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Andrew's book

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S: Andrew Joseph Wilcox --2012

BC: I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 3 John 1:4

FC: Andrew Joseph Wilcox | When Daddy Was a Little Boy | The Caboose

1: My family: Siblings--Aaron, Robbie, Nathan, Chris, Quentin, Anthony, and Autumn. My parents -- Steve and Janet. Grandparents: LaVaur (d. May 25, 2006) and Laura Wilcox (d. Feb. 26, 2001) and Margaret Keeler (d. Sept. 18 1998). Fifty-six first cousins. Great Grandparents -- Richard Baird (d. Nov. 30 1984), Ruth Evans Keeler Murphy (d. Dec. 18, 1981) | I was born April 6, 1981 and weighed 9 lb. 8 oz. and I was 20.5 inches | At 1 month I could hold my head up and gave my first smile.

2: Andrew was a lovable and even tempered baby | Because Andrew was born on April 6, we used the Prophet Joseph's name for his middle name. It also reminds us of our neighbor Joseph who was such a good friend to our boys. | Andrew weighed 9 lb. 8 oz. At his 6 week check he weighed 12 lb 6 oz and was 21.5 inches long. 9 months 19 lbs. 3 years 34 lbs. 4 years. 41 lbs. On April 8, Mom wrote in her journal, "I am feeling pretty good by now and am happy with our robust, healthy little boy. . .Steve came into the operation with me and did very well. He was a big support to me. Dr. Redd put in the spinal and only had to try 10-12 times, which compared to last time is a record! . . . It will be my 39th birthday this month, and I been blessed with 8 healthy children in 11 years. I'm so thankful for them. | Milestones: 3 months: laughed out loud 1 1/2 months smiles often 1 month, follows us with eyes 4 months, follows hands 6 months picks up objects 8 months, sits with support and expresses likes and dislikes 8 1/2 months crawls 9 months crawls up the stairs 10 months stands alone 12 months walks

3: Andrew was such a sweet lovable child, cuddly and fun to spoil. We all enjoyed doing that! | 1982 | Baby blessing May 3, 1981 Blanding 6th ward My father blessed me that I would have compassion towards others, be a leader among men; that I would quest and have a thirst for knowledge, and school and search for better things in life. Because sin is rampant in the world I was blessed with the spirit of discernment, that I would be an example to my brothers and sister. I ws blessed that I would have a healthy mind and body. Home teachers Gordon Hawkins and Lynn Laws. Bishopric Preston Nielsen, Bob Bowring, Jim Slavens. | Went camping for the first time June 12 at Blue Mt. I was perfectly happy the whole 2 days.

4: Andrew became a true water baby, and had lots of brothers to watch him and teach him. He loved playing in the water no matter where it was. He became a very good swimmer. The places we went were Cottonwood Wash, Comb Wash, Recapture and Dry Wash Reservoirs, ponds by Blue Mt. Ranch, Lake Powell, and the Blanding Swimming Pool.

5: Water activities were a big part of family fun growing up. | Dry Wash | 1985 | Dry Wash Reservoir | Cottonwood Wash

6: Family pictures of the Early Years . . . and the cutest one is . . . Bubba | Andrew is a very quiet content child During the summer of 1983 at 2 yrs. he would go on visits with mom doing folklore interviews and would sit still and usually fall asleep. At home he would cruise around the house singing to himself. He is quite enchanted by his voice -- | Oh, Rhubarb! You can Know!! It was in 1984 that Andrew told his famous Rhubarb story and Mom learned how undeterred this little boy could be. | May 1983 I was getting after Andrew for coming to the table with dirty hands and told him he needed to go wash them. He immediately started licking his fingers and then used the "clean" ones to wipe dirt off of the other hand. | By his first Christmas Andrew had 5 teeth.

7: Bubba's Family

8: 25 years of Wilcox Reunions Mt. Nebo was one of the favorite places for the reunion in the early years. | Andrew was the 44th grandchild in the Wilcox family and was born on his Wilcox Grandparents 44th wedding anniversary. | Brent and Andrew learn sign language from Aunt Jeannie

9: Other places we held our three-day camp: Maple Canyon, Bear Lake, KOA campground by Twin Falls, Lehman caves, Nevada, Payson Lakes, Snake River camp, and Blue Mountain | Andrew and the Mills brothers: Mike and Gaylen. | Visiting Ancestor Graves in San Pete County

10: California Trip Christmas 1984 | On our way to Disneyland. Glen Canyon Dam overlook | "When Andrew goes to bed he has to have all his stuffed animals in with him. He is easy to tend and never causes problems. At 3 years old he often played with Kira Benedict." July and Aug. 1984: On "Andrew’s first trip to the dentist he had a bad cavity that had to be filled and capped. He didn’t cry or squirm a bit all the time the Dr. worked on him. He had to get 2 two booster shots. He didn’t cry a bit. Had one in each arm." Oct. 19, 1984 Our dog Molly jumped up her hind legs. Andrew said, "Look, Molly’s popping a wheelie!"

11: The Wonders of San Juan don't usually get lost in a crowd -- but where is Andrew? | Lynn's family came with us to visit our Wherland relatives in North Hollywood | Why am I in a cage with Dad? | We stayed at Circus, Circus, and in Califorian with the Keelers.

12: Activities for little guys: Halloween, pets, dress up and 1984 Idaho trip to Yellowstone | No store bought costumes for us when we were little -- it was pure "create it yourself." | Yellowstone 1984 | Left: Doug's Farm in Roberts Right: Bridge in Yellowstone checking out the fish

13: 1984 4th of July Primary Float 4th ward We're not sure what country Andrew represented. Maybe it was the Moon! | 1985 -- Back to school trip Show Biz Pizza, zoo, & Trafalga in Orem | 1985: Molly in recovery after being attacked by Nieves' German Shepherd

14: Autumn liked to read me stories | Autumn and I were in Sunshine Generation taught by Linda Smith. We performed at the county fair and other places. Mom made our costumes. | 1985 The Blue & Gold Gang (Was Andrew being held hostage?) | Oct. 1985 On our trip to SLC during UEA Andrew saw some Christmas trees and he said, “They must be Halloween Trees.” First Primary teacher was Lucille Black, others were Sister Watkins, and Brother and Sister Halliday.

15: Trips we took in 1986 | Arches Nat'l Park | Trip to Ennis, Montana where the van broke down. | Every trip is an adventure with eight children!! | Hiking to Delicate Arch

16: Christmases growing up | Winter 1985 Ice fishing and Ice skating | 1985 | On Christmas Eve we acted out the Nativity Story.

17: 1986 | Tuckered out at the end of Christmas Day!

18: Our family hiked Posey trail with the Cub Scouts several times. Lynn Lyman knew Posey and told us about the 1923 uprising. | This was the pack meeting at Spirit Cave on Sept 25, 1982 when Quent got left behind. Dad was the Cub Master, and mom was in charge of one of the dens, plus they helped serve Navajo Tacos afterwards, and no one missed him until they got ready to drive home! I'm glad I never got left behind!! | I was always a part of my brothers' scout and cub scout activities. | July 1986, upon seeing a crepe paper replica of the American Eagle, Andrew exclaimed, "There’s that flag bird!” Aug. 1986 We had just assigned new home jobs and Andrew was to be the helper to the handyman. I asked him to go wake up Nathan and get him to go pick corn for dinner. Nathan wouldn’t come, so Andrew then went out to the garden, picked, husked and cut out the bad parts by himself and brought it in for me. He is dauntless!

19: Keeler - Murphy Reunion Trips to Mesa Verde, Teton Valley and Rigby Reservoir | 1987 | School Year in Review | Uncle Lynn's family came to Blanding to visit, and we all went to Mesa Verde in 1989

20: Some of my Wilcox Relatives | We loved to visit our grandparents in Heyburn. Anthony & I put up the Welcome flag for the Blue Mt. Reunion | Every summer we had a camping reunion for three days

21: 1987 | My Grandparents' 50th Anniversary 1987 | We started building an addition on our house in 1987 so we'd have room for all of us growing kids.

22: S p o r t s | Wrestling with the peewees | Bowling in Moab 1988 | Tire rolling and hiking in Westwater

23: 1988 | 4-H Camp on Blue Mountain | Some of our favorite pets

24: Trip to Lagoon and Temple Square when we took Aaron up to join the Navy. 1988 | Keeler Reunion in Rigby, Idaho about 1988 | Grandma only wandered off twice

26: Cub Scout Activities Bruce Royer Cub Master | Pumpkin carving at pack meeting

27: Lots of Scouts in our family Mom & Dad were scout leaders for about 12 yrs | Blue and Gold Banquets | Box Car Derby in the parking lot. Watch me rev my engine! | Cub Scout day camp on Blue Mountain | Pinewood Derby Trophy Winner

28: A Jewish passover Christmas Eve 1989 | Protecting the Loot! | Christmas 1988

29: Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days | 1989 was our last Christmas in our original home

30: Last family photo taken before our house fire in 1990, and the last one with all of us in it. | Rob was home from Nat'l Guard.

31: Rebuilding our house after the Jan. 1990 fire | My new bedroom in our remodeled home | Ryan, Derrick and Nathan were our neighbors & close friends. Ryan used to help me do Friday Cleaning | Everything was torn down to the studs and rebuilt by Tri-Hurst

32: 1990 Trip to Seven Peaks in Provo | Nathan is ready to leave for National Guard Training at Fort Leonardwood, Mo

33: 1992 visit from the Idaho Keelers & Arnolds | Wilcox Bear Lake Reunion 1992

34: A good rainstorm in (1990) always makes news in Blanding, and the Pincock's flood zone was great entertainment for several years. | Rob ready to enter the MTC. He set a good example for the rest of his siblings. | Curb and Gutter poured in 1991

35: My specialty dive | Summer activities I enjoyed | Wilcox Reunion 1990 | 1991 | Grandpa Wilcox was someone I looked up to | In the News: Jan. 16 war broke out with Iraq. Over 1000 sorties of planes were sent to bomb Iraq, only 1 was lost. David Cazier is serving over there. We are praying that Nathan gets on his mission before more guardsmen are called up. Aaron's ship is in dry dock, and he'll be released in July

36: Fernando Gil becomes part of our family 1990-91 | Fernando was from Monterrey, Mexico and was very congenial and fit in well with our family.

37: Christmas 1990 in our new home

38: State Little League competition 1991 with Russel Keith and Blake Burtenshaw | There were always lots of activities to keep boys busy and out of trouble

39: California Trip # 2 Picking up Aaron from the Navy 1991 | We stayed at Excaliber

40: On the Way home we saw the Grand Canyon 1991 | We had a lot of fun with Uncle Lynn's family: went to a Dodgers game, the beach, and ate fresh crab legs.

41: 1991 Our last Christmas with Aaron | Aaron passed away Jan. 24, 1992.

42: We went to Phoenix to visit Chris during Spring Break 1992. It was a hard time for our family after Aaron's death | 11th birthday April 6, 1992

43: Rob flew home from Korea to get medical treatment, then left 10 days later (Feb. 24, 1992) for Dallas where he finished his Korean speaking mission. | We visited the Phoenix Zoo and played miniature golf | 1992

44: Andrew's 1992 Jr. Jazz team was coached by Brian Snow, and they won all their games. | Ice fishing at 4th Reservoir

45: 5th grade Graduation | Trip to Lagoon

46: Visiting Aaron's grave | 1993 visit from the Arnolds, Newlyweds and Nathan home from his mission | Nathan arrives at the SL Airport 1993 with lots of fans | Finding the perfect Christmas tree | Chris & Pam were married August 19, 1993

47: Spring Break 1994 on Lake Powell | It was quite an adventure, with a novice pilot, snow, and cold water, but we had fun fishing. | Andrew had another cold water experience when he hiked the Black Hole with his Dad, Autumn and Anthony the summer of 1994 | Rob and Kathryn were married March 25, 1994

48: 1995 | Awards program at middle school | Mountain adventures: Bayles Ranch & Dry Wash Reservoir with Ryan

49: Sending Quentin to the Philippines | Snowmobiling with the Arnolds: Spring Break 1995 | Uncle Bruce went to a lot of effort getting machines & gear lined up for all of us novices

50: Once Andrew entered high school his confidence and skills began to grow and he wasn't afraid to try new things. He was a good student and became a pretty good cook, which eventually landed him his first job as a short order cook at Jacob's Lake after he graduated. Along with some of his crazier brothers he started boxing on the 4th of July and took a trophy his last year. This is one activity his mother did not like to watch. | 1996-97 | Another bloody encounter happened in the high school hall when he and Blake were rough housing and broke a plate glass window. He got an ugly scar in the process.

51: 1997 G'day mate. Anthony leaves for Australia | Antonio Navarro lived with us during the 1996-97 school year. Finally Andrew wasn't the littlest guy in the house. | Andrew is sure he can fly; he can even jump barbed wire fences.

52: Spring Break 1998 -- Hike to Monarch Cave | All the family came down for Spring Break. It was Tamara's first trip to San Juan County and Rob planned a great hike and 4-wheeler activity for all of us. This is the spectacular cave ruin we explored. | Nathan & Tammy were married May 29, 1998, and Quent and Bev married July 9, 1998

53: Andrew's class was an especially wonderful group of kids and it was fun seeing them all dressed up!

54: Don and Virginia served as mission president in Mexico City & showed us a wonderful time. We visited the sites of the city & pyramids. We stayed the with Navarros for 3 days, and had a wonderful visit there as well. They were very generous. | Mexico Trip to San Luis Potosi and Mexico City Visiting the Caziers and Navarros. Summer 1998 | The oldest Cathedral in Mexico City was our last stop before we were pick- pocketed just prior to flying out.

55: Grandma Keeler died Sept. 1998 | June 1998 -- Steve is shot at by one of the 3 felons, and is later interviewed by reporters. | Andrew is one of the pallbearers

56: Andrew competed in Mr. San Juan, the only one of our boys to tackle such a daunting event! He did a great job, showing off his many talents and great physique.

57: He looked stunning in his blue gown and fuzzy slippers | His grand finale was jumping off the stage and into the audience on roller blades and skating into the sunset! | Andrew the scholar | Andrew, the jock | As a Mr. San Juan Competitor, Andrew modeled this beautiful evening wear!

58: Bronco Football Preparing to be Champions

59: Bronco Football | Coach Burtenshaw was an inspiration to all the Wilcox boys | This is how it all began!

60: Broncos Win State Football Championship

62: Thanksgiving-Christmas 1998 | Only 3 young singles in the family now. Andrew goes blond for football. This is their buff and tuff look.

63: Class of 1999 | The excitement of graduation and a bright future, was marred, when Andrew's good friend lost his life suddenly in an accident.

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