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When You Reach Me

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S: When You Reach Me By Rebecca Stead

FC: When You Reach Me By Rebecca Stead Created By: Emma McSpaden

1: Miranda - Miranda is a 12 year old girl who begins receiving mysterious letters and doesn't know what to do about it. She is a very caring and understanding person because she decided not to get in the way of Annemarie and Julia, so she and Julia became friends. Sal - Sal is a 12 year old boy. At the beginning of the book, he got punched by a boy named Marcus. That incident ended Miranda and his relationship as best friends. He also always played basketball after school by himself or with friends. Colin - Colin is a 12 year old boy who ends up being Miranda's boyfriend, he is also Annemarie's and Sal's friend. Miranda's mom - Miranda's mom has a boyfriend named Richard and they end up

2: getting engaged. She wants to be a lawyer, but she had to quit school after she had Miranda. Richard - Richard is Miranda's mom's boyfriend and fiance at the end. He didn't live with them and didn't even have a key. The Laughing Man stole his shoes. Jimmy - Jimmy is the owner of the sandwich shop Colin, Miranda, and Annemarie worked at. He didn't pay them but he gave them sandwiches everyday. Julia - Julia is a 12 year old girl at Miranda's school. Everyone thinks she is a snotty girl at school, but then she ends up being Miranda's friend in the end. Before Miranda made a truce with her, and her only friend used to be AnneMarie.

3: Marcus - Marcus is a 12 year old boy who ends up being the Laughing Man from the future. Since he came back from the future, he has no money so he lives by a mailbox. Marcus also hit Sal in the beginning of the book. He had always liked the concept of time travel and enjoyed math a lot. Annemarie - Annemarie is a 12 year old girl who is friends with Miranda, Colin, and Julia. She worked in the sandwich shop with Miranda and Colin everyday at lunch time. Annemarie has epilepsy so she isn't allowed to have any kind of starches and ends up getting sick at the end and almost has a seizure. Sadly, Annemarie doesn't have a mom, and is very caring and innocent girl because she feels bad that her and Julia weren't friends at the time until Miranda gets them back together.

4: Belle - Belle works in a nursing home and is Miranda's and her mom's friend. Most of the time after work she brings chips to Miranda. Belle is a grown up, and she has a very fun personality. Louisa - Louisa is Sal's mom and Miranda's mom's friend. Summary: This book is about a girl named Miranda whose life changes after she begins receiving letters about her future. The letters instructed her not to tell anyone which freaks her out even more. Along the way she finds the evidence of her future. Before the letters started coming she was friends with a boy named Sal before he got punched by Marcus. His mom, Louisa, and he lived in the same apartment building as Miranda and her mom

5: At home her mom is trying to win the $20,000 on the Pyramid game show she is invited onto. To help her mom out, Miranda and Richard, Miranda’s mom’s boyfriend, practiced with her every night so they would have a way better chance at winning the big bucks. At school her friend Colin gets him, Miranda, and Annemarie jobs at a local sandwich shop. Miranda and her friends have a great time at the job. Mean while, Miranda grows sympathy for Julia, who used to be Annemarie’s friend, so they make a truce and become friends for Annemarie’s sake. At the end of the book, Miranda’s mom wins 10 grand and goes back to law school. Also, Miranda finds out that the Laughing Man by the mailbox happened to be Marcus from the future and wants to save Sal’s life by

6: jumping in front of a truck and kicking him out of the way. That is when she writes the letter to Marcus telling the story so the future would not change. Setting: This book is set in winter of December, in New York City and is based on the past because Miranda is telling what happened to her in December. The problem in the book is that Miranda can’t find out who is giving her the mysterious letters. The solution is that Marcus is giving them to her and he is the Laughing man from the future. The conclusion of the book is that the Laughing Man practiced kicking everyday cause he was going to save Sal’s life and Miranda writes a letter to Marcus in the present time. The letter is the story that Miranda is telling in the book the whole time.

7: Miranda: Miranda is a kind hearted girl and doesn't like to exclude people. She changed a lot through out the story emotionally, intellectually, and maturationally. Emotionally, Miranda changed because she found some new feelings for Julia sympathetically and thought about Colin as more than a friend. She felt bad for Julia because she cares much for Annemarie and Miranda became in the way of them two. Intellectually, Miranda changed because of the time traveling Marcus had explained to her. She also changed because she learned about Annemarie having epilepsy and why it is so important for her to stick to her diet or she might have a seizure.

8: Lastly, Miranda changed maturationally. Miranda matured a lot through out the winter because of Annemarie. Annemarie and Julia had been best friends forever and then suddenly they weren’t anymore. Later in the story, Miranda finds out by herself that she is standing in the way of them. While being the better person, she decides to make a truce with Julia for Annemarie’s sake. Through Miranda’s experience, she changed in lot of good ways. Recreated scene: At the beginning of this scene Sal and Miranda are just walking home. They weren't walking with each other but Miranda is just a little bit behind him. A few feet ahead, Marcus stood watching Sal. Sal is very afraid of Marcus, so every time he walks past him he drops down and pretends to tie his shoe.

9: Apparently, that is a sign of innocence, but still Marcus headed for him. Marcus did not want to hurt him or anything but only to talk to him. Sal misunderstood him, so he took off running. The only problem was that an intersection was coming up and Sal hadn't seen it. Miranda and Marcus did, though. Miranda started yelling at him to stop but he just kept on running. As Sal crossed the intersection, he realized what was happening. A second later, the Laughing Man jumped in front of the semi-truck and kicked Sal out of the way. Marcus was shocked and started balling because he thought it was his entire fault. He was also crying because the Laughing Man happened to be Marcus coming from the future. Sal lived but the Laughing Man died and everybody became super sad.

10: Miranda, also, found out what had just happened was the last piece of evidence that connected to the letters Marcus gave her. This scene is important because it is the scene that explains all of the mysterious stuff that has happened to everyone in the book.

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  • Title: When You Reach Me
  • This book is about a girl named Miranda who helps her mom practice for the 20,000 dollar pyramid every night. Later, she begins receiving mysterious, miscellaneous letters. She is instructed to not tell anyone and they tell of her future. Through out the whole book she tries to figure out who is sending them to her and why.
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