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world war II

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world war II - Page Text Content

S: by: Jonathan Brown

BC: World War II By: Jon Brown

FC: World War II

1: Axis Leaders Benito Mussolini Adolf Hitler Hirohito and Tojo

2: Benito Mussolini

3: Fascism- a gov't that always has one class of citizens considered superiorto another based on race, creed, or origin. This is the gov't mussolini favored. African Campaign- featured battles between britain and italian forces in east africa. Wanted to Capture allie territories in Africa. Constisted of North, East, West African campaigns. Wanted to restore the old glory of Rome, and power back to Italy, through a fascist gov't

4: Adolf Hitler

5: He was brought into office by exploiting Germany's weaknesses. He blamed the jews for Germany's inflation and depression. This is how he won votes. | Soon as he became chancellor, he set up a Fascsist dictatorship. A gov't That makes one set of people better than another group. Such as the Jews here. | The Weimar Republic, was Germany's way of trying to set up a democracy. But with Hitler rising to power, it was destroyed. He wanted a master race, and wanted to eliminate people unequal to him, hence the holocaust.

6: Allied Leaders

7: josef stalin | Franklin d. Roosevelt Charles da Gaulle | Winston Churchill | Harry Truman

8: Charles Da Gaulle

9: He was a french general and statesmen who led the free French forces during World War II. He told French people to resist Nazi Germany. Organized the Free French Forces, Becam first president.

10: Josef Stalin

11: Was the dictator of Russia for 30 years. He was a totalitarian leader. He had anyone who went against him killed. He favored an comunist government, and killed people to get into office.

12: F.D.R

13: isolationism- after the pricely involvment in WWI, congress passed the neutrality acts, so the U.S. would not get involved in any more wars. lend-lease act- name of program in which U.S. supplied many european countired with supplies for military bases in British territories. Atlantic Charter- blueprint for the world after WWII, shapes what the world is today.

14: Harry Truman

15: Stepped into office after roosevelt died, 3 months into his fourth term. He ordered the use of atomic bombs on Japan, the only time they have ever been used offensively.

16: Road to War

17: Japan's rapid industrialization and militiration caused it to grow into an empire, by gaining china and korea. Germany, Italy, and Japan became the axis when they signed the tripartite pact in 1940. | With Mussolini messing around in Africa, G.B. had to declare war on them. The non-aggression pact between the soviet union and Germany was violated by Germany, which caused the Soviets to declare war.

18: Hitler's Empire

19: The Treaty of Versailles left Germany accountable for all of the damages caused by WWI. Germany was also demilitarized. | Slowly, Hitler violated the treaty. He slowly started to build his military up, then he slwly took back the rhineland. after that he took back the sudetenland, where he was stopped for a meeting, then was allowed to have it anyway. Then he took over all of Czechoslovakia, by then no one wanted to stop him because of appeasement, where the other countries didnt want any violence.

20: European Theatre

21: When? The invasion took place between september and october in 1939 | Blitzkrieg is german for lightning war. this was used by the germans, where they sent everything they had in small spurts all at once. | The invasion of Poland is what started WWII.

22: Invasion of France

23: In June, 1940 the Italians invaded France. The goal was to gain the alps, and the region around Nice. | The battle of Dunkirk happened on May 26 to June 4, 1940. 338,226 Allied soldiers were evacuated from the Germans, to England by sea. | The Italians did not meet their planned goals. But still conquered Menton. This entered Italy into the war.

24: Battle of Britain

25: Consisted of the RAF (royal airforce) vs. the Luftwaffe, the German airforce. | The battle of Britain was a very decisive victory for the British. It also boosted the Allies morale. | The use of advanced tools such as radar and Enigma really helped the British win.

26: Operation Barbarosa What? the codename for Germany's invasion if the soviet union. When? June- December 1941 Battle of stalingrad- Battle between Germany and Soviet Union, for the city of stalingrad. The Soviets won.

27: Operation Overlord It was the invasion of Northwest Europe by the allied forces on June 6, 1944. Also known as D-Day. This was the day the operation began. Ended in an allie victory.

28: African Theatre

29: Italy wanted to gain territories in Africa. and take allie territory. The Battle of El Alamein took place in 1942. It halted the axis advancement into Africa by Egypt. operation torch was the invasion of of French North Africa by the American British forces. The allies won.

30: Pacific Theater

31: Pearl Harbor- a suprise japanes attack on the American naval base. The attack happened on december 7, 1941. It brought America into the war. Battle of Midway- a large naval battle, regarded as one of the most important pacific campaign of WWII. Was a decisive American victory. Battle of Guadacanal- First Allie attack on the Empire of Japan. It was fought on land, air, and sea. Handed Japan their first major defeat. Iwo Jima- U.S. fought Japan for the island of Iwo Jima. First attack on Japan home islands. 22,000 Japanese died. U.S. won a decisive victory. atomic bomb- a nuclear weapon first used in World War II. The U.s. Used it to win the fight against the Japanese.

32: Outcomes U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. became the two superpowers. The tension created the cold war. Japan was demilitarized, which meant that their whole army was reduced, sucha as weapons and people. They were also Democratized. Which meant their gov't was turned into a democracy. Germany was split into four occupied zones. it also went through demilitirazation and denazification. The united nations was formed. which is basically like an international police. When any country acts out of order these few nations move in to help set the law down. the Nuremburg trials put the leaders of Nazi Germany on trial. Held in Nuremburg, Germany.

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