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5R American Revolution

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BC: 2012 | 2012 | Created by Mr. Reisbeck's 5th Grade Class.

FC: American Revolution ABC Book | By Mr.Reisbeck's 5th Class

1: A is for Allies | Allies is in the colonial time. Were if a country needed help in a war the other country will help. I would always want to have allies on my side. | When the British and the Patriots were in a war. The British called the Germans. | When the Patriots and the British were in a war, the Patriots called France for help because British had a ally. | When the Hessians and the British were in war, the Hessians called for help to the UK.

2: B is for Boston Massacre. | The Boston Massacre was when British soldiers shot and killed 5 innocent colonists protesting British taxes.One quote by a protester named James Otis was "No taxation without representation!" | 5 innocent colonists were shot and killed.That was something that made the colonists very angry. | After the Massacre the colonists started calling the British Redcoats and Bloody Backs. | 9,000 British soldiers were in he colonies during the massacre and claimed they were there to defend the new land won in the French and Indian war but they were living on the coast.

3: c is for Committees of Correspond. | C is for...The Committees of Correspond back in the 1800's.The Committees of Correspond were people who wrote letters to tell news and to protest against tax's.The Committees of Correspond helped the solders in the war to tell them were the British were going to attack. | The first formal Committee of Correspond was established in Boston 1764. A lot of the member's were happy about it too! | In 1772 100 other Committee's of Correspond were formed in Massachusetts. I bet a lot of letter's were being sent at once. | The Committees of Correspond disbanded when the Resolution was over.They disbanded after the war because there was no more news to be hard.

4: The 13 colonies wanted to be free from the British. The wrote this and hoped people would approve it. Very important people wrote this. | D is for The Declaration of Independence. | The Declaration of Independence was written by men who did not believe in what the British were doing. Thomas Jefferson did most of the writing. | The 13 colonies wrote this to be free from the British. They were raising our taxes and being unfair to the colonists. | The Declaration of Independence was adopted July 4, 1776. That is why we celibate the Forth of July.

5: E is for the British empire. | The British Empire- The British empire had a lot of advantages. King George the Third gave the colonists taxes. The colonists got very mad, that's when the sugar act and the stamp act were born. | The British empire is so very powerful. If me and my army were fighting against the British empire I would be terrified! I would be screaming " HELP!" | The British empire is ruled by King George. Not George Washington, but King George the Third. | KING GEORGE

6: F is for firearms. | Back in the war the patriots were in poor shape. Some of them didn't have a gun or a weapon. | The firearms that were used were flintlock guns. They fired with gunpowder and led balls. Without fire arms we couldn't have a war. | The fire arms back then took a long time to reload. they took nearly a minute just to reload. | During the war different countries choose different guns. The British used the Brown Bess Rifle while we used the Long Rifle.

7: G is for "Give me liberty or give me death." | This is a saying by Patrick henry saying if I cant have my liberty then give me death. Lots of people believed this saying. Also this is why war begin because they wanted there freedom. This is why patriots are fighting for our country back then. Also this is a very famous speech very know to this day. | Patriots | The patriots used this speech to help them. Also it helped them get through harsh weathers. Also it help them to believe that they would win. | Local | Some of the locals gave weapons. Some gave shelter and food. Some gave close. Also some joined the army to get money and freedom. Also they used their homes. | In the battle the Americans used allies to help. Wall they were marching they sang yanke doodle. The British were trapped so they were forced to serenader. They got the leader. This was the end of war. | Victory of York town

8: H is for Hessians Hessians are paid German solders.They fault for the British. They were loyal to king Gorge the third. | One forth of the British were Hessians. soon 30,000 solders were Hessians. | some switched sides to the patriots .others who were loyal to king gorge the third staid . | The Hessians fought in the northern campaign . mostly with bayonets.

9: I is for Independence. | Independence means free to govern on ones own. | The Declaration of Independence It was signed by : John Hancock, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and many more ! | Famous Quotes are: On June 7, 1776 Richard Henry Lee said, "these united colonies are, and of right ought to be independent states."

10: Family, Fun, Food and Fireworks | James Ottis James Ottis spoke against British taxes and said" No taxation without representation."He was a colonist ,that didn't likeBritish taxes on British goods. | J is for James Ottis. | Sugar Act The king and parliament just decided that if you bought any sugar you had to pay tax on it. James Ottis disagreed and said his famous saying" No taxation without representation." | British Taxes James Ottis spoke against British taxes, he wanted no taxes. He said his famous saying.

11: K is forKing George III. He was the ruler of England. the tax laws were very bad. | K is for King George III. | The taxes he was making was very harmful to the colonists. The colonists wold run out of money and wouldn't be able to buy food or keep their house. When the colonists would die they wouldn't have an army to fight. | King George was the ruler of Great Britain from 1760 to 1820. Those in Great Britain loved him and thought he was a hero.The colonists thought he was an evil tyrant.

12: How Many Loyalists | L is for Loyalist | A Loyalist is a colonist who supports the British Monarch and laws. Loyalists were grateful to the king and Parliament. Loyalists held the British views. | In the colonies there were about 500,00 loyalists. That's 16 percent. | Martin Howard of Rhode Island was a loyalist. He thought colonists should be more grateful of the king and Parliament.

13: M is for mercenaries. | Mercenaries are hired to fight as allies.Mercenaries were important because they help by fighting in the war. | Hired Most of them are hired by the British in the Hesse region in Germany.They also hired Native American since they did not like the colonist. | Family Mercenaries usually didn't have families ,so they were more flexible about there schedule. They loved their job even though it was a sinful one. | Money or food Mercenaries fought for their money or food . They needed food ,so they wood survive. Plus they needed money in that time to pay for their food.

14: N | is for new taxes. | When people in Britain did not want to pay taxes for the colony's King George made the colonist pay taxes. The colonist were mad! They started to protest. | The Stamp Act A year after the sugar act,King George III said anything from another country you had to pay tax. The colonist got even madder. | The Sugar Act The Sugar Act was a new tax for the colonist. King George III said anything item from a different country you had to pay tax on it. This is called tariff. This made people mad. | The Boston Tea Party King George III made another law. He brought tea into the new world. It was cheap, but still had tax. This put people out of business. Then the colonists dumped the tea in the Boston Harbor.

15: O is for Charles O'Hara. | Charles O'Hara was the general who surrendered to George Washington at the battle of Yorktown. He was a brigadier general. He also fought in many wars. | He didn't have a great reputation. He surrendered a lot. He surrendered to both George Washington Napoleon. | He was born in Portugal. Then, later joined the British army. | He was in many wars. Including the American revolutionary war and the seven year war.

16: P is for Parliament | Parliaments are people who make the laws for the British people | Making the law When the Parliaments make a law the British people have to pay them. Some of the laws are really not laws at all, like if your a girl or if you have short hair. The British people soon wont have any money from all the laws the parliaments are making. | This is the prime minister and one of the parliaments trying to figure out a law for the British and there colony. | This the American flag. The British people are not allies with this group they are enemies. | This is a parliament working in his/hers office. The Prime Minister had told him to work on a new law for the British. | This is the British flag they are totally enemies with American's

17: Quartering Quartering was a very controversial subject in the colonies. Quartering is where someone has to provide housing and food for someone else. If you didn't quarter a solider who asked, you would be arrested. | The Quartering Act The Quartering Act was passed on March 24, 1765. The Quartering Act stated that certain cities were required to have quartering for Redcoats. | Quartering as a Punishment After the Boston Tea Party, the British punished the colonists by making them quarter Redcoats. The colonists were furious. | Quartering Rules There was only 1 quartering rule and it was easy to follow. If the private homes in the area are too small for soldiers, they should stay in inns, restaurants, etc. | Q is for quartering.

18: Paul Revere was one of a few people to own a horse he had one because he liked to spend hes after noons galloping. | Paul Revere was a silversmith and a son of liberty. | R is for Paul Revere. | Paul Revere was a silversmith. | Paul Revere was a son of liberty. | "the Britsh are coming the Britsh are coming" was a mesige that Paul Revere caried

19: S is for Samuel Adams. | Sam was very brave. also heroic. | Sam was one of his colony's leaders most every body agreed with his choices. | It was not easy to communicate day to day, this was because news took a very long time to get to place to place, it would take weeks to find out what was going on in other colonies. Sam found the answer it was to set up a committee of correspondence in Boston. | Sam helped form the sons of liberty.They were the ones to raid the ships carrying British tea and dump all the tea off.

20: Family, Fun, Food and Fireworks | The Boston Tea Party was when colonists refused to pay tax on British tea. Then the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawk Indians and dumped it into the Boston Harbor. After that the British made colonists pay for the tea that was dumped. | T is for The Boston Tea Party. | m | No Taxes! The colonists were furious when the British told them that they had to pay for the tea that was dumped into the harbor. | The British made the colonists pay for very hight taxes. Then they got mad and dumped tea into the harbor. | After the tea was dumped, the British said the colonists could not import or export goods. The colonists were mad about that, too.

21: United means to share a common opinion,attitude, and beliefs. The Patriots were united when fighting the British. If they weren't united they would have even less soldiers and lost the war a lot. | The King was not united with the colonists because he didn't care that the colonists had to pay tax or if they got killed. | The colonists were united when protesting together. They were protesting because they wanted freedom and independence. | U is For United.

22: Many wives came to help the soldiers at Vally forge camp.It had been a camp for many other soldiers. | V is for Valley Forge. | Valley Forge was a camp.When the soldiers camp there their wives would help them.It also had extremely bad conditions | A French man in his 20's came to help the colonist fight against the British in Valley Forge. | The French were eager to see the American's colonies win.They were excited to see the British fill defeated by the American's. | In the winter of 1777, Von Steuben reported to Washington and took on the job of commanding the Continental army.

23: W is for George, Washington. | George Washington was the one who thought we should have a President. | He was the first President ever. | George is on the one dollar bill because he is our first President. | George Washington is a loyal person that everyone could trust.

24: x is for x marks the spot which stands for Savanna. | 3,500 British troops marched to Savannah. They were sent to capture the city. | In the war of Savannah only 3 British troops were killed. | Washington and his men tried to take back the city but failed. So the British captured the city. | The Battle of Savannah was on October 3, 1779. The British won the war. Savannah is now the oldest city in Georgia.

25: Y is for Yankee Doodle. | Yankee Doodle is actually a revolutionary war "nick name for the Americans.What I mean is the Lobster backs ( the British ) called the Americans Yankee Doodle because the British thought the Americans were " ill equip".The Americans called the British Lobster backs because of there red uniforms, like lobsters. | Yankee Doodle Made Into a Song. | Later in the war the British wrote a song and the word "doodle" means to British "nerd" so the title of the song to the British is "Yankee Nerd".So when the British sang the song to the Americans , they laughed ! | Now a days the song Yankee doodle is kept in Revolutionary war history because of the nick name with the lobster backs.A lot of times we sing Yankee doodle at the 4th of July because of the war , we won! We also sing Yankee doodle at patriotic stuff. | Yankee Doodle Today

26: Z is for the last battle of the Revolutionary War. | The battle of Yorktown lasted almost 2 years. They called it a siege. | The British surrendered by playing a drum. Everyone stopped shooting when they heard the drum. | Everything was different. Instead of colonies it became America.

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