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Anthony's First Year

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Anthony's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Anthony J. Batty ~ 18 April 2011

BC: Precious memories and keepsakes in this book They melt my heart every time I look Once a tiny baby growing way too fast What can I do to make these moments last Save a little treasure Write a little note Knowing someday you'll read what I've wrote Precious memories and keepsakes in this book You'll see my love when you're old enough to look | On To Year Number 2

FC: Anthony's First Year

1: Family Tree | Grandma Susan | Grandpa Larry | Grandma Jennett | Grandpa Gail | Mommy Darcy | Daddy Michael | Baby Anthony | Family ties are precious threads. No matter where we roam. They draw us close to those we love. And pull our hearts back home.

2: Darcy Jayne Waidelich Born on 17 January 1991 From Phoenix, Arizona Graduated from Bradshaw Mountain High School in 2009 Joined the Army in 2009 Loves to play Tennis and go on long walks

3: Michael Anthony Batty Born on 2 February 1990 From Torrejon, Spain Graduated from Bradshaw Mountain High School in 2008 Joined the Navy in 2008 Loves to play Basketball, Tennis, and video games

4: Mommy and Daddy met in June 2004 at a Tennis Camp. Mommy was 13 and going to Glassford Hill Middle School. Daddy was a 14 year old Freshman at Bradshaw Mountain High School | Daddy asked Mommy to be his girlfriend on 19 April 2009 after playing a fun match of Tennis. He asked Mommy to be his wife the same way on 22 December 2009 in Prescott Valley, Az. | Mommy and Daddy got married on 24 March 2010 in San Antonio, Texas. Mommy took Daddy's last name to make Darcy Jayne Batty.

6: 0 Weeks | 16 Weeks | 24 Weeks | 32 Weeks | 41 Weeks | Baby Bump

7: Blessings upon you, my baby unborn. Safely inside me, asleep and so warm. | 27 Weeks | 36 Weeks

8: My precious little baby I have loved you from the start You are a tiny miracle Laying closely to my heart Each day I feel your presence Each day you quickly grow Each day your heart beats softly As only I could know So I'll keep this in a special place And remember each year through Of this very special time of life The months I carried you | Sneak Peek

10: Hopes and dreams. Mischief and laughs. Climbing up trees. Splashing in baths. | 20 Weeks

11: Hugs and kisses. Cuddles and joy. Patience and kindness. Will make a man from this boy.

12: The Nursery

13: We waited for you for 41 weeks and 3 days

14: Birth Certificate

15: Date: 18 April 2011 Birth Weight: 9 lbs 4 oz Length: 21 in Time: 1:08 PM | Naval Hospital Bremerton Bremerton, Washington | First Photographs

16: Cheeks | Eyes | Nose | Lips | Hair | Ear | Teeth | Chin | Belly

17: Toes | Booty | Fingers | Legs | Arms | Two tiny feet That wave in the air. Two tiny hands That tug at your hair. And an adorable little face A bundle of joy to love and embrace.

18: It's three am, they're all asleep, and no one is here to see. As we rock slowly back and forth, my baby boy and me. His little hand is feather light tucked up against my chin. I hold his tiny hand in mine, and stroke his baby skin. The house about us creaks and groans, the clock hands creep around. He snuggles closer to me still, and makes his baby sounds. I love these quiet hours so much, and cherish every one. Store memories up inside my heart for lonely nights to come. All too soon he'll be grown up, his need for Mama gone. But until then I still have time for kisses and for song. Time for quiet hours like this with him cuddled in my arms. Where I wish he'd always stay protected, safe and warm. And yet I know the day will come when his tiny little hand, will be bigger than my own. He'll grow to be a man. But until then he's mine to love with no one here to see. As we rock slowly back and forth, my baby boy and me. | Mommy + | Little Man

20: Within your soul a fire burns A love for King and kin Stout of heart and courage too Built to fight and win Shoulders broad and mighty hands To carry shield and sword Armed with virtue and with truth For service to your Lord Dragon slayer await the call To enter battles fray To face the dragons of your time To fight and win the day But for now enjoy the dream Of action, war and quest And lay your sleepy little head Upon my loving chest

21: Daddy's Special Guy

22: Family Time

24: Yogurt Sweet Potatoes Bananas | Lemon Turkey Beef | Squash Apples Juice | Popsicles Broccoli Carrots | Macaroni & Cheese Green Beans Rice | Strawberries Cereal Kiwi | Corn Spaghetti Mango | Pickles Cheerios Peach

25: This little one likes to eat but when he does he's not so neat. The trouble is he doesn't know exactly where the food should go. | Milk Crackers Cake Pineapple Pear

26: Tickle Monster!

27: I'm in a pickle. My parents like to tickle. If I cry they feed me. The more I eat the bigger my tummy gets. The bigger my tummy gets the more they like to tickle it. Get me out of this pickle quick!

28: Play Time

29: The sound of laughter and carefree days, of treasures found as children play. What joy, what fun, in a simple way, the wonderful sight of a childhood day.

30: Blocked, gated, strapped, and buckled. What's a baby to do?!

31: Safety Precautions

32: At The Park

33: I love the playground I feel so free To go around Between the trees. | I can swing The whole long day. My feet touch the sky Up, up, away!

34: Blowing Bubbles

35: Bubbles float high and bubbles float low Bubbles filled with love wherever they go So reach out and grab one it's my love to you

36: Play Ball | Go Anthony


39: The Great Outdoors

41: “That's the biggest mess the world has seen!" Mom yelled at me quite loud. But it's a new world's record so you'd think that she'd be proud. | Making A Mess

43: Bath Time

44: Changing Your Diaper

45: Roses are red And new moms are choosy. No Pampers or Huggies For this baby's booty! | Cloth diapers are perfect For baby and mom Check out how cute I am Before I drop this bomb!

46: I like books I really do Books with stories And pictures, too. Books of birds And things that grow Books of people We should know. Books of animals And places, too I like books I really do!

47: Story Time

49: Kisses

51: Breastfeeding | Precious baby asleep at my breast. There is nothing cuter or more rewarding than the droopy, satisfied face of a sleeping babe and the knowledge that breast milk has so much power.

53: Lullaby and goodnight Go to bed now and sleep tight Close your eyes Start to yawn Pleasant dreams until the dawn.

54: Like Father | Like Son


57: It's Not Easy Being A Baby

59: Smile!

61: Silly Faces

62: Cute Things | Curl your toes while you eat | Put everything in your mouth | Put your legs in the air | Purse your lips | Smile for the camera | Grab Mommy's hair | Clap and yell

63: You Do | Cute As A Button | Smack the table when you want more food | Get into everything | Play hide and seek | Love to be naked | Blow raspberries | Climb the stairs to get away from Mommy and Daddy | Take off your bib

64: Oh, sweet, beautiful sunshine rays Only present on earth for a three month phase Winter? No, this is way more funner. This is beautiful, this is summer.

66: Mother's Day May 8th, 2011

67: Father's Day June 19th, 2011

71: First Visit To The Relatives | 8 August 2011

73: Autumn | Golden and red trees Nod to the soft breeze, The brown nuts fall At the wind's loud call, For this is the Fall

75: 31 October 2011

76: Thanksgiving 24 November 2011

77: A turkey is a funny bird, Its head goes wobble wobble. All it knows is just one word, "Gobble gobble"

78: Winter, winter, everywhere. Shows its face, its eyes, its hair. Winter, winter, freezing cold. Enjoyed by many, young and old.

80: From Washington | 22 December 2011 | First Plane Ride

81: To Arizona

82: The tempting gifts are tantalizing; About opening them, we are fantasizing. The holiday foods are appetizing; Our excitement and joy are growing and rising; Our hearts and minds are harmonizing Jolly Christmas fun we’re maximizing.

83: Christmas Eve | 24 December 2011

84: Mistletoe as white as snow Hung above your head Kiss me now I'll show you how

85: Christmas | 25 December 2011

86: First Haircut | 6 January 2012

88: It only lasted one day but it was horrible seeing you sick. You couldn't keep any food down, had a runny nose, and a fever of 101.4. You slept most of the day. I guess all you needed was a little extra love because you were feeling fine the next day.

89: 3 February 2012 | I wish I had a magic wand To make it go away; I'd wave my scepter over you Until you were okay. I'd think good thoughts; I'd send you love; I'd transmit healing vibes; My wand and I would surely beat Whatever the doc prescribes. | Poor Baby Is Sick

90: Valentines Day | 14 February 2012

91: Roses are red Violets are blue Carnations are sweet And so are you

93: Spring | A great time of year Winter's gone, now all can cheer Spring brings us flowers and life anew All sorts of animals to bid you ado

95: Living In Arizona

97: Trip To The Zoo | 17 March 2012

98: Easter | 8 April 2012

100: I learned to laugh and squeal, then sit and stand. Now I can walk if you hold my hand. But the fun has only just begun.... Look out I'm turning ONE! | 1st Birthday Party | 14 April 2012

103: Opening Presents! | 18 April 2012

104: 0-1 Months 9 lbs 4 oz | 1-2 Months 9 lbs 7 oz | 3-4 Months 13 lbs 2 oz | 2-3 Months 11 lbs 4 oz | 4-5 Months 13 lbs 10 oz | 5-6 Months 14 lbs 3 oz

105: 6-7 Months 15 lbs 8 oz | 7-8 Months 16 lbs 11 oz | 8-9 Months 18 lbs 11 oz | 9-10 Months 20 lbs 11 oz | 10-11 Months 22 lbs 11 oz | 11-12 Months 24 lbs 11 oz

106: At first you didn't lift your head You didn't know to smile. The time before you knew my voice Seemed such a long, long while. I couldn't wait for you to roll, And then to sit and clap. And now you're off and crawling, Not helpless in my lap. Why didn't someone tell me How fast a baby grows, That every little baby stage Soon comes, but sooner goes. | Roll | Sit Up | Crawl | 8 Months | 7 Months | 4 Months

107: So I'll enjoy the fleeting time Before you learn to walk. And treasure every tiny noise Before you learn to talk. For soon you'll learn to walk, Then run, And talk and sing a song, And never be my babe again. The babe's forever gone. Little baby, take your time, For while you are tiny, you are mine. | Stand | Walk | 11 Months | 11 Months

108: Milestones | Learning, growing, changing Moving too quickly through youth Wanting to freeze special moments in time to be lived forever.

109: ____________________________________________ | Mom | Dad

110: Nicknames

111: Little Man AJ Crazy Baby Mister Monster Big Man Stinker Big Tony Messy Miracle | Special Guy Husky Chunk Tub O Lub Whippersnapper Kamikaze Big Bellied Baby Boy Hurricane James | Cheezer Man of the House Hungry Man Handsome Cutie Pie Baby Batty Flirt Sugar Bear

112: And All The In Betweens (0-3 months)

115: (3-6 months)

117: (6-9 months)

118: (9-12 Months)

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