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A glance into Mahati's First year

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A glance into Mahati's First year - Page Text Content

S: Mahati's First Year - June 10th 2009 Thru June 10th, 2010

BC: 12 Amazing Months | Mahati's First trip around the sun! | Inch by Inch, row by row, we watched you grow & grow. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

FC: Mahati | 1st Year | June 10th, 2009 Thru June 10th, 2010

1: This book was made with love from Mamma and Dada as a reflection of the past year. - We love you.

2: A Gift from above! You are my daughter, my pride and joy. What a surprise to find out you weren't a boy! Our bond was created before you were born. It's a link between us that'll never be torn. God sent me an angel from above to teach me guidance, patience and love. You were a heavenly vision from your cute button nose all the way down to those tiny toes. When you wrapped your hand around my finger so tight, it was love at first sight. No longer would it be Dada and me; we had become a family of three. Soon you learned to crawl and then walk. All the while expressing yourself with baby talk. "Amma" was the first word you learned to say & "Da Da" came right after. My life is fulfilled all because of you & my heart is always with you! Love Mamma

3: Heaven Sent

4: year... | 1 | Now | Then

5: First Picture with Mamma & Dada | First Picture | Handle with care! | fragile

6: Mahati P Devabathula Born: June 10, 2009 Time: 8:09 a.m. Weight: 7lbs. 15oz. Length: 20.5 inches | Welcome to the world!

7: In the Hospital | First days in the new world ...

8: FAMILY | "You don't choose | your family. They | are God's gift | to you, as you | are to them!"

9: Our Family ... away from Family

10: Your Grand Parents are the Best! | Grandparents are special people with wisdom and pride. They are always offering love and kindness and are always there to guide.They often make you feel so confident and strong. Their arms are always open no matter what you did wrong. They try to help out in every way that they can. They love all their grandchildren the same whether you're a child, woman or man. They are always there to listen and to lend a helping hand. They show you respect and they try to understand. They give their love, devotion and so much more, that's easy to see. Grandparents, what perfect examples of the kind of person that one should be. Your Grand Parents Love you a LOT. | Ammamma Tatayya | You will meet Dadi & Tata when we go to India in August 2010. | Dadi Tata

11: Three Generations

12: Dr.Suzette Boyd Mamma's Doctor that delivered you | Aunt Tessa & Uncle Camp - Your God Parents | Dr.Richard Nail Your Pediatrician | Kiran Aunty Your First Daycare Aunty

13: You are our Treasure beyond measure!

14: You're the end of our rainbow, our pot of gold. You're Daddy's little girl, to have & hold. You're Mamma's bright and shining star. A precious gem is what you are. You're sugar, you're spice, You're everything nice, And you're our precious girl. | Our Baby

16: You went to Kiran Aunty's Day care from January 4th, 2010 Thru May 14th, 2010 | Your friends at Day Care Daycare mates: Suchay; Ipsa; Misha; Abby Kiran Aunty's Kids: Rithika Didi; Rahul | At your First Day Care "Homely Day Care"

20: When you opened your eyes on June 10th, 2010, you saw all strange things in front of you and were afraid and started crying. | For Nine Months you were in Mamma's tummy - feeling safe, warm, cozy and comfortable | Mahati - heres how you started liking this world!

21: Mamma & Dada started introducing you to all the fun things this world has to offer. You started exploring new things and slowly, you started liking this world! | This little world you saw is so beautiful ... we can see that you are eager to explore more. Our blessings and good luck will always be with you.

22: ... you like to go shopping | ... like trees ... | ... like flowers ... | ... you like doing Ram Ram | ... you like books | & watching Television too ... | ... you like your toys | you like Music | ... you like your bed ... | ... you like your sleep | ... like your milk ... | & like your food too ...

23: started liking Beaches ... | you like the sky .... | & snow too ... | ... you like land & water ...

24: you like Bikes | you like Ships | you like Buses | you like Aeroplanes | you like waterRafts | you like traveling too ... | you started liking Temples | you like blowing bubbles | you like your bath ... | You like your dresses | You like festivals | you like swimming

25: USNORCSS01 | you like surprises | you like being curious | you like playing in park | you like driving | like laptops ... | like characters | you like meeting new people | Dolphins | Birds & Animals | & Fish too | you like being naughty | you like playing with Mamma

26: You like your cousins & friends

27: Our own little Curious George you are just passionately curious about everything | chasing a ball

28: 1st Month You spent most of your time sleeping & drinking milk. You used to stare at who ever picks you up – very cute. You were an easy baby from the start. You used to sleep almost all night and woke up just to drink milk. You have also learned to smile, lift your head, and pose for the camera. First Fathers day. | 2nd Month You have learned to control your movements. You were able to bring your hand to your mouth. You started to giggle & babble a lot too. Tatayya came from India. You wouldn’t go to him initially, but got used to him quickly. Mamma started going to work. You stayed with Ammamma & Tatayya and Mamma used to pick you up in the afternoon. | 3rd Month You got your first cold this month. Tummy time – you weren’t a big fan of tummy time, but you were ok for sometime. We started taking you out to restaurants and places more.

29: 4th Month You roll over on your tummy and wouldn’t know how to turn back. You yell till someone turns you back and boom in a minute you roll over again and the saga continues. We applied for your Passport. You started holding on to things. You started putting toys in your mouth. You were able to hold your right foot with your hand. | 5th Month You started rolling back on your own. You started holding your feet more. We had your naming ceremony and also your first party. You were dressed up as an Angel on Halloween. We also finalized your Daycare (when Ammamma & Tatayya leave to India in Jan ’10). You started sitting without support. You say Amma. | 6th Month We went on your first trip – to Jamaica with Ammamma & Tatayya. Started solids this month. We got your ears pierced. You started crawling. You also got into the swimming pool in the hotel in Montego Bay. You started standing up with support.

30: 7th Month Your second trip - we drove to Hosuton to Vamsee Mama’s place. You had fun with all your cousins. You got your first ear infection. Ammamma & Tatayya left to India and you started going to Day Care to Kiran Aunty’s place. You weren’t happy the first week & half and had fun after that. You started saying “Ta Ta” and wave your hand. You started standing up without support for sometime. You love rhymes. You started eating finger foods – like puffs you like Veggie Dip and Zesty Tomato. | 8th Month You started teething – we saw the tip of the bottom tooth. You are becoming naughtier by the day and we are enjoying that too. When we say rhymes you start smiling and clapping. Very cute. You say Dada. | 9th Month You started crawling up the stairs. We have to keep an eye on you all the time. You like to eat food by yourself. You recognize your toys by name – when we ask puppy, giraffe, Ball, Baby, Books you get them. You got two bottom teeth. Your 3rd trip – this time we went on a Cruise to Mexico (Progresso, Cozumel). You visited your first place from Seven wonders – ChichenItza. Boiled Cauliflower is your favorite.

31: 10th Month You took your first steps on March 21st. You point at things if you need them – like bottle or something that amazes you, which is actually almost evrything you see these days. You started doing Tickle Tickle. You love music – you start dancing – yeah jamming. Ammamma came back from India for 3 months. You can sign “Itsy Bitsy spider”. | 11th Month You started walking. Dada and you go to library every Tuesday. You say small words like “dha dha” when you want something. We had our first Mother's day. You got your top teeth. We call you Curious George – you are just passionately curious about everything. | 12th Month You like to do Rama Rama in the Mandir. As soon as we say Ram Ram cheyyamma you go to the mandir. You also say Ba Ba for bottle. You say Ammamma, Mama, Atha. You shake your head sideways for No and nod up and down for Yes.

32: Sleeping Beauty

33: Sleep Tight | A moment to Rest... | It's hard keeping up with the best ...

34: you are an amazing traveller, Mahi! | Your first trip was to Jamaica in November 2009. Ammamma Tatayya also were with us. You were amazingly co-operative (as usual) and very adjusting and that made the trip a smooth sailing. We got your passport in September '09. Your first flight - you traveled American Airlines in business class from Dallas to Montego Bay, Jamaica. You were talking to everyone on the flight. People that travelled with us remembered you and stopped us at Dolphin Cove to talk to you again. You were very bubbly. | The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page. - Saint Augustine | Mamma and Dada both love to travel and so far looks like you love it too. Lets plan trips every year and explore this world together. We will surely have fun. | Your 2nd trip was a cruise to Mexico in March 2010. Vidya Atha's family and several of our friends also joined us. It was a fun trip. People used to stop us and talk to you all the time. You enjoyed the attention. You visited one of the seven wonders of the world in Mexico - Mayan Ruins in Chichen-Itza. Also went with us: Vidya Atha, Shyam Mama, Adheesh Bava, Pranu, Madhu Atha, Madhav Mama, Nanamma, Naishu Akka, Neha, Vasu Aunty, Gunda Uncle, Aarush, Sangeetha Aunty, Shivani Aunty, Prashanth Uncle, Uma Aunty, Ram Uncle, Ramya. | Little Traveler

35: Jamaica | Cruise to ...

36: Trip to Jamaica – November 20th - 26th, 2009 Our trip to Jamaica was so much fun. We went with Ammamma & Tatayya. We were not sure how you would be on the flight and thru the trip but, you made it so easy. You were like business as usual – as if you were at home. You were so understanding and adjusting quickly to places we went. We left Dallas on Nov, 20th 2009 and reached Montego Bay early evening. We first went to Aravind Tata and Surekha Aunty’s place in Sav-La-Mar. From there on Nov 21st we went to Negril beach and saw beautiful sunset. Next day on Nov 22nd we went to Bamboo avenue and for a boat ride in Backwaters. You saw allegators too. Next day on Nov 23rd we left to Ocho Rios – on the way we saw Discovery Bay and then to Dolphin cove where we went to a Dolphin’s encounter. We stayed at Ocho Rios that night and next day on Nov 24th we went to Dunn’s river water falls. Mamma and Dada climbed the water falls. From there we drove to Montego Bay and checked in to the Riu Hotel. That evening we went to Glistening Waters. Next day on Nov 25th we went to the beach right outside our room to see the sunrise. Then we went to Martha’s Bray River rafting and did some shopping in the afternoon. Our last day in Jamaica was Nov 26th. Our flight was at 4 PM. It was a day to relax. That morning we went to the swimming pool and you had so much fun. That evening we came back to Dallas. It was an awesome trip alltogether and you made our first trip with you a fabulous one.

37: Cruise to Mexico – March 6th - 12th, 2010 Our trip to Mexico was wonderful too. We went on a cruise this time-Carnival Ecstacy. We left from Galveston and it was supposed to be a five nights and four days cruise and ended up to be a six nights cruise. We went with lot of our friends and family. It was lots of fun. We left Dallas on March 5th, 2010 and went to Vamsee Mama’s house in Houston. You met Sarada Ammamma for the first time. Bujji Ammamma was there too this time. You had fun with everyone. We boarded the ship on March 6th at 1 PM and waited for our friends and Vidya Atha’s family. They all joined us at 3 PM. March 7th was a Sea Day – we just spent time on the ship. It was a formal night too. You were looking like a porceline doll in your white dress. March 8th was Mamma & Dada’s Third Anniversary and it is their most special one because it is their first one with you. We went to Chichen-Itza that day to see the Mayan Ruins – one of the seven wonder’s of the world. It was a tiring day. You didn’t fuss a bit still. March 9th was again a port day – Cozumel. We went on a sub-sea explorer and saw some beautiful underwater world. We also went to the Mr.Sanchos beach. March 10th was your Ninth month birthday. It was a sea day and we spent time on the ship. It was relaxing. March 11th we were supposed to get off the ship but due to the weather we had to stay back that night. We got down on March 12th and drove directly to Home. It was tiring but again was loads of fun.

38: July 4th, 2009 Cradle Ceremony | June 20th, 2009 First Bath

39: October 14th, 2009 NamaKaranamu (Naming Ceremony) | October 17th Mahati's First Intro Party (Diwali Day)

40: Thala Neelalu (Hair Offering) | November 29th, 2009 Ears Piercing & Anna Prasana | Your choices: Pen, Money & Book

41: Vara Lakshmi Vratham 7/31/2009 | Vinayaka Chavithi - 8/23/09 | Dasara (Kanya Pooja) Sept 26th, 2009 | FESTIVALS | Diwali - 10/17/2009 | Pongal Jan 13th & 14th, 2010 | Ugadi 03/16/2010

42: B | O | O | My first | Trick | Treat | October 31st, 2009 | Our Angel

43: S | A | N | T | A | First visit with jolly 'ol Santa | Meeting the Easter Bunny

44: Christmas December 25th, 2009 | New Year 2010 December 31st, 2009 & Jan 1st 2010

45: Closet Door | Door into the room | Your Room! Mahati's Room Enter at your own risk! | Your play area! We temporarily converted our formal dining to your play area | Wall with Black board for you to scribble on & your Growth Chart

46: First Portrait session by Dada. - 06/16/2009 | 06/20/2009 You were just 10 days old | July 3rd '09 - Dada shot our pictures for the first time in his studio. Pictures came out really well. They look very professional.

47: PORTRAITS by Dada Just a few from his huge collection of your pictures

49: We used this for your first Party online invitation | Innocence defined

52: ... a few more (it is really hard to pick just a few)

55: Your Dada did a really good job in capturing many many precious moments of yours ... ofcourse Mamma used to keep forcing him to take more & more. We succeeded in capturing some awesome snaps. You were very easy to take pictures with till you started to crawl. We thought it was getting difficult to take portraits in Dada's studio at that time ... then you started walking and it became impossible. We still didn't let go so easily ... tried to capture as many as possible. We look at these pictures now & cannot believe how time flew by & before we knew you were an year old. I say your smile is infectious & these pictures are the proof.

56: There is no place higher than Dada's shoulders! | Dada's cupcake

57: Mamma's little munchkin

58: Mama's Pet | You love playing with Mama When you see him coming you kick your legs are are excited. You are your Mama's pet.


62: You cry sometimes ...

63: but, you Laugh More ...

66: GROWTH | CHART | YOUR | June 10th, 2009 | W: 7 lbs 15 Oz | L: 19.5 Inches | HC: 14" | October 12th, 2009 | June 25th, 2009 | W: 8 lbs 6 Oz | L: 21.8 Inches | HC: 14.1" | July 13th, 2009 | W: 10 lbs 5 Oz | L: 22 Inches | HC: 15" | August 13th, 2009 | W: 12 lbs 3 Oz | L: 23.3 Inches | HC: 15.8" | W: 14 lbs 13 Oz | L: 25.5 Inches | HC: 16.3"

67: December 15th, 2009 | W: 17 lbs 10 Oz | L: 26.8 Inches | HC: 16.9" | March 18th, 2009 | W: 19 lbs 5 Oz | L: 28.3 Inches | HC: 17.2" | June 16th, 2009 | W: 22 lbs 5 Oz | L: 30 Inches | HC: 18.3"

68: This is one of my favorite photos of you. It portrays your innocence and playfulness too. Everytime you call out my name, no love like this could ever feel the same. Being your Mother is my treasure. It's a priceless amount that nobody can measure. Love, Mamma | Our Bundle of pure Joy!

70: It is fun to be ONE! | June 10th, 2010 | First Birthday! | This has been a wonderful first year! You have been the best baby, we are kind of spoiled! You are just perfect in every way! We are so excited about the years to come. (well, Mamma is not ready for you to get any older!) Happy Birthday to you our little Angel.

71: We celebrated your birthday on June 13th, Sunday with all our friends and family. Venue was cute "Stone Cottage" in Addison City. It was Garden Theme. Cake was Tres Leches with Flowers and Butterflies decor. We had the cottage decorated with purple and white cloth and balloons. We had caricature artist come in to draw kids caricatures. We displayed your monthly books that Mamma created. The gift in goody bags for all the kids was their name plaques that Dada, Mamma & Ammamma made from scratch. Food was ordered from Flavors Indian restaurant. We also had pizza for the kids. Party went really well and as planned. You enjoyed the cake a lot. When we all fed you the cake ... you clapped each time and ate it. It was very cute. Everyone enjoyed outside as well. | June 13th, 2010 - Birthday bash

72: Your One Year Portraits (@ Picture people) | Tatayya is missing in this picture. He is in India.

74: To my baby Mahati on your first Birthday! This has been a wonderful first year! You have been the best baby - we are kind of spoiled! You are just perfect in every way! You have added so much fun and adventure to our family. I love to watch you figure out new things. It is still hard to believe you are already a year old. Time really does fly by. At a year you are walking and love to say "Hi" to everyone. You walk around the house with your purse on your arm and say Bye. You talk a ton, but it happens to be in a language none of us can understand. In one short rotation around the sun, you have learned to do so much. We marvel at your every change – your first steps, your first words, your funny shrieks and your hearty belly laugh, your toothy smile. How you can feed yourself. How you can climb the stairs in a flash. We are fascinated by your every move and sound. We look at each other in wonder. You are our little happy jack, you are always happy and have a smile on your face. You have the world's largest smile, you smile at everyone and make their day. You love to discover new treasures in drawers, cupboards, baskets, bags, and anything else you can dig in. You get so excited about what this world has to offer you, so excited you scrunch your nose in delight. You peek at it through your long curling eye lashes with such wonder and amazement. You are a little doll, and love to be social. You are absolutely a Dada’s girl – I could see that from Day 1. But, there are also times in a day when you are also my little girl - Watching me, waiting for me and when you are tired, reaching for me to comfort you. I hope you will always stay by my side. You are so happy playing in the living room all alone with your toys, yet you still love to rest your head on my shoulder when you need some love. When you were born you looked like your Dada, then you started looking like Mamma (your Mama calls you chinna Bittu – you look very much like me in baby pictures) and then again you started looking more like your Dada close to an year. You have these long think eye lashes and thru them you look out into this world with such intensity and curiosity. You have the most contagious little laugh, you light up a room when you get giggling. And you entertain us all when you talk with your little voice. I wish I could freeze those moments in time. You are so innocent and peaceful. I love you with all my heart. One lucky day when I came home early from work you rolled over and I was able to see it. I was very excited. Soon after you that you started crawling - rocking carefully, then springing forward, sprawling flat on the ground with the force of your effort. But by the end of the week you were crawling! You used to crawl real fast. Soon came pulling up, then standing, then suddenly, just shy of ten months, you took your first shaky steps. The rest is history, you run circles around us, climbing and rolling, squatting and reaching, always learning. I can already see that you are an independent, strong willed little girl. You take time to figure things out and try, try, try again when things are tough. You are an amazing traveler. You were 5 months old when we went on our first vacation. We went to Jamaica with Ammamma and Tatayya. We stayed in Jamaica for a week and visited several places. That trip was nothing short of phenomenal. You have been such an amazing baby. You didn’t fuss a bit and adjusted so well wherever we went. It was very hot there and you didn’t complain a bit. But, you used to love it as soon as we go to the room and the airconditioner was on. Your second trip was a road trip to Houston to Vamsee Mama’s house. We went with Ammamma, Tatayya, Rahi Mama, Kittu Atha and Nitya. It was a weekend trip. You were six months old that time. Your third trip was a cruise to Mexico. We celebrated your 9th Month birthday on the ship. That was a 5 day trip and you had loads of fun on the ship. You visited Seven Wonders of the World – Chichen-Itza (03/08/2010) during that trip. You have taught me so many things this year, the joys of rolling in pillows and peek-a-boo’s. You have taught me that a bowl can also be a hat, that a spotted towel is fascinating, that a squint eye is funny. You have taught me patience, and love, and terrible fear. Crouching over you with the nose bulb as you struggled to breathe, reaching you seconds too late after a nasty tumble, bathing you with cool cloths when your fever wouldn't come down. I would pray to any God who would listen. The day came when Ammamma and Tatayya had to leave. You started going to the day care from Jan 4th, 2010. The first week I used to sit outside your day care and feel helpless hearing your cry from inside and not able to hold you. I wanted you to get used to Kiran Aunty. You got used to your Day care Aunt in less than 2 weeks and started having fun. Some of your favorite things to do right now are listening to Nursery Rhymes and dancing to music. Your favorite rhymes are “If You are happy and you know it clap your hands” – you clap your hands as soon as you hear this even though you are crying. You are so cute and it is very funny to watch you do that. You also love “Old McDonald had a farm”, “The Wheels on the bus go ”, “Twinkle Twinkle little star ”, “Tharangam Tharangam chinni krishna ” – you say “Thaa thaa ” and move your hands to sing this song. You also like “Where is Thumbkin ”, “Mary had a little lamb ”, “This old man he played one ” and the list will go on. But, these are a few that you enjoy anytime and any number of times. You love books. You bring book to me or Dada and give it to us so we can read it to you. You have a few favorites – one being a pictures book of all animals. You recognize Giraffe, Dog, Elephant, Cow, Cat, Ball in the pictures. You also love playing with Balls. You get all excited when we throw the ball for you to catch. You laugh and yell everytime we do that. You also put the ball down – as you are throwing it for us to catch. You point your finger at things that you want or that amazes you – which is pretty much everything. You pointed at a squirrell when we went to the Dallas Arboretum and then to a bird, then to a dog and then to a cart – it was April 4th, 2010. You used to do it before also - but starting that day you started doing it more and more. It made things easier for us as you can show us milk bottle if you want milk, or water.

75: You can't talk yet, but you do say “Amma”, "Dada", “Tata”, “Mama”, “Atha” and “Ammamma”. You say Ta-Ta for Hi and Bye – when you see someone that just came in even if it is from another room, or someone that is leaving. You don’t like to say Ta-Ta if you see me leaving in the car some where. You also say "buf buf" when we ask you what the doggy says. You say “Tackle tackle” that sounds like “thaka thaka” – to tickle someone. You love your doll that giggles when you press its tummy. You laugh and giggle even before pressing it and you sound exactly like that doll. You also give kisses. You pooch out your lips in a real big pucker and plant a big slimy one on whoever you feel is worthy. It's very cute. You give flying kisses too. You shake your head sideways for “NO” if we are giving you something to eat that you don’t want or if we are doing something that you don’t like. You nod your head up and down to say yes. You also say “dha” (– come), if you like something. You are already a Dada’s girl. You and Dada have a very special bond. Your Dada already lets you get away with a lot of things that you want and is considerably more exciting than me. You seem to prefer spicy foods to sweets as of now. You love boiled Cauliflower, Dosa, Chicken, Tomato Rasam. You like variety in your food. If I make the same thing two days in a row you don’t like that – except for may be Cauliflower, Dosa, Chicken and Rasam. Ammamma sneaks in some coffee to you – a few drops now and then. When ever you see her with a cup you start making sounds with your lips “Ppa ppa ” (that ammamma taught you). Very cute. The other day when Ammamma said “Ammayya” – you said that too – well something that sounded like that. You kept saying that however many times Ammamma said that. The last two weeks before you turn one you have been staying home with Ammamma & Dada at home. As Dada works from home you figured out that he sits in his study. Whenever you get a chance you walk to the study and put your nose to the door and peep in looking at your Dada. That is so sweet. The other day Dada was not at home, but you still went to the study and were looking for Dada there – saying “Nana Nana”. My list could go on and on. I want to put down all the amazing things about you here – but, then this letter will never end. I wish for you to live a life of wonder and beauty, love, peace and joy. I will do everything within my means to ensure this happens. I look forward to watching you grow and change from the sweet baby in my arms into a thoughtful, intelligent woman. I have no wish for this change to happen quickly though. Already, a year has passed all too swiftly. It has been the most wonderful, fun, fulfilling year of my life. The days fly by, one mixing with the next. Each night, when I put you to bed, I wish I could relive the day again, spend it with you once more. I wish the time wouldn’t go so fast, that I could live in slow motion. I am keenly aware that too soon you will be heading to kindergarten with your little backpack, waving at me from the end of the lane, off to school and away from me. But until that day, I feel fortunate to spend these years in your company, loving you and helping you learn, helping you to be a good person, just as you have done for me. May this next year bring you many discoveries, may you feel loved and cherished by family & friends. May you keep that wonder, that fearlessness that inspires you to try to climb almost anything! May you continue to find the joy in the small things like the shapes and colors of fruit, or the fan going round, or the way you can switch the lights on and off, grass, leaves, flowers I will always be here for you, when you want to play peekaboo, or snuggle, or when you want to be a monster and chase me. When you wake up at four AM, crying because your tummy hurt, I will always hold you and keep you close. I will try to let you go, to let you discover, I know you need that. As I watch you explore your world, always know, I am your BIGGEST fan and cheerleader. I can't wait to see what really amazing things you can come up with next. Tomorrow is a brand new day - another day to look forward to. Happy Birthday, my precious baby! Love always, Mamma

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