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2010 - Page Text Content

S: A Year In Review 2010

FC: {2010} | A Year In Review | D

1: love | bug | 2010 started with our little man turning one.

4: Extended Walter Christmas | 1/9/10

5: Why is Clara always touching me and playing with my toys?

7: 1 | We had lots of family to help us celebrate Chase's 1st birthday. Chase loved his birthday cake and ate it until it was taken away from him. | 1/30/10 | Chase's 1st Birthday Party

9: Playing in the snow after Chase's birthday party 1/30/10

10: Blueberry pancakes are messy, but so delicious. Chase and Clara love a breakfast of blueberry pancakes. 1/31/10 | The ending results of a blueberry pancake meal is a bath for the little ones. | When is comes to blueberry pancakes Chase can out eat all of his uncles. A pretty amazing feat for a one year old.

11: Happy Birthday Bry | Happy Birthday Clara | Celebrating Bryant's 3rd Birthday and Clara's 1st Birthday 2/13/10

13: Celebrating Amy's 28th Birthday! 2/29/10

14: The kids love playing the guitar with Grandpa

16: Easter 2010 You had a ton of fun on Easter! You played with Cruz and hunted for eggs. We were surprised to see how well you did with the egg hunt! We had dinner at Nana's house. During dinner, you puked everywhere! It was awful! But then I gave you a bath and you were fine the rest of the day! You looked so adorable in your green sweater. You loved the four-wheeler Uncle Blake bought you! The day was so much fun!

18: 2010

19: Bunnies are brown. Bunnies are white. Bunnies are always An Easter delight. Bunnies are cuddly The large and the small. But I like chocolate one The best of them all.

21: Hit one out of the park! | Asher Paul | You love any kind of toy ball! When you see one, you scream, "bah!" When you watch basketball you say, "boom!"

22: family pictures

24: outside boy | You want to be outside all of the time! Your stubborn personality even causes you to stomp your lil' feet, scrunch your nose, and cry when we go in the house. It is a joy to watch you splash, play, explore and even eat mulch. You are becoming a big boy right before our eyes.

25: AsherPaul

26: s l i d e | You are such a big boy. You can go down the slide all by yourself. You are so proud of yourself when you make it to the top. You are so brave! You will climb up the stairs and stand on top of the slide to show off! It is such a joy to watch you play and explore! When did you get so big?

27: months | t i m e

28: BEFORE....Ava gets her hair wet... | b | ath | t | ime

29: a | f | t | e | r | Oh Asher! You are too funny! For some reason, you freak out when people get their hair wet! It is the strangest thing! You love bath time, but if you see Ava get her hair wet, you start screaming! You don't mind getting your own hair washed, but you are terrified to see people with wet hair! You don't like Mommy when I get out of the shower either, because my hair is wet. This is one interesting quirk!

30: Sprinkler | Summer 2010 | Fun

31: Asher Paul | 16 months

32: July 2010

33: Tuscora Park | We had so much fun at Tuscora Park this summer! We went several times. You were so afraid to ride any rides, but you fell in love with the airplanes and cars! You never did warm up to the carousel though!

34: Summer Fun

36: Fourth of July

37: parades | fireworks | July 4th was so much fun! You played with Ava and Cruz. We went to Tammy's for the parade. You loved seeing the horses and "woo woo" trucks! And the candy! Your shirt was stained by suckers before the parade was over! | candy

38: { | { | asher

39: asher basher | bad boy | love bug | bubby | what's in a name? | my many nicknames... | shag poke | punkin | cherub | lil monster | bubsie | punky doodle

40: Topsail Island 2010

41: Oh does my boy love the beach! As soon as we walked on to the balcony at our beach house, you pursed your lips and yelled, "ooooh!" at the sight of the ocean! It was amazing that you had no clue what the ocean was, but already knew it was exciting! The first hour you were on the beach you were a little hesitant, but after that, you never looked back! You loved the sand and the shells! You even were brave and ran right out into the waves. My little explorer scoured the beach for shells every day. You would be so excited each time you discovered a shell, although you would usually through it back in the water. Daddy and I would even take you back to the beach each night before bed because you loved it so much. As we drove away as the week ended, I had tears in my eyes knowing we were leaving a place that made you so happy.

42: topsail pics 2010

44: I carry your heart; I carry it in my heart. -E. E. Cummings | Mama | and | Me | Man do I love you kid! My little punkin. This summer has been such a blessing for me. I savor every second that I get to spend with you. I am amazed at how smart, fun and loving you are. You can make me so mad, and with one shy smile, my heart completely melts. Its hard to watch you become a boy, and see my baby slipping away. I am so proud to watch you grow and learn everyday.You have a hold on my heart that makes me want to drop everything just to be where you are.

45: our first photo

46: Asher Paul 20 months

47: This month we found out that you are going to be a big brother! How exciting! This news is perfect timing because you are obsessed with babies right now! Every animal or baby you see you say, "Baby..Where's the Mama? Where's the Dada? Where's the Nana? Where's the Papa?"Its is so funny to see you try and find a little family everywhere you look. You probably do this ten times a day! Words cannot describe how thrilled we are to have another miracle like you in our lives. You have changed us for the better, forever. Not only did you make us parents, but you have molded us into the kind of parents we want to be. I am so happy for you to have a sibling to share, love, play and even fight with. While I am thrilled, a tiny part of me feels guilty to take some of our attention away from you. I know in my heart that we are giving you the greatest gift and that this baby will fill a hole in our hearts and our family that we never knew existed. I am so proud of the little boy that you are becoming. My heart hurts every time I see little bits of your babyhood slip away. I know that you will be the most compassionate and loving big brother. I can't wait to see where God takes our family and cannot wait for you to meet your baby brother or sister. I love you to the moon, my sweet boy, Mommy | Asher

49: Story time is one of our favorite times. I love reading stories in our jammies when you're all clean and smelling of sweet baby lotion. Now that you have a big boy bed, we read stories in your bed every night. Your favorites are: "Can you Growl like a Bear?" "No, David" and "Goodnight Moon." You are so silly that you even copy the little boy in "No, David" when he puts his finger in his nose! Silly boy!

51: Asher | Cruz | &

52: the boys...

54: uild | B | ear | -A- | B

55: We took you to Build-a-Bear for your birthday! You were more interested in the buttons on the wall rather than making a stuffed animal! I think Mommy had more fun! But that's ok! You warmed up and gave your monkey a bath and had a good time!

58: birth one two three | four five six seven | eight nine ten eleven | A

59: twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen | sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen | twenty twenty twenty twenty | one two three

60: The ribbons of your love are woven around my heart

61: "Flowers have the sun, children have their mothers." ~Kay Andrew

62: zoo pics

63: "our moms are lame!"

64: daddy and me

65: You have so much fun with Daddy! You love to make him play horsey and take you out in the snow! You are without a doubt a daddy's boy!

67: Fun Outside

68: more faves

70: Visit to Cook's Dairy

72: Some Bunny's Having An Easter Egg Hunt | Spring is Here!

73: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein

74: We had such fun times at the zoo this summer! We went to the Akron Zoo several times and we also went to the Columbus Zoo! Your favorite animal at the zoo were the penguins. You also loved the manatees! We had so much fun with our family watching you discover all the animals!

75: Z | O | O

76: nOrTh ToPsAiL bEaCh, NC

77: 17 months old

78: let's count down to the | new year

81: School | back to

83: i love my cousin | My little boss...You love to play with chalk. You never want to draw, you just want to tell everyone else to! You insist that everyone draws you a picture. For some silly reason, you love to put your face in the chalk and lay down in it. You are such a goofy boy.

84: Love

85: Julie Seestedt's Wedding.

91: rainbow connection walk for kids

98: Loving a Walk in the Woods at Walter Haven

100: Annual Trip to Gull Meadow Farms October 2010

101: Chase loved picking apple from the orchard and ate lots of apples. Chase had fun playing in the pumpkin lane.

104: Celebrating Jana Seastedt and Tom Loom's Wedding

105: Two hearts that have been merged is marriage; two souls that have been merged is fate.

106: Fun in Oxford

109: Trip to Cook's Dairy

110: Walking through the woods at Walter Haven.

113: Carving and Painting Pumpkins

115: Trick or Treating in Winstanley's neighborhood. We went for a farm theme with Chase dressing up as a cow and Mark and Amy dressing up a cowboys. Bry dressed up as a farm and Clara dressed up as a chick.

124: This fall you love to play in the leaves! You absolutely adore being outside. You love the crunching sound the autumn leaves make when you walk on them in your boots. Raking leaves with Daddy is so fun!

125: AUTUMN | 2010

126: Decorating our House for Christmas

128: Enjoying a walk in the woods. | Visiting Santa

130: ALL BUNDLED UP | you don't exactly LOVE the snow! This was your very first time out in the snow and you were absolutely terrified! I just laugh because it is so your personality to be afraid of the snow. On one hand you are wild and brave, but you are also very timid and scared of everything! I guess you get that from me! Maybe next year we can build snowmen and make snow !

132: Asher Paul | Christmas 2010

133: Your second Christmas was magical. You came down the stairs in the morning to find a choo-choo around the tree! You were so thrilled! You also found a shiny red kitchen You liked opening presents, but mostly just wanted to play with your new toys. We were all so blessed to watch Christmas morning through your eyes.

134: "Although it's been said, many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you!"

137: Opening presents is always a fun part of celebrating Christmas

142: Dear Santa, I want one of everything

143: Christmas at Dunn's

144: I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.

145: It's time to cut the cake, make a wish and open presents!

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