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Aayla - Your first year of life

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Aayla - Your first year of life - Page Text Content

FC: Aayla Diane Eckert | Your first year of life | A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, | in your arms for three years, | and in your heart till the day you die.

1: Aayla Diane | Born: November 26, 2011 Time: 5:38 a.m Weight: 6 pounds 7 ounces Inches: 18.5 Place: Nelson B.C.

2: On April I took a pregnancy test but was pretty sure I was pregnant as it had been a few weeks since I had my period. I was about 4 - 5 weeks pregnant when I took the test. We are going with a midwife again because they are so great and the care is much more personal and than a regular Dr. In my first trimester of being pregnant with you I had good days and bad days. I was very tired and sometimes just wanted to sleep all day but couldn't because I had your big sister to look after. She was very good though and would let me just hang out on the couch on days when I didn't feel well and I would take naps when she did. I never did actually get sick but felt like I wanted to many times. I didn't have much of an appetite, but craved sweets and drank a lot of milk!!! My taste buds were off and couldn't eat a lot of my favorite things. At 13 weeks I heard your heartbeat for the first time, I love that sound!!

3: Today we saw our first glimpse of you. A little piece of heaven, our dream come true. The day we will meet seems so far away, but until you are ready in the womb you will stay. Our gift from angels sent from above, for us to cherish and forever love. | July 12, 2011- At 19 weeks we had our first ultrasound. Everything looked good and all your measurements were right where they should be. I asked the ultrasound tech if she could tell me the sex of the baby and she said they weren't allowed. I told her that I was hoping we would have another girl and she said " Oh really?" Then she quietly whispered... "Well... I'm pretty sure you will be having another girl" My due date is December 10, 2011.

4: My second trimester was much better than the first, I wasn't as tired or sick and I had most of my energy back. At 17 weeks I felt you move for the first time and you from then on, never stopped! I can't believe how much you move around, you are way more active than your sister was. At 27 weeks I had a midwife appointment and we couldn't even hear your heartbeat because you wouldn't stay still for two seconds. | 23 | weeks

5: 32 | By the third trimester I was starting to get very uncomfortable and it was hard to sleep at night. My sciatica was really bad and even worse at night. I also started getting Braxton hicks which I didn't have with my first pregnancy. They weren't very nice and sometimes I would have to stop what I was doing and wait for the contraction to pass. I had a lot of them throughout the day and the closer I got to my due date the more contractions I had. I tested negative for Gestational Diabetes which was a relief as I had it with Cali and had to monitor my blood sugars all the time, so I was very happy about not having to do that again!! However, I did test positive again for Group B Strep so I will have to get anti-biotic's in the hospital before I deliver you. | 30 | weeks | weeks

6: Sneak a Peek | We met the family in Kelowna so we could share the 4D ultrasound experience and all have a sneak peek at you! Our appointment was suppose to be half an hour but it ended up being an hour because we couldn't see you. You were curled up in a little ball with your feet in your face and you stayed that way the whole time. It made it really hard to get any pictures of you. The ultrasound tech was very patient and had me go the bathroom, do jumping jacks and go for a walk to try and get you in a different position. Finally in the last five minutes she was able to get some good shots. It was worth the wait to see your sweet face.

10: My precious little baby, I have loved you from the start. You are a tiny miracle laying closely to my heart. Each day I feel your presence, each day you quickly grow, each day your heart beats softly, as only I could know. So, I'll keep this in special place and remember each year through, of this special time in my life, the months I carried you.

12: November 25, 2011 - At 6:30 in the morning my water broke and I wasn't due for another 14 days. I phoned your Dad right away because he was working in Nakusp so it would take him a few hours to get home in the logging truck. In the meantime I phoned my midwife to let her know that my water had broke. I would have to go to the hospital as soon as possible to get anti-biotics for my Group B Strep. While I was getting things ready to head to the hospital I was expecting my contractions to start, but nothing?? When I had your sister they started as soon as my water broke so I thought it would be the same, but it wasn't, I was just getting the Braxton Hicks. Your Dad got home at 9:00, had a shower and we were off to the hospital, still no contractions. I met my mid wife at the hospital and was hooked up to the IV for my first dose of anti-biotics and would need them every four hours. | Now it was just a matter of waiting, so instead of just hanging out at the hospital we went for lunch and test drove a mini-van to accommodate our growing family!! At 2:00 in the afternoon we came back to the hospital and I was hooked up to the IV again, still no contractions. My midwife offered to induce the labor with oxitocin but I was totally against that idea as I had heard that it brings on the contraction twice as hard. She then told me about a herbal concoction she could give me that would induce labor naturally. I was definitely willing to try that as we were getting tired of waiting for this labor to start!!

13: At 5:00 p.m. I decided to take the herbal cocktail and bring on my contractions. This recipe was invented by German mid-wives and is now used by all Canadian midwives as well. The active ingredient is 5 drops of Lemon Verbena, 2 Tbsp. Castor Oil, 2 Tbsp Almond butter, and 1 cup Apricot nectar. I drank the mixture at 5:30 p.m. and my midwife Catherine said that it should start working within 5 hours. She then went home to get a few hours sleep. Three hours later, at 8:00 p.m. my contractions started, the Lemon Verbena had kicked in. The contractions started out mild and were about 4-5 minutes apart. As I laid in bed breathing through each contraction, your Dad, who had now been up for almost 24 hours, was snoring in the folding chair beside me. I was trying to be quiet through each contraction, not to wake him. My labor progressed for the next few hours and the contractions became stronger and longer. These contractions were much different than when I had your sister. All the pain and pressure was in my pelvis area instead of in my back, it was a lot more bearable. At 2:00 a.m. I asked the nurse to check and see if I had dilated. When she told me I hadn't at all, I was shocked, frustrated and confused. Was it just the Lemon Verbena making me feel like I was having contractions and they weren't real?? By now I was so exhausted from waiting all day and night for you to come and not being able to get any sleep through the contractions, that I was starting to feel a bit out of it. After another 2 1/2 hours, 4:30 a.m. I asked the nurse to check me again and all of a sudden I was 5-6 cm dilated. The nurse called my midwife right away as things were now moving very quickly!!! By now my contractions were so strong and unbearable that I asked for the gas mask!! I had never used it before but this labor was all of a sudden coming on so quickly, I needed something to take the edge off, and it was just enough to get me through the last stage of labor. Catherine arrived at the hospital at 5:15 a.m. just in time for me to start pushing, it only took me 6 minutes to push you out and you were born at 5:36 a.m. After the longest night of my life, it only took 1 hour to dilate to full term and push you out. You are so beautiful and perfect!!

14: You never truly know what love is... until the moment you look into your child's eyes for the first time... then and there you know love...

15: You are so precious and we are so happy to finally meet you!! We think you look more like me with your light complexion and brown hair that has a bit of curl to it. You have blue eyes and very light eyebrows and eye lashes. Your head is perfectly round. From the minute you came out you were so alert and the hospital staff even noticed and commented. After we gazed at you for awhile I put you on the breast and you latched on right away, it was amazing. You nursed for an hour! | Before you were born, I wanted you. Before you were conceived, I loved you. Before you were an hour old, I would die for you.

17: I will always remember the day you were born, I cradled a miracle, small and warm. What words I had were scarce and few, a tear and a smile were the best I could do. Life gave me a moment precious and rare, bursting with pride, excitement and care. I promised you then, all that I had, see you were my child and I was your dad. When I heard the news of you, I did the things most daddies do, I opened my heart so wide, where you will always have a place inside.

19: Meeting your sister and Auntie Deb for the first time

20: You and I are staying in the hospital for a few days to rest and spend some quality time together. You are so tiny and sweet, I love you so much! I feel so blessed to have this little bundle of joy in my life. Our family is now complete. You have a very big appetite and have been eating constantly. Thankfully I have lots of colostrum to keep up to you. I am waiting for my milk to come in and I think you are getting impatient. My midwife said to keep feeding you as much as possible to stimulate my breasts so the milk comes in faster. That shouldn't be a problem with the way you eat!! The nurses said that you need to poop and pee once on your first day, twice on your second day and three times on your third day, you pooped 5 times your first day!! You are definitely healthy and regular, I think it's all the food you are eating!!

21: Daddy and Cali come to visit once or twice a day and hang out with us. Your sister can't get enough of you and just wants to hold you and kiss you all the time. She is very gentle and sweet with you, she is going to be a great big sister!!

23: My first bath | Splish Splash

24: Nov 27, 2011 - We had a rough night last night. I fed you at 9:00 p.m. and went to bed thinking you were good for a few hours but you woke up at 10:30 wanting to eat again. After you ate you were fussy and wouldn't go back to sleep so I was up with you until midnight. The only way I could get you to sleep was to lay you on my chest. You were up again at 1:30 and 2:30 a.m. I fed you and put you back on my chest where you slept for another 1/2 hour and then back up again!! You were getting up every half hour all night! It was exhausting and ridiculous, so I asked the nurses for some formula to fill you up because I wasn't going to do this all night, I needed some sleep!!! The nurses told me that you were probably hungry and just wanting milk. I told them that there was no way you were hungry because I had a lot of colostrum and I knew you were getting lots because you were bringing a lot of it back up. You throw up every time I feed you and sometimes I think you throw up everything you just ate. I had to get a nurse to change the bed sheets because you soaked them with what you had just drank!! The nurses told me to keep putting you on the breast to stimulate them so my milk would come in. I listened to what they said and fed you again, you slept until 4:30 a.m. The nurses weighed you and you were 6.4 lbs. We went back to sleep at 5:00 and you were up again at 7:00 and then 8:00 a.m. to eat.

25: Nov 28, 2011 - You are three days old and we are going home today. It has been so nice spending a few days in the hospital where we can just relax and have the nurses take care of us. I have enjoyed not cooking or cleaning .... hahaha. I am glad we are going home though, your Dad and sister have been waiting for us. Our midwife came in to see us at 1:00 and everything looks good so we were discharged. | Going Home!!

26: Home | Life on the lake | Sweet | Home | Your bedroom | We live in the Bonaventure Trailer Park at 6 Mile and it is a great place to live! Especially in the summer with the lake just a stone throw away! You will have a lot of childhood memories here.

27: Dad took this week off of work to be home with us and help out. He is such a good husband and daddy. He either takes care of you so I can get things done or he does stuff around the house so I can just rest and take care of you. You love to be held and would rather be in someones arms than not. | It so nice to be home! You are a happy, content baby now that my milk come in today and I still can't believe how much you eat!! On your first night home, we went to bed at 10:00 p.m. and then you were up 2 hours later. I fed you and put you back down but you didn't go back to sleep until 2:30 a.m. You slept until 6:30 a.m. though! (4 hrs) You ate again then back to bed until 10:00 a.m. (3.5 hrs) It was nice to sleep in. You and I are co- sleeping in the spare bedroom for now because it's just easier for me to feed you in bed. Sometimes you sleep in the bassinet beside the bed but not very often. | First day home

28: She will fill our lives with sunshine.... and our hearts with love.

29: Nov 30, 2011 - You are 5 days old today and spend most of your time sleeping. The past few nights you have been up with gas so I am only getting about 5 hours sleep. I give you gripe water to help with the pain and it makes you feel a bit better. When you aren't sleeping you are so attentive and bright eyed. During the day we hold you as much as we can but when you aren't in someone's arms we put you in your bassinet to hang out. You are very content just looking around or sleeping.

30: 1st Photo Shoot | 6 days old

34: Mother

35: I never knew I could love so much, until the day I felt your touch. I softly kiss your tiny cheek, and from under your lashes I saw you peek. Your beautiful eyes so small and blue, my sweet little baby just brand new. I cannot wait to watch you grow, from your little head to your tiny toes. I promise to love you with all my heart, I'm here for you from the very start. I'll comfort you when you cry, I'll answer true when you ask, why? While you grow be sweet and kind, and show all others how much you shine.

36: 1 week | Dec 3, 2011 - Your already a week old. Our midwife came out to the house to check on us and see how things are going. It was a short visit as I didn't have any questions or concerns. I've already done this once so kinda know what I'm doing... lol We weighed you and you are gaining weight like crazy and are pretty much back up to your birth weight 6.6 lbs. You eat every 2-3 hours so along with all the milk you drink comes a lot of poop! Every time we change your diaper, which is a lot in a day, you have pooped. I think being regular helps you not be gassy every night like your sister was. | Daddy's Little Girl

38: I love you so much, what more can I say, and now you're a big sister, waiting to play, soon she will grow, and you will see, just how much fun, being a big sister can be. Soon she'll follow you everyday and she'll repeat whatever you say. She will always be your friend, her love for you will never end. There's no greater bond of friendship here, than that of sisters who's love is dear. So please be patient, very soon she'll grow, there's so much she needs to know. How you came first, to lead the way, and at her side, you'll always stay. All about the right things to do, you know she will be watching you. This is the best way for you to see, how much you really mean to me. When you can see that love can grow, it's only then, that you could know. | Big Sister

40: Grandma & Grandpa Eckert | Dec 3, 2011 - Grandma and Grandpa had been waiting all week to come and meet you. The weekend couldn't get here fast enough for them to finally see their precious grand daughter! They are very proud Grandparents.

41: Uncle Mike

42: Dec 4, 2011 - Grandma Darychuk also couldn't wait to meet you. She is spending the week with us and it has been so nice having her here helping out and spending time with us. In between cooking, cleaning and doing laundry, she spends a lot of quality time with you girls!! Whether it is reading books, singing ABC's or watching fun video's on the computer, both you and Cali love having her around. Mommy loves it to because I can go to town by myself for some much needed alone time and get errands done a lot faster!! | Grandma Darychuk | Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever.

43: Dec 10, 2011 - Today was the day you were suppose to enter this world, you are 14 days old. We are so glad that you came early because we couldn't wait to meet you! | Dec 11, 2011 - Today is Grandma's last day with us. We all slept in until 9:00 a.m. and then just had a nice relaxing day. We are going to miss having Grandma around. We will see her again very soon though, once it is spring they will be at the property in Christina Lake where we will visit often.

44: 2 | weeks

45: Dec 15, 2011 - We went into town for a midwife appointment and everything looks good. You now weigh 7.15 lbs. You are still throwing up a lot and I can't keep up with the laundry!! You probably go through 10-15 sleepers a day and the same with receiving blankets... it's crazy!! I hope the this stage ends soon! Last night you were up every 1-2 hours, it was exhausting. I think I am going to try feeding you formula at night to fill your tummy up and see if you sleep a bit longer. Each night is so different and when I go to bed I never know if I'm going to get any sleep or not? On a good night you sleep for 3 hours at a time.

46: Tub Time

47: You are such a content and good baby during the day, you just eat and sleep. At night you are up every 2 - 3 hours for a feeding and then right back to sleep. You are sleeping either in my arms or on my chest so I am not getting a good sleep and some days feel like I haven't had any sleep at all. After I feed you I fall right back asleep and when I have to get up again in a few hours, it feels like I just fell asleep. The nights are a bit rough but it won't last forever.

48: Dec 17, 2011 - I fed you formula last night thinking it would last a bit longer in your tummy but you were still up every 2 hours. I guess I am just going to have to face it, you love your food like your mother! Dec 22, 2011 - I had a breakdown today and cried on your Dad's shoulder when he got home from work. I think it's from the lack of sleep. It would probably be different if I could nap all day with you but I have your sister to look after. It is very hard to function properly without the proper amount of sleep. Dec 23, 2011 - Your Dad is on Christmas holidays! I am really looking forward to him being home with us and having the help, maybe I can take a few naps. You have a yeast infection right now which is apparently quite common in babies. Cali just had one not to long ago which was surprising to me, I didn't think babies could get them? You also have baby acne on your face. There isn't much I can do about it so I just keep it clean with soap and water. | 3 weeks

49: My first adventure to town with you and your sister was not a good one. Because you eat so often I only have about a two hour window of opportunity to get things done. I got my shopping done at the Wholesale Club and then proceeded to the Walmart parking lot. When I found a parking spot you started fussing so I figured I better feed you before I go into the store. I climbed into the back seat of the van to feed you while Cali watched Barney on the DVD . That in itself made me want to scream!! lol While I was feeding you, you decided that you needed to poop, perfect timing!! As I tried to find a place in the van to change you, you decided to throw up all over me!! That was it!! I buckled you and your sister back in your car seats, turned Barney off and drove home!! I phoned your father to see when he would be finished work and told him that when he got home I needed to go back into town to finish my shopping... without the kids!!! lol | You smile a lot like in this picture, but we're pretty sure they are just gas smiles. Sometimes it's hard to tell though since you are such a happy baby. We will take any smiles we can get!

50: My First Christmas | The greatest gift anyone could ever receive.

52: Dec 26, 2011 - Jan 25, 2012 | 1 month | You have baby acne on your cheeks.

53: During the day you sleep in the living room in either your bassinet or the swing. You seem to like being around the noise rather than in your bedroom where it's quiet. They say it's good for babies to take their naps in a bright room where all the action is, that way they know it's daytime and don't get their days and nights mixed up, which you haven't.

54: Dec 26, 2011 - On the day you turned 1 month old, you rolled over from your tummy to your back!! I couldn't believe it when you did it and thought it was just a fluke but when I put you back on your tummy you did it again. We try and give you as much time tummy as we can but as you can see, you don't like it!! You are very strong though, and have no problem holding your head up when we are holding you. People have actually commented on how strong you are for a 1 month old! | I ROLLED OVER!! | Dec 31, 2011 - We've had two good nights in a row. You were just up to eat and no gas, so I was able to get a bit more sleep. This morning you were full of smiles. You haven't pooped in 5 days, we are getting a bit worried. You went from pooping every day to nothing!I researched the internet and apparently it is quite normal for breastfed babies to go as long as a week without pooping. They say the breast milk is fully digested and babies get all the nutrients from it so there isn't much waste. You now weigh 9 lbs. Your baby acne is going away.

55: Jan 2, 2012 - I was up all night with you. I think you might be getting bad gas because my milk comes out so fast and it's to much for your little tummy to handle. I always burp you after every feeding but it must not be enough to get rid of the stomach ache. That's the only thing I can think of that could be upsetting you so much. I feel so bad that I can't help you when you are in so much pain. Even the gripe water doesn't seem to be helping. | Jan 4, 2012 - We had another night like the other one and I have only had 3 hours sleep again. Dad had to take over at 1:00 a.m. so that I could get a few hours of rest. He was up with you until 3:00 a.m. when he was suppose to go to work. He hadn't had much sleep either so he went back to bed instead. Good thing he can kind of make his own hours at work.

56: My Mommy's Hands

57: As soon as I was born, you took me in your hands. You held me to your heart, and a life of love began. Your hands soothed my head, when kissing me goodnight. They'd say a mother's prayer, for safe keeping until light. Your hands are the healers, that wipe away my tears. Feel my forehead for a fever, stitch my tattered teddy bear. Your hands are the heart that will always love me so, reaching out to touch me wherever I may go. As we both grow older, you will come to need me to. My hands will happily return all the love I learned from you.

58: Jan 5, 2012 - Last night was a good night. You were only up every 3 hours to eat, and then back down. I can live with that! It's amazing how much better I feel when I've had a few more hours sleep! I am absolutely amazed at how good you are at going to sleep on your own! We just lay you down in your crib and you go right to sleep! I don't rock you, bounce you or nurse you, just lay you down and you self sooth yourself. Sometimes it takes a few minutes of you moaning and groaning to get comfy, but then you are out. It's unbelievable and I feel very fortunate that you are so easy that way!

60: Jan 11, 2012 - We had our last midwife appointment today. You are doing great and now weigh 9.6 lbs. Me on the other hand am not doing so good. I broke down crying in the appointment and poured my heart out to Catherine. I cried about how hard it is with two children and that I don't have any family here to help me. I cried about not getting enough sleep and how overwhelmed I am. I just let it all out!! By the end of the appointment my midwife was very concerned about me and said that I should probably go see my family Dr. in case I need to go on something. We talked about taking more vitamins which is probably a good idea. I take Vitamin B for stress and energy but she said to take some D and Omega 3. It felt good talking about things and getting them off my chest but there is definitely something wrong with me and I am not feeling my normal happy self. I may be suffering from a bit of postpartum :( I don't know why I feel this way??? I have the best husband in the world!! The two most beautiful, healthy and well behaved children, a life that most people would die for, but I just don't feel that way. It's terrible and I hate feeling like this!! | Cali is such a great big sister and is always by your side holding your hand, talking to you, hugging you, kissing you and watching over you. My heart just melts when I see the two of you together and am so glad that we have both you girls! I love these precious moments.

61: Your first real smile! | The first man a little girl falls in | love | with is her | daddy!

62: Jan 13, 2012 - Since you are still getting up every 1-2 hours at night, I thought I would try putting you to sleep on your tummy and seeing if it made a difference. It actually did and you sleep a bit better that way. I know they say not to let babies sleep on their tummies but at this point I will try anything that helps me get more sleep. As babies we all slept on our tummies and were just fine so I feel comfortable with it. I made myself a doctors appointment for next week so will go and see what my doctor has to say. I have been talking to family and friends about what I am going through and that in itself seems to be helping a lot but I still don't feel like ME.

63: I have been doing some research on post-partum and it is exactly what I am going through. I have realized that the things that causes it are the things we deal with every day as new mothers. Tired from lack of sleep, overwhelmed with a new baby, doubts about being a good mom, stress from changes in the home routine, an unrealistic need to be a perfect wife and mom, a lack of free time, crying a lot, sleeping to little, and feeling guilty. The guilt is a big one for me because I feel like I don't have enough time for the two of you and wish there were two of me sometimes!! Some of the things they say to do are; don't try to be perfect, ask friends and family for help, make time to go out and visit friends, talk with other mother's so you can learn from their experiences. All of these are great idea's and I have done a few of these things but am going to make an effort to do more and get back to feeling like myself again.

64: Jan 15, 2012 - We had a really good weekend! Daddy was a great help around the house, you slept really well both nights (on your tummy) and Dad took Cali to Castlegar for the day so that I could catch up on my sleep. You and I slept all day!! I have been feeling a lot better these last few days and have thought about canceling my doctors appointment but I think I should just go and see what he has to say. You are 7 weeks old now and have been sleeping in your crib and I am back in my own bed with daddy. I think that may be part of why I am feeling better, I have a much deeper sleep when I'm not sleeping beside you worrying about rolling over onto you or waking you up.

65: Jan 16, 2012 - I went to my doctors appointment today and we discussed how I have been feeling. The Dr. mentioned trying an anti-depressant but I don't want to go on them and would rather try an alternative solution. I mentioned the herbal supplement 5-htp that my girlfriends natural path recommended to her when she was going through her depression. He knew about it and agreed that I should try that first as well as keep taking my vitamins. The 5-htp produces serotonin which we normally produce while we sleep. Without any sleep low serotonin levels lead to improper brain function and therefore resulting in depression.

66: 2 months | Jan 26 - Feb 25, 2012

67: You are staying up more during the day and becoming more aware of your surroundings. You take 4-5 naps a day, always around the same time, and have put yourself on a schedule which has been great! You go to bed between 7:00 - 8:00 pm. every night and up in the morning between 7:30 - 8:00 am. which is the same time Cali wakes up. I have been so lucky with both you girls that you like to sleep in!! I couldn't imagine having a baby thats up at 4 or 5 in the morning!! You are still going to sleep on your own and I just can't get over it!! I think it's because I'm not use to having a baby that does that. I always had to either rock, bounce or nurse your sister to sleep! She would scream if we just put her down in her crib like we do with you. You actually get annoyed with us if we try to rock you to sleep, you straighten your body out stiff as a board and just want to be put down. When I have tried bouncing you to sleep, you just laugh at me as if I am playing with you, it's hilarious. Unfortunately, you are still getting up every 2-3 hours during the night, so last night when you started crying we just let you cry it out for a few minutes and you actually went back to sleep for another hour. Whenever I hear you start to cry I immediately jump out of bed to feed you. Mostly because I don't want you to wake up your sister, but maybe I need to let you cry it out to get you to sleep longer?

68: Jan 27, 2012- You slept for 6 hours straight last night. It was so nice to have a good night sleep!

69: Vaccines | You never cry, it's amazing. Sometimes I get so busy with Cali or the household chores that time gets away from me and I realize that I haven't fed you in awhile, but you just sit there sucking on your hands until I get to you. I wish you would cry once in awhile so I knew when you were hungry, but instead you just wait so patiently, it's unbelievable. I told daddy that if I knew all babies would be as good as you, I would have 10 of them!!

72: Laugh... | until your cheeks hurt | Feb 10, 2012- You laughed for the first time today. Your laugh is amazing and comes from deep down in your belly! It's the best sound in the whole world!

73: Heads Up

74: A visit home to Edgewood

76: Grandma and her girls | Grandpa's Cougar

77: Meeting Great Grandma and Grandpa Eckert for the first time.

78: 3 months | Feb 26 - March 25, 2012

79: Your so adorable, I just want to squeeze you and never let go! It makes me sad that you are my last baby so I don't want this time to go by any faster than already is! I love the moments when it's just you and me in our quiet times and you look up at me and smile, you melt my heart!!

80: We went to the park today and met all our friends and you were so good as usual. We left the house at 10:00 a.m. hung out at the park for 2 hours and then went shopping. You didn't eat very much before we left so I thought for sure you would get hungry and start crying in the grocery store or on the drive home, but you didn't. You just sat there and waited until we got home and then gave me lots of smiles.

81: Lakeside park

83: Simply Adorable

84: My finger may be small but I can still wrap my daddy around it.

86: Open wide... | Hungry? | Going in.... | What are you feeding me mommy? | First time eating rice cereal... I started feeding you rice cereal early (almost 4 months) hoping you might sleep longer, or maybe through the night! Nope, it doesn't make a difference but you like it so I'll keep feeding it to you.

87: Aayla, you are the happiest baby I have ever seen!! All we have to do is look at you and you light up the room with your great big smile. We couldn't imagine life without you... we are so happy you are OURS!!

89: Passed out at the dinner table. | Rolling over from your back to your tummy. | Hangin out with Remington

90: 10 fingers | 4 | months | & toes

91: March 26 - April 25, 2012 | 13 lbs.

92: Spring 2012 | All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.

93: March 30, 2012 - Grandma and Grandpa Taaler finally made it here to see you. They have been trying to get here since after you were born but the winter weather made it impossible for them to travel. We are glad that they are here and you of course greeted them with lots of smiles. Now that they have seen you they are kind of glad they waited a bit to visit because you are so much fun right now. They can't get over your contagious laugh and your happy disposition. Grandpa kept saying , "She is so wonderful." You slept a lot more than usual during the time they were here, so unfortunately they didn't see a lot of you but when you did bless us with your presence, it was worth the wait! | Grandma and Grandpa Taaler

94: Your hand eye co-ordination has really developed and you are grabbing anything and everything you can get your little hands on. At first you study things for a minute and then it's straight into your mouth. You enjoy playing on your own but love it when we spin you around, tip you upside down, bounce on the exercise ball and dance with you, you burst into laughter every time.

95: It doesn't take much to make you laugh, and you pretty much laugh at everything. The things that make you laugh hysterically are: the television, the dogs and Cali. All Cali has to do is talk to you and you lose it! It's hilarious and my heart melts whenever I see the interaction between you two. | You love to be around people and also love it when the neighbor hood kids talk to you. You smile and laugh, smile and laugh and every once in awhile let out a squeal of excitement. You are already a little people person like your sister and in no time will be running around outside with them all!!

96: watching TV with your sister.

97: My Bumbo chair

98: You are definitely starting to teeth because you're always chewing on your fingers or anyone else's fingers for that matter. lol I bought an amber teething necklace for you that's uppose to help with the pain and discomfort of teething. I also give you Advil and Hylands teething tablets and whenever I bring out the bottle you get all excited. You love your pain relievers just like your mother!! lol

99: Always safe in | daddy's arms

101: There's the Easter Bunny from Salmo! That Auntie Deb... always spoiling you girls! We are so lucky to have her and Uncle Rod in our lives! They love you girls as if you where their own, and we love them!

102: Easter with Auntie Hollis, Uncle Mike and Grandma and Grandpa

104: Christina Lake This is Grandma and Grandpa's cabin in Christina Lake. Kamloop's is their home but they spend all their summer's here so we try and get over to visit as much as we can! It's a beautiful summer place.

106: 5 months | April 27 - May 26, 2012

107: I can't believe you are 5 months old already!! You are growing so fast and I wish I could slow down time! My days are long but the weeks and moths are flying by. | You love your Exer Saucer!

108: Your First | April 26,27,28 - 2012

110: Happy Camper! You loved your first camping trip and enjoyed the great outdoors, when you were awake. You slept 90% of the time!! All that fresh air must have pooped you right out!!

111: There's my little puker! I could never get this shot again even if I tried!! I totally took it by accident and couldn't believe it when I looked back at the pictures on my camera and saw it!!

113: May 8, 2012 - You are still getting up every 3 hours so I am up about 6 times a night. Sometimes you just need your soother put back in your mouth and sometimes you want to be fed. I was sleeping with you in the spare room because it was just easier for me to roll over than get out of bed every time, but after a week I decided to go back in my own bed and just let you cry it out. I feed you cereal before bed and put you down at 7:00 p.m. You are usually up at 10:00 for a feeding and then again 3 hours later. There is NO way that you are hungry!! So, the first night we let you cry for about half an hour and then you fell back asleep for another 3 hours. The next night we did the same thing and you only cried for about 10 minutes. Hopefully if we stick to this you will start sleeping longer through the night. I have been very lucky in that ever since your gassy nights ended at 6 weeks, you have never kept me up in the middle of the night. You just eat and go right back to sleep! You do have much longer and better feedings at night, I think there are to many distractions during the day for you to concentrate on nursing. | Your sister loves to crawl in your crib with you...

114: Hangin out in the back yard | We still aren't sure who you look like? Some people say you look more like me but I don't see it? Others have said that you look like your Auntie Sarah? I guess you just look like you!

116: First time in the Jolly Jumper!!

118: 6 months

119: May 26 - June 25, 2012

120: All the food I've tried this month! | CHICKEN | AVACADO


122: Moving around the floor!! I put you in one spot and you make your way around in a circle.

126: April ???

127: Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ed come for a visit :)

128: Your first tooth broke through!!

130: SUMMER 2012

131: Your first boat ride!!

132: Sitting | Up!!

134: 7 months | June 26 - July 25, 2012

136: Canada Day Long Weekend

139: July 9, 2012 - You still haven't slept through the night yet and have been waking up about 3-4 times. Sometimes we just let you cry it out and you will usually go back to sleep for another hour or two. You aren't throwing up as much as you use to which is nice.

140: The neatest baby shower gift from Aunt Valerie and Uncle Murray

146: 8 months | July 26- August 25, 2012

148: July 27 & 28, 2012

152: Christina Lake!!

154: landmark

157: Going for your first sleep over at Auntie Debs!

160: 9 months | You are my sunshine.... | August 26 - Sept 25, 2012

166: Sept 27 - Oct 26, 2012 | 10 months

168: Our Family

169: Fall 2012 | Autumn is...crisp air, falling leaves, sweaters, a palette of colors, crunchy ground, school books, jackets, turkey dinner, apple cider, raking leaves, giving thanks...

178: oCT 27, -nOV 26, 2012 | 11 MONTHS

182: First time at the pool

183: Using a spoon for the first time

184: Grandma Darychuk's suprise ...

185: 65th Birthday!!

187: Touching *SNOW* for the first time!!

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