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Where I Want To Be

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BC: Have a Nice Day

FC: Where I Want to Be

1: Created by: Madison Burrell English 2 Period: 4B Where I Want to Be.

2: The golden sand contracted sharply with the deep hues of purple and blue from the sky and sea. The sun, which was once beating down on the beach, lighting the sight of hundreds of people free, and having fun; now glossed over the mostly deserted strech of land with its last rays of life. Leaving the sky in one last burst of magnificence. "Perfect" the last ocupent of the beach wispered, almost afraid that if he spoke to loud he would be chased from this sight.

3: "This is definitly where I want to b-" 'SHWINK' 'CRUNCH CRUNCH' SHWINK' The boy was cut off from his train of though by the foregn sounds. 'SHWINK 'CRUNCH CRUNCH' SHWINK' As the sounds got closer and closer, the hair on the back of his neck stood on end, his lungs locked down, and he froze. Waiting Listening. But all he heard was the rush of his own blood pounding in his ears. it was so silent that at first he thought he had imagined the whole thing. 'But he was su-' His world fliped upside down without warning; something had roughly overturned his chair, planting his face into the sand. He caught movement out the corner of his eye, it was a man standing directly over him, he had burning red hair and still, glassy eyes; his mouth set in a hard line.

4: Suddenly he grabed the boy by the coller of his shirt, lifting him up; his feet left dangaling off the ground; stairing directly into the stoic face of the weathered man. He sneered at the boy. Flinging him down towards the ground, his head hitting the trunck of one of the trees that lined the beach.

5: The boys vision blurred, and he was sure he tasted copper in his mouth but had no more time to think further, as a flash of light got caught in his eyes. The man with the cold eyes had reached for something from his belt, and the surface of the object caught the last fleeting light of the sun. 'A sword.' His mind answered for him, while his body responded just as quick. The boy bolted up to his feet and leaned against the tree. The man, swiped his sword towards the boy with deathly precision, and strength, but the boy was faster, and dodged the sword just so. He ran strait into the cluster of trees, while the man was trying to release his sword from the tough bark of the tree.

6: The boy ran faster and farther away then he ever had before, away from his beach, and the crazy man with the sword. His concentration set solely on the sound of his heart beating in his cheast and ears. Only noticing that the vegitation had grown to be more lush and vibrant, when he suddenly triped over a thick tree root that had been sticking out of the ground slightly. Only then did he stop. His labored breathing being the only thing he could hear, his pounding chest being all he could feel and a gray haze that had been pressent ever since he had started running was the majority of his sight. Once his sences returned to him, he finally took in his environment, and to his surprise, realized, he was no longer in the thin collection of trees near his beach, but in an actuall forest. The vibrant green leaves contrasted spectacularly with the deep blue of the sky and the bright dashes of color from the blooming flowers.

7: Once again he was lost in the calming sensations of the world around him. "I wouldn't mind being here either." Though, something at the back of the boys mind nagged at him, something important, something he should really be remembering. Then; Everything went silent.

8: It was like life its-self had been paused, nothing dared to move, nothing fought to breath, everything, was, still. Except one persistent beating, the beating of foot steps, dozens of then, hundreds even. It was coming from all directions, they were caging him in at every point, but still he could see nothing but the still leafy scenery. Not a second later, the force; so connected to there surroundings, ambushed him, forcing him to the ground with spears o' plenty. The boy, having no knowlege of what to do, and even if he did, wouldnt have any idea how to do so, complied easily and with out rebelion as the natives of the land he was on returned him to there tribal grounds. They took him to a hut of dead bark and dried mud, throwing the boy non to gentally onto the hard pounded ground. It seemed he was traped inside the acitecture, two gards at each opening, the door, the window, th-.Wait.

9: There, in the far corner of the hut was a section that was crumbling, and cracked. Yes, all he had to do was... Yes.-it cracked open . He was almost home free. All he had to do was sneak past the native people, and back into the churning land of the forest. The boy can hear muffled yelling in the back-round, and the sound of their foot steps; the boys pace increases; faster and faster he runs, pushing and shoving vines apon vines away from his body, and vision. Suddenly the rope-thick vines capture his hands, soon followed by his feet and legs; slithering up his body and constricting along his back.

10: The Vines were now completly secure on his body, almost cradaling him. Out of no where the boy hears a deafining whipping sound, like rope being snapped to attention, and almost immediatly he was catapulted into the sky, connected to a sail, riding the currents of the air.

11: Maybe now, he could fianlly find the peace he so desperately needed. Maybe here, he could finally be where he wanted to stay, where he could be free to just sit, and have not a care in the world. But no, nothng like that happens, the peace he's found once again in taken from him. Forced from his hands, while he is roughly pulled down by his dangaling feet to the rolling ground of a ship at sea, but not just any ship, the ship that is home to the cold man with the sword, and there with him was his crew of grueling pirates, aswell as the tribe of forest dwellers that had wanted to waist him earlier

12: Not even a mere minuet passed and already every occupent of the ship had their weapon pointed at me. Expecting the boy to give up, or run away like he had always done before, but no. Not again, not this time. The boy was done with not fighting back, now it was his turn. He shocked a group of his spectators and managed to snatch a sword and beat down at least half a dozen men before they were let out of their stupor and charged the boy. Luckly he was faster and was able to dodge the blows and sneek along the ground and around rapidly moving feet as the men started to through wild punches and swipes hoping one would connect with the boy, but unfortunately for them, through the mangaled chaos that had occured, they had lost track of the boy, who was slithering along the side of the boat towards the unattended wheel of the ship. "He had done it; he had beaten them." the boy thought.

13: But the boy forgot about the Captain, and was roughly reminded, when he was grabed by the collor of his shirt, just like the first time they meet, and was pulled up face to face. The boy tried to escape the mans grip but it was usless. "You can never escape us." Was the message that the Captain gave to the boy. And just as the Captain was about to throw the boy over the edge of the ship, into the churning sea below, destroying all hope of ever being free. the boy replied... But he jolted up, strait from where he lay curled around his many younger brothers and sisters, in their shared bed in their little apartment. But still; even with his breath heavy with fright, and voice hoarse from sleep he managed to wisper. " Maybe."

14: Maybe the man was right. Maybe he was Wrong. Maybe it was a sign. Maybe it was just a stupid, wonderful, peaceful, horifying dream. There were a lot of Maybe's, but the one thing the boy knew for sure, was that now it was morning and he didn't have the luxury to stay in bed and analizy everything. He had to leave his dream life, the life he alwasy wanted, and go back...

15: Back to the teachers with there looks of scorn and disappointment, back to the life that promises nothing m, back to the job that saves his family, and back to the family that relies on him alone. Its not where he wants to be. but its where he'll stay. Besides, the sunset looks the same from the crumpled concret steps of his apartment building, as it does on his sand swept beach.

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  • Title: Where I Want To Be
  • A young adult, who leads a difficult life, dreams of better places. But he ultimitly decides, even though it's not where he wants to be, he's were he's needed.
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