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baby book

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S: Tegan Mae Broaden

BC: Tegan Mae Broaden

FC: A baby is something you carry inside | you for nine months, in your arms | for three years and in your heart till | the day you die." ~ Mary Mason

1: September 12, 2011 | 7:00 pm | Welcoming Tegan Mae Broaden

2: How We Found Out | In January I started having symptoms of being pregnant. Feeling abnormally tired, sick, and nauseated, I took a pregnancy test. At first glance it was negative, so I threw it out. A few days later when emptying the garbage, I noticed that the test was positive. Convinced it only showed this because too much time had passed, I took another test....and another...and another. All POSITIVE! YEY!

3: We were SO excited! | Telling dad was going to be an exciting task. After coming home from a guys weekend away, I showed him the positive results. Together we cried tears of excitement, fear, and uncertainty... We took on this news as a blessing, and felt extremely lucky to be able to experience this new journey together. We couldn't wait to tell our friends and families. We were SO EXCITED!

4: September 2011 | Being nauseated every day, and working the third shift without any caffeine was starting to take a toll on my body. This required lots of naps, and lots of extra care from dad. Only 8 more weeks until we could find out your gender! | Our first Ultrasound picture was at 10 weeks. We called you our little "gummy bear!

5: On March 9th 2011 we heard your heart beat for the first time... It was an amazing experience. We found out your expected due date was September 26th. | Your heart beat was 170 | Your Heart Rate was 170

6: Around 16 weeks, I got extremely sick with a fever, vomiting and the "runs." It lasted for 4 days and I was afraid I was getting dehydrated. After going in to the clinic, they suggested we have our 20 week ultrasound done early just to make sure you were doing ok! We had an ultrasound at 17 weeks, and it went great. They weren't able to tell us your gender, but hinted at a GIRL. All we knew was that we had a healthy growing baby inside! We felt lucky and relieved that you were healthy and growing right on schedule.

7: May | On May 12th we had another ultrasound....and they confirmed you were a GIRL!!!!! We were all SO EXCITED!!!

8: During my first trimester I only craved fruit and yogurt, but then for my second, I craved tacos and French fries! :) One time your dad took me to McDonalds to get fries and then to Taco Bell to get a taco. He was outstanding and did everything he could to keep me comfortable. My first signs of a bump came right around 20 weeks. I felt your move for the first time on May 13th. It was a fluttering sensation, and it was so neat to finally feel you move. I felt bonded to you after this, and ACTUALLY felt pregnant for the first time. I couldn't wait to meet you in another few months.

9: It was only 20 weeks into my pregnancy, but I already wanted to meet you. I had wanted a daughter my entire life. This was such a dream come true and I could HARDLY wait. | I had odd cravings... Like Bologna sandwiches! | At 20 weeks I had still not gained any weight because I was so sick during my first trimester! I was just showing signs of a "bump."

10: Progress | Tegan's Nursery | We started to get your nursery ready for your arrival. Grandma and Grandpa Broaden surprised us and painted the room while we were on vacation. After dad set up the furniture, we realized it was too big for the room. We had to rearrange the furniture and put the dresser in the guest bedroom. I spent a full day sewing a bumper with your initials monogrammed on it. It was a lot of fun to make. :)

11: You are my Angel | I painted some very special wings to go above your crib. They were sentimental and had been saving them since high school to one day put in the nursery!

12: Being pregnant with you was amazing. I developed this special bond with you while you were growing inside of me. It's hard to explain, but I already loved you more than anything in the world. I would have done anything to protect you, and make sure you were safe. It was a such a unique feeling to have this intense love for someone I hadn't even met yet! | Dad was amazing while I was pregnant. He was very protective of me lifting heavy things, and working too hard. He would rub my belly at night and wait to feel you move. He spent many nights rubbing my sore feet and taking good care of us! I knew before you were even born that he was going to be a great dad! | Dad kissed you all the time

13: pregnant | Baby Tegan. | We took a | trip out to Colorado | to relax with Uncle Mike | and Aunt Sarah. | We had Fun in the sun.

14: Progress | We | We were so excited to meet you. Only 11 more weeks to go. Dad and I spent many evenings feeling your kicks and movement on my belly before bedtime. I started to call you my little wiggle worm because you moved so much. | We decided on the name "Tegan Mae" We chose Mae in honor of us getting married in the month of May, but I wanted a different spelling. :)

15: 2011 | Mom | & Dad..

16: My Pregnant Belly | I

17: The Story of your... | BEGINNING

18: Bringing Home Baby | BEDREST FOR ONE WEEK... | At 37 weeks, our doctor thought my blood pressure was running a bit too high from working so much. After running a blood and urine test, Dr. Peterson decided that I needed to be on BEDREST. Even though you weren't due until Sept. 26th, we were scheduled for an induction at 38 weeks. Your new due date was September 12th. Bed rest was difficult for an antsy mom. There was still lots I wanted to get done before your arrival. Dad had to be strict to make sure I wasn't doing too much work. Dad was sick for 3-4 weeks prior to your arrival. After many doctors visits and back massages for his achy pains, we found out he had Lymes disease and needed to be hospitalized. Despite feeling crummy, he didn't want to miss your arrival. | I tried to induce labor by eating spicy food...

19: I was so uncomfortable my last few days of being pregnant, dad slept in another bed so we both had more room! | Dad had this flower arrangement done for me as a baby shower gift. :) | I had a baby shower the day before you were born!!!!

20: How Tegan Grew.... | 21 wks | 17 wks | 11 wks | 23 wks | 24 wks | 25 wks | 28wks

21: My Belly | 32 wks | 34 wks | 35wks | 36 wks | 38 wks | Tegan at 7 wks old | And Grew... And Grew... And Grew... | I had gained a total of 31 lbs during my pregnancy with you..

22: At the Hospital | We took one last photo after arriving at the hospital.... The last day of our lives we would be without kids. | The nurses settled me in and took my vitals. Dad was with me every step of the way.

23: Nervous Daddy! | Still Smiling at this point... | I was so excited I didn't get any sleep the night before. | They started me on Cytotec. A medication to help me naturally dilate and start contracting.

25: We had so many wonderful visitors who wanted to be a part of your birthday. There was a total of THIRTEEN people in the delivery room hoping to get a sneak peak of you entering this world! You were loved before even getting here! | Visitors | Even Grandma Janis was anxiously waiting for the news by her phone in California!! | I made my friend Samantha a quilt for the day she was born... She made one for you too!

26: For about 8 hours my contractions were 1 to 2 minutes apart and all in my back because you were turned the wrong way...But I wasn't ready for an epidural yet. Taking pain medications would possibly stop my contractions, so I had to wait it out in horrible pain... | No more smiling... OUCH... OUCH.... OUCH... OUCH... OUCH.... | BACK LABOR | The smiles

27: 8 hours later | are back! | The Smiles | After the epidural | You say it has to get HOW big?? | Dad held my hand and was super supportive!

28: I pushed for 30 minutes before you arrived. The doctor told me to reach down and touch your head. It was very emotional! We could hardly wait to see you! | Push....Breathe....Push! | 7:00pm

29: Dad helped deliver you! He did a great job!

30: She's Here!!!! | Finally

31: Our First view of our new princess! Finally you were here! | Dad cut the umbilical cord too. | Beautiful....

32: Tegan Mae Broaden

34: So perfectly healthy and Beautiful!

35: You were 6Lbs, 13 oz and 20 inches long... \ I was exactly 6lbs 13oz when I was born...but I was 19 3/4 inches long. You were a TINY bit longer than me when I was born.

36: Worth Every | Push...

38: Daddy's Little Girl! | Tegan Mae

39: Exhausted Mommy!

40: Dad was in love with you the moment he saw you!

41: Grandma and Grandpa Broaden were so excited to finally meet you too!

42: Little Ms. Tegan! | Grandma Yunker loves you so much!

43: Sept 12, 2011 | Precious!!

44: Tegan Time...

46: On Our Way Home... | So Tiny

48: Napping | With | Daddy.

49: Little Love Bug

51: At one of our doctor's appointments, I found out I had type O- blood. This only put me at risk for complications if you had a positive blood type. and at some point our bloods mixed. If your blood WAS positive, and it mixed with mine, my body would respond as if it were allergic to you.. It could lead to difficulty maintaining a pregnancy after my pregnancy with you. Because we wouldn't know your blood type until you were born, I was given a Rhogam injection to prevent my body from making antibodies and attacking you or any future pregnancies. We were relieved when you were born and we found out that you have an A- blood type. The risk for a miscarriage with a future pregnancy would be slim due to our compatible blood types. YEY!!!!!!

52: 10 days old...

53: Tegan Mae

57: Our Little Girl...

60: Our Little Rocker

62: Tegan

63: Mae

64: when you were born, your newborn clothes were too big for you.... and you finally grew in to size 0-3 months when you were 8 weeks old | At 3 months you wore a size 3 month, and at 4 months you fit in a size 3-6 month. You were growing like a weed after we started you on formula and rice cereal at almost 4 months.

66: Beautiful | Baby...

68: We love you!

69: Sleepy

70: Everyone Loves Tegan

71: Grandma and Grandpa Broaden decorated our home for our arrival...

72: Mommy Time

74: We Couldn't decide who you resembled more when you were born... | MOM

75: Dad

76: You, Grandma, and I all sleep the same way. | Tegan and Mommy. | Mommy and Grandma

77: Spitting up on mommy was a daily treat!

78: Meeting great grandma and grandpa McGrath | Meeting great grandma Ley

79: Yawn | We just love you so much!

81: Happy Halloween | 2011 | 2 Months old...

83: Our Little Pumpkin

84: Sleepy Head

87: You smiled for the first time when you were 8 weeks old. You have 2 dimples just like your daddy!

89: Tegan & Emsley

90: Tired Little Diva!

91: So Stylish in your sunglasses

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