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Argentina's 1st year

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Argentina's 1st year - Page Text Content

S: Argentina Maria Alaimo's 1st Year

FC: Argentina Maria Alaimo | Our Baby Girl

1: Argentina Maria Alaimo | 3 Months | 6 Months | 9 Months | 12 Months

2: June 28th, 2011 at 1:40 AM 8lbs. 3.8 oz. 20 in. long Montifiore North Medical, Bronx | We were so excited to meet our little bundle of joy. We couldn't stop looking at her and she made us so lucky to be her parents.

3: ARGENTINA | Daddy changing a diaper | Crib | Nonna Maria

4: James 1:17 | Every Precious Gift Comes From Above | James 1:17

5: Argentina with her Aunt Gina, Parina Alyssa, Uncle Joe, Zia Maria, Tia Eugenia, Tio Jose, Zia Lilly, Aunt Lilly. Everyone just wanted to see the little one!

6: Aunt Lilly, Uncle Joe, Parino Sal, Titi Delia, Titi Liana, Aunt Kara and Uncle Brian came to the hospital to visit. They were over joyed to have a new baby in the family. John, Lulu, Zuleika came to baby Argentina!

7: Aunt Lillian, Uncle Freddy, Cousin Salvatore | Cousins

8: Parino Sal, Parina Joanne, Zia Lilly, Aunt Angelina, Uncle Gus, Sr. Pat Graham, Deacon Anthony Cassenato and Abuelita Germania couldn't wait to see the baby!

9: Holding the Baby | Aunt Gina, Zio Gio and Parina Alyssa were so excited to hold the baby!

10: Home Sweet Home | Thursday June 30, 2011

13: Getting to know the family! July 2, 2011

14: July 4th - Argentina enjoyed her first bath and you didn't even cry. You are my little water baby! Nonna, Nonno, Tio Jose, Daddy and Mommy were all there!

15: Come Swim With Me!

16: July 4th - Argentina enjoyed her first bath and 1st Holiday! Time to celebrate with fireworks! Since you are too young we watched the Macy's fireworks on TV. | 1st Holiday | Smiling while asleep

17: July 9 Presentation at St. Raymond's | Before baptism a child is to be presented to God and a special blessing is place on the baby until the Baptism takes place. Fr. Joseph Darbouse did at our parish. You were so quite until it was time to do the presentation.

18: Sleepy Baby | You loved to stretched.

20: Argentina Maria | Child of God | Getting Ready | Father Bill Brogan baptized Argentina Maria at St. Raymond's Church in the Bronx, NY on July 24, 2011. Your Cousin Alyssa and Uncle Vinny were honored to be godparents. You were the youngest child at 1 month old to be baptized and the quietest! | July 24, 2011

21: Argentina in her baptismal gown that Abuelita Argentina wanted and Nonna Maria bought from Italy.

22: Godparents | Father Bill Brogan baptized Argentina Maria at St. Raymond's Church in the Bronx, NY on July 24, 2011. Your Cousin Alyssa and Uncle Vinny were honored to be godparents. You were the youngest child at 1 month old to be baptized and the quietest!

26: Celebrating the newest member to the Catholic family!

27: We celebrated at 900 Park on Morris Park Avenue in the Bronx, NY.

28: Cute as a

30: 1 | Month

31: On your 1 month birthday we went to Uncle Joe's house in Staten Island. | On 7-31 we went to Zio Gio &Aunt Gina's house for a BBQ.

32: Laughing

33: Skyping with Nonno | During the busy day of sleeping and laughing we skyped with Nonno and Nonna.

34: Jonathan's 14th Birthday Outing in NYC

35: Say Cheese WHERE ARE WE? | Here we are | Time Square had a "Where is Waldo" picture moment. Instead of finding Waldo it is find yourself in the picture! Can you find us? 8-7-11

36: At Zio Gio and Aunt Gina's house for a BBQ, in order to have a great nap you needed to listen to Pearl Jam lullabies. Someone turned Daddy's favorite band hit music into instrumental lullabies that you loved.

37: We went Upstate to see our friends Brian, Kara, Julia, Ben, and their family. They were so excited to see you!

38: You love to smile a lot. In late August you already wanted to hold the bottle! Here you are holding the bottle with a little assistance.

39: We went to visit Uncle Joe and Zia Maria! Almost two months and you liked to pose already! | Uncle Anthony and Aunt Angela came to visit!

40: Tio Jose's 40th Birthday & Hurricane Irene August 27, 2011

41: We had to celebrate Tio's birthday under a tarp because Hurricane Irene was beginning to send her rain showers on the party. | Hurricane Irene was no match for Tio Jose and his milestone birthday! Tio had a slip n slide!

42: 2 | Months | After all the excitement of Tio's Birthday party and Hurricane Irene, you slept most of the day.

43: Birthday Party! August 29, 2011 A trip to Nonna and Nonna's house in Brooklyn, brought everyone together for Uncle John's Birthday.

44: Argie's 1st Night- sleep in the crib! September 2, 2011 Looks so tiny in such a large bed. | 1st | Night in Crib

47: A Baby | is love, kisses, joy, smiles, sweetness...

48: September 3, 2011

49: Labor Day

51: Wonderful Friends!

52: To Nonna's house we go! You love your car seat mobile.

53: Visiting Nonna and Nonno on their anniversary. Parino, Parina, Zio Gio, Aunt Gina, Aunt Lillian and the boys stopped by to say hello.

54: Aunt Lilly, Uncle Joe, Grace, Anthony, Joanne, Salvatore and families came to see the baby and celebrate the anniversary.

55: Nonna & Nonno's Anniversary 9-24-11 | Everyone enjoying some time together. It was great to see cousins Cristina, Joseph, Amanda, Nicholas and Christian.

56: Our little sweetie pie | 3 | Months

57: Skyping with Rosanna 10-1-11

58: You came to visit mommy at work on a October day. It made her happy especially during the busy time! Everyone just loved looking at you.

60: All things grow with | October 8, 2011

61: Love

62: Special Time with Daddy

63: Before you were born, I dreamed of you; I imagined you; I prayed for you; Now that you are here, I hope for you, I love you and I thank God for you.

64: We walk for Abuelita Argentina! We are Argie's Angels!

65: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, Orchard Beach, The Bronx October 16, 2011

66: After the walk at Orchard Beach we went to a dinner to continue remembering Abuelita Argentina and her battle with Breast Cancer.

67: After a long day of strolling in memory of Abuelita you slept.

68: 1st Earrings | We went up to visit Aunt Jen, Uncle Rob and Aunt Kara and Uncle Brian, we stopped by Aunt Jen's job to get your ears pierced. You were great, you only cried for 20 seconds. You looked so pretty with your new earrings. | 10-22-11

69: Here are your friends; Alyssa, Ben, Gianna, and Julia at Uncle Rob's and Aunt Jenn's house.


71: Watching Jason play football in Queens, near the airport! Daddy, Tio Jose and Jonathan took a few minutes to throw the ball around! | GO JASON!!!

72: 4 | Months

73: 1st Snow Fall 10-29-11

74: First Food 10/30/11 | Argentina's first food was rice cereal. She was a little unsure about the texture but you learned to love it. It was fun watching her experience a new taste. | Nonna feed for you for the first time on 11/2

75: Fall | Family | Fun

76: Daddy's birthday 11-5-11

77: Visiting Tia Eugenia 1-8-11 | THe many faces of Argentina

78: Daddy feeding and argie exploring the passafier! | Visiting Zio Gio and Aunt Gina 11-11-11

79: Be honest does this bib make me look fat!

81: Baptism Party | Argentina was baptized in July our family wanted to come together to celebrate. Let's Party! The party was held at Tosca Marquee in the Bronx!

86: Christmas Card pictures 11-24-11

87: Happy Thanksgiving 11-24-11

88: Getting Bigger 11-28-11 | 5 | Months

89: Visiting Nonno and Nonna 11-26-11

90: Babies are precious gifts that fill our lives with love. 12-1 to 12-7-11

92: Visiting Nonno and Nonna, Parino Sal was there to say HI! 12-17-11

93: Christmas Eve at Nonno and Nonna's house with family! 12-24-11

95: Christmas Day we first started opening up presents in our apartment with Tio Jose, Jonathan and Jason. The afternoon we spent it with Nonna and Nonna in Brooklyn. | Argentina's First Christmas

96: With a face like this how could we not take pictures! 12-26-11

97: 6 | Months

99: Happy New Year!

101: New Year's Day Go Carting and Bowling

102: A day in NYC! | We had a water main break in our apartment complex and decided to make the best of it. Daddy found a hotel in the city were we could stay. We stayed at the Park Central Hotel located on 57th Street and 7th Avenue. We were so close to the Rockefella Center Tree, we decided to walk to see it and we passed by Time Square to see the recently lite year. After an exciting day in the city,Argie fell asleep and we ate at the hotel restaurant. We had a great day a in the City.

104: Epiphany with friends from St. Raymond's Parish. | Three Kings day is celebrated by singing Spanish Christmas carols for two hours. We hosted the St. Raymond's group along with friends. It was a great time. (1-7-12)

105: Making a mess while eating. It was Aunt Angela's baby shower 1-8-12

106: Smile

107: Pio's Birthday

108: The second half of January - the many smiles and movements of Argie.

109: 7 Months | The next day we went to Eric's first birthday. 1-29-12

110: Another day exploring the world. 2-1-12

111: SuperBowl XLVI- 2012 The NY Giants vs. New England Patriots and we Won! 2-5-12

112: 2-15-12 Holding her bottle

113: Abuelita Argentina's 1 year anniversary 2-25-12 It was spent with family and friends.

114: 8 | Months | FIRST BATH

115: Tio's Job | Alex's Baby shower

117: Nonna's 66th Birthday 3-25-12

119: 9 | Months

120: Waiting for daddy to come home from working on the house. 3-31-12

121: Palm Sunday 4-1-12 At Nonna and Nonno's house

122: On Good Friday, April 6, 2012 you decided to try standing on your own. We almost missed your first lift. You were in the play pen and then you were up! You would only do it when we weren't looking.

123: Out with Tia Abuelita Germania | April 8 later your first teeth started to appear!

125: Hoppy Easter | We celebrated Easter at Nonno & Nonna's house for Sunday Dinner.

126: Hanging out with Daddy

127: Lori's Baby shower 4-21-12 | Testing out the new portable high chair and playing with cousin Giovanni.

128: Argentina's Organizing stage!

129: 10 | Months

130: Visiting Nonno & Nonna's house!

131: Did I do that? Relaxing with daddy and making lots of messes! May 4, 2012

132: You love to swing. Trying to drink from a straw cup was an adventure but you got the hang of it pretty quickly. 5-7-12

134: A day at the Race track for Zio Gio's birthday

136: Mother's Day Went to Mass at St. Raymond's, then to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and dinner at Nonno & Nonna's house. It was a great day.

138: Relaxing and enjoying life. Mommy and Argie went to Louis' Wedding. We had so much fun.

139: Memorial Day Weekend, Nonno's Birthday & Argie is 11 months old

141: Practice make perfect! | Ava and Anthony's Baptism 6-3-12

143: Crawling & Playing

144: Happy Father's Day

145: First Birthday Photo Shoot

147: Argentina's 1st Birthday 6-28-12

154: Argentina's First | First Smile - 2 weeks First Bath, umbilical cord came off & First holiday -July 4th Colic baby for the first two months (July and August) Song we use to sing to her sleep I love you song from Barney Baptism was on Sunday, July 24 at St. Raymond's, Bronx Slept through the night in late August First night in crib September 2nd (Slept 6 hours) Started eating foods due to stomach - October 30 Pats - Right before Christmas, December First Tooth - January 18 Says Dada for the first time - February 4 Sits and plays in the play pen for a long time - February 4 Sticking out tongue - March 1 Lifting to the siting position - March 7 Crawling backwards & Pointing - March 11 Holds bottle and drinks full bottle by tilting it up by herself - March 14 Puts puffs in her mouth - March 16 Starts motioning Hello and Goodbye - March 29 More teeth - March 30 Standing up - April 6 Playing roll the ball for the 1st time- April 14 Pushing forward to get balls - April 15 Steven asked for a kiss on the check and she responded with a kiss - April 20 | Clapped for the first time - May 8 Sat from belly to sitting position - May 14 Stood up - June 4 Teething every week - May 13-June 13 Stacking toys - July 2 Traveled to Ecuador - July 12 Peek a boo- August 7 Hugging Daddy - August 17 Climbed stairs - August 19 Walked unassisted - August 29 Walked a lot during the Breast cancer walk - October 31 First real word after Dada - Agua - November 1 Feeding herself orzo and peas - December 19 Said her first sentence - February 15, 2013 - Dada this is agua.

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