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AJ Lafont 7 Months to 1 year

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AJ Lafont 7 Months to 1 year - Page Text Content

S: Anthony Joseph Lafont 7 Months to 1 Year

FC: Anthony Joseph Lafont 7 Months to 1 Year

2: 7 Months | Mommy's Favorite Picture | *Swimming *Momo and Papa's Anniversary *Pooped on Uncle Henry

4: We have changed over the years, but the sparkle in your eyes is as bright as ever, and my love for you is even stronger. | 70th | Anniversary

6: * Changed channel with remote * Turned on mobile in crib * Ate Num Num's * Crawled * Father's Day *Sit up in tub for bath | 31 Weeks

7: You had been rocking back and forth for a little while and we figured you would crawl soon. You crawled on 6/19 at your Daddy' s Alumni tournament trying to get to a can of Coors Light | Crawler

8: "I'm so lucky as can be, the world's greatest Dad belongs to me." | Father's Day 2010

9: I'm THE Man! Check out these remote skills

10: 32 Weeks | 18 lbs. 1 oz Bananas in musher

12: 33 Weeks | * Stayed at Gramps & Grandmother's and Pops & Nanna's while on vacation * Had to drop bed you can pull yourself up

13: Happy 4th Of July | On the 4th of July we got back from vacation and you met Pierce. You tried to play with him but didn't get that he was little and just ended up trying to poke his face.

14: 8 Months | Mad that we left him for vacation Crawling all over Tried sippy cup...didn't like 19 lbs 9 oz...clear ears Reaching to be picked up Ate strawberries Flirting with girls in Sams Laughing at baby on diaper box Clapping hands Grabbed Buddy's privates

15: BIG WEEK | I can feed myself | Clapping | Sippy Cup | Master Crawler

16: 35 Weeks | * Ate banana and plumot *Ate Mike's socks *Bought big boy car seat *Get in dishwasher *Cracked head on tile *Stuck in stools *Cereal all over

18: 36 Weeks Destin for Beer League You were snotty Didn't like the sand Liked the pool if we were holding you Ate pile of fruit off table with mouth...bit table

19: Beach Baby

21: Soaking up the sun!

22: 37 Weeks | Fall is here! | Said Mama Pulling up Stuck under bed Played fetch with Buddy Open laptop clap... Close laptop clap

23: 38 Weeks | *Open flaps on pic a boo book *Found buddy's food *Stand up in tub *Ate mac and cheese *Opened cabinet *Pull Buddy tail then laugh *Tried sailor outfit *Let go when standing for about 3 seconds *Played in box *Ate mashed potatoes

25: 2 | of a | Kind | You looked so cute in your Daddy's sailor suit.

26: *Ringworm scare *Ear infection *20 lbs 6 oz *28 in *25-50% for both *Tug of War with Buddy *Starting to let go to try to stand | 9 Months

27: Tug | of | War | AJ & Buddy: Best Friends

28: 9 Month Pictures

30: 40 Weeks | *Pooped out of diaper at daycare while napping *Stood up for about 1 minute *Chewing on tags *Visited the bayou

31: *Waved bye bye in mirror *Took small step *Friends moved classes at school misses Caleb and Payton *Walked from Brandy to Mike *Jude's birthday party--had cake and jambalya *Loves yellow bell ball *Ate Mexican | 41 Weeks

32: Today we celebrate Jude's 1st Birthday. It was a rainy day and you got to see all of your cousins and eat cake!

33: 42 Weeks | *Ear infection--Time for tubes *Had blood work didn't even cry *Threw fit...thew himself on floor *Down the bayou *Rode in Maw's wheel chair *Ate sushi rice and crab *Head in blanket

34: Pre-Surgery Blood Work | You were such a brave boy when we did your pre-surgery blood work, you didn't even cry and you loved the football that the nurses gave you.

35: LAbor Day

36: *Swing in baby swing...LOVED it * Puffer stuck to chin * Mac and cheese for supper stuck in shirt and diaper * Nick and Luke's birthday party *Tubes | 43 | Weeks

37: 10 Months

38: W | Weee...Weee...Weee...

39: You had so many ear infections that we decided that it was time to put tubes in your ears. Your surgery only lasted about 12 minutes but you were so disoriented when we got to see you. You threw up on mommy and were super fussy until we got home. You slept for 3 hours and then woke up fine. | Tubes Day

40: *Play with magnets *Kiss baby in mirror *Walked across living room *Touchdown *Ate squash *Kiss Mommy *Kayla babysat for LSU home game | 44 Weeks

42: 45 Weeks | *1st day in crawler room *Found flap on dishwasher *Ate Teddy Grahams *Cheeze It snacks at school...Cheeze Its in diaper *Fell asleep at Las Palmas *1st Tiger Tailgating

43: Tiger | Tailgate | So many of Daddy's work friends wanted to see you, so we decided to bring you to your first Tiger Tailgate for LSU vs. West Virginia. After 6 hours of tailgating, you were ready to go so Mommy took you home. You had such a good time that you crashed as soon as you got in the car.

44: 46 Weeks | *Picture day at school *Pushing stools *Feel asleep in swing *Pulling hair and stealing noonies at school *Shoes all day at school *Tried on Halloween costume *1st Saints Game

45: School Picture | Shoes | Fit | Quack Quack

46: Your first Saints game was Saints vs. Carolina. You had a lot of fun at tailgating and you wore your self out. We changed your diaper in the Cold Zone and you peed on the floor of the Superdome. You fell asleep right before the game started and you slept until the 3rd Quarter. Of course, the Saints won!

47: Who Dat

48: 47 Weeks | *Pointed at Mike when he walked into daycare *Blueberry pancakes at school *Went to park with Max *Pierce's baptism *Walked around Gramps and Grandmother's with bucket

49: Friday in the Park

50: Happy Halloween

52: ELEVEN | MONTHS | *Watch squirrels *Whip Cream day at school *Tried to put finger in socket *Played chase hides in corner *Stuck in stools

53: When you moved to the crawler's room at daycare you were bullying the other kids. You would pull chunks of hair out of kids heads and you would steal their noonies. Well Brielle got you back for pulling her stuck your finger in her mouth during snack time and she bit your finger. | Bite | Stuck

54: 49 Weeks | *Half out of pajama shirt one morning *Stuck under bed at school *Bite on leg at daycare *Brought him to LED for Bettsie's shower *Played catch in back yard *Mike asked AJ "Do you like Erin Andrews?" AJ said "Yeah."

56: *Reaching for doorknob to let Buddy inside *Playing catch with green ball *Last can of formula *Fall fest at school...made pumpkin *Halloween *Your daddy bought you this shirt when you were a newborn baby | 50 Weeks

57: I Love My Green Ball

58: Pops and Nana Land Where I am King of the Castle

60: School | Crafts

61: "Awe look at the Chicken." Mike said, "AJ quack for the nice lady." AJ said "Aragh or Quack."

63: I | Want | C | A | N | D | Y

64: 51 Weeks | *Threw hot dogs at curtain *Likes Daddy's shoulders *Throwing ball over head and hitting self on head *Grabbed bottle and blanket and laid on floor *Drinking bottle like a cup *Pointing and clapping at MIckey Mouse Clubhouse *23 lbs *Pulled blanket off of bed *LSU tailgating *Birthday party

65: I'"m Growing Up | Baller | Silly Boy | I like it up here | Bottle or Cup?

66: The day before your birthday party you went Tiger Tailgating with Aubrey Claire and Colby for the LSU vs. Alabama game

67: GEAUX | TIGERS | You went home with Ross and Angel and Mommy and Daddy and the Dufrenes got to see the Tigers beat Bama

69: AJ's Dat Birthday Boy


72: Jump Around

74: Mommy & Daddy Love You

76: First we Open | Then we Play

77: Grandparents are like string...handy to have around and easily wrapped around the fingers of grandchildren.

79: Today I'm One-year-old | November 11, 2010 | *Ate Granny's blood pressure pill had to go to hospital *Press fridge magnet dance and clap *Blow kisses *Loves ball pit *Car seat facing forward *HIding in closet *Carrying blanket in mouth

80: Get me Outa Here | Dr. A.J. | I love Nurse Kim | When your birthday started we never dreamed that we would spend the day in the hospital. We were at Granny's house and we could see you chewing on something. We dug it out of your mouth and determined that you had swallowed part of one of Granny's blood pressure pills. We didn't really freak out until you started pulling on your tongue. We called Dr. Gullino and they said to call poison control. Poison control said to get to the hospital, so we rushed to Terrebonne General. We got there around 1:30 PM. You had to drink 4 oz of charcoal which is a binding agent to make sure that your body didn't absorb the medicine. You drank about 1 oz. out of your bottle then Daddy and I had to coax you to drink the rest. Daddy finally figured out that he could suck it up in a straw and shoot it in your mouth. You had to stay hooked up to a heart monitor to make sure that your vitals were ok. You did not like this at all. Nurse Kim brought you some birthday cake. It was the ER doctor's birthday too. Mommy started to cry when she brought the cake because she was so glad that you were ok enough to eat cake. Finally at 6:30 PM they discharged us from the hospital an hour and a half earlier than originally planned. We were so thankful that you were safe and healthy. It was a very scary day for our family.

81: "Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at the people who belong to us we see the past, the present, and the future" | Birthday | Visiting

82: We bought you cupcakes so that you could eat cake on your birthday with all of your grandparents. You ended up eating only one cupcake the day after your birthday. We're pretty sure Grandmother enjoyed the rest of them. | C | u | p | c | a | k | e

84: Cute-a-tude | Blow Kiss | Yum Blanket | Come Here Mickey | In the Closet | Face the Front | Yum Bottle

85: B | a | l | o | o | n | D | u | d | e | l

86: 12 Month Pictures

88: One Month | Two Months | Three Months | Seven Months | Eight Months | Nine Months

89: Four Months | Five Months | Six Months | Ten Months | Eleven Months | Twelve Months

90: Our Family

91: When you came into our lives on November 11, 2009, we had no idea how much you would change our lives. Before you were born we did not know it was possible to immediately and unconditionally love something so small so much. We did not know how much we would rejoice and learn while watching you grow, change and discover the world. We did not know that true happiness was seeing you smile for the first time. We did not understand that we would drop everything the first time that you reached out your hands for us to pick you up. We did not know that the best part of our day would be picking you up from daycare and seeing you smile and run to us with open arms. We did not know that our hearts would fill with joy each anytime we heard you laugh. Each milestone has been bittersweet, as you leave infancy behind gaining more independence and developing your own personality each day. Part of us wants to keep you a baby but we know that you need to grow up. We've watched you learn to roll over, sit up, crawl, stand, take a tentative first step and now you can run. We started feeding you 2 oz. of formula per feeding now you can hold your own bottle. We struggled to feed you cereal, we had fun discovering which baby foods you like to eat, now you can feed yourself. We listened to you make baby sounds, we were happy to hear MaMa and Dada, we hear you babble every day. You have grown, you have changed our lives, you have changed our family, you have made us better people, you have made us very happy. We love you very much. Mama and Daddy

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