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Who Am I?

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S: Katelyn Stewart

FC: Who Am I?

1: Katelyn Stewart Who Am I? 2010-2011

2: Top Songs for 1995: Another Night by Real McCoy Waterfalls by TLC On Bended Knee by Boyz II Men Take a Bow by Madonna Creep by TLC Don't Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days) by Monica Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio featuring L.V. Kiss from a Rose by Seal Fantasy by Mariah Carey This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan | US President: Bill Clinton US Vice President: Al Gore | Academy Award Winners: Best Picture: Braveheart Directed By Mel Gibson Best Actor: Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas Best Actress: Susan Sarandon in Dead Man Walking | Top Books in 1995 Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech Missing May by Cynthia Rylant The Giver by Lois Lowry Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott | On TV in 1995 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Baywatch Beverly Hills 90210 The X-Files Fresh Prince of Bel Air Friends The Simpsons Star Trek: Voyager

3: My Name Is Katelyn Avery Stewart My Birthday is July 27th 1995 | Top News Headlines This Week: Jul 23 - "Hamlet" closes at Belasco Theater NYC after 121 performances Jul 25 - S P Laurie discovers asteroid #7603 Jul 29 - Carolina Panthers beat Jacksonville Jaguars in their 1st NFL Jul 29 - Monica Seles beats Martina Naratilova in her return to tennis | 1995 Prices: Bread: $0.79/loaf Milk: $2.51/gal Eggs: $1.46/doz Car: $18,360 Gas: $1.21/gal House: $158,700 Stamp: $0.32/ea Avg Income: $51,353/yr Min Wage: $4.25/hr DOW Avg: 5,117 | Hot New Toys in 1995 Sega Saturn Pogs Virtual Boy Sega 32X

4: People born on July 27 1904 - Agnes Yarnall, sculptor, artist, author laa, 1987 1942 - Barbara Ferris London England, actress (Nice Girl Like Me) 1943 - Al Ramsey, NJ, rocker (Gary Lewis & the Playboys-This Diamond Ring) 1784 - Andr-Georges-Louis Onslow, English/French composer (chamber music) 1922 - Bob Thiele, record producer 1943 - Bill Bradley, Crystal City Mo, NY Knick/(Sen-D-NJ)/Rhodes scholar 1802 - Benedikt Randhartinger, composer 1932 - Beverly B Byron, (Rep-D-MD, 1979- ) 1973 - Amy Linn Duncan, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Miss America-Oklahoma (1997) 1824 - Alexandre Dumas fils, France, playwright/novelist (Camille) 1975 - Alex Rodriguez, NYC, shortstop (Seattle Mariners) 1898 - Audley Moore, civil rights activist, humanitarian [Queen Mother] 1955 - Allan Border, cricket captain (Australia) 1904 - Anton Dolin dancer (Girl From Petrovka) 1910 - Bea Marcia Anastasia verbrook Christoforides, writer

5: 5 Relics: My ladybug wind-up toy: My dad gave it to me when I was 5 years old. My big brown teddy bear with the shiny green bowtie- My dad gave it to me when I was a year old and I would, and still do hold it when I miss my dad. My cookie monster stuffed animal- when my family went to Busch gardens last year, my dad got it for me. My masquerade doll- my aunt Laura got it for me when I was 9 years old when she went to Los Angeles. My rocking chair- I have had that chair, my mom has had that chair and my great grandmother had it.

6: What I think of me: I have my dad's eyes I'm a good writer I can make people laugh. I'm funny | Overly Funny :) Smart Nice eyes A vegetarian Cute and short Cool Artist Good at writing Nice Cool Pants Awesome Shortness Funny and Smart :) | Funny

7: Dear Nick, It has been while since I’ve seen you but I hope you're doing grand. I'm writing to thank you for your impact you have had on my life. Miss Sims gave us an assignment where we get to write to people who have had influenced us and thank them. You were the first person to come to mind. From the day I met you, you were my best friend. Remember how much you thought I hated you? One day you realized that was just who I am and then we became friends.Your ability to calm me down, or make me twice as mad. When I felt like hitting someone you would make me laugh and I would end up not hitting them. When I felt like doing something stupid, you threatened me with you do blah-blah I won't ever talk to you again, and that made me stop that second. You taught me to reach for the stars and be the best I can be. Never turning in your homework, always showing people who you are and not caring what they think. Thank you Nick for influencing me, being my best friend, calming me down, and letting me be me. I will always look back and thank you. I love you. Thanks for influencing me, Katelyn

8: Family Recipe: 1 cup sugar 1 cup white Karo 1 pinch salt Put in a heavy i quart dish and let come to a boil stirring then add two cups raw peanuts and boil for 20 minutes. Take off heat and a one teaspoon soda blend just enough to mix soda in pour on a buttered cookie sheet. When set break into pieces.

9: Linguistic- Words, and language Writers,lawyers, journalists, and speakers. write a set of instructions, speak on a subject, edit a written piece of work, or write a speech. | Musical- Awareness, appreciation, and use of sound, recognition of tonal and rhythmic patterns, understands relationship between sound and feeling. Musicians, singers, composers, DJ's, music producers,and piano tuners. Perform a musical piece, sing a song, or review a musical work. | Interpersonal- perception of other people's feelings, ability to relate to others. therapists, HR professionals, mediators. interpret moods from facial expressions, demonstrate feelings through body language.

10: Jason | Charlie | Jill | Katherine | Ella | Sophia | Abby | Jonathan | Katelyn | Dallas

11: What my name means- Katelyn means Pure and was a very popular name in the 1990's. It is a Gaelic name. There are 15581 people in the U.S with the name Katelyn, on the other hand there are 361,441 in the U. S with the last name of Stewart. | The Stewart's are mostly from Scotland(1881), and were farmers most of my family live to be 80 years of age. Some of my family also severed with the war. 2202 Confederate, 5279 Union, and 7481 Combined.

12: Family Tradition: My favorite family tradition is when we have the pig roast for my and my little sister's birthday. We have done it for three years now. The first time we did it was on her 3rd birthday and on my 12th birthday. She was born of my birthday exactly 9 years later. We have done it every year sense then. It could not be improved in anyway.

13: My carbon footprint is not very big to begin with, but there are somethings I could do to bring it down more. For instance I could quit riding the bus and walk to school, stop using my computer and cell phone so much and stop saying something is dirty when its really not.

14: I was born on July 27th 1995 My little brother was born on October 27th, 2004, Abby was born on July 27th, 2004, Ella was born on June 7th, 2006, Sophia was born on 28th April. Educational special times for me was when I passed 8th grade math, finished Girls on the Run, and got into CECHS. When I was 4 and 5 years of age I was a dancer and had 2 shows in front of my mom. I went to Girl Scout camp, and camp with my church. Sports promotions were Gotr, and track in 7th and 8th grade. School Trips were when we went to the zoo, pumpkin patch and the Outerbanks. Special family trips were Universal Studios, Kiawi Island,Buschgardens and Watercountry Usa. My granddaddy, great-grandaddy, and great-grandma H have all died. When i was 3 i was dehydrated, and had to get stitches on my eyebrow.

15: Talkative Loves to have fun Wants everyone to get along Often Indecisive | Katelyn Casey Jenna | Loyal Organized Dependable Logical Cesar Aaron Kurtland Kathrine | Leaders Outspoken Respected Enjoys power Teal Mena Hays Susan | Emotional Creative Can't relax Funny, Witty Nicole Lizette Stephanie

16: Who Am I: Self Reflection I didn't really enjoy Who Am I, it wasn't very fun, at all. Even if we did learn about ourselves. I would do this differently by not doing it at all. My wildest dream was my favorite. The multi-intelligence would be take out. I didn't like it, at all. It was a tad bit fun at the end though.

17: My Three Tech Favorites: My cell Phone- It lets me text my friends when I'm bored. My laptop- It gives me access to facebook and other sites. My playstation, It gives me something to do when I'm bored

18: My 50 Favorites: 1)BrokeNCYDE 2)Never Shout Never 3) Owl city 4) Escape the fate 5) Bullet for my valentine 6) Dance Dance Revolution 7) Reading 8) Poetry 9) Acting 10) Sliding in my sock across the living room floor 11) The notebook 12) The wedding singer 13) Sweeny Todd 14) Nightmare before Christmas 15) Wedding Crashers 16) A walk to remember | 17) Aquamarine 18) Purple 19) Black 20) Green 21) Red 22) Aqua team Hunger Force 23) Invader Zim 24) Angry Beavers 24) Catdog 25) RugRats 26) Hot topic 27) Spencer’s 28) Claries 29) Subway. Eat fresh! 30) Pizza Hut 31) Taco Bell 32) Burger King

19: 33) Park 34) Beach 35) City 36) Mountains 37) Rural towns 38) Ireland 39) Germany 40) France 41) Russia 42) Cookies 43) Pizza 44) Tacos 45) Candy 46) Dogs 47Turtles 48) Flamingo 49) Kola 50) Whale

20: 1) I can skate 2) I can play with my little brother 3) I can play football 4) I can write poetry 5) I can sing 6) I can dream 7) I can talk your ear off 8) I can drive 9) I can text 10) I can hike 11) I can climb trees and rocks 12) I can count to 9000 13) I can watch T.V 14) I can be nice 15) I can be mean 16) I can be outrageous 18) I can act 19) I can tie my shoes 20) I can rawr like a dinosaur 21) I can be a sister 22) I can tell stories 23) I can make you cry 23) I can make you laugh 25) I can love

21: 26) I can be nice to hobos 27) I can talk to cows 28) I can dream a dream 29) I can speak French 30) I can speak Spanish 31) I can hike 32) I can do a cannonball in the pool 33) I can sing the Barney song 34) I can like people 35) I can beat up my big brother 36) I can sew 37) I can knit 38) I can do crossword puzzles 39) I can break your heart 40) I can give you gray hair (even when your 20) 41) I can dream of peace 41) I can do 50 I cans 43) I can swim 44) I can be your best friend or your worst enemy 45) I can blow your brain 46) I can be original 47) I can go to hot topic everyday 48) I can ski 49) I can write 50) I can be anything I want to be

22: Katelyn, Wow this is so weird to be writing a letter to me; writing a letter to yourself for now, which you are reading right now as you write it. Any ways in the year of 2010 you became a big sister again, due to you little sister Sophia Birdell Stewart, You got into the school you wanted, Caldwell Early College High School, you got to take drivers ed, and you came out of your shell that was holding you back from everything last year. This year I would like to improve my writing skills so I can get into the school of journalism, and begin acting so that you can follow in your dad and brothers footsteps. Become who you want to be and not what others want to see you become, and wish that you were, and become the shining star that you know you are. I will take drama classes at the college and hopefully I will become as good as dad and maybe Jon as well. You live for writing and nothing will change that, so continue doing what you do best and see if you can get some of them published, or maybe not, your choice. Become the star who you want to become by not letting anyone tell you how to live your life, and figure things and do things for yourself. Love, Katelyn

23: I am Katelyn Stewart I wonder why cows go moo?! I hear teacher talking I am Kate Avery I pretend I am a superhero cow I believe in peace I touch cows I feel loved I cry when my ice-cream falls on the ground I am Kate I understand poetry and plays I dream about the beach I am not your everyday average girl.

24: My favorite place is my clubhouse. Its somewhere safe, and warm that I can easily escape to. Its placed on the highest tree in our backyard, so it towers over everything and when you feel like you are nothing but an ant placed on the earth to get smashed, you can go up there and feel like you are on top of the world. When I am up there I like to escape from the world by listening to my Ipod, and dancing. I adore this place very much because my dad made this for me, and it has been around for 15 years. I do not share this place with anyone, I have claimed it as mine and mine only. When I am in my clubhouse I feel happy and mellow. I return to it when I am sad, mad, and/or allot is going on.

25: Parents | Dear Katelyn, How does it feel to be 50? Is it as funny as you once thought it was? I hope so, and I hope your kids don't pick on you as hard as you picked on your dad about it. Gray hair, and Wrinkles are what comes to my mind as a 15 year old. I hope you have accomplished all your goals, such as graduating for Guildhall school of Music and Arts in London, Acting on Broadway, and having 3 kids with the guy you fell in love with in your senior year of college. We are currently living in New York City, in a House located in Harlem, along with your 4 kids,Marie Antoinette, Anne Maria, Henry 2nd, and Alice. We own 2 cars, one for Henry and one for you. You have the car of your dreams, Ford Explorer 1995, and Henry has the car of his dreams the Lamborghini gallardo 2011. Yes I am married to a very handsome, sweet, and sensitive guy named Henry Bars, who is an Actor as well, you plus your 4 kids have a total of 16 animals. You have your 7 cows, 2 bird, 3 cats, and 4 dogs. Love, Katelyn

26: Things I like to watch: Glee Spongebob Melissa and Joey | Things I like to explore: The Stars Stages Ways to cook | Katelyn's Interests, Hobbies, and Collections | Interests: Acting Astronomy Broadway Plays | Hobbies: Writing Listening to music Hanging with friends | Collections: Teddy Bear Rocks Cds

27: When I am at my best as a big sister, I am a tree, a protector from the world still unknown to little birds.

28: The interview with my great-grandma for living links went well I think. In the interview I asked her several different questions such as how was life growing up, what was the biggest change from the 1920's 'till now, and what she did for fun. She was a very interesting canidate, and I wish I had gotten more time to talk with her about her life. She was interesting because it made me feel when she was talking, that I was living in the 1920's.

29: My greatest accomplishment was getting into CECHS, it may seem like its not very big but I have a lot to thank for help getting in, the school, the counslers and the computer. August the 25th was the day I got in to the school. It made me the happiest and it still does that I was able to be one of the 85 to get in. It was at the CECHS that I got in.

30: Most of the time i spend my time writing, while the other half of my time i enjoy reading books. My favorite type of books are romance, and mystery. My favorite thing to do is read, and talk to my mom about it after I have read it. My favorite book is Gone With The Wind, or The notebook.

31: MY WILDEST DREAM My wildest dream is to become a famous poet like Edgar Allan Poe, the reason why it is my wildest dream is because I love poetry and writing it. It gives me a place where I can escape to and write down all I’m feeling and what I think about things in a lyrical way. I want to achieve my dream by June 30th 2030, why I chose this date is because I would be almost 35, and June 30th is my sister's birthday. I would have to find a publisher that would accept my work and would like for me to write with them, and I would have to improve my writing. I would improve my writing by working every day to achieve at least 2 poems a day, have someone read them and take into consideration what they say about it. Finding a publisher will be the hardest part, but I will find one. I’ll find one by sending my best poem to ever publisher out there.

32: Family Tradition: My family tradition is the big birthday party my family and I have. The year of my 9th birthday, I was giving a very special gift. A new sister, and with that a big party every year to celebrate both of our birthday's and my granddad's. My granddad's is the 28th of July, and mine and Abby is the 27th of July. We do this every year, at the same time. July 27th, it serves a purpose as a celebration.

33: the first Playstation was released in December 1994 July 2000 ps one was released Playstation 2 released in 2000 Slimeline model- released in 2004 Playstation 3- released November 11, 2006 redesigned model- released in 2009

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