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A'Kiralyn's Baby Book

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FC: A'Kiralyn Faeth

1: Who Is She? A'Kiralyn Faeth White When Should She Be Here? September 6, 2012 A Little Story About Her Before She Was Born: When mommy was pregnant with you, I knew that you were the most amazing and special baby! I always knew that you were one of a kind. As the weeks turned into months, your tiny movements became so strong, and you always made Nana and I laugh with your hiccups! You did make eating a bit of a challenge for me, precious girl, I could only tolerate certain foods, but cereal with bananas was a staple. You gave me heartburn so anything with tomatoes, especially Italian food was out! It's ok though, you never failed to amaze me and make me smile, sometimes making me have contractions because I was laughing so much at your tiny movements! | A Precious Little Girl Is On Her Way!!!

2: A Note From Mommy When I found out about you, I was 26 years old and living in a little city called Midland, Texas., but was in the process of planning to move to San Angelo, Texas with your dad. When we got there, things between your dad and I ended up getting really bad for you and I so I came home to El Paso, Texas to live with Nana. (I will tell you about everything when you are older) For now just know that Nana and I love you so very much and we will do anything and everything in our power to protect you, nurture you, comfort you, and raise you in the most loving Christian environment possible. I know there will be times that you get annoyed with me and think I'm so mean because I make you do something that you don't like, homework, chores, or eating your veggies. I will never stop loving you my precious Kira, never. I look at you and see Heaven on earth. I see peace. I have a reason to smile. All because you came into my life. God gives blessings in His own time, and He knew I was ready to watch over His Angel for Him. You are His Angel, and you are my blessing! I'll Love You For Always, I'll Love You Forever As Long As I'm Living, My Baby You'll Be

5: Baby Shower Guests & Gifts Cindy - Hosted the shower, diapers Sylvia - Hosted the Shower, gift card. Patsy - Customized onsies, diaperbag tag, bib, burp cloths, zebra outfit. Mary-Beth- Birth announcement frame, towels, wipes. Amber & Serenity - Baby survival kit. Stella & Steffani - Onsies, blankets. Natalie - Storage shed. Allie - Outfits, gift card. Karen - Boppy. Heather - Blanket, onsie. Kay - Onsies, pants. Bernadette - Outfit. Hazel - Onsies, shampoo, wipes. Claudia - Towel and washcloths. Diana - Cake pops. | Mommy on the day of your baby shower! | The cake for your baby shower! It was so good!

6: Important People Your Mommy Is: Kristalyn Amanda White Who Is Nana? Linda Gail White What About Grandparents? Gary Allen White & Mari Trujillo White Any Aunts or Uncles? Elise & Elijah, Lisa & Brian What Is The Black Fluffy Thing? We call him your Brother. He's our cat named Baby

7: This is your first family picture! You were in Intermediate Care Nursery! All those cords helped us make sure you were ok. [August 19, 2012]

8: Ultrasound Pictures! | Your first ultrasound picture of your tiny face and tummy. [2.20.2012] | This is your "Drama Queen" pose! [2.20.2012] | Tiny feet! [2.20.2012] | I always knew you were going to be a girl! [4.26.2012] | My beautiful girl's face! [7.6.2012] | Silly girl! Sucking on your thumb! [7.6.012] | This is a special picture for mommy. When I saw your face and tiny arms I started to cry. I couldn't believe God had chosen me to be your mom, you were so tiny, but I had so much love for you I couldn't describe it! [6.19.2012]

9: Getting Ready... | You arrived a few weeks early and caught nana and I off guard! Thankfully we have some wonderful friends at church who helped get your room organized and decorated. These two ladies, Marylin & Genette painted your room, set up your temporary crib, and made your curtains! The theme of your room was a mystery to everyone, including me, until I did research on butterflies. I choose butterflies for two reasons. One is your movements always felt like I had tiny butterflies, but the other is because butterflies symbolize renewal. You renewed me, you renewed my hope and faith, but most of all you showed me what true love is. Butterflies are so beautiful, graceful and delicate, just like you!

10: She Has Arrived! | Your full name is A'Kiralyn Faeth White, Kira for short. Akira means bright in Japanese, Lyn means beautiful. Faeth is just that, faith, but in Gaelic spelling. You are a Bright, Beautiful Faith! Kira means glitter in Japanese and you even match that! You were born on August 12, 2012 at 12:14pm. You weighed 6lbs 10oz and 18inches long! You had beautiful blue eyes and soft silky brown hair! | First time I got to see and give you a kiss. | You were so cold and naked!

14: Your | Special | Story | You with Dr. Plowden on 12.14.2012. | Your first actual doctor's appointment with him to go over your last few ECHOs! Everything is looking wonderful! | You with Martha on 12.14.2012 | Martha is always so kind and ready to help us out if we need it sweet girl! She is an amazing lady and another true blessing!

15: When you were a tiny 21 week old baby still in mommy's tummy, I had a special picture, called a Fetal Echocardiograph, taken to check on your heart. You were so active during that picture so you made the lady taking the picture work extra hard. The lady told me that you have something called Coartation, which means a very powerful artery called the aorta is narrow in a certain spot. She told me it could go away or it could be a problem, but there was no way to tell until after you where born. And more specifically, ten days after you were born. When you were born, there were a lot of special people in the room to help you if you needed it. But you didn't need any help at all! You cried so loud and strong, everyone knew how strong you were. They weighed and measured you, wrapped you up and brought you over so I could see you. After that they took you up to the NICU and took more pictures of your heart. When they were looking at your heart, Nana was by your side and you behaved so well, they were able to get an excellent view of your heart. You still had the narrow spot in your aorta, but they weren't very concerned about it. They just wanted to watch you over the next few days, and wait until that special tenth day to see what happens. On August 23, 2012, one of your doctors became very concerned about your breathing and decided to send you for a test called a CAT scan, and the narrow part of your aorta was smaller than before. That wasn't a good sign, so they called Nana and I and asked us to get to the hospital as soon as possible. When we got there your doctor told us she was really concerned about your heart and had talked with your other doctor, Dr. Plowden, and made a decision to fly you to Dallas Children's Hospital for possible open heart surgery. Hearing this mommy became so sad and afraid. You were a tiny baby, and they want to fly you to a completely different hospital and city for a complex surgery? I cried so hard that I needed Nana to help me fill out the forms to get everything ready. Right after that was done, a really bad thunderstorm came into town so everything was put on hold. Mommy was going to fly with you in the plane so Nana and I came home to pack up a few things for me. The entire time I was away from you, I was praying to God, asking Him to change the results of the tests, and help open your aorta again. But that wasn't His will. After we got back to the hospital, I walked into your little nursery area and your nurse told me they had to start another IV on you, which mad me sad again. But when I saw your hair shaved off in numerous spots and then saw that the IV was in your tiny head, I broke down, again. I didn't want that for you honey. My precious daughter was a sick little girl, but she looked and was acting fine. I just didn't understand why this was happening to you. After the storm passed and the weather cleared up, the flight team from Dallas Children's arrived around 11:00pm and started to prepare you for the flight. They put you in a special crib that was a big clear box called an isolet, it had heat in there so you wouldn't get cold and they hooked you up to a heart monitor and got your vitals. They even let me put you in the isolet and kiss your tiny cheeks so you wouldn't be scared. I don't think you were scared though, you were hungry since they wouldn't let you eat, but you weren't scared. They also had a team from Life Ambulance there to transport you from the hospital to the airport. You had a small army walking with you down to the ambulance! When we got you packed up into the ambulance, Nana gave me a huge hug and kiss because she wasn't able to be on the flight with you and I. Getting on the plane was fun because I was still hurting from the surgery to deliver you but they had very nice people helping me. When they finally got you onto the plane you were asleep and stayed asleep almost the entire flight! During the flight, I was constantly watching you, and praying again, for God to open up your aorta so you didn't need surgery. I looked out the window many times into complete darkness and just said quietly, Your Will Be Done Lord, just please watch over my daughter. We arrived in Dallas, Texas around 3:30am and went directly to Dallas Children's. Your special room was NICU-30. When we arrived they had to do more tests and screenings on you, and during that time they took mommy on a tour of the hospital so I would be able to get food and blankets. After the tour I went back into your room and was able to get a few precious hours of sleep before people came in to do an Echocardiograph of your heart. By that time you were very hungry and mommy had to hold your tiny hands while the lady was looking at your heart. After that lady was done, the doctors came by to do your evaluation and they said nothing has changed with your heart so they were just going to watch you closely. Nana arrived later that day about 2:00pm and we got set up in a hotel and got some food and rest. We stayed there a total of four days, with constant examinations done on your heart. Which each exam, things improved! Your aorta was slowly opening up and your vitals were so strong and steady! They told mommy that we could come back to El Paso, but that you needed to go back to El Paso Children's because you needed to get back up to your birth weight. So we flew back to El Paso, went back to El Paso Children's and within three days, you came HOME!!! We still need to monitor your precious heart, and we go to Dr. Plowden's office for that. He has an amazing team and they love to see you growing up so strong and beautiful! They are another one of God's blessings in our lives! God taught me so much during that time sweet girl. He taught me to be patient, to trust His Will, but most important, He showed me what having Faith is all about. He never left our side Baby Kira, and because of that, you are a strong, healthy, beautiful little girl!

16: Pictures From Dallas | Look at you holding your bottle! | The entrance of Dallas Children's! So pretty!

17: Dallas Skyline | Pretty garden! | Sky bridge to connect the hospital to parking

18: Welcome Home Baby Girl! | When they called mommy and told me you could come home I was so happy! I rushed to get ready and pick out a going home outfit while Nana put your car seat in the car. You were so tiny that you didn't even fit into the outfit I wanted to bring you home in! You were dressed and ready to get out of the hospital, but we had to wait for all the forms to be approved. When they did bring you downstairs, without oxygen or wires, I was so happy because my precious angel was coming home FINALLY! You were released from the hospital Nana and I took you to The State Line so we could grab some food then went to Sunland Park mall after that. Everyone that saw you just smiled and told us how beautiful you were. I told a few of them your special story and they were even more amazed than before. We went home soon after so I could feed you and get you settled into your new home.

19: In your car seat for the first time! | Dressed and ready to go!

20: When You Were Born | Popular Artists: Maroon 5, Phillips Phillips, Muse, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Pink, Rihanna, Kesha, The Lumineers, Macklemore, Adele, Katy Perry. Artists We Liked: Evanescence, Halestorm, Korn, Slipknot, Skillet, Volbeat, Red, Stone Sour, Dido Hit Movies: The Hunger Games, The Lorax, 21 Jump Street, Act Of Valor, Ted Popular TV Shows: The Walking Dead, Justified, Breaking Bad, Sons Of Anarchy In Fashion: Black & Blue, Burgundy, Reptile Print, White, Military Camo News, Events, Leaders: Multiple mass shootings, Obama re-elected, Superstorm Sandy, Obamacare, Lybia, Penn State, US Economy, Fiscal Cliff, Gay Marriage, Syria, Olympics 2012, Costa Concordia crash, Stratosphere jump

21: What Things Cost | Gallon Of Milk - $3.47 Loaf Of Bread - $1.40 Gallon Of Gasoline - $3.70 Postage Stamp - $0.45 Movie Ticket - $8.12 Sunday Newspaper - $1.50 Jar Of Baby Food - $0.63 Pack Of Diapers - $12.99/ 74 count

22: Sunny Days | In the beginning you started off your days the only way you knew, by crying until mommy or nana would pick you up and give you your bottle. After the bottle you just wanted to be swaddled up again and be held until you went back to sleep. As you started growing and getting stronger you wanted to stay awake and look at your surroundings, and soon after you started making your first sounds. As the days turned into months, you woke up and started the day with a beautiful little smile and sweet little sounds to let nana and I know you were awake and ready to start your day! I would give you your bottle and you would finish it and smile at me and have sweet little conversations until you started to yawn and rub your precious little eyes, then I knew it was time for a short nap with mommy. I would lay you down with me, holding you in my arms, kiss the top of your head, and just watch you until you drifted off.

23: Starry Nights | To get you ready for bed nana and I had a special routine to help you relax and get the best nights sleep a sweet little girl like you could get, We always fed you your last bottle and then gave you a bath. After your bath we put your pajamas on you, rubbed some lavender oil on your cute feet and wrapped you up in your swaddler. As you got bigger you didn't like being swaddled and always wiggled and squirmed until you got your little arms free. One night you just started to cry when I swaddled you up so I knew it was time to use your blanket sleeper and you did so well! You always need your pacifier to help you get to sleep and sometimes you like to lay there and watch your butterfly mobile and listen to the pretty music that it makes. You always like to go to sleep on your back, but before I knew it you were turning over on your side and wiggling all over until you found a comfortable spot to drift off to your little dreams.

26: Time To Eat! | Before you were born mommy had known from the very beginning that I wanted to give you my milk because that would help you be strong. But you had other ideas my precious angel. In the NICU they really limited the amount of milk you had because they didn't want your heart to be overwhelmed. They did give you my milk mixed into a calorie enhanced formula to help you gain weight. You had so much trouble taking that milk, it would spill all over the place and you spit it up so much, and it made me worried, but when I asked about it they just didn't show concern. A few months later you would just cry and you always spit up and I had enough so I changed your formula to soy and you did excellent! You started eating baby foods right around six months old, we started you off with rice cereal then oatmeal, and your first actual baby food was GREEN BEANS! You really get messy! But that is ok because mommy and Nana are so proud of you!

27: Bath Time!

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