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World History Children's Book

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S: A Glimpse Through Time

FC: A Glimpse Through Time | By Cristina R

1: Table Of Contents | Ancient River Valley Civilization 2-3 Classical Era 4-5 Post Classical Asia/ Africa 6-7 Medieval Europe 8-9 Renaissance/ Reformation 10-11 Enlightenment/ Revolutions 12-13 World War 1 14-15 World War 2 16-17 Cold War 18-19

2: People began to farm in Mesopotamia because of the good land there. There were also bad things about the land. there was yearly flooding that would sometimes ruin the soil. They fixed the problem by making irrigations. They soon needed leaders to plan things and have a type of government. | Ancient River Valley Civilization

3: What if people had not learned how to farm? | If people would have not learned how to farm then they would still be hunting animals and then there would be limited animals and soon they would have no more animals to eat.

4: During the Classical Era there were many Roman Empires. Julius Caesar was from this era. When Constantine moved the capital towards the east the Western part of Rome became weak. | Classical Era

5: What if Rome did not fall? | If Rome didn't fall then there would still be roman empires around. Then they would take over most of the world.

6: There was a collapse of classical civilizations that turned into the post classical era. during this era there were more explorations and new empires. Also religions started to spread around with the explorations. | Post Classical Asia/ Africa

7: What if the Mongols had not opened the silk road to safe travels? | If the Mongols had not opened the silk road for safe travel then there would have been many unsafe roads and people would have been killed.

8: The medieval times were dark times in history. Many kings and lords ruled during this time. Also the churches were powerful. Since they were trading many things with some of the imports they got, they got the black plague. The population in Europe went down because of the plague. | Medieval Europe

9: What if the Black Plague did not attack Western Europe? | If the Black Plague didn't attack Western Europe then Europe would be more populated back then and now.

10: Renaissance/ Reformation | Renaissance is the rebirth of the world. During the renaissance there were monarchies in Europe. Crusades brought information to others. Renaissance in the north led to the Protestant reformation.

11: What if Gutenberg hadn't invented the printing press? | If Gutenberg didn't invent the printing press then there wouldn't be as many books as there are now. Also information would not be spread around as well as it does.

12: The Enlightenment era was a time when many ideas and inventions were made. during this time they also focused on the arts. Also during this era there were philosophers that believed in human goodness. | Enlightenment/ Revolutions

13: What if the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonists? | If the colonist had not embraced the Enlightenment ideas then there would as many discoveries and inventions as there are now. The world wouldn't be a diffrent place then it is now.

14: The start of World War 1 began when Franz Ferdanan was assassinated in the street. Soon after Alliances begin to form. Then trench warfare begins in the Western Front in France. Soon the countries Negotiated and created the Treaty of Versailles. | Allies: France Great Britain Russia U.S. Italy | Central Powers: Germany Austria-Hungary Bulgaria Ottoman Empire | World War 1

15: What if the Austrian heir to the throne was not assassinated? | If the Austrian heir was not assassinated then world war 1 would not have started. Also

16: World War 2 started when Germany invaded Poland. America stayed out of the war until japan bomb Pearl Harbor. More than 60 million people lost their lives. Europe and parts of Asia were left in ruins after the war. | World War 2 | Allies: Soviet Union United States British Empire China France Poland Canada Australia New Zealand South Africa Yugoslavia Norway Netherlands Belgium Greece | Axis: Germany Japan Italy Hungary Romania Bulgaria

17: What if the U.S. had not dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan? | If the U.S. had not dropped an Atomic bomb on Japan then the war would have still gone on. Also there might be more problems between them and other states that would get involved.

18: Cold War | The Cold War was a war that did not involve a battle.. The U.S and U.S.S.R were having a space race to see who could get into space and onto the moon. Also The U.S was dealing with a Missile Crisis with Cuba.

19: What if the Soviet Union had landed on the moon first and not the United States? | If the Soviet Union had landed on the moon first then The United States might have still challenged them to other space races.

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