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Where's My Mother?

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S: Where's My Mom?


FC: Where's my mom?

1: On a warm summer day the sun was shinning and the birds we singing. When Chippy, a young gray squirrel, was awaken to his mother screaming at him to clean up his burrow.

2: Once Chippy finally got up he started cleaning out his burrow and decided to go get some pine needles to make it smell nice a fresh and on his way he heard some loud bangs that he had never heard before.

3: So he decided to ignore the sounds and continue on to the pines to get some fresh pine needles. Once he got back to his burrow where he expected his mother to be waiting to yell at him, something was wrong, his mother wasn't around and there were no other animals around.

4: Chippy started to become very afraid and lonely so he thought it would be a good idea to go look for his mom. While jumping from tree to tree he realized some strange creature walking around in all orange and carrying a long metal stick.

5: He didn't know what to make of this creature and decided it would be a good idea to stay away from it. So he left the creature behind and not a minute later he heard the loud bang again. It sounded like it came back from where he saw the strange creature.

6: He decided to turn around and go figure out what the sound was. When he saw the creature it was putting something into the metal stick and pointing it towards a big pile of brush which was hiding a baby bear.

7: Then, all of a sudden, the metal stick that the creature was holding made that big loud bang again and the baby bear behind the brush took off and ran away.

8: Chippy didn't know what to do, but he thought maybe the baby bear had seen his mother and decided to follow the bear to ask him if he saw his mother.

9: When Chippy finally caught up to the bear, he was hiding behind a whole bunch of logs and the strange creature was long gone, so Chippy decided to go talk to the bear and find out what he could.

10: Chippy went and crawled very slowly through the logs and made sure he was very quiet so he didn't scare the baby bear away. Once he was right above the baby bear he hung down from the log and said, “"Hi."”

11: The bear then screamed so loud that Chippy fell off of the log and on to the ground. The bear said, “ "Don't do that to me. You scared me."”

12: Chippy asked,”"Have you seen my mother?" The bear replied, "No. All I have been doing all morning is running from that hunter that keeps trying to shoot me."”

13: Chippy then asked, “"What's a hunter?"” and for about 10 minutes the bear explained to Chippy what a hunter is and what they do. Once Chippy found out that the strange creature he saw near his burrow where his mother should have been was a hunter, he began to worry and cry.

14: The bear then asked what was wrong and Chippy explained the whole situation to the bear and then the bear said,“"Well I'll help you find your mom."”

15: Chippy then asked the baby bear what his name was and he responded, "Smokey is the name. What is yours?"” “"Chippy," he said. "But you can call me Chipp for short."” So the two of them went on their way to try to find Chippy's mother.

16: They were still worried that the hunter would come back and find them so they tried not to make too much noise. Chippy checked all of the burrows, while Smokey kept an eye on the trees.

17: After hours of searching for their mothers, it had started to get dark outside. Chippy sat down on a log and started to cry. “"I'm never going to find my mother,"” he said. Smokey sat down next to him and also began to worry about his mother.

18: They decided they should get some rest and continue looking in the morning. In order to stay safe, they decided to climb up a tree for the night. Right then, they heard a howl.

19: They both screamed and scurried up the nearest tree. When they looked down, they saw a sad baby wolf.

20: They noticed that the wolf was crying so they decided to climb down to see what was wrong. The baby wolf was also lost. “"We can't find our mothers either,"” Chippy said as he and Smokey introduced themselves.

21: “"What is your name?"” he asked. “"My name is Paws,"” said the wolf. “"Let's all get some sleep and then we can look together in the morning." ” So they all fell asleep and woke up the next morning.

22: Smokey continued to look in the trees, Chippy looked in all of the burrows, and Paws sniffed the ground to try and find trails. They had been looking for a few hours when Paws had picked up the scent.

23: They ran and ran until they reached a huge, dark, and creepy cave. The young animals were all very scared, but they knew they should go in to find their mothers.

24: As soon as they started to enter the cave, they heard a strange noise. Something was coming so they quickly decided to hide behind a large rock.

25: When they saw what had been making the noise, they all cheered. It was their mothers.! The young animals ran as fast as they could and jumped into their mothers'’ arms.

26: “"Mother,!we were so worried",” Chippy said. “"What happened?"” asked the children. Smokey's mother told them that they all had heard there was a hunter in the woods, so each had taken refuge in a glen nearby.

27: Paws and Smokey promised to visit Chippy as soon as they could, and Smokey and his mother lumbered off into the woods, and Paws and his mother ran off back to their pack.

28: Chippy and his mother scampered back to their tree. “"Now,"” Chippy's mother said, after a hug, “"did you clean your burrow?"”

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