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Alexandra 6month

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Alexandra 6month - Page Text Content

S: Alexandra- Marie / 6 month of love 6 month of joy

BC: 6 month of girl

FC: Ale | 6 month of joy | X | andra | arie | M | -

1: after trying to get pregnant for 8 months, we were so exited that you were on your way! We never realized until that moment how much love could be generated by a tiny cross and a line. Throughout the next 9 months we prepared and waited in anticipation for your arrival! As my belly got bigger and bigger, and we began to feel your movements beneath my skin, our love for you grew even stronger than it had been. | expecting you | due jan. 10. 2011

2: It's a . . . | Girl

3: Sneak Peek | we decided the moment we found out you were coming that we wanted to know your gender. Your father was really exited to know if you were going to be his little boy or princess. | On your first ultrasound we where so exited and happy to finally see you, that a doctor had to come inside and hush us, because we were celebrating and screaming of joy. | when you were about 16 weeks, doctors told us that we finally could know what gender you were, but when we did the ultrasound you wouldn't let us see. We didn't find out until the 22 weeks ultrasound, that you were a beautiful baby girl!

4: When we arrived at the hospital on Monday morning, we were so optimistic that we wouldn't have to wait much longer... But your doctor had an emergency c-section and your surgery was postpone... As the hours passed and passed, we began to feel as though you would | after waiting for exactly 39 weeks for your arrival, it only took | three | minutes | for you to finally be born. | Alexandra-Marie Cabrera 6lbs 7ounces 18.5 in Jan 10, 2011 | never come | At 1 o'Clock you finally came into the world! Our lives changed the moment we heard you scream as the nurse announced | ' It's a Girl!' | In that moment, as I held you for the first time, i knew you were our | miracle

5: bringing you home to our everyday life was surreal. I just couldn't believe that just days ago you were living inside of me, and now you were here, and we were a I had a few pinch me moments throughout the next couple of weeks. the adjustment was hard, but having you with us was even more unbelievably than I had imagined | you were brought home from the hospital after two more days. Along with you we brought 6 flowers arrangements from friends and family... | Loved | you are just that | family | wonderful

6: A tiny | Princess

7: mommy's little angel and daddy's little girl

8: Right from the very first day, you tried to smile and make silly faces at people | Your smile and your happy attitude never cease to make | family swoon and strangers take a second look. Your smiling face has brought | many people joy! Everyone thinks you are the sweetest baby

9: funny faces

10: THE | doctor's | OFFICE

11: You doubled your weight on your third month. You are very healthy and | The first time we went to the doctor you were only | 1 | week | and you had already gained 6 oz You hated being all checked, so you let your doctors a gift in the table ... ha ha ha | your doctor is located at | the | Miami | Children | hospital | Perfect

12: We were so happy to finally be a family, that we went to the park and took some pictures that resembled how "the stork" brought you to us. | Park | At the

15: Thanks | for little girls | heaven

16: Brothers | from the | Heart | D | & | A

17: BiG | no one look out for a little girl like her | brother | Even if you two aren't blood related, you both know you are brothers. Every time you are together it's like magic, and when the time for good-byes comes, you don't want to get separated.

18: your first time at the | B | each

20: happy | Easter

21: oh! I think we found the most beautiful bunny in the whole wide world !!

22: the | bath | time | This is your of the whole day. You can't wait to get into the water... you just love it so much | this time is also your special moment with daddy. He loves to give you your bath, and you love it even more when he 's part of the | fun | favorite | time

24: a GIRL and her | Grandma | Your grandma Elsa is always so Even though we are living in different countries, she calls you every single day and sees you on 'Skype'. You love to talk to her and always try to hold her trough the laptop screen. | We finally could go to Santo Domingo, when you were just abut to turned We went for 20 days, and you both connected since the first moment. It was so wonderful, finally see you two together. | excited to see you | three month

25: Those days you were together were so special, an you both made a connection that will last for ever. It is so emotional every time you see each other through the computer, you both miss each other so much, that you always burst into tears.

26: Alexandra meets | My Melody

27: My Melody;s cube was | I took the camera to | Need I say | brand new | the mall | more?

28: weekend | Memorial | splash | splash | splash

29: We went to with your aunt Yeti and Uncle Danny | Key | Largo | You loved the pool in Sto. Dgo.,so when we got there and you saw the pool, you went you wanted to jump in right away | This was your first time And you Loved it!! you had a | crazy | underwater | blast | swimming!

31: father's day | Seaquarium | at the | we decided to have a | celebration with your aunt and unckel, and because you like water and animals so much, we went to the Seacuarium. | You loved all the shows, specially the Dolphins and the Orca Whale. But, what you absolutly enjoyed the most was feeding | fun | Sea | L | ion

32: Ale | X | andra | arie | M | -

33: also known as | ... | gugushita | puchunga | chiqui-chiqui | Alexa | gordis popis | cabrera baby-girl | mirrirri | kakatica | fufusita | princesita | gorda | cucarachita | kleine madchen | Süssigkeiten | .. | mi ciela | maushen | .. | cuquita

34: You Trying to | dress yourself

36: A day at the | ZOO

38: Beach | OUR TRIP TO | Long

39: Introducing you to everyone in Mississippi is an incredible memory. You were | by the time you met your "grandma" Carol, so the first time she saw you was even more special | four months old | Our time spend with all the Cuevas family was also very memorable. they were all happy to get to know you.

40: your many moods

41: You are the most when you are getting plenty undivided attention ! | So, naturally you are a big socialite, who loves to go to parties and anywhere there are plenty of people to watch and talk to | content | You get | upset | when you have to play by yourself for too long | You love being with company, that's why playing alone is not one of your favorite things to do and is the same reason you hate falling asleep during the day time. | You are a very Everything you find is a brand new adventure to you | little girl! | Whether is a new toy or the texture of the furniture, everything worth discovering | curious

42: the | and his | KinG | Princess

43: before you were born, I told your dad that you would be crazy about him... and since the second you lay eyes on him, you two have been a great couple

44: Good | Love! | Morning

45: when I hear you | when I see you | part of our day | you make waking | Morning is the | up for the day | squeaking | greatest | smiling | easy

46: out | on | the | grass

47: I've never seen you quite so | as when you had the grass between your fingers | ...and then in your mouth | curious

49: E | avier | Baby | Shower | X | ric | 's

50: The other woman in your life | Gaga the Giraffe

51: Gaga went just about everywhere with you, especially at night time because you refused to sleep without her | tucked in your arm .


53: { | { | 4 JULY | th

54: babe on the | m | o | v | e

55: I was amazed when you started rolling the day you turned | third month | and even more astonished and proud when you started making push-ups shortly after your | fifth month | how far you'll go ! | now that you are showing serious interest in crawling, I am excited and nervous to see

56: as you turn | six months old | you... | roll over on the change table while I'm changing your diaper or your clothes, trying to get away from me | hug back | sit on your own without having to balance on your hand although. you are to busy too sit for long | pull yourself to standing | are amazingly strong for your age | love the dogs | people watch! | search for me and your daddy | love to talk to people and to animals | play with the TV remote, the cellphones, my laptop and camera more than with any toy | crawl | enjoy going to parties | love green beans | smile at strangers and get notice by everyone around us | take long steps when you hold our hands | you are fascinated by air balloons | wake up smiling | loves playing in your gym

57: no matter where you go or what you do you, my girl, are | amazing | have the most incredible eyes color | weight fifteen pounds | turn the pages when we read together | still don't have teeth but you droll and chew on everything | grunt and groan when you're fighting your sleep | are so very loved | love any and all attention | have a perfectly round head | have ticklish ribs and knees | have the sweetest smile | sleep all by yourself and all night | try to feed yourself, and you get upset when we have food and you don't | don't like long car rides | climb piles of laundry | are scared of the vacuum machine | cover your face while you sleep | blow raspberries | eat everything you can get your hands on | fall asleep on your own! | have learned and listen to 'pa!' | love to watch older kids | plant your feet and arch your back when we put you on your car seat | love the swimming pool and swimming under water | get upset if you don't bath | pick things up with one hand and with a very tight grip | love to pull on my hair and Simba's tail

58: six month of girl, six month of joy

59: as you continue to | I already | you'll nevere cease to | me | know | amaze | grow

60: some of my | pictures | favorite

62: some of my | favorite | a few more that I | love

64: my sweet girl...

65: Bringing you home from the hospital and starting out as a family was both overwhelming and wonderful. Having you in our lives these past 6 months has brought forth a new set of challenges, but has been a blessing for all of us. Your Dad and I love you more than life itself, watching you grow and discover something new each day, is my dream job and I still haven't figure it out what I did to deserve it. There are days when I go to get from your nap and yuo give me that wide, cheeky, big eyed smile, and the whole world melts away. Although breaks are welcomed, and you are such a good girl, that your grandparents and aunties love to watch you for a few hours, I miss you the moment I walk out the door. This time last year, your Dad and I were full of anticipation and nerves, not sure exactly what to expect; what we have in you is thousands of times greater than what we could have ever asked for! You are strong, independent and so very happy... best of all you are ours, and we couldn't ask for more. We love you so, so much Alexandra Love Mommy and Daddy

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