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Addi's book 2

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BC: cold | It was nearly an "act of God' that I got you two out the door one morning to take a sled ride. I think this was before 9 AM. Even worse once I got you guys out there neither one of you were even happy. You both cried and grouched around until I just hung it up and took you back inside. But score one for getting a little fresh air in our day!

FC: Addison Paige | Book No. 2

1: April 12, 2011 | *you love people *you started walking on your own *you are learning to go down steps *you love your ABC singing cd *you love to close doors (can't open them yet) *you take two long naps a day *you have your 1 year molars | at 14 months:

2: Mommy | and | Me

3: Easter Sunday April 24, 2011 | Grandma Joyce bought you this adorable Easter dress. You were so darling in it. I love getting you all dressed up and looking adorable!

5: May 19, 2011 | May 2011

6: June 2011

8: Helping | Mommy... | Helping | Daddy...

9: Grammie made you girl cousins look-a-like dresses so you all wore them together for Karlie and Jaylea's birthday party. What a bunch of little cuties you were. Kyrie had one too and I'm not sure why she wasn't at the party.

10: My | Daddy | and me

11: June 25, 2011

12: R | andom Rally 2011, was held at Brad and Annie's house in Ohio. We had a wonderful weekend together cooking, playing games, watching you little tots play and just having a fun time with everyone.

13: Can you say | When we were camping at Anthony's this summer you fell in LOVE with Cheese Puffs. I would groan every time the barrel came around cause you would get to be one big cheesy mess! Another thing you learned was that canoing with daddy is really fun! I was a little worried you would tip over the edge, but you held really still and totally enjoyed your ride! | Cheese Puffs? | July 22, 2011

14: We took this picture at Grandmother's because the little dress you are wearing was made by her. It was such a cool, sweet little dress and I love that she invested in you in that way. | August 2, 2011

15: A sunny sort of day... | ...Spent at the splash pad and later having lunch and naps at Julie's house. A very good way to spend a summer day!

16: July 15, 2011 | Sweet little

17: Addi you and I spent many afternoons out in the back porch or on the patio playing in water, reading books, or just playing. You loved your little Winnie the Pooh car and once you learned to get on and off it, you played with that a lot!

18: Addi, at 18 months old you are just dear. I think I want one of you around forever! You are starting to say so many words and surprise me every day with new words. You are so smart and are starting to be able to help me do things around the house like empty the trash and dishwasher and a few things like that. You love to sit and look at your picture book of your first year. You especially like the pictures of Lila. I think you just like to be able to say her name! You are very cheerful for the most part and also very friendly. You put your sweet little hand up and say "hi" very perkily at the store to anyone you pass by. People can't help but just love you! You are very particular about how you do things. You always make sure things are in their proper order when you put them away. For example, your sippy cup would never be put down on its side. It must be upright. And if you put something in a container it has to be all the way in. Not partially hanging out. Singing is another thing you are really good at. You will get a book and sit in the living room and just sing and sing. I love to hear your sweet little voice! | 18 | months...

20: Last days of summer... | You and I and Kaitlin went to Lake Michigan in September for one more summer day at the beach. It was pretty cloudy and cool as I remember, but it was fun and it was good for you to have to deal with the sand one last time. You never like getting dirty at first. It takes you a little to get used to walking on the sand also.

23: In September we went camping at Twin Mills with daddy's family. It was a rainy, wet weekend, but we had a great time playing mini golf, swinging, running and just being together as a family! | 2011

24: On October 26, 2011 you were blessed with a darling little brother, Cedric Vaughn. You fell in love with him very quickly and love to talk to him and kiss him and share things with him! You stayed with Grandma Joyce while mommy was in the hospital and had such a fun time with her. | Our

25: Ridin' in Style... | Riding cars at Grandmothers is a wonderful thing to do with cousins!

26: Time to | Addi, you do so good at entertaining yourself. You love nothing more than getting a book and sitting down somewhere to read to yourself. You point and jabber and act like you are making perfect sense but its all just jarble at this point! The little red chair you are sitting in was a gift from Granddad Royer. You were at his house one day and he brought down the little rocker for you to use and you loved it! So he came up with this concoction for you. Such a Granddad type of thing to do! Another thing you like to do is watch movies. You call them "moo-moo's" and your favorite one is the Veggie Tales Queen Esther story. You have watched that movie countless times! | play | November 2011

29: Christmas | at Grammy's | 2011

30: Christmas | at Grandma Joyce's

31: Wakey, Wake, | sleepyhead | This darling little face greets me every morning. I love you in your cozy little pj's and your snug little crib. You love your bed and never give us any trouble about going to sleep. Of course, you have your pacifier (mee-mee) and your blanket from Grandma Schrock (yah-yah) and you just love to cozy in and go to sleep! I usually hear you in your bed talking or singing for a while in the mornings before I get you up. Toast with butter and cinnamon and sugar and juice are what you want every single morning for breakfast. | Treasures | My

32: Christmas | at our house

33: 2012

35: Cousins | are the best sort of friends | At this point in your life Addi, you and your cousins fight about as much as you get along together! You are Karlie are constantly having a scuffle about something or other and you are both very vocal and easily riled. However, your Aunt Julie and I know that at some point you will stop being so competitive and start being best of buddies! So we keep getting you together and hope that someday soon you will turn into lifelong friends.

36: Time to | We were not able to have your birthday party on your actual birthday so we just had some family over and gave you a few gifts. It just didn't seem right to let the day go by without a little celebrating! We love to celebrate you, Addi!

37: Addi is 2!! | Addi, at two years old you are the most darling thing ever. I think I could have a little "you" around forever. I love how bright and energetic you are. And you do love your little brother. Even in the middle of a temper tantrum you can look at him and immediately your countenance changes and you start baby talking and cooing to him. Some of your favorite things right now are: your pacifier and blanket, playing hide and seek, going to church, singing, Veggie Tales Esther story, the moon and of course Cedric. You are really starting to talk and put words together. If Cedric's toy hoop falls over you come running and say "Oh, toy down". I kind of went way out for your 2nd birthday. It was so fun to make food and cakes. We invited all of mommy and daddy's families and the grandparents that live close. Everyone came and we had a fun time being together. *pigs in blankets *white and chocolate cake *jumbo jelly beans *fruit and dip *chocolate brownies *meatballs *punch. | Menu

40: Gatlinburg, TN | In March we took a little family vacation to Gatlinburg, TN. We rented a small cabin there and had a few days away. We had a fun time together doing some sightseeing and just spending time together. You did such a great job traveling. You are such an easy kid in the car. However when we stopped to get some food before going to our cabin you were very happy to be out of your car seat.

43: April 12, 2012

44: Means: | *playing outside with friends *walks to the park *trips to the beach *wagon rides *playing in water *swinging

45: I had a terrible time teaching you the finer arts of potty training! You didn't mind sitting on the potty and trying, but you would never tell me when you had to go and you seemed unable to hold it for more than about 15 minutes which proved very frustrating to the training process. I'm not sure how many times I gave up and started again. You were finally trained by the time you were about 3. | Potty | time | It's

49: June 24, 2012

50: ready... | Run! | set... | Hangin' out at | Grandma's

51: Addison Paige

52: Days at the | River House | Reaching for the endless supply of snacks... | Spending time on the pontoon was a highlight | July 2012 | St Joseph River, Michigan

54: Lake Michigan | Vacationing at | good morning sleepy head | We spent a long weekend at a house near Lake Michigan in August for our family vacation. We had a wonderful time having meals on the deck, playing at the beach and just being together.

56: In October you and I and Cedric along with Tristan and Vianna went to Blue Ridge, GA to be with Pat and Melissa a few days at a job site where Pat was working. We had a lot of fun being with them. Kara and Justin were living in FL at the time and they joined us for a few days as well.

57: Cedric turns one!

58: flower | girl | December 29, 2012 | I'm a

60: 2012 | Christmas

62: Pretty | as a | Picture

63: Random Rally 2013 | We rented a huge house in TN for Random Rally and had a great time reconnecting and learning to live life with all these little people in one place. Every one got along great except you and Preston. You guys were at each other from the first moment. It was quite humorous to watch.

64: Color: pink Toy: buck Fruit: cheerios :) Lunch: pizza Game: memory Animal: monkey Snack: fruit snack Song: Jesus Loves Me Book: Sam Walks On Best Friend: Karlie Outdoor Activity: blow bubbles Drink: pop Thing to Take to Bed: baby Breakfast: "I don't like rice or veggies, I like sandwich! What I want for my bd dinner: Waffles Movie: Toy Story/Bambi What I want to be when I grow up? "I don't know" | My Favorite:

65: Even though I didn't plan an official party for you for your third birthday you had lots of visitors! It was so fun for you! You got to help me make your birthday cupcakes and you loved to help with that. You are such a dear 3 year old girl! I love you!

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