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Baby Boy

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S: Our Baby

1: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful baby who was welcomed into the world by two loving parents and a big sister who adored them. This book is to celebrate your first year with us.

4: How the world found out: Daddy: We had first tested to see if we were pregnant when mommy went to the doctor's office because I had a horrible outbreak of eczema. It was a Friday and the test came back negative. We were very sad because we were really hoping you were on your way, but we were okay because we knew someday you’d be with us. The following Monday I went to fill a prescription and asked the pharmacist if I were pregnant, whether I could use the ointment. He said no. So I used that as an excuse to take a test when I got home because I was supposed to have my "visitor" that day. Scout and I got home from daycare and work and I took the test and sure enough - it was positive!! I was so excited!! Daddy wasn't due home for a little bit, so when he arrived, I turned on the video camera and started recording while he couldn't see me. He was giving me trouble for parking in the wrong spot, and when I turned the corner I told him he shouldn't give me trouble and he said "why?" and I said "because I'm pregnant". And he couldn't believe it. We were so overjoyed and with him and me crying and him holding Scout, we had our first family hug as a foursome and couldn't believe our good fortune! Mommy's family: we were spending Christmas day with Mommy's siblings in Collingwood and had printed off family calendars for everyone. So the first time we spilled the beans, Uncle Jay, Auntie Heather and your cousins Kassy and Zach weren't there yet. But we didn't want to wait! Mommy's Uncle Guy was down as well and we had purchased him a calendar too, so we had him open it up and he was slowly going through each month and reading the caption for each out loud. Finally he arrived at the month of August, where we had taped a picture of Scout smiling with the caption "I'm going to be a big sister!" Uncle Guy read that out loud and it took a minute for it to sink in and everyone was overjoyed with the news!! Tante Kylie, Mon Oncle Ernie, Ayla, Auntie Celeste, Casey and Jonas were all there. The next day when Uncle Jay's family arrived, we had Kass and Zach open their calendar in front of everyone (we'd done the same thing to the month of August) and they were going through it and finally when they arrived at the month of August they couldn't believe what they saw!! Uncle Jay and Auntie Heather were to the side and realized what we were announcing and big hugs everywhere again! :) Daddy's family: FINALLY we got to tell Daddy's family when we were doing our annual gift exchange at Vavo and Vavo's. Mommy had started a tradition of making calendars for them with Scout, but this year we got to include your cousin Michael! So they were excitedly going through each month and everyone was there with Madrinha and Titia Tania looking over their shoulder. They get to the month of August, and they see Scout's picture and read what it says, while Madinha is wondering why we taped a picture of Scout over Michael! A moment later they look at Mommy and Daddy and say "You're pregnant?!" And we were grinning and said "YES!!" And everyone jumped up and we were all hugging.

5: How did Mommy and Daddy decide on when to start trying? They would have started for you in April or May of 2010, but TiTia Tania's wedding was in April 2011 and we decided that we'd rather be pregnant than have a newborn at her wedding. So we started trying in August of 2010 and you were conceived in November. When did they confirm that they were blessed with you? December 13, 2010 When was the first time they heard your heartbeat? January 28, 2011 When was the first time they saw you? We were just over 7 weeks pregnant - January 8, 2011 What was your due date? August 22, 1011 First gift you received: a little outfit from Steve, Jane and Olivia First baby item that mommy and daddy bought for you: animal wall decals: How did they prepare for you? They wanted to get bigger jobs around the house finished so they could enjoy you when you arrived, so they finished the side yard and then focused on moving Scout to her big girl room so you could be welcomed into your new room! What did they think you were? They kept going back and forth! After their second ultrasound they thought you were a girl, but then changed their mind after the third one. Scout always said you were a boy. Was this pregnancy very different? In some ways, but not all. Mommy had a lot more morning sickness in the first trimester and was very very tired. She also had a huge outbreak of eczema when she first conceived and that stayed with her for the entire pregnancy. But she did not have cravings or food aversions and kept the same size as she did when pregnant with Scout. When mommy first felt you: She was 12 weeks pregnant, sitting at work and felt a funny little flutter. She felt it again soon after and realized it was you! When daddy first felt you: We were 17 weeks pregnant and it was the day after TiTia Tania's bachelorette (April 24, 2011) and you were hiccuping! What you were like in Mommy's tummy: VERY active!! You kept kicking her bladder and would always make it known that you were there! And you would get really active after I ate yummy food!

6: Predictions! | Madrinha Lucy: Baby boy. Born August 15, 2011. 7 pounds even Tante Kylie: Ok so I think Aug 18th my girl dark hair dark eyes weight 7lb 2oz. Healthy and beautiful just like her sister. Boy or girl can't wait to meet u! Auntie Heather: Boy. August 19th. 6lbs 7oz. Uncle Jay: August 21 Boy, 9.2. Just sayin TiTi Tony: I just returned from a great meal and looked into my greek coffee grains, here are the details: A very adorable girl, Aug 22nd @ 22h30, 3.2105 kg, 51 cm long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TiTi Derek: I'm thinking- Boy. August 20th. 7lbs 3oz. Auntie Daniela: Girl 7 lbs 4 oz. August 23 TiTia Tania: Baby boy, August 22nd :) at 9:02am, 7.2lbs. Uncle Dan: Girl, 6.9lbs, August 24 Uncle Ernie: I'm still trying to figure out how this all happened...........August 26th-12.2 lbs. Go Jets Go! Girl!

7: Waiting for your arrival

8: Letters from your family | June 8, 2011 Hello baby! In just over two months we will finally get to meet you! I can't tell you how excited we are. When pregnant with Scout, we had a lot of the first-time-parent nerves but have found we don't have that this time around - we are just excited and waiting in anticipation for you to get here! And when you do get here, you are going to bring an entirely new dimension to our lives and to our family and we can't wait. Without you, we wouldn't be who we are going to be! As your mommy, I am going to make mistakes and I am going to be learning as I go along, but there are a few things I want you to know. First of all, that I love you with all of my heart. I can feel you in my belly right now and can't wait to tell you in person how special you are to me (and to us). I feel so blessed that God chose me to be your mom and I take that very seriously. It''s a huge job and one that I hope I do really well. I also want you to know that no matter what - I (and daddy and Scout) will always be here for you. Always. No matter what, through thick and thin. If you need someone to turn to for help, to talk to, to cry to or to just have a good laugh with, you will always have us to do that with. Lastly, I came across something a while ago that described how when you become a parent, you have essentially called for a spirit to take care of - that's how I feel about you. I hope I honour you and that you are proud of us and that you always know how much we love you. Love you for ever, for always, for eternity, Mommy xoxoxoxox

9: Hello sibling! I am only 22 months old right now so I am not entirely aware of what's happening, but I can't wait to meet you! I say hi to you already, share my soos and give you a nice rub every once in a while. I can't wait to be your big sister! I know there will be times when we don't always get along, but I will always be here for you and I know you'll always be there for me too. I can't wait to get into trouble with you and to add lots of grey hairs to mommy and daddy's heads! :) Love, Scout xoxoxoxoxoxo Dear baby Today (August 10, 2011), mommy had an appointment with her doctor and when she called me she said that she needed to be induced (meaning you were going to be born today). Right away my heart filled with joy at the thought of finally being able to meet you because until now I've only been able to feel you trying to kick through mommy's belly! But even if I have never met you, I know that as soon as you're going to be born, you will immediately have a huge piece of my heart. I will love you eternally and unconditionally and I will try as best I can to be the best father possible. My biggest wish for you and your siblings is that you all grow up to be honest, respectable and hard working adults with fond memories of your childhood. Family dinners followed by a game of SkipBo, frequent roadtrips together, taking you and your siblings fishing are all things that I envision us doing together. Your mommy and I debate whether we're going to want a third child and although we don't know the answer to that right now, there is on thing that is certain. You coming into our lives has definitely made our family more complete. I love you very much and remember that I, and the rest of your family, will always be here for you. We love you very much and cannot wait to meet you!

10: You have arrived!

11: The Story of Your Arrival!

12: Our Baby 7lbs. 3oz. 48 cm | Welcome baby Mendonca!

13: Things that mommy and daddy didn't expect: __________________________________________________ What you quickly taught Mommy: __________________________________________________ What you quickly taught daddy: __________________________________________________ What you quickly taught Scout: __________________________________________________

14: Where and when mommy went into labour: ________________________________ Did she feel you were on your way before she went into labour? ________________________________ How many hours was mommy in labour? ________________________________ How was daddy during the labour? ________________________________ What was the first thing they noticed about you? __________________That you were a boy! :)______________ Who were the first people Daddy called to tell them you were on your way? __________________Vavo, Vovo, Titia Tania,, Madrinha and Scout were all waiting at the house to hear the news! ______________ Who took care of Scout while you were entering this world? ________________________________ Who were your first visitors? ________________________________ When did you get to go home? ________________________________ How did Scout react to meeting you? ________________________________ Special memories of the labour and delivery? ________________________________

16: Special delivery

17: Your first week in this world...

18: Smiled: September 20th - 1 month old! Laughed: November 5th at Tante Kylie Held up your head: Early from the start but around two months you could do it well Had a playdate: with Ryan Bagg Slept through the night: Grasped and object: Reached for an object in Dryden at one of Ayla's toys Found your hands: When you were 10 weeks old! Cut your first tooth: Rolled over: First word: Went on a road trip: August 28th to surprise Vavo for her birthday Sat up by yourself | First for everything!

19: Road Trip!

20: 1st Month: Your eyes started tracing us at 3 weeks and you started smiling on your 1 month birthday! | 2nd Month: started cooing! | 3rd Month: | 4th Month: | 5th Month | 6th Month Major Development:

21: 7h Month Major Development: | 8th Month Major Development: | 9th Month Major Development: | 10th Month Major Development: | 12th Month Major Development:

22: Blessed to have these godparents! | Baptism and Thanksgiving | We did not have difficulty choosing your godparents! We knew that we would go with both Madrinha Lucy and Uncle Jay right away. Your Madrinha and Daddy have always been very close to each other and have always been there for each other. Uncle Jay and your mommy have become close over the past few years and have been there for each other. We both feel that being a godparent is one of the biggest honours you can give someone and we wanted to give it to these two because we knew they would love you, take care of you and be there for you - the most important things to us!

29: Special Memories

31: The Birthday Boy!

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