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Why Wolves Howl

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FC: Why Wolves Howl A Folktale by Caroline Symcox

1: Why Wolves Howl An Original Floktale by Caroline Symcox

2: Long ago, in the land now known as the Olympic Peninsula, there lived a pack of wolves. The wolves ruled the forest, and their territory stretched across the Olympic Peninsula and part of what is now Canada. In that wolf pack lived two young she-wolves, Aleut and Lupine. Aleut and Lupine were best friends.

3: They would hunt together during the winter, fish together during the summer when trout filled the rivers, and keep each other warm during the long, cold nights of the Olympic winter.

5: One day, the Alpha wolf, the head of their pack, asked Aleut and Lupine to explore farther South, where it was warm on the coast of the great salt water and food was plentiful. Another wolf pack was picking off their game one by one, and suddenly, the pack had been plunged into famine. Alpha told them to follow the beach to where the mountains ended in a land that was unknown to the wolves. Alpha had heard from their friend wolf pack that the hunting was better than anything the Northern Wolves had ever seen, and he wanted to see if it existed. So Aleut and Lupine started off into the deep forest.

7: “We’ve been walking for days, Lupine,” complained Aleut. “My paws are so tired; I think they’ll fall off.” “Alpha said it wouldn’t be that long,” comforted Lupine. Finally, the two tired wolves saw it: the beautiful red sunrise over the southern mountains as they walked along the seaside. “Now we can turn back.” Aleut said with a sigh. “Don’t you think we should stay awhile?” “I suppose since we’ve traveled all this way, we should stay the night.”

9: The next morning, the two wolves wanted to go hunting. Aleut and Lupine decided to go different ways so they could catch more. Aleut came back with a small deer to the cave they’d spent the night in. Night fell, and Lupine finally returned, but she was not alone. Standing beside her was a strange looking wolf, with folded ears and a tan and brown coat with thin fur. “Aleut, this is Mojave.” Said Lupine, “I’m going to stay here with him.” “What?” replied Aleut “what do you mean?” “I mean, I want to live with him here where the food is plentiful and where his humans take care of him.” “You’re not even a wolf! What are you anyway?” Shouted Aleut at Mojave, “I’m called a dog. We’re brothers of wolves.” “You are no brother of mine!” And with that, Aleut ran out of the cave in the direction of her pack.

10: She ran over the mountains, along rocky canyons, and across rivers, all the while fueled by her hatred and broken heart. When she finally reached her pack, she left them to start her own as an Alpha; her old pack reminded her too much of Lupine. But through all her hurt, Aleut vowed that someday, she’d return to the Southern Mountains to see her friend again.

13: Aleut ran all the way to what is now known as Alaska, and when she reached the coast, Aleut howled so loud that part of the coast broke off and drifted out to sea. The small chain of islands is now called the Aleutians. One night, years later, when Aleut was the Alpha of the great Northern Wolves, a white wolf appeared to her in a dream. “Aleut, there is an ice stretch that will bridge where you have once traveled back to the Olympic Peninsula.” “But how will I find Lupine?” asked Aleut. “You must go over the South Mountains and call for Lupine, and she will hear you, but she may be far away. You must call for her loudly and often, and she will come back to you.” Aleut put her Beta in charge so her pack would have a leader while she was away. With a sigh, Aleut set out on her long journey. When she came to the place of the ice bridge, snow fell in a flurry as the lone wolf crossed the vast sheet of ice.

14: After many months of traveling, Aleut came to the Southern Mountains. She called and called and called for Lupine, and eventually, the desperate calls became known as “howling”. After years of calling for Lupine, Aleut was ready to give up. She decided to call one last night. All night long, Aleut howled, and a faint sound rose over the mountains that only a wolf’s ear could hear. It was the familiar call of Lupine. Aleut vowed that no matter how faraway she was, Aleut would find Lupine and bring her home. Even today, we can still hear Aleut and Lupine calling to each other, waiting to be reunited once again.

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