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Wonderful World of Wendy

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S: Wonderful World of Wendy

FC: Wonderful World of Wendy | By: Wendy Huang

1: Wonderful World of Wendy By: Wendy Huang

2: Copyright British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Copyright ©2011 by Wendy Huang All rights reserved. No portions of this book may be reproduced, by any process or technique, without the express written consent of the author or publisher. Library of Congress Number: 066978345 ISBN: 0-567-98423-0 ISSN:5765-2301 First published in 2011 Roses Press Company Printed in the United States of America

3: Preface Who am I? Come take a look inside this story book that explains my life adventures. I was born on November on 1994, and now it is the year 2011; this means that I have lived for sixteen years. During those years, I have experienced many ups and downs that had created memorable memories throughout my lifetime. My autobiography was produced with a great amount of my effort and time. Each entry comes with a meaningful story explaining my personality, and who I truly am within. Every page and design expresses my thoughts and creativity. I hope this book will be enjoyable to read. Flip the page to begin the journey of my story...

4: Forward

5: Dedicated To... I want to dedicate this autobiography to my parents. I think family is very important; it is something I cannot live without. They are the ones that created me. My parents raised me up with a lot of their time and money. I know that they worked really hard to provide me with the best environment, so that I could live a happy life. They are always there to help me make the right choices and give me advices when I’m stuck on a problem. They had sacrificed a lot for me, and I am very thankful for their love and care. My mom and dad are the true ones that will never judge me, but will always be there to support me.

6: A...is for Annoying Crickets I walked out of my steamy bathroom feeling fresh and clean from a warm shower, and I was anxious to go to sleep. My hair was wet and water was still dripping from the tips of my hair on to the hardwood floor. I brushed my silky black hair slowly and dried it with a blow dryer until it had a fluffy, dry feeling. Then I walked back to my room and jumped onto my purple, queen bed. When I lay down on my bed, I feel calm because it is a place where I am able to find peace and rest in. Therefore, sleep time is very precious to me and I try not to let anything delay me from sleeping. I was ready to turn off the lamp beside me, for it gave off such a brilliant glow. I switched it off and the yellow light slowly faded out of my view. I carefully pulled the soft blanket over me and closed my eyes. I lied on the bed and thought about things that happened that day. I sometimes like to reflect upon my life because I think it is important to know the good and bad decisions I have made for myself. As I began to enter the world of my wonderful dreams, something distracted me from falling asleep. I heard loud chirps coming from the window and immediately I knew what insect it was: crickets.

7: At first, I thought that the chirps wouldn’t be a problem. However, minutes were ticking away on the clock, and my eyes were still wide open. I couldn’t fall asleep with all the commotion from the crickets. I quickly grabbed my pillows and sandwiched my head between them, trying to mute the chirps from the window. I couldn’t hold the pillows any longer because my hands began to ache. When I unfolded my pillows from my ears, I still heard those lousy crickets chirping. My ears could not handle the chirps any longer and my head felt like it was going to explode at any minute. I purposefully picked up another pillow and threw it straight towards the window making a loud “smack”. I flipped off my covers and walked over to the window to check if there was any opening that would allow a cricket to escape into my room. However, I didn’t see any opening. Feeling exhausted, I dragged myself back to my bed. I tried to think of the other possibilities I could do to stop the noise, but nothing seemed to work. That whole summer night the crickets kept chirping on and on, while I tossed and turned in my bed desperately waiting for dawn to arrive. I am glad crickets only chirp in the summer, or else I would have gone nuts if they chirped all year long. Any insect or bug noises are a pet peeve of mine. They disgust me; I wish all the bugs in this world would vanish into thin air.

8: MyBrotherJohnny

9: B...is for Baby Brother's Born!! Would you rather be the only child or have siblings? Both of these scenarios have advantages and disadvantages. But in my life, I was chosen to have a brother. A brother I must take care of and be responsible for. Before having a new member in the family, my parents had thought of only having one child, which was I. However, that idea had vanished one day when my parents asked this particular question. They started to ask me, “Would you like to have a sibling?” I didn’t expect my parents to ask that question. I had no idea, what so ever to answer that. My head was blank and different emotions and feelings began to race through my head. That question was a clue my parents gave me for an event that was going to happen in the future year. It was the year 2003 and I was nine years old. That was the year when my prediction became obvious. I watched my mommy’s tummy grow during those nine months. As a nine year old, the way how my mom’s stomach grew was really fascinating to me. Day by day, I became very excited because a new life was going to be born into our family soon. I began to act like a sister because I wanted to prove to my parents that I was a responsible child, and that I would be able to take care of my future brother.

10: During the first few months of my mom’s pregnancy, when we didn’t know the gender of the baby yet, they asked whether I wanted a little brother or sister, but I wasn’t quite sure. Though, there are good and bad things of both genders, I had a greater desire to having a baby sister. Being a nine year old girl during that time, I wanted a sister because then we could both play girly things and share common interests together. I thought that having a sibling with the same gender as me will make us get along better. Too bad it did not come true, but I wasn’t too disappointed. The nine month period of my mom’s pregnancy was about to end soon. We were all expecting the baby to be born any minute. The day arrived with no warnings to alert us. On the last day of November in 2003, my mom’s water broke and the baby was ready to arrive to the new world. My dad immediately took my mom to the hospital, while I stayed home with my uncle. It was a chaotic night; no one knew that it would happen that fast. While my mom suffered hours of labor in the hospital, I was home praying that both my mom and the baby would be safe and sound. All night long, I was not able to sleep. My heart pumped like an engine, as I walked back and forth anxiously. I really wanted to know what was happening in the hospital, so I sat next to the phone and waited impatiently for it to ring. Millions of things floated in my mind, as I tried to keep myself calm. I hated the feeling of waiting, but when the phone finally rang; my whole body froze into a solid piece of rock. I grabbed the phone from the counter and put it close to my ears. “He’s born, He’s born,” I couldn’t believe my dad’s words. A great big smile crossed my face, as I jumped up and down for the exciting news. I kept shouting the same phrase over and over again saying, "I’m a sister now!” December 1st, 2003 was the day my brother was born. That date has began a new page in the story of my life.

12: C...is for Cookies for the Family Valentine’s Day, a day full of love and warmth, I wanted to do something special for my family. So I decided to bake them cookies. I was ready to bake something sweet and delicious for the holiday that celebrated love. I slowly walked over to the kitchen and opened the covers of each drawer. I searched high and low for each ingredient needed to bake my cookies into perfection. The ingredients began to pile up on the kitchen table as I gathered more and more stuff. All the things were prepared and the baking party was ready to begin. I glanced at our favorite family cookbook, making sure that I had the right amount of each ingredient before I poured them in my mixing bowl. The first being mixed were the wet ingredients. Next was the flour, which made a large white cloud when it was poured in to the buttery cookie dough. Last came the mini sized chocolate chips; they were dumped in to finish off the dough that no one could resist. I carefully rolled the dough into small round balls and placed them on the silver cookie sheet. The red hot oven was ready to devour the cookies onto its racks. I slowly slid the cookies in to the oven and set the timer. I grabbed a chair and sat near the oven to watch the brown dough expand to form the delicious chocolate chip cookies. It only had to bake for nine minutes, but to me, those nine minutes felt like a very long wait. The breathtaking smell of the cookies fluttered past my nose and it soon filled the whole house. “Beepbeep,” finally the time has come; they were ready to be pulled out from the oven.

13: I slowly opened the oven door and a large heat wave raced out towards my face. I grabbed my oven mittens and pulled out the golden brown cookies. I placed them on the cooling rack and waited for them to cool. I stared at the cookies and inside me I felt that I had finished a great accomplishment. Every time I bake something well, it would feel like I had finished an accomplishment because baking isn’t easy and there is always a chance for a mistake to occur. So when I saw the batch of cookies on the counter, I would feel proud of myself to be able to bake something that good. Finally, the cookies were cool and were ready to be eaten. I picked up one and dug my teeth into the soft chewy cookie leaving a large hemisphere shape on it. The wonderful taste of chocolate chips swirled in my mouth as the buttery taste came into play as well. They were awesome and my parents gave me great compliments for my baking skills. I felt very happy that my family enjoyed the treats. I enjoy cooking and baking, it is something I like to do when I have free time. When I make food for people, I put a lot of effort and heart into it because I want the people eating the food to be able to feel the love. That is why the food I make are unique to me because they were prepared by my very own hands. I hope to bake more varieties of desserts for my family while I have fun baking for them.

15: D...is for Define Me There are so many words in this world that could describe a person. But only specific terms and expressions can define who we truly are. I created a wordle that contains unique words that expresses myself; it includes personality traits, colors, and the things I love. The color scheme and font plays an important part in the wordle. I picked bright, vivid colors to make the wordle have an image that looks fresh and young. Words are very special because we use them to speak and communicate. When someone reads my wordle, the words help transmit my message to the reader. The words help the reader visualize who I am without actually seeing me in person. Words are like puzzles; they can represent different meanings with only a single word. Just like me, you cannot define who I am from the outside. You might need a little help from the dictionary to find the true identity of me using the words on my wordle.

16: E...is for Explode the Moment My teacher’s sharp eyes were searching the room for the next victim to go up to the class and present. Everyone sat nervously waiting for the teacher’s dreadful voice to announce their names. With my heart pumping fast, I sat quietly trying to avoid eye contact with the teacher, but it was too late. My name was already shooting out of my teacher’s mouth like a bullet. All of a sudden my body couldn’t move, almost like it was made of solid hard rock. My cold sweaty hands quickly grabbed on to the presentation papers, and they soon started to curl and wrinkle. I continued to sit on my chair, hoping that all of this was just a hallucination. But then my name was called once again reminding me that I was in reality and it wasn’t a dream. There was no other choice but to slowly drag my heavy body towards the front of the class. Step by step, my wobbly feet led me down the long aisle to my fate. My hands continued to quiver and my papers felt like they were crawling out of my hands. Finally, I reached the front of the room and everyone was ready for me to present. The teacher’s pen clicked in place, ready to mark every mistake I make. The sweat on my forehead started racing down my face like a waterfall.

17: Everyone’s eyes were staring at me as if I was a clown that was going to make them laugh at any moment. It was the time for me to perform and all spotlights were on me. Slowly, I said my first word “The” and I knew my nightmare had just started. I read the paper quickly, trying to make the presentation as short as I could. I did not want to stand in front of the class anymore. My voice was trembling, and my heart started to pump faster. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack and fall over at any moment. My feet legs were shivering, as if I was in the arctic. My teacher then said, “Slow it down.” I glanced up at the teacher, but had no intention to talk slower. I kept reading until finally I had one sentence left to say. I said my last words and glanced up to see the whole class applauding for my presentation. I was glad that it was finally over. I quickly walked back to my seat. I turned and saw my teacher write a few comments on my rubric. My friends gave me thumbs up signs, telling me that I did a good job. I am a person that never liked public speaking. Even though I am not good at it, I still will try my best. I was proud of myself for completing the assignment. Now it was time for the next student to present.

18: Last Day of School

20: F...is for Farewell Marshall Every day I looked at my calendar to see how many days were left till summer break; each block was marked with a big red X. The few weeks before the last day, I always felt very excited to go to school. I had never been so eager to go to a place I didn’t like much before, but because I knew that there wasn’t much time left, I wanted to cherish the moments that I have left. It was my first year in George C. Marshall High school, it was also my last. I left behind many of my favorite memories as a freshman in the classrooms and hallways of that school. But most importantly, I miss my friends who are still there. Some who were newly met, but many I had known since kindergarten. After the last day of school on June 24, 2010 my family and I moved to our new house in South Riding; a new community where I must learn to adapt and begin my new life. Finally, the day arrived; the day where I must depart from Falls Church, the town where I lived for all 15 years of my life. That morning the sun rose up very slowly to lighten up the bright blue sky. The first thing I saw when I woke up was a house that had nothing in it; everything was gone, there was not a single familiar piece of furniture to be seen inside the house. That just reminded me more about the thought of leaving and moving to a foreign place. No matter how much I wished for this to be a dream, I still had to face the situation and continue on with my life. I wanted my last day in Falls Church to begin with excitement. It was time to go to school; a time that no one looks forward to. But since it’s every student’s favorite time of the year, the last day, everyone was impatiently waiting to go to school to finish off the year. However, I didn’t want the day to end because after the last bell, I will not be able to return to the school next year.

21: When I came upon the front door of Marshall, I just stood there and watched the people arrive at the building. I took a deep breath before I stepped onto the front tiles of Marshall. The moment I stepped inside, my time to stay at Marshall was ticking away. I went to each of my classes to meet up with all my best friends. Each class I went to gave me a different feeling that I couldn’t describe. My English teacher brought his newborn daughter to school that day to show our class, and she was so adorable. I thought that was very special for my teacher to do that. My friends and I didn’t waste time by taking as many photos as possible, so that we could all have the best memories saved. They all wished that I wouldn’t move, I even wished for it myself. Time flew by fast, in a blink of an eye, the last block of the day was about to end. Everyone’s eyes stared at the clock, and they started to count down 10, 9, 8, 7 When the last number was called out, the last bell of the day rang in my ears for the very last time. The hallways exploded with cheers and laughter. Everyone was ready to begin their summer break; we were now free from school. I took my time saying my farewells to my friends. We gave each other great big hugs and I even received some gifts and farewell letters. I was very emotional; all I wanted to do was cry like a baby. I had so much to say, but no words were willing to flow through my mouth. Very soon everyone had to depart from the school. One step at a time, I walked slowly out the doors, thinking that I would never enter it again. I looked back at the school for the very last time, trying to memorize every detail. I entered my mom’s car and I saw many of my friends waving their hands at me. As my mom drove the car away from Marshall, I kept staring at the window watching my school and friends slowly fading away.

22: I eat, A world full of the tastiest things Never knowing what will be next to enter my mouth I think, I dream, I see The mouth watering delights that flow around the places I go What will I discover next? A new taste? Or something I will not crave of again The taste buds of mine, always seeking more More of what though? Sweet, sour, salty, bitter or maybe a mix in between From baby till now, my tongue has tasted so many different flavors But I always long for new Hoping to uncover more of the mysterious, ahead of my journey of cuisines around the world.

23: I... is for I Eat Food is a very important element in our lives; it is something we need in order to survive. The world has a variety of cultures, and these cultures influenced people to create many special kinds of cuisines. I think I am a very lucky person because there is always a plentiful source of food provided for me. There are many people around the world who live in poverty and they don’t have enough food to eat and survive. It is a gift to be able to eat all the food that I want, so I am very thankful for this privilege. This list poem reflects my thoughts and ideas about food. I enjoy trying new things from different countries. I am willing to spend time on discovering new kinds of foods. No one knows what I will taste next, but I will continue my search for the unknown flavors that have not been revealed yet.

24: 1. Travel around the world 2. Help the needy 3.Donate a large amount of money to charity 4. Scuba dive 5. Marry and have a happy family 6. Be a business owner 7. Have a dream house 8. Be rich 9. Learn piano | 14. Paraglide 15. Climb one of the seven summits 16. Swim with whales or dolphins 17. Ride a hot air balloon 18. Bungee Jump 19. Go on a cruise 20. Discover your life’s purpose. | 10. Learn violin 11. Be in a movie 12. Record a song 13. See a waterfall

25: M... is for My Last Wishes Every person in this world will die some day; you just never know when that time will come. We could die at any second or at any time. Therefore, we should have goals or dreams that we want to achieve. And so, I came up with a dream list that is unique to me and expresses my thoughts on life. The first one on the list is the one I wish to attain the most; I want to travel the world so that every place has a footprint of mine. When visiting these places I want to have new experiences that I might never have thought of doing but now I really want to do. I will be very proud of myself, if I had the chance to complete any of the items on the list. Some deal with nature because I want to see and experience the natural beauty that surrounds this world. I’ve also added skills that I really would like to acquire during my lifetime. Some are not ever going to be accomplished during my lifetime, but I will try my best to complete them so I don’t feel regretful when I die.

27: New York

28: N...is forNew York “Beepbeep,” the alarm’s ringing noise rang in my ears. I grabbed my alarm to see to the time; it was 12 o’ clock. I was still drowsy from my sleep, but I managed to wake up. My parents had already woke up because they had to prepare for the trip to New York. I was really excited to go with them because I have never gone to New York before. We didn’t pack a lot of stuff because we were going to come home the following day. I was scared that I would get hungry, so I brought along a large bag of junk food. We were all set to go. Our family did not drive to New York; instead, we rode charter buses. I didn’t notice it until my dad parked at the charter bus station in D.C. My mom handed us our tickets for the bus ride. We quickly went to our bus, so that we could pick the good seats in the bus. We had to wait for fifteen minutes before the bus actually started its journey. I asked my mom where we were heading, and she said that our first stop was China town in New York. It was a long bus ride. I was really tired so I decided to sleep. When I woke up, I noticed that we were already in New York. I was super excited. My heart was pumping fast and I was energized from my long sleep. We finally arrived at China town at 7’o clock. The sun was shining and the weather was wonderful; a great day to spend family time together in New York. Chinese people have a tradition that they like do in the morning, which is to eat dim sum and drink tea. So our first destination was to go to a Chinese restaurant to eat dim sum. The Chinese food in New York tasted so much better than the ones in Virginia. I ate so much food; my stomach felt like it was going to explode into pieces.

29: We then rode a taxi to see the famous monument in New York: the Statue of Liberty. When we arrived, I saw the huge green statue on the other side of the river. We didn’t know how to cross the river to see the statue. So we asked some people and they told us that we had to ride a ferry. At first, I felt very nervous because I have never ridden on any boat before. The thought of riding boats made me wanted to puke. I was not willing to ride the ferry, but my parents begged me to get on, and so I did. That was my very first time riding a ferry and I will definitely never forget my first “boat” experience. When we reached the pier, the first thing I looked for was the statue of liberty. The statue was humongous; it was truly a remarkable scene to see. I have seen the statue many times in TV before, but I never thought that I would have the chance to see it in person. That day was very hot, so we didn’t stay for long. Even though we didn’t get to stay in New York for a long time, I still had a lot of fun. This trip had become a memorable memory for our family because it was our first time visiting New York. This trip was also my first trip out of Virginia. Our family doesn’t go on family trips very often, so I cherish every moment that I have with my family. Next time I come, I would like to explore New York a little more. I really hope to visit New York again soon.

30: P...is for Piles of Pumpkins Throughout middle school year as an eighth grader, it was required for every student to complete community service hours for their civics class. This gave opportunities for students to help the needy, and also give them a chance to experience the outside world. For that reason, I was able to volunteer for a very special event. Our civics teacher recommended a service opportunity for us to do by helping a church prepare for a pumpkin sale. Therefore, many classmates and I volunteered in this event. It was a bright Saturday morning in October of 2008. No one wants to do work on the weekend when they could sleep in instead; I’m guessing not many. But I had no choice because I was required to participate in an event so that I could earn my community service hours. I knew it was going to be a tiring day, so I tried to snuggle in my bed for as long as I could. But at the same time, another part of me was eager to go to the pumpkin sale. Finally, my alarm went off, and I knew that I had to wake up and be prepared. I brushed my teeth and washed my face so that I could feel fresh for the morning. I went to my closet and sat on the ground trying to figure out the clothes that I should wear. But when I thought about the things I would be doing today, I decided to just wear a t-shirt and some jeans. I quickly rushed downstairs to eat my breakfast, and I was set to go. My mom drove me down route seven and I saw the church approach on the right side of the road. When I arrived, I saw many people moving all kinds of pumpkins around the lawn of the church. I went over to the sponsor and asked her my job for the day. She told me that the main thing that I had to do was help move and sort the different pumpkins into piles so that they could be ready to be sold during Halloween.

31: She assigned me a station to work on. I never knew that there were so many kinds of pumpkins. They came in all sorts of shapes and sizes; some were humongous and others had very ugly physical appearances. It was fun to be able to see all these pumpkins that I have never seen before. Just when I thought that we were almost done, something unexpected pulled up on the driveway. I glanced over and saw a huge white truck arrive on the parking lot. I was curious about the things it was carrying inside the body of the truck. That’s when the sponsor called everyone over and told us that there were more pumpkins to be moved. The truck driver slowly opened the back door of the truck and I could not believe what I saw with my very own eyes. The whole truck was filled with a large amount of orange pumpkins. I have never seen that many pumpkins in my life before. The sponsor told us that there were more to be moved. Everyone separated into groups and formed an assembly line across the lawn. The pumpkins rolled down the conveyer belt of hands as they were sorted into their different piles. Finally, the back of the truck was empty, our job was complete. We all applauded for all the hard work that has been done. My muscles were all aching and my arm felt like it was detached from my body. But this event was something worth doing because it is not something I could do very often, and it is even a great workout for my body. I hope to do something similar to this again. Participating in this event made me realize the importance of team work. Without the help of every volunteer, we would never have finished the job so quickly and efficiently. Many think that community service is just something you are forced to do for school. To me, I think community service is a way of giving back. It gave me a warm feeling at the end of the day because I felt that I have made a difference.

32: Perfect Friend Recipe *Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Directions : 1.First mix the trustworthy, Loyalty, and Understanding together in a mixing bowl 2.Sprinkle a dash of humorous while you blend the ingredients 3.Add half of the Patience, so the batter can thicken 4.Pour the ingredients into the pan, so that it is evenly spread out 5.Add the quiet, nosy, obnoxious, and friendliness onto the top of the batter 6.Put into oven for 20 minutes 7.Serve while it’s hot. | Ingredients: 1 Cup Trustworthy 1 Cup of Loyalty 1 cups of Humorous cup of Patience 2 cups of understanding A pinch of Quiet | A dash of Nosy 3 tablespoons of friendliness 1 tablespoon of Obnoxious cup of a good listener 1 quart of Caring

33: Q...is for Qualities of a Friend What is a friend? A friend is a person who I enjoy spending time with. I don’t make friends depending on their looks; instead, I look for their inner personalities traits. What are these qualities that I look for? First of all, I think a friend should be understanding. When a person understands me, they will know when I feel sad and thus, will lend me a shoulder when I need it. I can express my feelings to her at any time and she will listen to me. Loyalty is another quality that a best friend should have. It is important to me if my best friend can keep my secrets. She will never betray me and talk bad things behind my back. I want my best friend to be honest and loyal so that I can trust her and be able to share all my secrets with her. Caring is also an important quality to have in a best friend. A best friend will give me support when I am sad or disappointed. Friends are easy to find, but a true friend is difficult to be found.

34: The symbol of love Represented by the rose Given to the loved | The symbol of love Represented by the rose Given to the loved | The symbol of love Represented by the rose Given to the loved | The symbol of love Represented by the rose Given to the loved

35: S...is for Symbol of Love Roses are beautiful and versatile flowers, and they come in many vivid and pastel colorings. The red rose is the classic symbol of love and romance; they are shrouded with layers of rich symbolisms. The color of a rose represents sentiments and feelings that people wanted to convey to another person. Giving a single long stemmed red rose is a form of expressing deep love. Roses continue to be the most popular way to say "I love you" to someone special. The rich heritage of the red rose has become the modern day image as the lover's rose. They are the definitive symbol for romantic sentiments that represent true love. Red roses are a meaningful gift, perfect for expressing feelings for a loved one on Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or simply "just because." I think the rose is the best gift to give to a loved one that you truly care about.

36: T...is for Thanksgiving Reunion “Ding dong” my closest relatives had come over for a huge thanksgiving gathering. The holiday had arrived, meaning another year to be thankful for. I had waited patiently for a long time for my aunts and cousins to arrive at the front door of my house. I missed them very much, since they live pretty far from where I live now. I quickly ran to the big door as my heart was thumping fast. I was excited and couldn’t wait to meet everyone who was on the other side of the door. When I arrived at the door, I became very nervous and was afraid to open the door. Questions were zooming past in my head. I could hear a voice in my head saying, “Are they going to remember me?” My sweaty hands slowly turned the handle and a powerful gush of wind whooshed past my face. The first person I saw was my aunt. We gave each other a great big bear hug and then welcomed everyone else that was behind her. We all entered the living room and started conversations that suddenly made the house livelier. As they continued, I decided to go into the kitchen to help my parents prepare the big thanksgiving meal. As I approached the kitchen, the wonderful smells of the meats were escaping and entering my nose. Our dinner menu was very special; it had a combination of American and Asian style foods. We worked very hard that night, hoping that it would be the perfect dinner for the holiday. At last, everything was ready and it was the moment to begin setting up our dining room table with the delicious goodies. I stood right next to the table, making sure everything was placed in the right spot. The meats and vegetables started to build on the table as they formed a beautiful feast for us to eat. It was very colorful and almost all the colors of the rainbow could be found there. I brought in my camera and began snap the wonderful moments that would later become memories. As the foods were being set down, the scent of each dish started dragging each person’s nose to the table looking for their favorites, trying to decide the very first thing that they would munch on. I was especially excited for the meats.

37: We quickly grabbed their seats; the sign for the feast to begin. I sat next to my parents because I felt a bit shy that day and all I wanted to do was stick to my mom and dad. The big golden turkey was the first to be carved, along with roasted ham and Peking duck. There were also many seafood dishes, including lobster, shrimp, and fish. Everyone’s plate was like a different piece of art designed by the different meats and vegetables. We each grabbed our utensils and we were ready to dig in. My stomach had already been growling for a long time; I could not wait to take my first bite. Gobbling foods into their mouths, everyone gave different complements about the amazing foods. My favorite dishes were the lobster and the Peking duck because those two foods aren’t served very often. That is why I look forward for the holidays because there is always an abundant source of yummy foods that I don’t get to eat very often. Our tummies were all packed and everyone enjoyed the thanksgiving meal. I was thankful for everything that I had and the warmth of family love. I really like spending time with my parents and relatives; it was a moment where everyone could relax and have bonding time. I haven’t seen some of relatives and cousins for a few years. Therefore, it was a gift for them to come over to my house and enjoy a thanksgiving dinner together. I have experienced times where I have to spend my holiday time alone because my parents had to work, and it definitely was not fun. That is why this dinner meant a lot to me because I got to spend quality time with the people I love. I don’t know if I’ll be able to have another dinner like this again, but I look forward to the thanksgiving celebration next year to be even better.

38: U...is for Unexpected Permit Test The silky black sky was still hovering over our house, when the jangling tone of the phone began to ring through my ears at 6 o’ clock in the morning. The loud rings startled everyone in house, but no one was willing to get out of bed to pick up the phone. My eyes were half opened to the darkness; I grasped the phone and maneuvered it towards my ears to listen to the unknown stranger on the other side of the line. An unfamiliar voice drifted into my ear, word by word announcing school was canceled due to inclement weather. My first day of the month of February had begun as a snow day. Yet, this snow day gave me an advantage to get something I was eager to get: my permit. I had not planned to take the permit test on that day. It was a sudden urge that gave me the idea of going to DMV that day. I just had a gut feeling that this was a lucky day for me, and if I went I would have a high chance of passing the permit test. Once I knew that there was no school that day I decided to wake up early and begin reviewing the materials required for the test. I was very confident that I knew everything on the driver’s manual; I had just finished taking the driver’s education class, and I was prepared to soar through the test. I told my mom that I wanted to go to DMV and take my permit test. She began to question me if I was really ready for this. I looked straight into her eyes and said “yes” very confidently. She didn’t want to disappoint me, so she promised to let me go. I raced back to room, and tried to dress myself with my finest clothing. I wanted to look my best in the picture of my permit card. Once everything was set, I was ready to be on the road to DMV.

39: Upon arriving in the parking lot of the DMV building, I began to feel a bit uncomfortable. My mom and I walked to the front door; I grasped the handle tightly trying to pull the door with a great amount of force. We walked through the hallway and reached the information desk to get my forms. I sat down quietly, trying to fill out my forms with my shaky hands. I carefully examined the form, making sure that I had all the information filled in correctly; I didn’t want anything to go wrong before I took my test. Sitting patiently, I waited for my number to be called. My whole body started to tremble and my heart was pumping fast like a motor. Every second that passed felt like torture to me because I didn’t know when I was going to be the next one called. I took advantage of all the time I had left by studying the manual vigorously. “Ding,” my number was called. I felt like I was put under a spotlight, and my whole body became hard like a stone. My mom gave me a nudge, and I slowly walked over to the counter. First, I took a vision test, then they took my picture for my permit, finally, I was sent to a row of empty computers; this is where my knowledge was put to the test. I read each question cautiously because I didn’t want to pick any wrong answers. As I progressed through the test, I noticed that the questions were getting harder. At last, I finished my test and it was time for me to submit my exam. I clutched my hand tightly together as I pressed the “submit” button on the screen. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes widely to see "congratulations, you passed" on the screen. A huge smile came across my face and I quickly went back to the desk to give a wave and a thumb up towards my mom. When I went back to the car, I couldn't stop bragging and showing off my paper copy permit. That day was my special day. The snow day allowed me to go to the DMV and get my permit. That day was meant for me to get my permit. My permit signifies my maturity and an opportunity to try something new. This is a life experience that I will never forget.

41: W...is forWheel of Wendy The mandala I drew represents many things that are important in my life. Every design and color expresses my emotions and thoughts about my lifetime. The outline of the circle, I wrote my initials in various colors. For example, the bright colors show the happiness and the positive side of me. While the cold colors reflect the unhappy things that I have experienced. These colors represent the ups and downs in my life. I decided to use the shape of a circle because it symbolizes the cycle of these ups and downs I go through. In the center, is the Chinese character that means “love,” therefore I put everything that I love around this symbol. I believe that not one single block should be missing from my wheel of life. This mandala is a perfect interpretation of me, revealing my culture and who I truly am inside.

42: Allison's Move “We are moving,” said Allison’s mother. Allison’s eyes enlarged as those words slowly sank deep into her mind. She wished that those words had never been said to her and everything that was happening was just a dream. All her life, Allison had lived in a beautiful city with her parents. They were immigrants and came to American when she was one years old. She did not want to be anywhere else and wanted nothing other than to stay in her cozy little town. Allison pretended to be happy, as her mother continued to explode more news into her ear. She didn’t want to ruin her mother’s happiness and her mother’s look of glee was hard to erase. However, Allison felt like her insides were twisting and turning and jumbling into mush, so she quickly walked up the stairs to her bedroom. She lied down on her bed trying to find comfort, as million of things started zooming past her mind. All her memories of her home started flashing in her head like a movie. But at the same time, a part of her mind was curious and wondered what her life would be at the new place. Day by day, the house started to become emptier and emptier until eventually the house she used to live in became unfamiliar to Allison. Finally, the day had come. The sky was blue, and the weather was nice, a perfect day for the move. It was her last chance to say goodbye to the house she had lived in for 15 years. No one would understand how she felt leaving the place she grew up in. She took every little bit of time staying in the house, always making excuses to stay a little longer. One last call from her mother, and she was set out to a journey that will bring her life to another start.

43: As soon as she left, things just seemed more real and scary. Just when she had accepted the truth that moving was inevitable; she remembered another one of her fears: school. Moving to a new environment was already hard and now she has to deal with another nightmare that is called high school. Starting new relationships and building new friendships are undoubtedly going to be hard and Allison could not help but constantly suffer from bouts of homesickness. She had so many thoughts and fears throughout the first few couple of weeks of school. But as things became better and easier for her, she began to notice a whole new person was forming inside of her. She was not the same old Allison anymore; she was more mature. Since she will be living in a new environment, she realized that living in the present would bring her more happiness than holding on to past that had long since disappeared. She kept looking forward for more exciting events to pop up in her daily life, as she tries to make each day filled with happiness. She also became more determined to not give up and instead work as hard as she possibly could to reach her goals and aspirations. Life is like a storybook. Allison’s life will continue to have surprises and she will never know the next thing that is going to happen in her own story. Everything might have seemed horrible at first, but life always has a way of working things out by itself. Without the big changes in life, there may not be a chance for better experiences to happen. She learned to adapt to her new environment, and now Allison has the courage to take whatever challenge that comes to her. This might just be where the beginnings of Allison’s deepest memories are created.

44: L...is for Learn to Live a New Life I have moved twice in my life. The story about Allison is also an explanation of me. I can place myself in her shoes because I have had similar events in the story happen to me. I understand the feeling that she has gone through, therefore I can relate to her. I would not want to move again because it is hard to start a new life in an unknown place. It is also painful to leave your favorites memories and friends behind. She is a strong and adaptive person. I would like to follow her example and learn to make each day a happy day. I hope to begin a new life in South Riding.

45: The End

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