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FC: Autumn Cheyenne Triplett

1: Autumn Cheyenne Triplett | Keith King | Jessica Ashely Wright B. Nov. 19, 1975 D. July 24, 2010 | Edgar Charles Alexander B. Sep 23, 1927 D. Oct 5, 1985 | Marjorie Sue Cross B.Nov 25, 1932 D. July 23, 2001 | Carolyn Ruth Roberts B. Sept 4, 1931 D.Oct. 25, 2011 | Jessie Milton Wright B. July 1, 1929 | Gary Milton Wright B. Oct. 29, 1952 D. March 9, 1999 | Abigail Alexander B. June 25, 1952 D. July 30, 2005

2: Autumn Cheyenne Triplett Born February 19, 1997 time 10:16 AM Weight 6 pounds, 14 ounces Length 19 inches

3: 7 months old

4: Autumn getting some lovin' from Jessica Ashley Lumpkin

5: Grandma Kim Wright holding Autumn | Grandpa Wright making faces

6: Baby Autumn

8: Autumn

12: years old today! | This cake was the most amazing cake I have ever had! I've never tasted a more delicious one! It was homemade and there has never been another like it! Autumn

14: Christmas 1999

16: sisters


21: Autumn took two years of dance classes from Beverly's Dane Unlimited. Autumn has always loved to dance. As she has grown she has moved beyond having to have a teacher instruct her in her dance. Autumn has learned to choreograph her own dances and has even helped her sisters learn different dances and then present them to the family in wonderful shows. Autumn not only organized the dances, she did the costumes, hair, and make up as well in the shows.

23: It's never fun having to move in the middle of the school year. New people, new school, and for Autumn a new family. There was a bright side to all the craziness, the 3rd grade class she was in went on a field trip to Animal Kingdom shortly after she arrived. I was able to be a chaperone. It was so much fun. Below is a class photo of her class at Blue Lake. Her teacher's name was Miss Blumker. On the opposite page is Autumn's 3rd grade at R.J. Longstreet.

24: This photo was taken shortly after all four of you girls were placed with us in foster care. Autumn and Abby were placed with us from the beginning but Hannah and Heidi were in two different foster homes. We had no idea at first that there were four of them. When we were called to have you placed with us we were only told that there was two. When we found out that you had sisters we worked for over a month trying to get all of you together. I am eternally grateful that we did. Our goal when we decided to foster was to do only sibling groups because so often in foster care children are separated from each other. It is hard enough to be away from everything you have known your entire life and then to be separated from your siblings as well, it just makes it all the harder to deal with.

25: Autumn in the beginning of her 4th grade year.

26: 2006 | Bottom left Abigail, Jessica holding Heidi, Hannah. Left middle Joshua and Benjamin. Top center Autumn

28: The girls all pretended to be expecting. They put balls under their shirts when the babies were born they played with their babie's all day.

29: The girls loved to play house. Everyday it was something different. This day they were playing ring "Ring Around the Rosie", with their dolls.

30: Lets play dress up!

32: Autumn enjoyed directing musicals | Autumn would pick the songs, choreograph the dances, and do the hair and makeup. She is very talented! | Carolyn Mello

33: Everyone had multiple parts, sometimes even the audience helped out with holding flash lights, that were being used for spotlights.

34: 5th Grade! | The last year of elementary school is a huge thing. You are the top dog in school where you are looked up to by every other grade in the school. There were so many exciting things to do and to look forward to. One of them was the dance at the end of the year Autumn looked forward to it all year long. There was an ice cream social and lots of food and games the last few days leading up to the dance. The graduation program was amazing and Autumn earned a lot of awards. We were so proud of her. Next year she would be in Middle School an entire new faze of her life. Full of potential and promise.

36: The 5th grade classes all put on a performance for the parents. Autumn leaned how to play the xylophone for the graduation and did a fantastic job.

37: 5th grade graduation | Megan Johnson | Glendasha, Michelle, Appalonia & Autumn | Appalonia, Michelle & Autumn

38: We have been able to go to Disney a number of times over the years. FUMCH, the agency we were licensed as foster parents with, would select a few families each year and paid for them to go to Magic Kingdom. They also paid for lunch! The girls would get tee shirts as well. We always looked forward to the trip each time we got to go.

39: 2009 was the best time we went Heidi was now old enough to go and enjoy the day. As well as the fact that FUMCH paid for tickets for our entire family this time. We arrived early and were able to see the opening show. They had songs and dancers, but the best part was at the end when they threw streamers down on the crowd the girls loved it.

40: Four beautiful princesses

41: Eating lunch as different characters moved from table to table was so much fun. Autumn had fun using her straw to play with her drinks. It was a buffet lunch and they were able to eat anything they wanted and as much as they wanted. We all left completely satisfied!

45: We were able to ride all of the rides we wanted to. We rode a number of them over and over like thunder mountain. We even made standing in line fun. It's so great to spend time as a family

46: Halloween has always been one of our families favorite holidays. Everyone loves dressing up, but the best part is all of that candy you get for free!! One thing that our family has always done is after trick-or-treating everyone dumps out their candy and sort it; once everyone has sorted their candy; that is when the real fun begins. Trading candy with each other trying to get the most of their favorite candy.

47: Halloween 2006, Dad found white pumpkins this year. We all though they were amazing.

48: Halloween 2008

50: 2009 | Each year our ward has a Fall Fling; there is a hay ride, hot dogs, cotton candy, candy coming our our ears and a costume parade. Each year the kids always pick two costumes, one for trick-or-treating and one for the Fall fling.

52: Halloween 2010 | we all had a great time carving out the pumpkins. We always have a lot of fun dressing up and decorating for Halloween.

53: Autumn's | Abby's | Joshua's | dad's | Hannah's | Ben's with Heidi's help | the front porch looked amazing!

54: 2012 | Autumn and Makalyla wanted to dress up with a theme. They decided on LIttle Red Ridding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf! They went to the ward Halloween dance together. They had so much fun. | Carving pumpkins is never any fun unless you pretend to eat the slimy innards.

55: 2013 | Autumn had not planed for the Fall Fling and was not planing on going out that night, but at the last minuet she decided to dress up in last years costume and came along with the family. She was not happy to learn that no one her age dressed up. She was embarrassed and upset. She got over it fast and had fun helping with the booths.

56: Autumn was a big fan of a new boy band called Big Time Rush. I heard that they were going to be in Orlando; so I took the day and drove the girls down to meet them. We stood in line for over three hours. There was even a news helicopter that was there. We had to buy a CD if we wanted to meet the band, we were told that if all of the girl's wanted to meet them then we would have to buy a CD for each of them. I had not brought that much money so I decided that Autumn was the one that would meet them. I told the other girls that they would be able to most likely see them just not talk to them. Well when we got up there I had Autumn to move towards the table and I had the other girls come with me on the other side of a rope; that s when a man asked why they were not going to meet the band? I told him that we had only bought one CD and so the other three could not do so. He stopped me and said that won't do and escorted them all up to meet the band!!They were all so excited! They each talked to them and got the CD signed by them. When we were done I took them all out to dinner at Cracker Barrel It was a wonderful day.

60: There is a park not far from our house, the girl's love walking over to it and playing.

61: Just being silly is the order of the day at the Triplett house. It tends to be contagious and before you know it everyone is being silly.

62: This was my first time at the skating rink and I had a lot of fun. Later I got to spend the night at my best friend Carolyn's house. Autumn

63: Skating at the skating rink with a BFF is the greatest thing ever!

64: Swimming at Sister Davis's house. She let us come over during the summers to swim and she even provided snacks! She is wonderful!

65: I loved pretending to be a mermaid! Autumn | Joshua, Hannah, Benjamin, Heidi, Abby, and Autumn.

67: I have always loved buying Christmas dresses for the girls. Each year we go shopping. Trying on all of the beautiful dresses is like our own fashion show. There is no limit on the number of dresses they can try on. It is amazing to see how beautiful the girls are. Autumn, Hannah, Abby and Heidi all have such different tastes. They each look like a princess.

69: Colorguard 2011-2012 will be one of my favorite memory's of Freshman year in High school. I made so many new friends in band and colorguard. One of the hardest parts is Band camp, on the bright side you get a major tan! This is where we learn techniques in guard and how to march. We also learn our show for the season and this years was called Eclipse. Being part of guard you get to go to all the football games to perform, we even go to a couple competitions where it's just bands and there shows. We also perform in all of DeLands parades. This was just an amazing experience and one I won't forget. (: -Autumn

70: July 24th is pioneer day. The day the pioneers entered the Salt Lake valley. It is a Mormon tradition to celebrate.

71: Autumn entered into a pudding eating contest, she loves pudding. The only problem was this was nNOT good pudding but she had a ton of fun just the same!

72: This was the morning of my first day of Trek 2011. We made our own bonnets & aprons in Young Womens before the Treck. My best friend Makayla and I had to get up early and eat a good breakfast for the long day ahead. My mom made pancakes and bacon! The four-day experience of being a pioneer has made me come to appreciate the hardships they went through. I only felt a quarter of what they did and it was hard. We traveled for so many miles to get to base camp. The first day it was really hot and then it started to pour down rain in the afternoon. We were soaked when it was time to sleep. We reached base camp on the second day having already traveled 20 miles. I really liked my trek family and are still friends with most of them today. We all worked really hard together to push our cart and make everyone feel at home with each other. I even made friends with members of other families. Just an amazing experience all together and I won't soon forget! -Autumn

74: These have been my BFF's through thick and thin from 2008-2013 | Carolyn Mello | Makayla Dement | Rachel Anderson

75: Spending the day exploring different parks is always fun. The girls lived with a different foster home for a little bit and we went and picked them up to the afternoon. We found a park up in Flagler County. There was a nature walk where we even found a gopher turtle but the photo did not turn out.

76: Having a new member of the family is always a exciting event. Today everyone got to meet Graham Vegara. He was born on June 23rd 2012! Jessica and Brandon make the cutest mommy and daddy ever.

77: It's hard to see but those are not Autumn's legs! Autumn and Benjamin were being silly.

78: Going to the beach and park at Ponce Inlet was something we did every Sunday for a couple of months in 2012. We would go to church and then drive over and play and eat dinner. It was a lot of fun. Jessica and Brandon came with us a number of times.

79: The see-saw was my favorite part. Autumn

81: We took kites to fly and a shovel to dig with. The water was a little cold to get into so we found other ways to have fun!

83: The wooden park as we call it over on Stone Street in Deland is a wonderful playground. One of the things the girls liked to do was to follow clues people would leave written all over the park, it would say something like to to the tire swing once there there would be another clue to follow.

85: Here Autumn, Hannah and Abby are looking for the next clue to follow.

86: Ponce Inlet one day when Daddy and Heidi could not come. It felt a little empty not having all of the family.

88: Unpicking mistakes is not any fun. | Autumn chose to do her social studies project on the Trail of Tears. | Autumn made the entire quilt together herself. She cut, ironed, formated the photos, and sewed them all together. | Testing the permanent markers to make certain they would not bleed on the fabric when she wrote.

89: Finished project! Autumn won on her school level and went to County. She did an amazing job!

90: 2010

91: Christmas morning is like magic. During the days leading up to Christmas only a few presents are put out, them on Christmas morning it looks like an explosion of gifts. In our family Santa brings one gift and fills the stockings. Everything else is from family. I love seeing their faces when they enter the room and see everything. Everyone collects their presents into piles and then we start to open them. We start either oldest or youngest first and we watch each other as they open their gifts, it's a lot of fun to see what everyone gets. MOM

92: Left to right, Tiffany, adoption case manager, Adrian, case manager, the girls!, Sue, the girls Guardian Ad Lidem, and Adrian's supervisor who I can't remember the name of! :) | Making it official was Judge Marriott. The photo is fuzzy and that was very frustrating, but it does not diminish the amazing day it was and becoming a family! | The official paperwork making the last 5 and a half years worth it!

93: Dressing up professionally for adoption day! I was a little nervous at first. But I think that was just nerves from being excited. It was finally happening. Growing up with such a great family and being able to move away from all the craziness was such a relief. Funnest part was when the judge told us to look at our caseworker and guardian ad litem and tell them that they were all "fired" -Autumn | There were days when I thought we would never be able to adopt you. The stress, tears and even anger sometimes as we all made our way towards this wonderful day happen. I am eternally grateful that you all are part of our family. I believe that you were always meant to par of our family. I love you all dearly. Mom | Through the years as we were your Foster Parents I often wondered "When will it ever end?" THIS was the day that made it all worth while, unless you count the day you were sealed to us for time and all eternity! Dad

94: Autumn, Hannah and Abby were all baptized on the same day. It was Hannah's 11th Birthday. It was such a fun and spiritual day. After the baptized there was a lot of food in the gym. Many of our friends from church were there to celebrate such an important day.

96: My 14th birthday is one of my favorites. I invited a bunch of friends. When we were eating cake and ice-cream I got a surprise icing attack on my face. Soon we were all covered in icing! We played a couple games including "Don't eat Pete" and manhunt outside. - Autumn

97: We all had fun dancing around randomly and taking pictures. Later after the boys went home, all us girls had a sleepover in a tent in the backyard. We stayed up telling scary stories, playing truth or dare, telling our crushes, and eating lots of snacks! - Autumn

98: This is in Satellite Beach, where we lived when Dad was in the Air Force. It was a really windy day that day, but we had fun playing in the water and looking around. | Feeling like a model :)

100: Ron Jon's Surf Shop is in Brevard Co. Florida. We went down for the day when Dad's brother Russell and his wife Melessa came to visit. We ate out at Red Lobster that was just around a few miles up the street from here.

101: Uncle Russell and Aunt Melessa | Autumn really liked the surf boards and picked out the one she wanted. Wouldn't you know it it was one of the more expensive ones. LOL

102: This is a splash park in Orange City. We try to go down each week during the summer. It is so nice to play in the water when it is so hot.

104: On Memorial day weekend 2012 we bought a two park pass to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. It was a rainy day so a lot of people stayed home. We rode the Men in Black and Mummy ride the most. The Spider Man ride was great because we were on it when it really started to rain! Autumn, Hannah, Ben and Abby were on the water ride and got soaked but they loved every moment of it. Everyone enjoyed the Harry Potter ride except for Heidi she was not tall enough yet.

105: The best part of the day; was ridding the mummy over and over again in the single rider line! -Autumn

106: March 2013 | The Haunted Mansion is one of our families favorite rides. We like to scream really loud. | Autumn loves taking photos almost as much as Mom does.

107: The day at Magic Kingdom started out fantastic! We rode on the train to the other side of the park. We rode all of the rides as we came to them. Thunder Mt. had a very long line, and so we were able to only ride it once. Splash Mt. was closed for maintenance. We rode the Pirates of the Caribbean more than once. We were planing to stay until midnight but unfortunately Abby and Heidi caught a stomach bug and we had to leave. We just told ourselves that we would be back and stay all night if we could the next time.;

108: We bought 4 day passes to Disney for our family with our tax return. We decided to go to Hollywood Studios and Autumn invited her friend Rachel. Autumn had sung at Disney for a Christmas concert and earned two one day passes. Autumn gave one to Rachel so she could come with us. They had so much fun. On the way there we missed the exit and had to take a toll road. We did not have any change and there was no one at the booth so our only option was to run it. Rachel came to our rescue - she had two quarters. As we were taking the long way around Autumn saw a store with a giant mermaid on it. Autumn has always loved mermaids and she was super excited to see this one and took a photo. The day was filled with a lot of fun, we were able to ride all of the rides and many of them over and over and over again.

109: Waiting in line to ride the Hollywood Tower of Terror was a lot of fun. Everyone had a bag of snacks to eat during the day, and waiting in line was a good time to munch! Rachel was not certain she wanted to we got nearer to getting on the ride the more convinced she was that she did not want to go. At the last moment she decided to go with us. The photo below is of that ride, she was terrified. After we got off she could not get enough of it after that! We rode the most out of all the rides in the park.

110: A tradition our family has when we go to theme parks is to take photos of us all wearing funny hats.

111: We saw and did so many fun things. Autumn and Rachel were forever taking photos of themselves. The one to the right I took of them taking a photo of themselves in a mirror. We stayed until the park closed. We did not get home until after midnight. Dad and I decided to let the kids skip school the following morning, | The Toy Story ride was set up like were were tinny people on the floor of a play room. We got to shoot targets. All of our arms were worn out with all the shooting we were doing. It was well done and you actually felt like you were in Andy's room. | The Star Wars ride has Multiple storylines and we were excited to see as many as we could. After riding it four times in a row and only seeing two different scenarios we headed back to the other side of the park to rid the Tower of Terror and the Rockin' Roller Coaster.

112: Jessica Ashley Wright Born November 19, 1975 Died July 24, 2010 | Christian & Ashely 1981 | Ashley 4 months Christian 3 years | 2 Years old

113: 4 years 11 months | 2nd Grade | 5th grade | 8 or 9 years old | Christian, Abigail, on her lap Shelby, Gary, on his lap Seth, Ashely

114: The overhead view is of me in a maze, and you see what I'm hunting a few steps away, but I take a wrong turn and I'm on the wrong path. And the people all watching enjoy a good laugh. I continue moving on as its rehearsed that course that my tread has already traversed. So doing so the trauma engulfing my dream invaded through what was an unguarded seam. The torrent of helplessness swept me away to the cavern of shame and the hall of dismay. Inside me a voice keeps repeating the phrase ...You've lost it- You'll never get out of this maze.. 11/17/07 -Ashley

115: High School Graduation | Sisters make the best friends Autmn Shelby, Autumn, Hannah & Ashley | Wedding day with William (Bill) Lumpkin

116: You had family visitation once a week for an hour at the beginning,your parents would send home bags of candy an other snacks that we would hand out to you over the next week. You enjoyed going. One time they brought your kitten to the visit you were so excited to see it. This visit was at the Daytona Beach Library on City Island. | This visit took place at the visitation center. You always got lots of yummy things to eat and played games. This visit was during the Christmas holiday and you all got reindeer antlers. | Halloween was one of your Moms favorite holidays. She told me all about how she made the costumes you all were wearing except for the Honey Pot, she had to buy that one because she could not find a pattern. Ashley also said that you all won the prize at the Halloween party you all went to for the best costumes.

117: Christmas time with your Mom. | The visits were supervised at first, then progressed to unsupervised visits. For the visits you went to the wooden park in DeLand, the Boardwalk in Daytona, movies and sometimes out to dinner.

118: Grandparents | Your grandfather Jessee Milton Wright & your biological Mother Ashley 1981 Panama City Beach | Great grandfather Edgar Charles Alexander | Dave Cauthren Alexander and JuliaAnn Demastres your GGG Grandparents | GG Grandparents Jessie Milton Wright and Mary Estelle Allums holding your G Grandfather Jessie Milton | Your great grand parents Jessie Milton Wright and Carolyn Ruth Roberts | Grandfather William Lumpkin Autumn Triplett, and Grandmother Peggy Flecke you called them Boomie and P.

119: The young man holding his lapels is your GG Grandfather Edger Alexander photo taken 1898 | Edger Alexander and Sue Cross 1984 your Great Grandparents | Abigail Wright your grandmother 1953 | Your great grand parents Jessie Milton Wright and Carolyn Ruth Roberts | Carolyn Ruth Roberts Autumn you look a lot like your great grandmother | Your Grandmother Abigail Wright in high school

120: Extended Family | Grandma Abigail holding uncle Seth | Autumn and Uncle Seth | Autumn and Aunt Shelby | Uncle Christian, Hannah, Aunt Shelby, Autumn and Uncle Seth | Uncle Christian and Autumn

121: William Ivan Lumpkin in back Robert Franklyn Lumpkin your Great Grandfather and Uncle | Robert Franklyn Lumpkin, William Ivan Lumpkin Jr. Clara Jo Cleveland 1930's | Great Grand parents Edgar Charles Alexander and Marjorie Sue with Ashley and Shelby | Hannah, Autumn, Aunt Shelby & Grandma Abigail Wright

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