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Aimee's Baby Shower

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Aimee's Baby Shower - Page Text Content

S: Expecting our Baby...Kylie!

FC: A baby is something you carry inside | you for nine months, in your arms | for three years and in your heart till | the day you die." ~ Mary Mason | Our Baby Showers

1: About Our Family | We were so surprised to learn about your upcoming arrival. Surprised, thrilled and excited! We could not wait for you to get here! As soon as we learned we were pregnant, your family went into a frenzy of preparation for your arrival. Lollie and Pop immediately started preparing your nursery at their home, Granny Cooper started sewing beautiful blankets and dresses and your Daddy and Mommy started preparing their life for their very first baby. We just couldn't wait for you to get here!

2: How We Found Out | It's A GIRL!!!! WHOO HOO!

3: How We Told Our Family & Friends | Oh! Happy Day! It's A GIRL! We were so happy! We would have been just fine with whatever God decided to bless us with, BUT LITTLE GIRLS ARE SO MUCH FUN!!

4: August 17, 2011

5: We anxiously awaited your arrival. Mommy got to have lots of pictures taken of you while you were in her tummy. This helped us to know that you were growing just like you should be and that you had all 10 fingers and all 10 toes. During your 7th month in Mommy's tummy, we got to see a 4D picture of you which was in full color. It was the neatest thing we had ever seen. Unfortunately, you were very bashful most of the time and liked to hide your face. We also learned you were a thumb sucker!

6: Our Beautiful Little Pea in the Pod

7: We loved your photo ops! Unfortunately, you seldom worked with us. You would turn your head or stick your thumb in your mouth which made it very difficult for us to see your Bella Fautcha, but we got some good pictures anyways! | First Ultrasound

8: Your Mommy is BEAUTIFUL! Pregnancy agrees with her!

10: Progress | Our first baby shower was on June 25, 2011 and was hosted by Dutchy and Jessica Nabakowski.

11: shower

15: Showering Kylie with LOVE!

16: The Story of our first shower

20: Great-Granny Cooper is so SWEET and she loves me so much! She made me this beautiful quilt.

26: Jessica | Ms. Dutchy

46: Words of Wisdom & Well Wishes From Friends! | "I wish for you guys to be a happy family, full of love for all of you! Love!" Hannah | "May you always love each other and have a happy future with Kylie!" Great Granny Cooper | "I love you and can't wait to see your lovely baby girl." Maegan | Kiss, Hug & Snuggle her EVERYDAY! Mom | Sleep when she does! | Aimee, Bryan and Kylie...I hope yall have a wonderful life together. I can't wait to see yall's beautiful baby girl!!! Love yall - Shawna McCain | Healthy, Good baby girl.

47: PICK YOUR BATTLES! | I wish you honesty, communication, balance, simplicity and peace! | Prayers for a healthy, happy delivery. | Just love that baby THEY GROW UP FAST!! Love, Maegan | I wish for a lifetime of happiness & love.... Nikki | I wish you the best of luck... you have a great man on your hands. Love you, Becky | I love you guys! Kylie's going to be such an amazing girl! Best wishes for everything. Love Lauren

49: Baby Shower 2 Hosted by Leslie Kuntzman Terri Tedford

52: "Think Twice, Speak Once." Mabel Bowers Great Grandmother | Maw Maw Bowers

53: but never forget yourself." | "Pick your battles, especially | especially as they get older. " | "It's all about sacrifice, | Lisa Joyner, Grandmother

54: Aunt Marilyn | "Enjoy every minute with your precious little girl. They grow up so fast!!! Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!" Aunt Marilyn | Great Aunt toAimee. Married to JamesBrownlow Cooper. GrandJack's Twin Brother. Aunt Marilyn is a very special and sweet lady.

58: Your "TO DO LIST" can wait. Enjoy loving your baby every moment you can! Think about what kind of family you want to have, the kind of parents you want to be and the kind of family traditions you would like to start and be intentional. Write down the moments you think you'll never forget, because you just might. Relax and enjoy spoiling your baby (because they can't be spoiled.) | Christy Henessy Cooper Second Cousin to Aimee'

59: Sleep when the baby sleeps. "If you get frustrated (and you will which is normal) and need a break, do not b be afraid to ask for help. Let Daddy have some off the fun too! Listen to the wisdom your Mom might give you but remember God has also been working on you and turning you into this baby's Momma! The moment your baby is born, you will have a connection with her that cannot be described...you just wait! You will automatically know so much you will not need a baby book. Most of all, enjoy every moment. It goes by FAST!" | Beverly Hennessy Mother of Christy Henessy Cooper

61: Showered with LOVE!

62: Showered with Love!

63: "Always work as a team, do not panic and whatever you do, remember to BREATHE! Missy Claypool Friend of Lollie | "Stay sedated! Booze works! I love you!" Bacon Soda Megan Boda Bridges Daughter of Missy Claypool

66: I feel in my heart that you will be the | best of parents. You have wonderful role models. | Speaking as a Nana I can tell you those | precious babies grow up fast! Enjoy every moment | Cousin Connie Connie Boozer Rose Daughter of Mary Wayland Boozer | Dear Aimee & Bryan | Prayers and Blessings as you go through this stage of your life.

68: Dr. Oakley Rose Tyler Second Cousin to Aimee Daughter of Connie Boozer Rose Grand daughter of Mary Wayland Boozer

69: Aimee, I am so excited for you. This is what life is all about! Here are some things I've learned that might help you: 1. No baby has ever, ever, ever cried themselves to death. It can not happen. Finish what you are doing. Go on back to sleep. The baby will be fine. 2. I've decided that my boys can go to college carrying their blankies, drinking out of a cup with a lid on it and perhaps even wearing "THAT" shirt with "THOSE" pants. Remember what really matters. Some things really just don't matter, no matter what it says in that little instuctional manual. 3. Some things you have complete control over, some thing you have no control over. She will stop usinng a pacifier, a bottle, a diaper when YOU are ready. She will roll over, sit up, walk, talk, whe SHE is ready. For one to try to assume control over the other's list ends in frustration and tears for everyone. | 4. The best way to keep your kid out of therapy later is to give her the lifetime gift of two parents that are happily married. Make it work and you will have a forever friend, an ally when the teenage years hit and a partner who is crazy about your kid as you are. You guys are going to love this! I love getting to watch you experience it! Oakley Tyler Second Cousin First Cousin of Lollie PS With all this advisc you are getting, I've taken the liberty of thinking of some ways to use the parenting books you have undoubtedly bought: 1. booster seat 2. door stop 3. kindling for family camp outs 4. fly swatter 5. mop (those pages are very absorbent.)

71: Aimee and Robert Kuntzman.

72: Debi Boozer Hart Aimee's 2nd Cousin | Debi is so sweet. She hand made you this beautiful quilt. The while centers of the flowers are made from Aimee's Great Grandparents' bedspread.(Joe Cleburne Wayland and Ola Keottel Wayland - Granny Cooper's parents.) This is a family heirloom that will be cherished for many years and hopefully passed down many generations. Thank You Debi! We love you!

73: Family Heirloom | Love, Patience and Kindness.

74: Brenda Wayland Burris Aimee's Great Aunt | Life is all about choices and you are accountable for the decisions you make. Remember to always choose God first and that is always the best choice. Remember how much you and Bryan are in love that moment they put Kylie in your arms. Always keep God and Love in your life. Love You Always, Aunt Brenda

75: "Keep your marriage a top priority. Having children does add an element of stress on a marriage and can change and/or enrich your relationship with your spouse. You will need to purposely make time to be alone together as a couple, because it won't just "happen". Remember, in terms of relationships - God first, spouse second then children. This is a hard concept to grasp when those maternal/paternal instincts kick in because children are 100% dependent. The priority of spouse over children does not mean that children are neglected in any way. It demonstrates the kind of love that God intended for marriage and sets a good example for your children. Best of luck to you and Bryan, Sweet Baby Aimee. I love you, Joni

76: "Children grow up so fast. | Give your's lots of love. | Let them see your love for each other. | Tell them you love them every day. | Barbara Joyner Bryan's Grandmother

79: Sometimes you've got to put down the baby book and Listen to your baby!

80: I | "It's not only the children who grow, parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours'. I can't tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it myself." Joyce Meyers | "My advice to you is to be the very best person you can be. Always taking care of yourself spiritually, physically and emotionally. Congratulations and I Love You!" Aunt Lisa | Lisa Berenato Kennemer

81: Great Granny and Great Aunts | You come from a very strong lineage of good health, happiness and beauty. God has placed you in a wonderful family! Lean on your elders for guidance and advice. They always have your very best interest at heart because "They love you!" Brenda Wayland Cooper Billie Wayland Cooper Mary Wayland Boozer

82: "Smile when you enter Kylie's room each morning. She will learn to wake up with a bright and shiny attitude. Remember that her mind is being shaped every day by the things you do and say to her. Love her and praise her!" Granny | Billie Frances Wayland Cooper Grandmother of Aimee' Great Grandmother of Kylie

83: Cherie Cooper Berenato "Lollie" | Always use kind words to build your daughter's confidence in herself. Teach her the value of self respect by respecting yourself, your relationship with your husband and most importantly, your relationship with Christ. She can learn that she can do ANYTHING through your encouragement. Teach her to be nice. This is a learned quality. Nice people are always happier, have more friends and are more successful as adults PLUS they live happier and more enriched lives through experiences shared with friends and family. Kiss her often, hug her every chance you get, spend time cuddling, snuggling and cherish every moment you can with her at every stage in her life because children grow up so fast. Life is fragile and so are feelings. Teach her to hold her tongue and that every action has a reaction. Be quick to think and slow to speak. Never discipline when angry. A time out before disciplining a child is more important for the parent than the child. Never strike out in anger - with words or spankings. Always say her prayers with her and kiss her goodnight!


90: Aunt Bouke bought you a NICE RIDE!

91: FUN TIMES! | Deidre Taylor McLeod Granny Doris Hillhouse (friend of the family)

92: Aunt Mary | Always listen to your Grannies ,Mother & Aunts about raising your baby then do what you want to.I know you will do good with raising little Kylie with all the help you have Love Aunt Mary Mary Wayland Boozer

93: Stacey McDaniel Cooper Cousin - Wife of Dayton Cooper

94: Leslie & Johnna | Savannah Grace Kuntzman

97: My Words of Wisdom would be to LOVE your child unconditionally, CHERISH each day and moment you spend with her, and remember to be patient. Being a mother is a very difficult task; however it comes with fabulous rewards. Remember to love your child unconditionally, and keep in mind that you can’t spoil a child by loving them too much. Cherish each day and moment you spend with your daughter, because from the time that she takes her first breath of air to her first day of school is only a flash of many precious memories. Remember to have patience with your child, and to be consistent. Every day will not run as smoothly as others; however you must stay strong and push through the barriers that stand in your way. “Children seldom misquote you. They often repeat word for word what you should not have said.” – Mae Maloo Last, but not least. If your child is giving you a headache, follow the directions on the aspirin bottle, especially the warning that says “KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.” Sincerely, Terri Terri Tedford

99: Sweet Aimee, "The most important thing to always remember is that your children are indeed gifts from the Lord! Lead your precious Kylie to Him by your actions and your love and respect for Him and He will bless you and her throughout her life! Oh, and one more thing, don't sweat the small stuff and pick your battles with these kids. Our chlidrern are an inheritance from the Lord! The Kuntzman's love you and know you will be the very best mother!" Leslie Cleaves Kuntzman

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