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What is an American

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FC: What is an American? by: Jacob Culichia

1: What struck me the most about J. Hector St. John Crevecoeur's letter about what it is to be an American was his imagery. In the begining of the letter he describes beautiful rural and wilderness landscapes that dominated most of America at the time. Not only did he talk about the scenery but also how all diffiernet types of people from different countries, religions, and careers make up America.

2: The Time magazine artical seemed to focus on Americas obligation to the world. Because we are so powerful, we have to help the rest of the world. The artical explained how we gave huge amounts of aid to less privaliged nations. Lastly it gave a definition of what it is o be a n american, "I am a citizen of a privileged and therefore obligated nation. I am no longer the prodigal son of Europe. I am my brother's keeper. But only free men can be my brothers."

3: Harold Ickes's speech says that to be and American is to be free. He says that we as Americans must help fight for freedom not just for our own country but for other countries aswell. Because if we let freedom be destroyed around us eventually we would be the only ones left. So we not only have to fight for our own freedom but the freedom of all other men in the world.

4: The artical by Peter Ferrara was my favorite to read. I think that he captured what it is to be an American. He says that we are people of every background and faith. So to be an American is to, "[embody] the human spirit of freedom."

5: Edward L. Hudgins in his artical attempted to explain what being an American is. he believes that an American is anyone that is willing to work to improve their life. However, he does critizise the Americans of today. He says that we have lost that drive improve and that we need to work to get it back.

6: Of the three presidential hopefuls CNN interviewed I think I agreed with McCain's take on what it is to be an American. He said that America is the land of opportunity and that everyone is equal and free.

7: The Declaration of Independence seems to be a last resort. The colonists were finaly sick of being ignored and taken advantage of. They listed each of their grievances with the king and then backed up those grievances by saying how they had been repetedly ignored.

8: Our forefathers knew what they were doing when they wrote the constitution. They seemed to think of all the major things that would be nessesary for a country to function for generations to come. It also seems that they knew that they probabley missed something or things would change in the future so to compansate, they allowed for amendments to the constitution.

9: I did not realize that originaly there were twelve amendments proposed for the first bill of rights. Only amendments three through twelve made it into what today we know as the the first ten amendments of the constitution. | OF RIGHTS Also, the original reasion that the bill of rights was first concived was to make sure the new government did not do the same things England had done. This way the colonists did not have to worry about oppression anymore.

10: There are four types of primary sources. The first type is a published work such as a books, newspapers, and laws. The second type is any unpublished document. These are harder to come by but they can be letters or classified documents to name a couple. The third type is oral tradition or oral history. Like the name suggests these records are passed on by word of mouth. The last type is visual documents. Any form of art or historical artifact can be a visual document. Even movies could be considered primary sources.

11: Yale defines a primary source as something that, "provides first-hand testimony or direct evidence concerning a topic under investigation." This being the case most things, even sometimes secondary sources, can be considered primary sourses. Secondary sourses such as an encyclopidia could be used as primary sourses if one was writing a paper on the history or development of encyclopidias.

12: Secondary sourses are sourses that utilize information taken from primary sources. They are not first had accounts but instead the result of what an author resurched about a subject. because of this they are usally not alowed to be used as research material.

13: I think the "Lottery" was a story with a warning. The people in the story followed their tradition blindly even when what they were doing clearly upset people. The only reason they did it was because they had always known it and feared change. I think this shows the dangers of following instead of thinking for ones self. Also, I think that before America split from England we just kept following along even know we were treated unfairly. It was not untill people questioned what was happening and then acted on their beliefs did change happen. In this way we did not end up like the village who for no clear reason that they knew of killed someone each summer.

14: In conducting an interview the interviewer should ask open ended questions. Also, before even starting the interview the interviewee should be aware of how long and what will be asked in the interview. For the interviewer, he or she should have questions ready and ordered from greatest inportance to least important.

15: There are 6 key point to consider when making a survey. 1:The first thing to do is identify who will be taking the survey. 2:The second thing is to find out how many people will be polled. 3:The third thing is how will the survey get to the people. 4:The fourth thing to consider is the length of the survey. 5:The fifth thing is the type of question, such as open or closed questions. 6:The sixth thing is the wording of the questions themselves.

16: I thought Peggy Noonan's story showed that not everyone hates us in the world and that people still remeber what we did to help them. Also i think that she is right we belittle the troops acomplishments when we do not back them a hundred percent.

17: I think what Ursula K LeGuin is trying to say is that to have a there can not be a perfect world with out all the types of pain in suffering. Because with out it we would not know what it means to be happy or joyous, because there would be nothing to comparer those experences to.

18: Acording to World Health Organization France and then Italy have the two best health care systems. The United States came in 37th in these rankings.

19: Controversy has srounded the Olympics choice to hold the 2008 summer olympics in Beijing. The author feels that it is more of a move by companies to get around China's bad human rights record and come in under the olympics.

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