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Adoption Book

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FC: James and Stephanie

1: Hi there! We are James and Stephanie, thank you for taking time to look at our profile book. We know that we will not get a chance to meet some of you reading this, but we would like to take the opportunity to offer our prayers your way. No matter the decision you make for your baby when it finally comes into this world, our prayers are with you. We admire you for what you're going through and the decisions you are facing. We know that it isn't for us, as hopeful parents, that you are deciding a plan for adoption, but for your little one, and we know that you owe us nothing. As we ponder over just the right words to write to you, we both are filled with words of wonder and amazement. We wonder how your heart is doing and are filled with amazement at your strength. We know the decisions you are facing aren't easy and we want to remind you that you are a wonderful parent - no matter what decision you ultimately make, which adoptive family you choose, or where you turn next. You are facing huge things right now and huge things to come, and for that, you are such an awesome parent to your little one. That being said, allow us to share with you a little about ourselves in the upcoming pages of our book. We hope you catch a glimpse of just who we are as a family, as friends, as strangers, but we hope most that we can give you a glimpse of what it would be like to have your child with us in our family. With Love, James and Stephanie

2: Who are we? | Our family is made of just the two of us and our adorable two year old Australian Shepherd named Maya, who loves children just as much as we do! Maya has been trained to meet the Good Canine Citizen Requirements and we hope by the time she reaches three years of age, she'll meet the requirements to become a therapy dog. It is our hope to be able to take her through the local children's hospital to greet the kiddos there. | We were high school sweet hearts, meeting the summer before embarking on our senior year. We didn't go to the same high school, but we spent our weekends together and ventured to every sporting event we could. During the spring we both stayed busy playing baseball and Stephanie also prepared for her dance recital. After high school James chose to go on to attend the apprenticeship program at the local Naval Shipyard, while Steph chose to attend Christopher Newport University where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Sociology. We chose to wait until after Steph graduated college to get married. On July 28, 2007 we were married in Suffolk after having dated for nearly 6 years. The summer of 2009 has been a big summer for us, not only did we celebrate our two year anniversary, James also graduated from the apprenticeship program and received his degree in technical applied sciences. We are so proud of each other in more ways than one as we have accomplished and grown a lot together.

3: James is now working as a marine machinist for the localNaval Shipyard and soon hopes to become a weapons engineer in the near future. Stephanie is currently working at the Commonwealth's Attorneys Office as a paralegal, but it is our hope that she will be be able to stay at home once our adoption comes through. We both love the jobs we have and both pride ourselves in having strong work ethics that keep us working hard, not just in our workplace, but in our home as well. As James says it, "When you can wake up to the one you love, enjoy going into work in the morning, but can't wait to come home to the one you love... that's how you know life is good." He's right, we have a pretty good life. | What do we do? | We love free time! We both enjoy days at home! From the occasional lazy day of doing absolutely nothing, to working in the yard, we truly enjoy being at home and being together. Maya also enjoys when we stay at home and loves for us to play outside with her. Unlike her owners, Maya LOVES to exercise and never lets us forget our walks around the neighborhood. :) We enjoy doing a lot together. Our most favorite activities range from board games, to spontaneous day trips, to lazy days at the beach. James is a hockey fan and we often try to venture to as many hockey games as possible and at least one NHL game a year. We also look forward to nights when we visit with family or friends as it is among our favorite things to do. Ultimately, we enjoy doing things together, no matter the activity. While we enjoy time apart with our friends, we look forward to coming home to one another.

4: Who is James? | There's a lot to be said about this man I fell so much in love with. He is strong and passionate, goofy and crazy, but most of all he is a lover of Jesus Christ and an amazing leader of our home. I was so blessed the day Christ intertwined our hearts together and allowed us to get married. James is the very reason for my sweet yesterdays and my excitement for tomorrow. Even after all these years, he's the one who makes me laugh and I look forward to the rest of my years laughing with him. James will make an amazing dad, not only because of his love for children but because he is a nurturer who loves to take care of the ones he cherishes. James is energetic, full of imagination, and a great teacher. I look forward to the day when he becomes a father - I think it will bring out yet another "best" in him. I thank God everyday for our relationship and look forward to the rest of our lives together. ~Stephanie

5: Fun Facts: | Favorite Childhood Memory: "My favorite memory would have to be playing baseball with My Dad." Favorite Food: "Pizza, of course and I do love my wife's great cooking!" Favorite Activity: "I love going to the beach with Steph. I also REALLY love to golf." Favorite Vacation Spot: "Cape Hatteras" Favorite Television Show: "That 70's show & Sports center.... And football" Favorite Past time: "Playing with my pup, Maya." Favorite Sport to Watch: "Hockey - Go Penguins!" | Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: "Bungee jumped." | Favorite Season: "Fall because everything begins to change colors. Hockey and football season begins. and it has the best temperatures."

6: Fun Facts: | Favorite Childhood Memory: "Pajama parties with my Grandpa!" Favorite Food: "I love crabs! But when I can't get those, just give me rolls." Favorite Activity: "I love spending time with my family and friends" Favorite Vacation Spot: "Cape Hatteras, gotta love the beach!" Favorite Television Show: "America's Funniest Videos... I love to laugh!" Favorite Past time: "Reading." Favorite Sport to Watch: "Love to watch hockey with my husband." | Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: "Jumped off a bridge!" | Favorite Season: "Spring, It's often the time for new beginnings. I love packing up my winter clothings and bringing out skirts and flip flops!"

7: Who is Stephanie? | The best day of my life was the day that I met Stephanie. She is such a loving, caring, and passionate person. She is a great leader in the church community, working with the middle school students. She has a great passion for the Lord and a great passion for doing the work that He has led her to do. Stephanie has one the best hearts that I have ever seen. She is always trying to figure out a way to help other people. I believe that Stephanie will make a fantastic mother and I cant wait for the day that she will get that oppurtunity. She is nurturing, loving, and loves to take care of everyone. She has one of the greatest outlooks on life that I have ever seen or known. Steph always looks at the brighter side of everything and always keeps a lighthearted spirit about her. I can't wait for the day that we can extend our family together and enjoy life as the Lord would want us to. - James

8: Things we like to do throughout the year! | WINTER Decorate for Christmas Super Bowl Party! Bonfires. Snow Tubing Going to Hockey Games Bundling up and going to Williamsburg. | Spring Going to baseball games! Barbeques Bike riding Going on walks with Maya Day trips! Working outside.

9: Summer Beach days! Vacation Fishing Going out on Dad's Boat Putt-Putt Wearing Flip Flop Fourth of July parties. | Fall Pumpkin Patch State Fair Giving candy out on Halloween Peanut Festival Football games Volunteering

10: F a m i l y | We have the most wonderful family. They all have influenced us in individual ways and we certainly wouldn't be who we are without them. We are exceptionally close with all sides of our family and are fortunate to have all of our relatives, extended family included, living within 15 minutes of one another. This is such a blessing, as we never miss opportunities to visit one another. We often joke, that if we were to ever move away, we'd have to have enough pennies to take our ENTIRE family with us!! We are overly blessed with an outpouring of love and support from every side. Our friends and family members are anxiously waiting for another little one to become part of our family, and they can't wait to spoil their little socks off. It has warmed our hearts tremendously as we've prepared ourselves for this journey. We've always known how wonderful our family is, but we've come to realize the true support system we have in our family and it's absolutely amazing. Everyone you see in these pictures. as well as those that aren't, have been praying daily not only for us, but for you and your little one as well. If your child comes into this family, they would be gaining, not only a set of fun parents, but also one absolutely amazing, crazy, and abundantly loving family who longs to share their love.

11: Stephanie and Amber, Sisters. | Stephanie's Family!! | Cousins! | James' Family! | Cousins!! | A lot of extended Family! | Brittany, Cousin! | "It is difficult to imagine anything more nourishing to the soul than family life." ~ Sir Thomas More

12: "Friends are the family we give ourselves." | We have the best support in our friends. We can say the same about all of them, and that's is that they love us unconditionally and would be there for us at the drop of a dime. All our friends range in character and personality, in culture and in religion. If there is one thing that we appreciate most about our friendships, is that every one of our friends have something unique to teach and offer to us. We also have found quite the support system in our Church family. The friends we have met there not only love us continuously but keep us standing solid in our relationship as a family and our relationship with God. Stephanie teaches the youth at church and has fallen in love with each of them and her roll as a leader. She spends Sundays and Wednesday teaching kids just what God can do for them, right where they are. James serves all over in the church and loves it and has come to know many people through his roles of service. Ultimately, we can't say enough about our support of friends, from those we have grown up with and met over the years, to the ones we call family at church. God has truly rocked our socks off with the group of friends he has blessed up with. Like our family, they are praying often for you and your little one.

13: F r i e n d s

15: Home Sweet Home | We love our home. We live in a ranch style home with three bedrooms. Our favorite part about our house is the back porch, it is ultimately what sold us on the house. We love to have dinner together on the porch, but even more so, we love having others join us. James' favorite part of the back porch is grilling on it, in fact, we grill well into the winter when most people have closed their grill for the season! We also have a ditch behind our house that always has a small stream of water flowing in it. We have found all kinds of critters in our yard, even turtles! As the saying goes, "The structure makes a House, but the people make the home." That couldn't be more true for us. We love filling our house with friends and family every opportunity we get, they are what makes our home that much more enjoyable. We live in a great community. We have neighbors that you can borrow eggs from and on nice days you are certain to see kids out riding their bikes and folks walking their dogs. We couldn't ask for more out of our neighborhood. There are great schools less than five minutes away. We truly are in a great location as we are only 10 minutes from a mall and about 20 minutes from the beach.

16: "One day while I was hanging out with one of my friends the topic of our parents came up. My friend always knew that I was adopted through an open adoption but we had never discussed it. I guess on this particular day he was feeling rather brave and launched into a slew of questions, like do I talk to my birthmom, and, how often. You could tell that he was relieved that I felt so comfortable talking with him about it. Then he asked me, between my adoptive parents and my birthpartents, which did I feel were my 'REAL' parents. I was sort of surprised by what seemed should be the obvious answer. I told him, hey, they're both my 'REAL' parents." ~Young Man | We will always let the child we raise know who their parents are. We are open to open adoption and look forward to the journey ahead of us. | "Real Parents | "We chose open adoption because when she looks in the mirror, we want our daughter to know herself. It's hard to face the world when you don't know where your face came from." -Adoptive Mom

17: Why Adoption?? | Finally, I'm sure you're curious as to why we have chosen adoption as a way to grow our family. While we, unlike many others, have not experienced true infertility, we have chosen not to bear children naturally due to the risk it would have for Stephanie and the child she would bear. Stephanie had a heart transplant when she was ten years old. While she is healthy and doing exceptionally well now, the medicines she takes to keep her healthy has unknown effects on an unborn child. Therefore we have chosen not to follow through with bearing children because the risks have not been studied effectively. It's just not worth putting a baby at an unknown amount of harm for our own happiness. We have a lot of love in our hearts and we can't wait to have children running around in our home. We have been praying so often for the little one we would raise before it was even thought of and for the mom who carries it, we are praying for you too. | "We look at adoption as a very sacred exchange. It was not done lightly on either side. I would dedicate my life to this child." ~Jamie Lee Curtis

18: That's Us!

19: Thank you again for taking the time to read through our book. We hope you had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of who we are and just what life is like in our shoes. We realize that you may have additional questions for us should you choose us as prospective adoptive parents, please know that we are more than willing to answer any questions that you may have. We are thinking of and praying often for you. We look forward to meeting you, but if it isn't us, we wish you the VERY best in your journey. In His Love, James and Stephanie | Our Deepest Thanks....

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