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Wuthering Heights

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BC: Us Dollars: $400,000.00 Canada: $1, 000,000 | A special thanks to the following people for making this yearbook awesome: Nicole Seaman Jason Trull Also, a special thanks to the select few that looked good while in the process of working: Nicole Seaman Jason Trull Last, but certainly not least, I would like to give a special thanks to the two students that made the best project ever: Nicole Seaman Jason Trull

FC: "I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!" | by: Jason Trull and Nicole Seaman

1: The quote featured on the cover is prevalent to the book Wuthering Heights because it represents the struggle that the characters went through after facing the challenge of losing something of great value to them. Each character that lost someone they loved remained living, physically, but they were missing their life and their soul which left them emotionally devastated. To these characters their loved ones were their everything, so when they were faced the dilemma of losing the significant figures they did not know how to live without them. | Theme:

2: Superlatives:

3: Heathcliff: The Sly One | "I'm trying to settle how I shall pay Hindley back. I don't care how long I wait, if I can only do it at last. I hope he will not die before I do!" | After enduring a very rough childhood, Heathcliff knew what he had to do in order to repay the people that caused him the most hurt. He learned how to work the ropes in order to capture his prey into the traps that he built. Mr. Burns also knows what ropes he has to pull in order to get want he wants and he generally does not want anything nice for others, he is a very dark, dark, man. The quote below reveals the true cruel nature of Heathcliff; he was quite monstrous and was conscious of what he was doing the entire time.

4: Catherine: Class Flirt | "It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff now; so he shall never know how I love him: and that, not because he's handsome, Nelly, but because he's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same; and Linton;s is as different as a moonbeam from lightning, or frost from fire." | Taylor Swift is an excellent representation of Catherine when is comes to the category of being flirtatious. We all know that Taylor goes from man to man without even thinking about what actions she is making, and Catherine does something similar to this. Catherine held the hearts of two men (Heathcliff and Edgar) and she somewhat tooled with their emotions. After making the decision of marrying Edgar Heathcliff lost the one that that meant something to him in the world.

5: Nelly: Friendliest | "He got through, and the doctor affirmed it was in great measure owing to me, and praised me for my care. I was vain of his commendations, and softened towards the being by whose means I earned them, and thus Hindley lost his last ally: still I couldn't dote on Heathcliff, and I wondered often what my master saw to admire so much in the sullen boy, who never, to my recollection, repaid his indulgence by any sign of gratitude." | From day one Nelly displayed gentle, kind, and loving qualities to practically every character in the novel; she managed to easily capture the heart of many readers, and we all know that Nelly deserves the caption of being the friendliest. A celebrity that shares these amiable traits with Nelly is Betty White; the Hollywood sweetheart that has captured the love of many fans. She always carries a smile on her face and is easily considered the friendliest person ever.

6: Joseph: Most Outspoken | ''Aw wonder how yah can faishion to stand thear i' idleness un war, when all on 'ems goan out! Bud yah're a nowt, and it's no use talking—yah'll niver mend o'yer ill ways, but goa raight to t' divil, like yer mother afore ye!'' Chapter 2 | Joseph was never afraid to truly voice his opinion of any character in the novel (with the exception of Mr. Heathcliff); most of the time his commentary was extremely rude and unnecessary, which is why Kayne West is the best representative of Joseph. Kayne's infamous act occurred when he interrupted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech. Kayne was clearly not afraid to say what he had on his mind, even though it made him a very unappealing person. The quote below shows how verbally cruel Joseph could be to people; he made remarks such as this throughout the entire novel, which explains why he is the best candidate for being most outspoken.

7: Hareton: Most Likely to Succeed | Matilda and Hareton both encountered many similar obstacles throughout their childhood; however they were both able to come out of it all on top, which is why they qualify as being the most likely to succeed. The two of them were told not to challenge themselves intellectually but broke these rules in order to be successful.The quote to the left was said by Cathy when she first met Hareton; she was under the impression that he was a servant due to his rugged appearance and lack of knowledge. She was repulsed to discover the fact that he was her cousin and could not bare the dreadful news. After throwing such a big fit, Hareton was not at all fond of Cathy and she was obviously not fond of him. However, Hareton made some major improvements to himself and, in the end, he ended up marrying finding his true love, Cathy. | "How dare he speak so to me? Mustn't he be made to do as I ask him? You wicked creature, I shall tell papa what you said.-Now then!" -Cathy, chapter 18

8: Linton: Most Self-Pitying | We all know that Linton was not the most optimistic character throughout the novel; he rarely had moments in which he expressed some form of happiness. He did have reasons to be melancholy such as: losing his mother, being forced to live with Heathcliff and experiencing the torment that Heathcliff proposed, and becoming sick at an early age. Bella Swan also had many things happen to her and the one thing that ties these two characters together is the amount of pity that they have for themselves. They always seemed to find a way to make others feel bad for them due to their circumstances and they, unknowingly, caused suffering for others through this excessive display of self pity. To the right is a quote that displays the pitiful emotional and physical state that Linton was in; he did not attempt to hide his troubles, instead he chose to amplify them. Linton drug Cathy into his grueling atmosphere out of pure selfishness. | "'Is that you, Miss Linton?' he said, raising his head from the arm of the great chair, in which he reclined. 'No--don't kiss me. It takes my breath-dear me! Papa said you would call,' continued he, after recovering a little from Catherine's embrace; while she stood by looking very contrite. 'Will you shut the door, if you please? you left it open; and those- those detestable creatures won't bring coals to the fire. It's so cold!'" -LInton, Chapter 23

9: Hindley: The Troublemaker | The notorious troublemaker in Wuthering Heights was Hindley Earnshaw. As a child he was hostile towards Heathcliff and was, essentially, one of the main reasons behind Heathcliff's psychotic state throughout the novel. After Hindley's beloved Frances passed away he lost everything important to him in life, but gained what he thought of as a pest. His newborn child Hareton was thrown into a very cold, non-affectionate atmosphere, and his presence only added fuel to the fire. Hindley began drinking more and eventually picked up the bad habit of gambling; he soon gambled all of his fortune away and left it in the hands of the worst imaginable character, Heathcliff. The best celebrity to represent this troublesome attitude is none other than Lindsay Lohan; she was once a seemingly sweet child but after certain events happened in her life she turned into a mess. Lohan began ruining her life, as well as others, by partaking in the bad activities that she willingly chose to do. | "This endurance made old Earnshaw furious, when he discovered his son persecuting the poor, fatherless child, as he called him. He took to Heathcliff strangely, believing all he said (for that matter, he said precious little, and generally the truth), and petting him up far about Cathy, who was too mischievous and wayward for a favourite." Chapter 4

10: Lockwood: The Pest | "Yesterday afternoon set in misty and cold. I had half a mind to spend it by my study fire, instead of wading through heath and mud to Wuthering Heights." -Chapter 2 | When Lockwood first arrived at the Heights he was not welcomed with warmth. Despite this unappealing first encounter with the Height's household, Lockwood pursued a second visit and then a third. He tremendously got on the nerves of the house occupants, but he did not show a sign of care or regard. These annoying actions easily qualify Lockwood to be the pest in the novel. A popular celebrity 'pest' is Perez Hilton who is, undeniably, one of the most obnoxious celebrities. His commentary usually is not wanted, but he makes it clear that his opinion must be stated. This pestering trait makes Perez, as well as Lockwood, a not well-liked character. The quote below shows his very negative and annoying tone; some his thoughts may not have been said audibly, but his general attitude showed the affect of his negative thoughts.

11: Cathy: The Potty Mouth | Once Cathy's character started showing up more and more in the novel we all started to notice something about her. She was never afraid to say what she had on her mind, even if it would produce severe consequences. She often formed arguments with whoever she could, whenever she could without thinking about the feelings of others. Kayne West shares these unappealing traits with Cathy; he voiced his opinion and hurt the feelings of many. The quote below expresses how cruel Cathy could be with her words; she chose to say these awful things about Hareton even though he could hear her the entire time. She often mocked Hareton for his lack of knowledge and rugged appearance. | "Is he all as he should be or is he simple-not right? I've questioned him twice now, and each time he looked so stupid I think he does not understand me. I can barely understand him, I'm sure" Chapter 26

12: Mr.Earnshaw: The Foster Parent | "Not a soul knew to whom it belonged, he said; and his money and time being both limited, he thought it better to take it home with him at once, than run into vain expenses there; because he was determined he would not leave it as he found it." -Chapter 4 | We only knew Mr. Earnshaw for a brief amount of time, but in the short amount of time we learned many things about him; he was a very kind, passionate, and giving person and all of the characters seemed very fond of him. The challenge that really tested his kindness was on the way home from his trip to Liverpool; he encountered a young, homeless boy which he immediately took to. Mr. Earnshaw brought Heathcliff home with him and asked his children to be kind and to include him. Sandra Bullock is like Earnshaw, because she was kind enough to take in a child that was not like everyone else, in order to provide a better home. The quote shows his decision to take care of Heathcliff and give him the best life he could provide.

13: Flow Map:

14: 1771: Heathcliff is discovered | 1774: Hindley goes to college | This is an important event because when Mr. Earnshaw brings Heathcliff home, the tension between him and Hindley really begin. | Mr. Earnshaw sends Hindley to college because of the fighting between him and Heathcliff. Sending him away was supposed to help make things a little calmer around their house.

15: 1777: Mr. Earnshaw dies and Hindley comes home | 1777: Catherine gets bit by dog | Mr. Earnshaw dying brings Hindley home which also brings back the issues between Hindley and Heathcliff. Hindley is put in charge of the house and continues to do things to make Heathcliff angry. | This is where Catherine meets the Lintons and where Heathcliff starts to show his jealousy. While at Thrushcross Grange, Catherine learns to be a lady which causes Heathcliff to feel even more out of her reach.

16: 1778: Frances dies while giving birth to Hareton | 1780: Mr. and Mrs. Linton die from the fever Catherine brings | After Frances, Hindley's wife, dies, Hindley is not sure what to live for anymore. He becomes a violent drunk who does not take good care of Hareton or his own life. | After the Linton's die, Edgar, their son, gains control of everything they owned. This puts Catherine in the position to decide between a life of wealth with Edgar, or a life of true love with Heathcliff.

17: 1783: Catherine and Edgar Engaged | 1784: Isabella marries Heathcliff | After Catherine said that it would degrade her to marry Heathcliff, he runs away for three years. During this time Catherine gives up on Heathcliff and chooses a life of security and wealth by marrying Edgar which leaves Heathcliff with nothing but a broken heart and the want for revenge against Edgar. | Heathcliff comes back to see Catherine after three years and attempts to get her to be with him instead but she does not budge. To spite her, he marries Edgar's sister, knowing that when Edgar dies, Isabella would inherit what he owned. Isabella does not know what she is getting herself into.

18: 1784: Catherine dies after giving birth to her daughter, Catherine | 1784: Hindley dies | At this point, Heathcliff is not sure how to live without the one person he has loved so dearly. He longs for the day that he can be with Catherine again, in death. Edgar is upset too but focuses on raising his daughter. | After gambling all of his money away to Heathcliff, Hindley drinks himself to death which causes him to miss his sister's funeral. Hareton and all of Hindley's money, now belongs to Heathcliff.

19: 1797: Cathy meets Hareton | 1800: Cathy sees Linton | When Cathy meets her cousin, Hareton, she mistakes him for a servant which upsets him and confuses her. This sets up and awkward relationship between Cathy and Hareton for awhile. | Heathcliff tries to get Cathy to Wuthering Heights to marry Linton for selfish reasons so he tells Linton to write letters to Cathy telling her how much he loves her and wants to be with her. Cathy finally meets up with Linton and realizes that he whines about everything but still feels responsible to help him when he is sick.

20: 1801: Cathy and Linton get married; Linton dies shortly after | 1801: Edgar dies | As expected, Heathcliff forces Cathy to marry Linton and not long after, Linton dies of the sickness he's been suffering from. Heathcliff expects Edgar to die soon which means he will own everything that Cathy inherits. | Cathy finally gets home, from being locked up at Wuthering Heights, to her dad in time for them to share one last time together before he dies. Edgar Linton dies before he gets a chance to rewrite his will so everything that he wanted to go to Cathy, went to Heathcliff after Linton Heathcliff died. This forced Cathy to live miserably at Wuthering Heights.

21: 1801: Lockwood comes to Thrushcross Grange | 1802: Heathcliff dies | This is where the story begins and we first learn about the characters. Lockwood thinks he sees Catherine Earnshaw outside the window saying that shes been waiting twenty years and that she wants to see Heathcliff. This is essentially what drives Heathcliff to his death. | Heathcliff dying is really a relief to everyone who knew him. He made everyones life miserable, including his own, because he was so focused on getting revenge and was unhappy about not being with his love. There was an immediate change in mood once word of Heathcliff's passing, got out.

22: 1802: Cathy and Hareton get married | The symbolizes the change that comes over Wuthering Heights after Heathcliff's death. If Heathcliff were still alive, he would probably try to stop the two of them from being together. Cathy and Hareton are in love and they get a chance to be together unlike Catherine and Heathcliff.

23: The End

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