society seems to be getting worse and others are taking notice. Even thogh this is true we must also look at the microscope that america is under as a country. If other countrues were looked at like this it would be the same for them.

28: America seems to be by itself. There are those who want to be like america and the rest hate us. This makes it very hard to find international support. Many do not agree with our ways.

30: To vegin SL we broke in two groups and made our own countries. Our task was to create our own rules and declarations

31: The first over weekend task was a terrorist attack. One person from each team was informed and it was their job to communicate it to the rest of the team.

32: Neither team responded well to the terrorist challenge and nobody was happy about it. This challenge sparked many arguements between students and some of the advisors.

33: After all of this 2 students left their respective countries to create their own. They did this because many students did not particiapte and put time and effort into the tasks. Myself and another student then joined them.

34: After all the effort we put in to join them SL was ended. I thought it ended quick and on a weird note. Many students did not see the point therefore our teacher decided to switch teaching methods.

35: The teaching method we began the next tuesday was the "traditional" way. This meant 325 pages of reading a week, tests and quizzes.

36: We then went back to SL because those who did not want to work realized how much better the SL method was. After returning those who did want to work began showing effort.

37: One of the tasks that I enjoyed was the museum one we just completed. This challenge allowed everyone to out their own taste into it. It used many different parts to create one final product.

38: In the beginning I did not support the SL idea. I did not think it was going to teach us anything, nor have i ever played computer games.

39: As time went on i began to realize, this game is meant to make us realize what an american is, and this is the closest we are going to get to real life. There is no better way to enact our beliefs of what an american is.

40: One of the main parts i disagreed with was checking the email on weekends. I did not think that this was necessary and should not be expected. As the class went on it really did not matter, I checked and it was not that big of a task.

41: At first I thought SL was a small video game that some people play. When really it is a world wide video game played by millions. Even companies use it for advertising.

42: We were asked earlier in the SL experiment to write a paper on how we thought the game was going. Many said it was boring and it was not helpning at all. In the end many will probably continue to play it after the class.

43: It is interesting how we can commnicate in a whole different world as if we were standing next to eachother. This game can be used many different ways to help people understand life and events that happen in it.

44: The key to SL is communication. This is mainly to help us understand what an american is but i think it is more to teach communication to us. It makes us find a way for everyone to be on the same page even though we all have differnt schedule.

45: One of the tasks was to collect 20 photos of other churches schools. This task was interesting because it made us look and see what other institutions are using SL.

46: The avatar in itself is amazing. In the game a person can create whatever they want to be. Anything a participant can think of is possible and that is amazing.

48: Overall i thought the experince taught a good lesson. Never jump to conclusions. Always wait it out and see how it goes. Give it a try and see how it works out.

49: If I could go back I would still take this class. I would because I learned more than in any other class. This is a better way to teach english because we would have written the papers and forgot about them the day we got the grade.

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